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Cricket Facts & Trivia

Cricket Facts

  • Cricket is an insect that belongs to the order Orthoptera.
  • There are 900 species of crickets
  • Crickets are normally 1-2 inches long, depending on the species.
  • Crickets can be green, brown, black or red in color.
  • Crickets have two pairs of wings.
  • Crickets have one pair of antennas for detecting movement of food and prey.
  • Crickets have excellent eyesight with compound eyes.
  • Only the make cricket chirps.
  • Crickets cannot fly, despite having wings.
  • Crickets are nocturnal creatures (night)
  • Crickets are omnivores eating decaying plant material, fungi, and seedling plants.
  • Crickets in the wild live less than a year.
  • Crickets are found throughout the world.
  • Female crickets can lay up to 200 eggs at a time.
  • Crickets have excellent hearing ability.
  • Cricket chirping varies by the temperature
  • Crickets sing after successful mating
  • Cricket;s ears are located on their knees.
  • Crickets molt as they grow
  • Most crickets lives on the ground, but can be found underground, in trees and caves.
  • Crickets are a symbol of good luck.
  • Chinese people held crickets as pets in the past.
  • Several species of crickets are endangered.
  • Since the days of radio entertainment, the sound of crickets chirping has been used as an indication that a scene is taking place late at night.

Cricket Movies

  • Mulan 1998 (Cri-kee)
  • Pinocchio 1940 (Jiminy Cricket

Cricket Songs

  • The Cricket Song, by Kathy Johnson
  • Mr. Cricket in the Thicket, by Andy Z

Famous Crickets

  • Chester Cricket, from the book The Cricket in Times Square
  • Cri-kee, from the movie Mulan
  • Jiminy Cricket, from the movie Pinocchio
  • Lubbock Crickets , from baseball team in Buddy Holly’s hometown.

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