When You Dream About Squirrels

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What Do Squirrel Dreams Mean and Symbolize?

Of course, the first thing anyone thinks about when they see a squirrel, other than “how cute is that?” is the fact that they eat acorns and stash them away for the winter time. Yes, the squirrel is the ultimate sign for preparedness and getting ready for more difficult times ahead; in doing so, the squirrel teaches us that the rough times are not so rough after all.

As such, the foremost dream message you can expect from this little guy is, hey, it is time to get ready for some upcoming difficulties, whether that has to do with abundance or getting prepared for an all-important exam. The main idea behind the appearance of the squirrel is readiness and preparedness.

To that note, preparedness in your waking life: This can point to many things. Are you ready for the harsh cold winter months, or have you all your legal obligations in order like a will or life insurance? Have you done all the house maintenance during the warmer months, so you do not have to worry about such things during the colder season? Have you done all the homework and studying you need to do to pass that big test? The squirrel is telling you it is time to get down to business!

If you pay attention to the behavior of the squirrel in your dreams, you can derive even more meaning from its appearance. For example, does the squirrel come to you as a playful visitor? The squirrel is an animal that expresses the fact that there is a time to play and a time for preparing for the future. The playful squirrel might suggest you are working a bit too hard and it some time for some serious downtime! Or, if you have been a bit lazy lately, the busyness of a squirrel might tell you it is time to get off your duff and get some work done! The tone of your dream and the squirrel’s actions should clarify the meaning for you.

Squirrels prepare, yes, and, quite unfortunate as it is, they can sometimes forget where they hide their stash … this is why they end up over preparing in the end because some stashes get lost and forgotten! This being the case it points to the question of memory in your waking life. Have you forgotten about something that is important? If you run the risk of forgetting things it is time to be resourceful and jot things down for ease of access. It is also a good idea to do some brain training and to start strengthening your memory. It might be time to learn mnemonics to help you remember things with greater ease.

Squirrels are enthusiastic, happy little creatures that approach all tasks with a willingness to accomplish something and to get things done. The presence of the squirrel in your dreams may be pointing to your waking life and the need for a positive attitude and a willingness to fulfill obligations. The appearance of the animal also signifies abundance in the future, especially if you have been stashing your “acorns” accordingly. If you are playing with and feeding the squirrel, this points to the need for sharing in your waking life, especially with those that have fewer resources than you do.

With the understanding of the squirrel’s message under your belt of knowledge, wouldn’t you like to add the understanding of other animals as well? This way you will be prepared for the dream message they deliver! You can do that at WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com.

3 thoughts on “When You Dream About Squirrels

  1. Charles says:

    I was asleep in my semi-truck when the black squirrel stood up on its hind legs and just looked at me. I immediately and literally stood up out of my sleep and stared at the space where it appeared to be in my dream. I didn’t give the dream time for anything for the fact of being that there was a black squirrel in my truck! Haha haha!

  2. Nwaiwu chinazo Francis says:

    I dreamt where my house is full of squirrel and they were jumping from one end to another. Others were jumping on my head and some enters my under my trouser. I was told to use this for the burial of my grand mother whom we were preparing to lay to mother earth on January next year 2021

  3. Leonardo says:

    I dreamed about a squirrel i named rupert when i found him he was playful and super happy, and super loyal to me which made me fell in love with him after days rupert started to get very sick and i carried him and suddenly a day rupert died in my hands

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