5 Animal Communication Tips That Might Make You Mad

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*Special Note* As I teach it, the term ‘Animal Communication’ applies to animals who are living, those who’ve crossed over, and working with Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals. So, all of the following is relevant as long as you’re communicating with animals in some form or fashion.

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This article will ruffle some feathers. It’s blunt. It needs to be.

Now, more than ever, the world needs honest, ethical, and evidential animal communicators. There’s no more time to keep pussyfooting around people’s feelings. The animals of this world are counting on us.

If you’re serious about helping them as an animal communicator then it’s time to create an epic expansion of your abilities.


1st Animal Communication Tip:
Stop Fooling Yourself

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Earlier I stated, “…now, more than ever, the world needs honest, ethical, and evidential animal communicators.” What does that even mean?

You should know what the words “honest and ethical” mean and how to apply them in your own life and animal communication practice.

But what if you don’t know you’re not being honest and ethical? What if you truly think you’re a next level animal communicator and don’t recognize the work you’re doing is really mentalist and cold reading level – not psychic?

Over the last 20 years of teaching evidential (Tip #3 is about “evidence”) psychic and mediumship development I’ve worked with hundreds of folks who really thought they were some kind of put-Edgar-Cayce-to-shame psychic when they were employing mentalism or cold reading techniques. That is, they were delivering information based on observing things like;

  • body language,
  • age,
  • gender,
  • fashion style,
  • accent,
  • micro-facial expressions,

and many more bits of information they didn’t even know their brains were processing. Basically, they were profiling their sitters.

Worse, the students would ask leading questions of their sitters. They didn’t realize they were fishing for clues.

They (most) weren’t dishonest or bad people, they just didn’t know. The unconscious processing abilities of the human brain are estimated at roughly 11 million pieces of information per second. That’s a whole lotta info we can easily think we’re getting psychically but are getting mentally.

How this applies to animal communication is that it’s all too easy to deliver a message about an animal based on its ‘owner’s’ appearance, demeanor, and more. Let’s say Nervous Nellie calls you because her Labrador Retriever hasn’t been acting quite right. Bamn! You say, “Your dog is feeling nervous because it’s picking up on your anxiety.” That may or may not be accurate but it sure is a simple conclusion to jump to.

If I had a nickel for every animal communicator I’ve seen employ mentalist and cold reading techniques based on profiling the animal/pet/owner/handler they were “communicating” with I’d be able to open my own ginormous animal sanctuary and rehab facility.

Shocking, right? The first time I considered I wasn’t delivering true psychic mediumship and animal communication messages I had a melt down. I felt A.W.F.U.L. Once I stopped freaking out, I asked Spirit to show me a way that I could be absolutely sure I was receiving messages from the animals (alive or passed), folks who’d crossed over, and more. Also, I wanted assurances those messages were accurate.

That’s when Spirit introduced me to the words “evidential mediumship”.

Then I stopped doing readings for six months. I spent those months honing my psychic and Shamanic Journeying skills. Once I was certain I could regularly receive credible evidence, I hung out my shingle again.

Why did I make this drastic move? For me, it was a question of ethics.

2nd Animal Communication Tip:
Commit to Being Ethical

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There are many versions of a psychic medium, tarot reader, animal communicator’s code of ethics. Ultimately you’ll have to put together the code that resonates with you. Here are my top 5:

  1. Be clear of your primary motivation. Why do you want to be a psychic reader and animal communicator? Is it born of the calling to help – to serve? Or do you need to feel special; to be part of a cool kids club? Check your ego and be honest with yourself.
  2. Acknowledge your current limitations. Are you going through a depression? Do you have a headache? Is it just an off day? Reschedule appointments when you’re not at your best. Clients pay you with their hard earned money and place their trust in you. They deserve your best efforts.
  3. Rid yourself of the fear of being wrong. This fear will limit your readings, every time. Further, when you’re focused on wanting or needing to be right, you’re not focused on what the client needs. Nor will you be able to clearly hear messages from Spirit.
  4. Don’t lie or manipulate the message because you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. Y’all, when people trust you to connect with their pets, loved ones, Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals it’s a HUGE responsibility. They want the truth. Do you have any idea how shocked and disappointed people are when they get their hopes up about something only to be let down in the end? Managing expectations is a crucial part of animal communication. With practice, you can learn to deliver the tough stuff with compassion and love – to help your client face hard realities while holding sacred space for them. By doing so, you make it possible for them to receive sensitive information while in a state of relative peace.
  5. Commit to delivering evidence. It’s one thing to tell a client “Your horse loves you very much and knows how concerned you are.” and “Your horse is angry you stopped his treats – looks like ice cream or yogurt. And he doesn’t like being in the dark.” In the second scenario, my client confirmed she’d been out of her horse’s Yogurt Pops for a week. She went on to explain that because of a skin condition, she’d had to move her horse to the back of the barn – where it was dark. The first scenario is way too generic – no matter how sweet or true. Clients who can leave a reading with a firm belief the information you gave them was accurate the stronger their relationship can be with their pet or whatever animal they came to you about. Additionally, they can take real action on behalf of the animal.

