Dreams About Wolves

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Dreams About Wolves

Dreams about Wolves appear as reminders of loving, powerful and loyal people, and your relationship to them. Wolves are very social and in dream analysis they symbolize connection. If Wolves walk along with you in Dreamtime, then you are being supported on your path by community and family. A Wolf close at your side symbolizes a specific person, most likely your life partner.

Wolves seen at a distance or along the edges of your dream suggest that you are longing for a strong relationship with your family or an individual. In these dreams, take a look at the people who are in the dream (connections you have) and those who are absent (connections you are missing).

Pay attention to how far you can go in a dream where a Wolf appears. Wolves are careful observers of boundaries.

Wolves hunt in packs and when sharp pairs of eyes peer out at you from the dream world then it could symbolize that you are being hunted by the pack, a scary thing! A group of people, a series of incidents or even your own doubts might be trying to gang up on you. They are surrounding you and circling closer in for the kill, but remember Wolves exclusively hunt the weak or sick animals. Do you need to find your strength? Is it time to stand up to the pack?

Living untamed lives, Wolves symbolize the wildest part of life especially for the Shamanic path. Dreams about Wolves where the Wolf is easily spooked or howls a deep throaty song to the moon, tell you that you are near the wild edge of nature. Untamed and unpredictable power lies here. The Wolf symbolizes this power, and your dream interpretation may find that he is there to give you courage to face deep fears.

Wolf In A Dream – Howling & Shapeshifting

Howling at the moon can also symbolize the power to awaken the Great Spirit and personal insights, or it could start you on a wild path along internet memes. Look for clear blue moonlight and careful dream interpretation to let you know if this Wolf dream points to the act of tracking the path you want to follow.

Fortunately, the Wolf’s ability to shift his shape symbolizes his ability to be flexible and guide you along the paths of the forest. Native American and Celtic customs give the Wolf the roles of pathfinder and teacher. This is true most often when he appears as the lone Wolf. He is there to help you explore the wild, deep, and intuitive knowledge of yourself and your situation.
Don’t be drawn in when a Wolf seems overly insistent about interacting with you in the dream world. This kind of Wolf dream symbolizes that the trickster Wolf who starred alongside Little Red Riding Hood has come to play with you and he is up to no good.

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35 thoughts on “Dreams About Wolves

  1. Teri says:

    I dreamed I had seen a silver wolf. It was following a loved one, my grandson. I had to hurry and save him from the wolf stealthily stalking him. In the dream I had to face off the wolf then which I was unprepared for. But I did it and everyone was safe. The wolf didn’t attack me. I just woke up from the dream knowing I saved my grandson from the wolf attack.

  2. Naomi says:

    I had a dream that I was in a market & in the seafood section there were huge aquariums with many different seafood. Then I saw a beautiful white wolf swimming in the water catching fish! Another Wolf was above the aquarium. Not sure if the one above was growling or showing teeth or just felt very wild to me… I was so impressed enamored but had to go pay for my plums.

  3. Kaitlyn says:

    These two men came up to me and introduced me to this big black wolf dog, and asked if i wanted to kiss it. I felt a very strong connected and i gave it a little peck on the snout, after that the wolf took off into the house and out walked a big tall and handsome man with Black hair and piercing blue eyes who tells me i am his mate. After some time I started asking him questions, i told him about myself and he said that i would be a great teacher for the pups, i thought about who he would have dated in the past and it was like i was suddenly inside his mind, seeing things through his eyes, i could see him deleting old pictures of this gorgeous woman who had pearl white skin and was blond with blue eyes (looked to be of nordic decent) and she looked like a goddess, i wasnt sure who she was but didnt feel the need to ask.. him deleting the pictures was enough for me to tell myself that he was commited to me, i crawled into bed with him and shut off the light. At the end of the dream he gave me this beautiful obsidian stone ring that was shaped like a small rectangle with a silver band. Then I woke up.

  4. Lexis says:

    I was walking up a snowy mountain followed by my father as we tend to hike often, but since this was a dream I was unaware of where I was. I only knew our goal which was to head for the mountain top as you naturally would with any other mountain hike, but barely into the hike as we prepared to take the first turn of a curved slope we encountered three wolves eating away at what seems to be a huge animal that covered the snow in red. I was able to make out roughly three wolves before my instinct took over and immediately turned around heading straight towards where we had come. However, I realized that one of the wolves was charging at me through my peripherals and I hadn’t realized they had seen or heard us given the considerable distance from which they were. My father caught on as well and hurriedly tried to scurry through the impossibly thick snow, I was aware that we would not be able to outrun the wolf so I prepared to engage as it continued to charge. Desperately, I looked all around for any rocks for an attempt to try and scare it off but there was so much snow and clearly not enough time, that in my last efforts to try and stay alive I spread out my arms high and wide and shouted as hard as I could with all my soul like I never had before. This remarkably forced the wolf to stop in its tracks but my heart immediately sunk as instead of running away, as I had hoped it would, it stayed still! Now, hopelessly trying to latch on to all the survival skills I had learned throughout my life, I was not sure what to do in the intense stare off. We would go on to stand there for around 5 minutes before I started wondering if the wolf was afraid to make the first move as well, but all that went out the window when it started to slowly approach the already small distance put between us. I then instinctively, shouted, “Stop!” and almost as if the wolf understood what I had said it stopped once again, yet this time the initial fear I had felt was no longer there and oddly enough I got a strong sense that I could rationalize with the wolf, and maybe even live. I then bizarrely tried to persuade the wolf that I was of no harm and would peacefully retreat back into civilization. The wolf did not make any movements still and its expressions were absent, although it just stood there I could feel the mental intensity between me and the attentive wolf growing. Finally, I slowly started to step back in a gentle manner as there was a feeling gnawing away at my thoughts that if I were to turn around and give my back to the wolf, it would most likely mark the end of the line for me. I continued to do this for a while until I was sure I was out of sight but that feeling of uneasiness was still there. I reached the tunnel-like exit from which my father and I had first entered, and hoped to see him at the receiving end of it where I was sure to find a little town. Once I entered the tunnel I finally turned around seeing that there was no one behind me and took a few steps forward before feeling a strong urge to look back, and sure enough the wolf was back. It seemed. to me that the wolf was not intending on attacking as it first was but it left me wondering about what it was it wanted, I no longer felt fear as it could have very well already finished me off but had decided not to do so and had instead followed me without me knowing it. Once again we were in a stare off but this time I was not afraid and as far as I knew it no longer seemed fierce. The wolf once more approached me in a more casual manner and relaxed as ever it approached me within a foot’s distance and I was surprisingly calm given the amount of effort I had invested towards getting away. I don’t know exactly what came over me but I petted the wolf softly on it’s head and I asked for it’s name. In a raspy voice it answered me back and said its name was “Misugi,” I then hugged the wolf and for a short moment I had an epiphany and within the blink of an eye the wolf transformed into my beloved girlfriend, smiling back naturally as she always does. She wore a long white silk dress as she walked away in the opposite direction of where I was headed, and once she reached the opposing end of the short tunnel she turned back and smiled once again before vanishing into the snow. After this I was well aware that what had just transcribed had been all but a dream and I woke up to find my body freezing as if I had been outside bare naked in the cold, contradicting the two blankets that sat on top of me as well as the temperature in the room which was the same as it was always. I quickly tried to return to the same dream but it was clear I could no longer relive the moment now that it was gone forever.

  5. Samantha says:

    I had a dream that i opened a door to the ocean with my niece on my hip it was frozen and snowy. And no word of a lie a wolf was peeing. He looked sheepish, came and rubbed against my leg like a cat then bounded of happy and playing.

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