Dolphin Quotes

“The happiness of the bee and the dolphin is to exist. For man it is to know that and to wonder at it.” – Jacques Yves Cousteau
“Cultures have long heard wisdom in non-human voices: Apollo, god of music, medicine and knowledge, came to Delphi in the form of a dolphin. But dolphins, which fill the oceans with blipping and chirping, and whales, which mew and caw in ultramarine jazz – a true rhapsody in blue – are hunted to the edge of silence.” – Jay Griffiths
“Never trust a species that grins all the time. It’s up to something.” – Terry Pratchett
“There may be a common thread of consciousness between man and dolphin.” – Joan McIntyre
“Dolphins may well be carrying information as well as functions critical to the regeneration of life upon our planet.” – Buckminster Fuller
“When I see a dolphin, I know it’s just as smart as I am.” – Don Van Vliet
“Like a dolphin, I am graceful, powerful, and compassionate.” – Jonathan Lockwood Huie
“It is of interest to note that while some dolphins are reported to have learned English — up to 50 words used in correct context — no human being has been reported to have learned dolphinese.” – Carl Sagan
“The voice of the dolphin in air is like that of the human, in that they can pronounce vowels, and combinations of vowels.” – Aristotle
“Dolphins are social mammals, capable of enjoying their lives. They form close bonds with other members of their group.” – Peter Singer
“Man has always assumed that he was more intelligent than dolphins because he had achieved so much … the wheel, New York, wars, and so on … while all the dolphins had ever done was muck about in the water having a good time. But conversely, the dolphins had always believed that they were far more intelligent than man … for precisely the same reason.” – Douglas Adams
“Though pleased to see the dolphins play, I mind my compass and my way.” – Matthew Green
“His delights/Were dolphin-like/They showed his back above/The element they lived in.” – William Shakespeare
“What can books of men that live/In a dragon-guarded land/Paintings of the dolphin-drawn/Sea-nymphs in their pearly wagons/Do, but awake a hope to live … ?” – William Butler Yeats
“Curiously enough, the dolphins had long known of the impending destruction of the planet Earth and had made many attempts to alert mankind of the danger; but most of their communications were misinterpreted as amusing attempts to punch footballs or whistle for tidbits, so they eventually gave up and left the Earth by their own means…” – Douglas Adams
“When the shark laughs with the dolphin, there is a devilish spirit at play.” – Tahitian proverb
“Teach an eagle to fly, a dolphin to swim.” – Latin proverb
“Dolphin can lead us to an understanding of how to live in harmony with the twin needs of individuality and cooperation. Dolphin carries balance, peace, joy, compassion, love, and power.” – Loren Cruden
“When Dolphin swims into your life, then it’s time to add plenty of joy and playfulness into whatever you do. It may signal the beginning of a sexual relationship that is fun and playful above all else. It could also indicate that you should start volunteering for a charity, animal shelter, or some other service-oriented organization. You’re entering a more creative period of your life and now have the ability to realize your deepest desires.” – Millie Gemondo and Trish McGregor

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