3rd Animal Communication Tip:
Learn How to Ask For And Receive Evidence

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By setting your intention and asking the Animal Allies to show you specifics – evidence – you can elevate your Animal Communication in ways that will amaze and astound you and everyone else! Most importantly, you can help animals more and more and more!

In Tip #2 I gave an example of evidence vs ‘a nice thing to say’. Re-read it. Then, when you’re practicing or in a session open a conversation with the animal. Ask her/him to send you verifiable and easily understood information that will help you give their person a way to take action. And, don’t forget, animal communication sessions are about healing and helping the human, too.

***Special Note*** Some will argue that they trust Spirit, The Universe, their Guides, Angels – whomever they believe sends information to and/or through them – to channel through the perfect words for each client. In this, they are adamant that if they’re guided to tell a client something like “you’re supported by your angels at this time” or “your guides are surrounding you with tons of protection” that it’s a ‘credible’ reading. My counter to that argument is that ‘method’ is an intuitive spiritual coaching – not an evidential reading.

4th Animal Communication Tip:
Stop Judging.

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Ever heard the old saying, “If it looks like a Duck, walks like a Duck, and quacks like a Duck – it’s a Duck?” Yeah. Well, that’s not always true – ESPECIALLY in psychic medium readings and animal communication.

Our minds want to fill in the blanks of stories, symbols, situations, and more. Our brains naturally look for and see patterns. Unfortunately, based on our filters, we may see things that are not really there or misinterpret what is. This is called judgement.

Once in a Spirit Animal reading, a client wanted her Spirit Animal confirmed. I asked the Animal Allies to show me her guide. Instantly, an image of a dark snowy mountain, full moon, and an animal shape appeared in my Third Eye. For the life of me I couldn’t tell if it was a Wolf or a Snow Leopard. Based on the ‘shape’ I was ‘seeing’ it could just as easily have been a Cougar or even a thin-ish Bear but I kept ‘hearing’ Wolf or Snow Leopard. Nothing I said to the animal (telepathically) or sent it energetically could coax the critter out of the shadows so I could clearly see it.

Given that my client had already told me she loved all things Native American, it would have been so easy for me to jump to the judgement of “Wolf”. Or, if I had started judging myself badly for not being sure or right, I might have jumped at Snow Leopard because of the snow capped mountains. So I was honest with her. I told her what I was seeing (or, rather, wasn’t seeing) and that the animal simply refused to step into the moonlight. However, I WAS certain the snow capped mountains were incredibly important to her story and was sure to impart that.

She confirmed that most of her best memories and experiences came from being in snow capped mountains and the Wolf is her Spirit Animal. Further, this client (thank goodness for me! LOL) understands symbolism. Turns out, she also wanted a reading because she’s trying her way through a crippling fear (shadows) in her life so she can step into happiness (the light). Plus, the light she wants to step into is romantic in nature (moon energy).

Trust the Animal Allies. They never judge. And, in most cases, neither will your client. She didn’t judge me as being a bad or not very good Shamanic Journeyer or psychic because I couldn’t tell her definitively her guide is the Wolf. This gal was thrilled her Wolf showed up and completely understood why I couldn’t see it clearly. She ‘got’ the teaching regarding her refusal to move out of the shadows into the light.

Have the courage to remove judgment. You can do it! I believe in you!

5th Animal Communication Tip:
You’re Not Gifted So Stop Crowing and/or Worrying About It.

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How many times have you watched a video or taken a class and someone starts talking about when/how they discovered “THEIR GIFT!”? How many times have you wondered if YOU’RE “GIFTED” or gifted “enough”?

OK. Stop. Just stop.

