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Hawk Quotes & Sayings

“It’s our own story exactly! He bold as a hawk, she soft as the dawn.” – 1939 Cartoon caption, in the New Yorker, 28 Feb.
“I’d sooner, except the penalties, kill a man than a hawk.” – (John) Robinson Jeffers
“To the mouse, snow means freedom from want and fear. … To a rough-legged hawk, a thaw means freedom from want and fear.” – Aldo Leopold
“I am but mad north-north-west: when the wind is southerly, I know a hawk from a handsaw.” – William Shakespeare
“The wild hawk stood with the down on his beak And stared with his foot on the prey.” – Alfred Lord Tennyson
“The Hawk unto the open sky/The red deer to the wold/The Romany lass for the Romany lad/As in the days of old.” – Unknown
“…you think so logically…like a hawk soaring – I feel so chaotically…like a kite without a tail plummeting to earth…” – John Geddes
“The cats at the edge of the clearing were staring up at the sky, their eyes huge with fear. As he looked upward, Fireheart heard the beating of wings and saw a hawk circling above the trees, its harsh cry drifting on the air. At the same time he realized that one cat had not taken shelter; Snowkit was tumbling and playing in the middle of the open space.
“Snowkit!” Speckletail yowled desperately.”
– Erin Hunter
“Hunting hawks did not belong in cages, no matter how much a man coveted their grace, no matter how golden the bars. They were far more beautiful soaring free. Heartbreakingly beautiful.” – Lois McMaster Bujold
“In this world of ours, the sparrow must live like a hawk if he is to fly at all.” – Hayao Miyazaki
“I never knew a woman could be fierce and beautiful and smart before I met you. Every time I see you I think of a hawk, beautiful and deadly.” – Patrick W. Carr
“A writer who omits things because he does not know them only makes hollow places in his writing. A writer who appreciates the seriousness of writing so little that he is anxious to make people see he is formally educated, cultured or well-bred is merely a popinjay. And this too remember; a serious writer is not to be confounded with a solemn writer. A serious writer may be a hawk or a buzzard or even a popinjay, but a solemn writer is always a bloody owl.” – Ernest Hemingway
“There’s a superstition among falconers that a hawk’s ability is inversely proportional to the ferocity of its name. Call a hawk Tiddles and it will be a formidable hunter; call it Spitfire or Slayer and it will probably refuse to fly at all.” – Helen Macdonald
“You missed the shadow of the hawk on the vole if you think how wonderfully free a vole is!” – Mehmet Murat ildan
“…he lifted the fat and frightened hawk onto his fist reciting it passages from Hamlet, Macbeth, Richard II, Othello– ‘but tragedy had to be kept out of the voice’– and all the sonnets he could remember, whistling hymns to it, playing it Gilbert and Sullivan and Italian opera, and deciding, on reflection, that hawks liked Shakespeare best.” – Helen Macdonald
“My jaw dropped open. “Holy crows…”
“There’s a couple of eagles mixed in there,” Luke commented.
“And a few hawks,” Aiden added.
I rolled my eyes. “Okay. Holy birds of prey! Is that better?”
“Much,” Aiden murmured.”
– Jennifer L. Armentrout
“They say the first of my kind was Alasdair, a human raised by hawks. She learned the languages of birds and was gifted with their form.” – Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Hawk Proverbs

“A hawk kills because it is his nature; a man because it is his pleasure.” – Darkovan
“We will fly that hawk when his pinions are grown.” – Darkovan
“You cannot take hawks without climbing some cliffs.” – Darkovan
“A hawk’s marriage: the hen is the better bird.” – French
“In hawks, hounds, arms, and love, for one leasure a thousand pains.” – French
“The gentle hawk mans herself.” – French
“You cannot make a hawk of a buzzard.” – French
“He who makes himself a dove is eaten by the hawk.” – Italian
“The bird hunting a locust is unaware of the hawk hunting him.” – Portugese
“Laws, like the spider’s webs, catch the flies and the the hawk go frees.” – Spanish
“It is hard to lure hawks with empty hands.” – Danish
“Pheasants are fools if they invite the hawk to dinner.” – Danish
“It’s hard to catch hawks with empty hands.” – Dutch
“When the cock is drunk, he forgets about the hawk.” – Ghanaian
“Hawks will not pick out hawk’s eyes.” – Unknown
“Every bird has a hawk about it.” – Croatian
“The sparrow flying behind the hawk thinks the hawk is fleeing.” – Japanese
“Laws, like the spider’s web, catch the fly and let the hawk go free.” -Proverb
“A good surgeon must have a hawk’s eye, a lion’s heart, and a woman’s hand.” – Dominican Republic
“Even a superb hawk will not catch game unless it is loosed.” – Japanese
“Let the kite hawk have a perch, and let the eagle also have a perch. Whichever begrudges the other the right to perch, may he break a wing.” – Igbo
“Hunting, hawking, and paramours, for one joy an hundred displeasures.” – Scots
“With empty hand, should no man hawks allure.” – Scots
“It is unwise for one to think that a hen will ever be accorded respect in the land of the hawks.” – African
“The chicken is never declared in the court of hawks.” – African
“A lonely old crow, see someone you know. Fly to your right, sure to be right. And if you are hawking, money before night.” – Gypsy
“If you see Mt. Fuji, a hawk, and an eggplant on New Yer’s Day, you will be forever blessed.” – Japanese
“The drum sounds when the hawk appears with a rabbit.” – Nigerian
“He that has a hawk has three hundred partridges.” – Bulgarian
“He’s a hawk of a right nest.” – Scots

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