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Dreams About Wolves

Dreams about Wolves appear as reminders of loving, powerful and loyal people, and your relationship to them. Wolves are very social and in dream analysis they symbolize connection. If Wolves walk along with you in Dreamtime, then you are being supported on your path by community and family. A Wolf close at your side symbolizes a specific person, most likely your life partner.

Wolves seen at a distance or along the edges of your dream suggest that you are longing for a strong relationship with your family or an individual. In these dreams, take a look at the people who are in the dream (connections you have) and those who are absent (connections you are missing).

Pay attention to how far you can go in a dream where a Wolf appears. Wolves are careful observers of boundaries.

Wolves hunt in packs and when sharp pairs of eyes peer out at you from the dream world then it could symbolize that you are being hunted by the pack, a scary thing! A group of people, a series of incidents or even your own doubts might be trying to gang up on you. They are surrounding you and circling closer in for the kill, but remember Wolves exclusively hunt the weak or sick animals. Do you need to find your strength? Is it time to stand up to the pack?

Living untamed lives, Wolves symbolize the wildest part of life especially for the Shamanic path. Dreams about Wolves where the Wolf is easily spooked or howls a deep throaty song to the moon, tell you that you are near the wild edge of nature. Untamed and unpredictable power lies here. The Wolf symbolizes this power, and your dream interpretation may find that he is there to give you courage to face deep fears.

Wolf In A Dream – Howling & Shapeshifting

Howling at the moon can also symbolize the power to awaken the Great Spirit and personal insights, or it could start you on a wild path along internet memes. Look for clear blue moonlight and careful dream interpretation to let you know if this Wolf dream points to the act of tracking the path you want to follow.

Fortunately, the Wolf’s ability to shift his shape symbolizes his ability to be flexible and guide you along the paths of the forest. Native American and Celtic customs give the Wolf the roles of pathfinder and teacher. This is true most often when he appears as the lone Wolf. He is there to help you explore the wild, deep, and intuitive knowledge of yourself and your situation.
Don’t be drawn in when a Wolf seems overly insistent about interacting with you in the dream world. This kind of Wolf dream symbolizes that the trickster Wolf who starred alongside Little Red Riding Hood has come to play with you and he is up to no good.

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  1. Rebecca August 3, 2018 at 1:36 pm - Reply

    I have been having dreams about wolves for a year now. They appear randomly in my dreams, and I don’t know if it’s trying to tell me something. My dream recently, I was walking around a corn field when I heard a wolf howl, then it faded to a volcano erupting behind me and everyone trying to escape. This happeneds a lot, but I don’t know what it means.

  2. Ana August 24, 2018 at 11:05 am - Reply

    I just had a dream about 30 min ago where I am in a what seems to be like a neighborhood secluded there’s snow everywhere and the roads are not roads but ground of dirt and rocks. Something like in the mountains. Only see about two houses the one who’s porch I’m standing in and another down from me and across. In the house I’m standing there was an old pick up truck parked by the stairways. Now that I think about it the whole scenery look like a scene from the twilight movie. But i wasn’t watching twilight before I went to sleep, but I was playing a game where a character reminded me of Jacob. Anyways in the dream it was pitch black, but you’re still able to see your surroundings cause of the moonlight. There was two wolves. One was standing straight ahead from me and the other one was walking towards me from the other house direction. Neither animal was growling or snarling at me, but I felt like if I didn’t leave the scene it would get ugly. I felt like I was being cornered by them, so I turned my back to them quickly banging and ringing the door as fast as I could and I did look back once to see if they was getting closer, can’t remember if I saw them or not, but I know for sure I hadn’t been attack yet. So someone finally came and opened up the door and I rushed in through the gates door and closed it. They were still there, but then I began to throw rocks around them so that they would leave. Also, there was a sign standing straight across from the house where the mailbox would usually stand saying “wolf” not sure if it was warning me that there’s wolves around or what. I was afraid when I thought that something bad would happen to me and was thinking of ways I can save myself, but i also thought of what could’ve been the results.. anyways that was my dream that I could remember.

  3. Nancy Abraham September 8, 2018 at 2:38 am - Reply

    I dreamt last night of two wolf pups playfully snarling at me like pups do and then the mother or father? Wolf came and started chasing me around again very playfully. Not sure what it meant but it was definitely the first time I had seen a dream of this kind. Earlier that day, I had got a massage from a therapist who I kept sensing an Alaskan wolf-dog energy from. I kept seeing the face of a wolf and when I mentioned this to him, he said that he indeed considered Wolf as his Spirit Animal and had also walked with bears in his previous life. Very interesting day and night indeed!

  4. Chrissy Harlow November 8, 2018 at 1:17 am - Reply

    In my wolf dreams it’s a female wolf that speaks to me. Not in English but in wolf (if that makes any sense) she tells me my sister trust me so she will also so I do not need to be afraid of her.

  5. Elizabeth Greenway December 12, 2018 at 8:31 am - Reply

    I had a dream that I WAS a wolf. I don’t know how but it was like my conscience mind was put inside the body of a wolf. I could feel myself as myself, but I could feel myself running through forest on all fours. Nothing bad happened, I was just running and feeling happy. Any idea what this could mean?

  6. Bardhyl February 9, 2019 at 11:29 pm - Reply

    In Albanian language. Isha ne nje vend te panjohur me njerez the panjohur prane. Kishte dhe femije qe luanin prane disa barakave. Po vinte mbremja dhe po erresohej. Dikush foli :tani vijne ujqerit. Ne fushen prane shikoj disa ujqer qe rrinin shtrire me kurriz ne time dhe fytyre nga qielli. Papritur sulmojne njerezit e tjere,Jo mua. Por pastaj u ndodha vetem ne fushen plot ujqer dhe cfare te beja?del gjumi.

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