White Dove Dreams Interpretation

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What a Dream with Dove Means

There really is little that proves more soothing than to see a couple of doves playing and flying about – their joy, beauty, and grace – if it could be bottled up and sold it would bring in big bucks for sure! Their perfectly white features are a symbol of purity, and they just have a way of making everything feel peaceful.

If you see a dove in your dreams the most common interpretation is to see it as a sign of peace within your life. The dove is a gentle creature depicting virtue, simplicity, and goodness and when it flies in your dreams, it brings with it the energies of harmony and balance.

If you see the dove land on your arm, you are the kind of person that makes a habit of wearing your heart out on your sleeve. As such, your dream is telling you it is time to find peace in your heart or to instill more peaceful moments in your daily life through meditation and prayer.

The Dove is indicative of great positivity, light, and promises fulfilled. If you see the dove flying, it can signify that you will soon have soaring spirits, or you will fulfill your highest aspirations. In Christian circles, the dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit and the blessings it can bring into your life: The dove in your dreams may be a sign of coming blessings or that you should seek out strength through your religious practices.

The White Dove is a sign of loyalty, friendships, and when you dream of someone releasing doves from cages, the gleeful birds signify both freedom, spiritual ascension, and love. If the dove builds a nest in your dream, it is a sign that you will either be renovating the home you have, building a new one, or setting up a new location as home.

If there are turtle doves in your dreams, these birds tend to signify the search for the soul mate, romance, true love, and marriage: To seem them flying suggests that you may encounter your future mate in your waking hours soon. A dove weeping signifies tremendous sorrow and grief, while one that flies high into the skies and disappears signifies the passing of the soul and its ascension into the heavens; If these images appear in your dreams, they may forewarn of difficulty or loss. An injured dove might suggest that it is time for you to learn how to forgive those who have hurt you, so you can move on with your life free from the individual’s control over you.

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