Dog Dreams Meaning and Symbolism

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The Meaning of Dog Dreams

Dreams about dogs generally symbolize deeply trusting friendship and unwavering companionship. Man’s very intelligent best friend appears most often in dreams to give you a bit of guidance and companionship in the dream world. Trust this friend!

In cultures like that of Mexico, dogs were buried with the dead to be there in the afterworld and lead the dead to their new life. Dogs symbolize the trust between species and our reliance on one another. A little dream interpretation and you’ll know to look around for those people you can trust, those who give a little and rely on you as well.

Big brown eyes and the quizzical looks of a dog in your dreams tell you that you are part of the pack. In China, dream symbolism for dogs includes the very social nature of adaptable and smart creatures. Extremely loyal, dogs in your dreams generally mean an uplift in your situation, upcoming events or even an increase in fortune. In Chinese dreams about dogs, the poodle symbolizes your changing fate – pink poodles remind you to let your true colors shine, and black poodles symbolize a little more of the dark side of judgement. Forgiveness is a black poodle’s message in dreams about dogs.

Barking Dog Dreams

Insistent, sharp barking and tugging at you to get your attention will symbolize a warning. Are you listening? Are you in trouble or does something need your attention? Now is the time to walk with your real-life human friends and consider what those loyal to you must say about your current situations.

In Greece, dreams about dogs were honored as dreams infused with the same instinctive knowledge that a dog symbolizes. Keen eyesight in nearly all canines led the Greeks to value dogs for their symbolic ability to see intuitively. Perhaps it is time to put your nose to the ground and follow where it leads you!

In dog dreams, take note of a dog who shows a strong willingness to be obedient. Following orders has its place, and in dream interpretation dogs can symbolize the ability to understand and follow commands – but never forget that you are the one who should be (respectfully) giving those commands.
If you analyze your dreams, pay close attention to the guiding influence. Is it connection with you? Leading you somewhere? Are you able to ask the dog to do things like stay or sit? This can help you find dream meanings for where your personal strength lies.

In dog dreams, the color black in a dog’s coat or in strangely colored footprints left behind can symbolize the Egyptian god known as Anubis. Anubis was a protector of souls in the underworld and black dogs symbolize his protection in your dreams too. Reach in your pocket, see if you can offer him a treat for protecting you in the DreamWorld as a way to honor him.

As some of the longest domesticated animals, dogs pad alongside you in the dream world and symbolize the unwavering loyalty of someone always at your side. Dogs in the dream realm remind you to reach out and express your gratitude to that person.

Modern dogs are often at the end of a leash or fenced in by man – but who is being led around in dog dream – you or your faithful companion? Consider the limits you experience while exploring the physical and emotional world. Are these limits yours or are you symbolically limited by your connection or loyalty to another?

Puppy Dog Dreams

Pups and dogs of all sizes can give a gentle “ruff” in dog dreams that symbolizes a more playful time when the world was full of wagging tails and everything was a toy. Look at what is around you with a puppy’s perspective. Playfulness teaches puppies the skills of balance and connection with their pack, not to mention lightens your heart. Let the puppy in your dream tug playfulness back into your heart.

Dog dreams in Scotland might give your dream analysis a wary pause. Tales in Scotland tell of a green dog that drives women into the forests and glens, especially nursing mothers who might feed the faerie creatures. Negative or malicious dreams about dogs are rare.

Small dogs can be fierce, but don’t be too quick to dismiss that tiny tea cup Chihuahua. Small sizes can symbolize a person whose bark is bigger than their bite.

Consider the kind of dog you’ve found padding beside you in the dream and understand that breed’s attributes to get more detailed information about that dog’s message in your dream.

Afghan Hound

Proud and graceful, the Afghan Hound in your dream symbolizes the desire for and path toward spiritual goals. When dreams about dogs include the hound, seek balance between the determination and hard work that gets you there and the material benefits you’ll need along the way.


Bulldogs get cast in the role of aggressor, but they are friendly, gentle and a little lazy if you want to know the truth. The friendly bulldog symbolizes that someone you thought to be set against you is really not all that bad. Bulldogs are also quite stubborn, so watch for dream meanings that can warn you that the bullheadedness of this breed is at work. Is it time to stop the guard dog duty on your life and act?


In dreams about dogs, the collie symbolizes your relationship with home. These working dogs like most of all to keep the herd together and safe. If the collie is walking past you or at a distance in the dream, home may be farther than you think and it is definitely time, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, to realize that there’s no place like home. Keep an open mind on the definition of ‘home’ – collies have a spiritual heart.

Great Dane

Don’t let the size of these lovable loafs fool you, Great Danes symbolize power in dreams. You’ve got to own it, though. Dreams where the Great Dane is inattentive or following behind, then your dream meanings should be considered an official ‘heads-up’ to get on the ball. Let the Great Dane’s strong will push through this for you.

Labrador Retriever

This working breed symbolizes the deepest, truest kind of acceptance and empathy in your dreams. This helpful breed appears in dreams about dogs to remind you to fill in gaps where you are neglecting yourself or your family. They might even symbolize ‘retrieving’ your balance.


Historically the Poodle has symbolized the upper class and those who were a breed apart. Dreams about dogs are no different and poodles symbolize the finer things in life. These dogs also appear to you in dreams with reminders about showing a desire to please or do service for others.


In dog dreams, the Pomeranian is the bouncy friend at the playground symbolizing a can-do attitude and some big promises. Don’t worry, this dog carries through on his promises, you just gotta keep up with the bubbly nature!

Yorkshire Terrier

Despite the terrier’s playful nature, this dog works when it counts! Terriers symbolize your innate problem solving and willingness to hunt down the problem’s source. In dreams about dogs, the terrier can show you two very different sides of the situation in dream interpretation.

Now you can see how diverse dream messages are when dogs enter your dream narrative. Just think what other animal teachers can offer in the way of guidance! Find out here at

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    What’s the meaning of dreaming of an Australian Shepard? Guiding me in my dream through nature. Which happeneds to be my dog that I recently rescued.

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    Whats the meaning of dreaming of a french bulldog, shiba inu, and three legged poodle following you and not letting anyone near you except partner and mom?

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