What Dreaming of Ox Means

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Ox in Dreams and Their Meaning

You have heard the sayings, “He’s as stubborn as an OX,” or “He’s got the strength of an OX,” right? The latter sayings stem from the truth as the OX is a stubborn and strong beast. The OX is very much like the bull. It is common for these animals to be subjected to castration. The process then leads to anxiety, stress, angst, and total frustration. These feelings can easily translate into situations in your waking life, so you should consider what is stressing you out or frustrating you. What is it you feel you have little to no control over? Consider the physical strength of a creature like an ox and consider whether you have that emotional strength or fortitude or not.

Ox is a beast that is often yoked in pairs. If you only see one Ox in your dream, it could mean you are out of balance and that you should consider calling on the help of another to get a job done. If you see both oxen yoked and pulling a cart or heavy load behind them, then you may need to form a team to complete a big job soon. Your dream might also be suggesting that you could receive help from delegating some of your heavy workloads to another to get a bit of stress relief. Consider the number two and its meaning in a numerological sense as it may offer an added layer of meaning to your dream narrative.

To dream of an OX is to see a creature deeply connected to the Earth. Thus, to see an OX out grazing in your dream might suggest it is time for you to reconnect with the Earth, the cycles of the planet, or nature in general. As mentioned earlier, the OX can prove frustrated, but due to the act of castration the animal then becomes a non-aggressive beast of burden; this signifies the taming of the wild, and it might also suggest that you should tame or control your temper if you are dealing with a situation in your waking life that angers you.

Oxen are associated with dedication, commitment, labor, and pushing forward to defy obstacles and in the name of progress. All of the latter makes them symbols related to strength: Both physical and spiritual. Since this beast is often paired with another, it can be a dream message that your significant other is coming into your life.

The color of the OX you see in your dreams is also worthy of consideration. A brown OX suggests earthy and grounded undertones, a black OX represents power, a red OX represents the life force or strength, and finally, a white OX signifies purity. If your oxen are well-fed, you are taking care of your obligations responsibly, but if they are malnourished, you are not making use of all your resources wisely.

One final note: The Chinese Zodiac system has the year of the OX as one of the astrological signs, which corresponds with people born in the following years: 1925, 1985, 1937, 1997, 1949, 2009, 1961, 2021, 1913, and 1973; Your panda dream may be pointing to someone you know in your waking life!

Now that you have an understanding of what the Ox might mean when it enters your dreams check out more animal messages here on WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com. You might be pleasantly surprised to see what animals can share in your dream time narrative.

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  1. disha says:

    i saw a purple/indigo ox and he was angrily charging towards me and there was total chaos.

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      Arooo, Disha!

      Welcome to the #WildPack! Here’s the link to my article about Ox Dreams.


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