Lion Quotes & Sayings

“I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.” – Alexander the Great
“A truly strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep.” – Vernon Howard
“I was the shyest human ever invented, but I had a lion inside me that wouldn’t shut up!” – Ingrid Bergman

“The one excellent thing that can be learned from a lion is that whatever a man intends doing should be done by him with a whole-hearted and strenuous effort.” – Chanakya
“It’s better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life.” – Elizabeth Kenny
“A lion runs the fastest when he is hungry.” – Salman Khan

“I am sometimes a fox and sometimes a lion. The whole secret of government lies in knowing when to be the one or the other.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
“An optimist is someone who gets treed by a lion but enjoys the scenery.” – Walter Winchell
“I never thought much of the courage of a lion tamer. Inside the cage he is at least safe from people.” – George Bernard Shaw

“An injured lion still wants to roar.” – Randy Pausch
“With each new day in Africa, a gazelle wakes up knowing he must outrun the fastest lion or perish. At the same time, a lion stirs and stretches, knowing he must outrun the fastest gazelle or starve. It’s no different for the human race. Whether you consider yourself a gazelle or a lion, you have to run faster than others to survive.” – Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
“When many work together for a goal, Great things may be accomplished. It is said a lion cub was killed By a single colony of ants.” – Saskya Pandita

“To achieve the mood of a warrior is not a simple matter. It is a revolution. To regard the lion and the water rats and our fellow men as equals is a magnificent act of a warrior’s spirit. It takes power to do that.” – Carlos Castaneda
“A lion is called a ‘king of beasts’ obviously for a reason.” – Jack Hanna
“Some people lose all respect for the lion unless he devours them instantly. There is no pleasing some people.” – Will Cuppy

“Once I climbed into a mountain lion’s cage and she bounded at me and put her paw on my face, but she kept her claws withdrawn.” – Edward Hoagland
“If a lion could talk, we could not understand him.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein
“I remember in the circus learning that the clown was the prince, the high prince. I always thought that the high prince was the lion or the magician, but the clown is the most important.” – Roberto Benigni

“My number one inspiration was my mother. She worked two jobs and had breakfast and dinner prepared. I essentially called my mother, The Lion. She’s fierce and she’s proud. I’d like to think some of that rubbed off on me.” – Christopher Judge
“You know, I am a Leo. Lion is a giant part of me.” – Patrick Swayze
“Every dog is a lion at home.” – Henry George Bohn

“It was the nation and the race dwelling all round the globe that had the lion’s heart. I had the luck to be called upon to give the roar.” – Winston Churchill
“I love watching the Serengeti, the way lions live. The only way the king lion loses his crown is by somebody physically defeating him.” – Ray Lewis
“The lion is, however, rarely heard – much more seldom seen.” – John Hanning Speke
“I would love to go into an animal’s dream – like a lion’s or a cat’s. I’m sure that’s pretty awesome.” – Marion Cotillard
“At twenty a man is a peacock, at thirty a lion, at forty a camel, at fifty a serpent, at sixty a dog, at seventy an ape, at eighty a nothing at all.” – Baltasar Gracian
“Cat: a pygmy lion who loves mice, hates dogs, and patronizes human beings.” – Oliver Herford
“An Englishman, being flattered, is a lamb; threatened, a lion.” – George Chapman
“Only in art will the lion lie down with the lamb, and the rose grow without the thorn.” – Martin Amis
“A lion’s work hours are only when he’s hungry; once he’s satisfied, the predator and prey live peacefully together.” – Chuck Jones
“Fear not, we are of the nature of the lion, and cannot descend to the destruction of mice and such small beasts.” – Elizabeth I
“New York is really the place to be; to go to New York, you’re going to the center of the world, the lion’s den.” – Zubin Mehta
“I’ve got a friend who is a lion tamer. He used to be a school teacher till he lost his nerve.” – Les Dawson
“I love taking challenges, as my name Leander means ‘lion’s heart.” – Leander Paes
“You may as well say, ‘That’s a valiant flea that dare eat his breakfast on the lip of a lion.” – William Tecumseh Sherman
“I would rather be the tail of a lion than the head of a mouse.” – Daddy Yankee
“Courage is poorly housed that dwells in numbers; the lion never counts the herd that are about him, nor weighs how many flocks he has to scatter.” – Aaron Hill
“Roused by the lash of his own stubborn tail our lion now will foreign foes assail.” – John Dryden
“A lion is not a lion is not a lion. As individuals, as mates, as members of a society, they’re all very different.” – Frans Lanting
“I have never been a social lion; I was misidentified as one because I have a very attractive second wife.” – John Gutfreund
“The frail, vulnerable sounds of which we are capable seem to be essential to a later ability to roar like a lion without scaring everyone to death.” – David Whyte
“When a lion doesn’t get its prey, it remains hungry. When the prey saves himself, he has not won, but has saved his life.” – Uday Kotak
“There’s an expression in Persian, ‘to play with the lion’s tail.’ I wasn’t what Iranian society wanted me to be – a good girl. I played with the lion’s tail.” – Golshifteh Farahani


“The friendship of the great is fraternity with lions.” – Italian
“Lions in time of peace; deer in war.” – Italian
“An army of sheep led by a lion would defeat an army of lions led by a sheep.” – Latin
“Until the lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify their historians.” – Azerbaijani
“Lions believe that everyone shares their state of mind.” – Irish
“If you see the fangs of the lions, don’t think the lion is smiling.” – Arabic
“Those who do not go to war roar like lions.” – Kurdish
“A dog will always be a dog, even if he is raised by lions.” – Lebanese
“Better be a tail for the lions than the head of the foxes.” – Hebraic
“Lions believe that everyone shares their state of mind.” – Mexican
“Not all that have claws are lions.” – Swahili
“Roaring lions kill no prey.” – African

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