Goat Facts & Trivia

Goat Facts

  • Goats live 8-12 years.
  • There are over 200 breeds of goats.
  • Both male and female goats can have horns and beards.
  • There are approximately 500 million goats in the world.
  • It is thought that people eat more goat meat than any other kind of meat.
  • Goats belong to the genus Capra.
  • Goats communicate with each other by bleating.
  • Kids can follow their mothers almost immediately after being born.
  • Goats are very intelligent.
  • Goats have excellent coordination.
  • Goats were domesticated around 7000 B.C.
  • Goats can have 1-6 kids per litter.
  • Goats are one of the earliest domesticated animals.
  • Worldwide more people drink goat milk than any other variety.
  • Egyptians worshiped goats.
  • Greeks sacrificed them, making them “scape-goats.”
  • The sign of Capricorn, represented by the goat, is known for creativity.
  • In Latin the word for goat capre gives us capricious for lighthearted, or impulsive.
  • Goats hate to get wet.
  • Goats need a balanced grain nutrition.
  • Goats are social animals.
  • A goat’s eye is rectangular rather than round.
  • The proper name for a group of goats is a trip.
  • It is rumored that goats “discovered” coffee.
  • Goats are herd animals and prefer the company of at least one other goat.
  • Goats DO NOT eat tin cans or garbage.
  • Mohair comes from the Angora goat.
  • Cashmere comes from the Cashmere goat.
  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Mammalia
  • Order: Artiodactyla
  • Family: Bovidae

Goat Movies

  • Goats (2012)
  • The Men Who Stare At Goats (2009)
  • Goat Story (2008)
  • The Feast of the Goat (2005)

Goat Songs

  • Bill Grogan’s Goat, Children’s Song
  • The Goats Came Marching, Children’s Song
  • The Kids’ Goat Shuffle, Children’s Song

Famous Goats

  • Amalthea, Mythology
  • Batisse, White goat mascot of the Canadian Royal 22e Régiment
  • Bill, The U.S. Naval Academy football team’s white mascot
  • Bill Grogan’s goat, Who coughed up three red shirts and flagged a train in the camp song of the same name
  • Billy (Lance Corporal William Windsor), Goat mascot of the 1st Battalion, Royal Welch regiment
  • Billy Whiskers, Whiskers: The Autobiography of a Goat (1903)
  • Hennes, Mascot of the FC Cologne rugby team in Cologne, Germany
  • Jimmy, Who ate a box of dynamite in an Andy Griffith Show episode (“The Loaded Goat”) aired in 1963
  • Nanny and Nanko, Tad Lincoln’s pets that lived at the White House while his dad, Abraham Lincoln, was President
  • Old Whiskers, Russell Harrison’s pet goat while his father, President Benjamin Harrison, was in the White House
  • Seven little goats, Of the Grimm Brothers fairytale The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats
  • Three billy goats gruff, Of Norwegian folklore
  • Türk, Buck goat in Johanna Spyri’s Heidi (1880)

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