Every single living organism is ‘psychic’. That’s science. If you consider it a gift FROM nature, Spirit, The Universe – groovy. But preening about your psychic gifts is impeding your ability. Are some born more sensitive than others? Yes. But I’ll take a hard working psychic medium and Shamanic Journeyer over the naturally more sensitive egomaniac, any day. Why? Because those who are focused on how fabulous they are NEED accolades and attention. If they aren’t getting the stroking from their client they fall apart. Worse, they’ll flip the reading and blame the client for not understanding or (my personal favorite) ‘deliberately blocking them’. As if their client is Jean Grey or Professor X.

Further, if you’re a teacher and prone to the “Look at me! See how GIFTED I am? Don’t you want to be just like ME?” thing – stop failing your student and Spirit.

In a Remote Viewing class I took with Joseph McMoneagle of the Stargate Program, he stated that after millions of American Gov’t dollars spent on researching PSI, the only thing he could say for sure was that intention was the one consistent thing that affected a Remote Viewing. Meaning, on any given day their ‘best’ Remote Viewer could fail. They could never get 100% accuracy, 100% of the time. BUT – in those who’s truest desire was to ‘help’, their degree of accuracy was routinely higher.

Animal Communication Wrap-Up

If you’ve read this far into my article, thank you. You already do or will make a fine Animal Communicator. Many will have stopped the minute their feelings started to sting. That’s the Shadow Self reaching out to get their attention. Some will take the medicine and be better for it. Some will just send me hater email.

Whether it’s this article that helps you become a stronger more connected Animal Communicator or some other catalyst, the important thing is that you do. The Animals need you.

If I can be of service to you in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Stay wild,

8 thoughts on “5 Animal Communication Tips That Might Make You Mad

  1. Kathy says:

    I am not an Animal Communicator, nor do I function professionally as any kind of “psychic.” (Sorry… that’s the most general term I could think of.) I do have to say that I found your article intriguing and very well presented. I have had experiences with readers who present very generalized information and it’s very disappointing. I can pick up things pretty easily myself, but I think I’m reading micro expressions. Thank you for your clear headed and honest advice. I hope those who wish to truly serve take it to heart.

  2. Shelley says:

    Very interesting! It gives me much to think about and feel about. Thanks for your honesty ⭐️

  3. JAMIE says:

    While I don’t know if animals understand me when I talk to them but I must give off a she isn’t gonna hurt you vibe, she is gonna get you food, water and any medical treatment you need. My daddy always told me I had a zoo cause all kinds of critters would show up no matter where I lived. I always had an animal I was taking care of. At one point I had a herd of deer, mommas, babies, yearlings and some big bucks, I could go out into the yard with them and they weren’t scared of me. 4 bears can’t say they were my fav they scared me but they liked the drive thru menu I guess. I drove 4 hours to get medicine for a fox kit who had the mange and make it some amped up chicken breasts and few coyotes. My 2 feral cats are no longer feral sadly one passed away and I still have his baby momma with me. She would sit on the deck with racoons, possums, share food with them she didn’t care. Trying to get to feral cats to be indoor cats oh my Goddess I was at my last straw. So built them a kitty condo complete with heating flooring different sleep spots plus a heater in case the floor didn’t do the job. I SO WISH I COULD TALK TO ANIMALS, MAYBE I COULD HELP THEM MORE BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE A VOICE SO I AM THEIR VOICE!!!!

  4. Kathy says:

    Thank you for such a brilliant article. I am a part-time tarot reader and will definitely follow your advice.

  5. Billie-Jo says:

    Fantastic article and good, honest, realistic advice! Thank you

  6. David says:

    The ego often gets in the way…and pure intention is the only way forward…

  7. Kendra says:

    I didn’t find this at all offensive or upsetting or mad or any other negative word. I felt like saying well “ yeah duh” to what you were saying. Do people not write / share / teach like this. It’s a great article with facts and examples , and proves common sense and honesty is never wrong. Spirituality and improving our souls journey is a positive. When animals show themselves to us how honored we should feel and I thank them and thank you for sharing this with us!

  8. Aimee Pitman says:

    Arooo, Alice!

    Welcome to the #WildPack! I’m so happy to hear this article helped you with Animal communication.

    Also, you can register for free on my private forums GatheringOfMystics.com to get more in-depth help analyzing your experiences. GatheringOfMsytics.com is a safe, moderated forum where we discuss all kinds of metaphysical, spiritual and divination subjects! Everyone is super friendly, caring, and giving! You’ll love it!

    Stay wild,

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