Elephant Quotes & Sayings

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“Nature’s great masterpiece, an elephant; the only harmless great thing.” – John Donne
“The question is, are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?” – David Attenborough
“The elephant can survive only if forests survive.” – Mark Shand
“A camel makes an elephant feel like a jet plane.” – Jackie Kennedy
“I have a memory like an elephant. I remember every elephant I’ve ever met.” – Herb Caen
“Living next to you is in some ways like sleeping with an elephant. No matter how friendly and even-tempered is the beast, if I can call it that, one is affected by every twitch and grunt.” – Pierre Trudeau
“Love will draw an elephant through a key-hole.” – Samuel Richardson
“People are so difficult. Give me an elephant any day.” – Mark Shand
“God is not troubled by one who is conservative or liberal, and He certainly never inclines His ear toward a donkey or an elephant.” – Max Lucado
“God is really only another artist. He invented the giraffe, the elephant and the cat. He has no real style. He just goes on trying other things.” – Pablo Picasso
“Our brains have been designed to blur the line between self and other. It is an ancient neural circuitry that marks every mammal, from mouse to elephant.” – Frans de Waal
“Words are cheap. The biggest thing you can say is ‘elephant’.” – Charlie Chaplin
“My roommate got a pet elephant. Then it got lost. It’s in the apartment somewhere.” – Steven Wright
“They say an elephant never forgets. Well, you are not an elephant. Take notes, constantly. Save interesting thoughts, quotations, films, technologies… the medium doesn’t matter, so long as it inspires you.” – Aaron Koblin
“I have a memory like an elephant. In fact, elephants often consult me.” – Noel Coward
“I feel as if I go to Africa, I may never come back. I’m just going to live with the animals and adopt an elephant, and it’s going to be my friend.” – Dianna Agron
“Making films is about having absolute and foolish confidence; the challenge for all of us is to have the heart of a poet and the skin of an elephant.” – Mira Nair
“I was called ‘Dumbo,’ like the elephant, as a child because I couldn’t understand things at school.” – Anthony Hopkins
“Primate and elephant and even pig societies show considerable evidence of care for others, parent-child bonding, solidarity in the face of danger, and so on.” – Christopher Hitchens
“They say that somewhere in Africa the elephants have a secret grave where they go to lie down, unburden their wrinkled gray bodies, and soar away, light spirits at the end.” – Robert McCammon
“Elephants love reunions. They recognize one another after years and years of separation and greet each other with wild, boisterous joy. There’s bellowing and trumpeting, ear flapping and rubbing. Trunks entwine.” – Jennifer Richard Jacobson
“The elephant’s love for him was a love I have never known – yet always longed to. For why should he be remembered always, and not I?” – Benson Bruno
“Elephants can sense danger. They’re able to detect an approaching tsunami or earthquake before it hits.” – Jennifer Richard Jacobson
“Donkeys and elephants represent us politically. Why? Because snakes and roaches would be too obvious.” – Jarod Kintz
“Elephants, it turns out, are surprisingly stealthy.” – Thomas French
“It was an exceedingly odd thing to see an elephant in a spacesuit.” – Alastair Reynolds
“You can’t give or take ten elephants, boss,” said M’Bu firmly. He knew that counting elephants was a precision job. A man might be uncertain about how many wives he had, but never about elephants. Either you had one, or you didn’t.” – Terry Pratchett
“I loved her like elephants like remembering stuff. Those bastards just won’t let me forget and move on.” – Jarod Kintz
“But perhaps the most important lesson I learned is that there are no walls between humans and the elephants except those that we put up ourselves, and that until we allow not only elephants, but all living creatures their place in the sun, we can never be whole ourselves.” – Lawrence Anthony
“If you do not have a memory like an elephant, leave impressions like one.” – Uknown
“We must have bearers, and outriders, and perhaps an elephant — they are so imposing, nothing says ‘Get out of the way’ quite like an elephant in the front . . .” – Neil Gaiman

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