Elephant Dream Meaning

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Symbolism of When Elephant Comes in a Dream

Elephants are massively sized, beloved creatures, standing for things like friendship, loyalty, wisdom, strength, patience, and, long memory. When the elephant comes stomping into your nighttime visions, it typically brings a pinch or two (or three …) of good luck and super positive vibes!

Once you see an elephant in your dreams, you might find you start having a rush of memories in your waking life. This creature has a VERY long memory, indeed, so do not be surprised when long-lost childhood or adolescent memories resurface. Some may be positive, but if the memories are negative, the elephant is sending you a dream message to let you know it is time to rid yourself of the excess emotional baggage, so it does not continue to weigh you down.

A herd of elephants is a social group with remarkable bonds. The elder males teach younger bulls acceptable behavior. Female elephants nurse the calf they have after carrying the baby elephant in the womb for 22 months (a Master number in numerology and one likely to hold some added dream meaning as well). They touch each other when greeting one another and the always make sure that dying elephants get the attention they need, and they even have a considerable interest in their dead ancestors.

The way the elephant lives can carry over to the dream message you are receiving: The elephant’s appearance in night-time visions might be telling you to put your focus on what is most important, like family, loved ones, and ensuring that all within the family unit are receiving the physical and spiritual nourishment they need. At the same time, the dream message might be calling on you to give some attention to your deceased loved ones if you have not had the opportunity to do so in a while.

Since elephants represent memory, they also represent the mind. These creatures feed for a full 20 hours a day, so for an elephant to appear in a dream, it might mean it is time to nourish the mind, body, spirit, or all three. If you see the elephant moving its trunk around, this part of the creature’s anatomy corresponds with phallic imagery, thereby pointing to sexual desire – Ahh … (clearing throat here) … um, yes, your dream message might be telling you to take it up a notch in the passion department!

The size of the elephant might serve to be large issues you face during daylight hours, one you feel is beyond your control. This same idea might appear as a charging elephant or even a stampede! Finally, if you have been avoiding something important that you must contend with, then your elephant dream message might be alluding to the saying related to “the elephant in the room.” When the elephant visits you in dreams, it is telling you it is time to clean house … and you can start by dealing with what you have been avoiding for far too long!

Now that you understand the messages elephants can bring in dreams, you can master the symbolic language of what other animals mean as well. Please feel free to use all of the resources here on WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com. Learning how the animals speak to you can offer you insights that can change your life!

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