Dragon Quotes & Sayings

“Above all things, dragons are loyal. Perhaps that is what makes us to amenable to life with sticks. Our characters are larger than their shortfalls.” – H. Leighton Dickson
“No, I would not want to live in a world without dragons, as I would not want to live in a world without magic, for that is a world without mystery, and that is a world without faith.” – R.A. Salvatore
“Confidence is like a dragon where, for every head cut off, two more heads grow back.” – Criss Jami
“Dragons and legends…It would have been difficult for any man not to want to fight beside a dragon.” – Patricia Briggs
“My task is set before me, girl
My mission clear and true
There’ll be black knights and dragons, girl
But I will always come for you…”
– Emme Rollins
“He had turned into a dragon while he was asleep. Sleeping on a dragon’s hoard with greedy, dragonish thoughts in his heart, he had become a dragon himself.” -C.S. Lewis
“Puff, the Magic Dragon, lived by the sea, and frolicked in the Autumn Mist in a land called Honah Lee, little Jacky Paper loved that rascal Puff, and gave him strings and sealing wax and other fancy stuff.” – Peter Yarrow
“For instance, dragons are deeply revered by the Chinese. According to legend they have megapowers that include weather control and life creation. And they’re seen as kind, benevolent creatures. Funny. Every fairy tale I’d ever heard involving dragons starred daring knights trotting off to kill said dragons. Probably the real reason every time East meets West they get pissed off and throw tea in our faces.” – Jennifer Rardin
“All the drawing lacks
is the final touch: To add
eyes to the dragon.”
– Diane Duane

“my dragon? save anybody?
you must have have him confused with someone else- Smaug perhaps?…”
– Margaret Weis
“No dragon can resist the fascination of riddling talk and of wasting time trying to understand it.” – J.R.R. Tolkien
“A dragon’s heart burns fiercely, even in the face of evil.” – Suzanne G. Rogers
“Let me tell you: the only way to get rid of dragons is to have one of your own.” – Eugene Shvarts
“The hunger of a dragon is slow to wake, but hard to sate.” – Ursula K. Le Guin
“Your cell phone is on the nightstand. Call me immediately if something changes. I don’t care if you are merely dizzy or if you start seeing pink dragons, do you understand?”

I solemnly swear I will call you the second a pink dragon shows up.”
– Jessica Fortunato

“Rune: “They’re getting away!”

Thatz: “Our Dragon Knights honor is at stake! Let’s get ’em!”

Rath: “‘Dragon Knights honor’? Really?”
– Mineko Ohkami

“Tavin cupped his hands to his mouth. “Here, dragon-dragon-dragon!” he yelled.
Lily stared in amazement. Well, that was bold, she thought, and stupid.”
– Richard Due
“When walking into the lair of the dragon after robbing his hoard, the least you could do is hold you head high […].” – Ilona Andrews
“Adult dragons are,astute,powerful,and sure of their strength. ” – Ciruelo Cabral
“If you’re all so peaceful up there, how did you get such greedy and cruel ideas?”
The dragon was silent for a long time after this question. And at last he said: “It just came over me. I don’t know why. It just came over me, listening to the battling shouts and the war-cries of the earth – I got excited, I wanted to join in.”
– Ted Hughes
“Everyone wants the fairy tale, but don’t forget there are dragons in those stories.” – R. Queen
“And that is the story of the boy who cried “Dragon!”
Of course, when dragons sit around the campire at night or tuck their children into bed, they tell the story of the dragon who cried “Boy!”
– Mike Resnick
“A life fueled by passions is like riding on the back of a dragon.” – Suzy Kassem
“It seems to me that if you wish to apply laws to us, it were only reasonable to consult us on them, and from what you have read to me about Parliament, I do not think any dragons are invited to go there.” – Naomi Novik
“Well, are you ready, Lada Dragwlya, daughter of the dragon?” Fire burned in her heart, and her wounded soul spread out, casting a shadow like wings across her country. This was hers. Not because of her father. Not because of Mehmed. Because the land itself had claimed her as its own. “Not Dragwlya,” she said. “Lada Dracul. I am no longer the daughter of the dragon.” She lifted her chin, sights set on the horizon. “I am the dragon.” – Kiersten White
“Death stripes away many things, especially when it arrives at a temperature hot enough to vaporize iron … The immortal remains of Brother Watchtower watched the dragon flap away into the fog ….” – Terry Pratchett
“Her eyes were full of hate. Full. And… at the same time, empty. Soulless. Like those horrible creatures she keeps around her. The dragon was frightening… but Maleficent, she was bone-chilling.” – Liz Braswell
“The other girls were trying to become princesses, while I was out chasing fireflies on the backs of dragons.” – L.L.
“Remember, there were dragons long before men came into the world. Why, it was none other than The Great Dragons of Yore who invented the idea of knighthood. Yes, yes, that’s right! Dragons had knights, Kings, princesses and queens long before men crawled out of the muck.” – Sully Tarnish
“And she had fire in her breath… he couldn’t’ resist as she stole his interest, she won his heart… but it wasn’t just a game. The wolf surrendered to the heat, he had an ice flame. She was his yin and yang, his black dragon; he met her on the path of his wolf pack’s reign.” – Konstantinos Kyriakou.K.K

Dragon Proverbs

“In shallow holes moles make fools of dragons.” – Chinese Proverb
“To attract good fortune, spend a new coin on an old friend, share an old pleasure with a new friend, and lift up the heart of a true friend by writing his name on the wings of a dragon.” – Chinese Proverb
“It is ill done to chain a dragon for roasting your meat.” – Darkovan Proverb
“Better be the head of a lizard than the tail of a dragon.” – Italian Proverb
“In shallow waters, shrimps make fools of dragons.” – Chinese Proverb
“The dragon teaches you that if you want to climb high you have to do it against the wind.” – Chinese Proverb
“There is no room for two dragons in one pond.” – Chinese Proverb
“With money, a dragon — without it, a worm.” – Chinese Proverb
“Sometimes life can be as bitter as dragon tears. But whether dragon tears are bitter or sweet depends entirely on how each man perceives them.” – Chinese Proverb
“The dragon has nine sons, each different from the others.” – Chinese Proverb

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