What Does Dreaming of a Monkey Mean?

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Dream of a Monkey Symbolism

Monkeys … who did not want one as a pet when we were little? They were just so human-like and amazingly intelligent, of course as kids we would have loved our own monkey! And then as adults, we realize the fantastic responsibility such a creature calls for to care for it and … we learn about this little thing called instinctive drift.

Yes, monkeys are wild animals, and that is where they belong, in the wild, and we learn to understand this as responsible adults who realize they are not here for our entertainment. Nevertheless, monkeys have taught us much about their behaviors through observational studies, and they can teach us a whole lot more through dream symbolism too.

The first thing that monkeys symbolize in dreams is intelligence, ingenuity, cleverness, and resourcefulness. The animal is incredibly smart and capable of coming up with innovative measures for dealing with a whole host of events. The monkey in your dreams may be telling you that you will need to call on all your skills and resources to make it through a situation otherwise unscathed. Likewise, monkeys like to play a lot, and they are intensely passionate about play and trickery. The can tease and torment other monkeys when interacting, but really it is all in good fun. Just make sure that in your waking hours it is also all in good fun … you do not want someone to be hurt emotionally by something you intended to be humorous.

Monkeys are enthusiastic learners, and they master basic learning skills easily. They can use these skills for positive means, but they can also be manipulative to get what they want as well. Herein one can begin to see the monkey’s trickster like energies. The meaning of the dream monkey might be telling you it is time to embrace learning with greater enthusiasm, but that one should avoid using what is learned for manipulative purposes.

Like people, monkeys are social, friendly, loving, and they bond with others. And, like people, the can suddenly turn aggressive. Instinctive drift might fall into play where the monkey reverts back to the wild behavior it has always known – this can happen when questions of safety and territory arise. In such an event the dream monkey is asking you if you are too wild or aggressive in your response to a situation or are you becoming too territorial.

Dexterity and ease of mobility are some of the monkey’s most exceptional skills. If you are out of shape, the monkey might be playfully telling you it is time to get back into shape and the sooner, the better. Since monkeys can hang upside down at will, they are also associated with the ability to look at things from a different angle or perspective. Finally, in Eastern Astrology there is the year of the Monkey. The dream you have may be pointing to a person born during the span of years that the Monkey rules.

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