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Rooster Quotes & Sayings

“You’re right, he’s a killer,” you said. “A rooster with some serious issues.” – Lucy Christopher
“Wise man is the rooster of the universe: He awakens the unawake!” – Mehmet Murat ildan
“You’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning to beat me to my rooster costume.” – Jarod Kintz
“But if the rooster crows, this is not for the farmer. (Mais si le coq a chanté, – Ce n’est pas pour le fermier.)” – Charles de Leusse
“A rooster crows only when it sees the light. Put him in the dark and he’ll never crow. I have seen the light and I’m crowing.” – Muhammad Ali
“While farmers generally allow one rooster for ten hens, ten men are scarcely sufficient to service one woman.” – Giovanni Boccaccio
“Trying to sneak a fastball past Hank Aaron is like trying to sneak the sunrise past a rooster.” – Joe Adcock
“The more excited the rooster gets, the higher his voice goes. He’s got a little bit of a Barney Fife quality to him.” – Jeff Foxworthy
“Dogs and other animals – goats, donkeys, cows, a grumpy rooster – continue to change my writing life.” – Jon Katz
“Hungry rooster don’t cackle w’en he fine a wum.” – Joel Chandler Harris
“You can be a rooster one day and a feather duster the next.” – Frank McManus
“Trying to sneak a fastball past Hank Aaron is like trying to sneak the sunrise past a rooster.” – Joe Adcock
“George Bush taking credit for the wall coming down is like the rooster taking credit for the sun rising.” – Al Gore
“I remember, as a kid, I’d follow the rooster and the chickens and watch what type of grass they’d eat. And me and my friends would eat that grass, like that was our lunch.” – Adam Beach
“He said that people who loved [animals] to excess were capable of the worst cruelties toward human beings. He said that dogs were not loyal but servile, that cats were opportunists and traitors, that peacocks were heralds of death, that macaws were simply decorative annoyances, that rabbits fomented greed, that monkeys carried the fever of lust, and that roosters were damned because they had been complicit in the three denials of Christ.” – Gabriel García Márquez
That awakens Paris
The highest poplar on the bank

On The Eiffel Tower
A tricolored cock
Sings to the flapping of his wings
and several feathers fall

As it resumes its course
The Seine looks between the bridges
For her old route

And the Obelisk
That has forgotten the Egyptian words
Has not blossomed this year

– Vicente Huidobro

“If you thought with your minds and not your roosters, you would get the point!” – Pawan Mishra
“This morning do something different: When you wake up in the morning, wake your forgotten and forsaken dreams up as well, wake them up like an insisting rooster!” – Mehmet Murat ildan
“If you don’t hear the crows of the roosters in the mornings, you are one cursed city fellow!” – Mehmet Murat ildan
“To judge from the entrance the dawn was making, it promised to be a very iffy day — that is, blasts of angry sunlight one minute, fits of freezing rain the next, all of it seasoned with sudden gusts of wind — one of those days when someone who is sensitive to abrupt shifts in weather and suffers them in his blood and brain is likely to change opinion and direction continuously, like those sheets of tin, cut in the shape of banners and roosters, that spin every which way on rooftops with each new puff of wind. ” – Andrea Camilleri
“Sometimes I get up before sunrise to watch the way the dark thins out and objects slowly reveal themselves, the trees, the rest of the landscape. You can hear the river below and roosters in the village. The light of dawn, cold and blue, gradually fills the world, and it’s the same in every place I’ve been.” – Andrzej Stasiuk
“Memory runs along deep, fixed channels in the brain, like electricity along its conduits; only a cataclysm can make the electrons rear up in shock and slide over into another channel. The human mind seems doomed to believe, as simply as a rooster believes, that where we are now is the only possibility.” – Barbara Kingsolver
“If a person fights, that’s their own choice,” Angel says. “But getting two roosters to fight or two dogs like pitbulls to fight, the animals don’t have a choice there. They can’t decide not to fight.” – Denise Flaim
“Right near where I live there’s a man who raises roosters. Must have had them for years and years. In half an hour or so they’ll be crowing up a storm. This is my favourite time of the day. The pitch-black night sky starting to glow in the east, the roosters crowing for all they’re worth like it’s their revenge on somebody. Any roosters near you?” – Haruki Murakami
“He had never known such gallantry as the gallantry of Scarlett O’Hara going forth to conquer the world in her mother’s velvet curtains and the tail feathers of a rooster.” – Margaret Mitchell

Rooster Proverbs

“The country rooster does not crow in the town.” – Swahili
“The rooster said, “I shall cry but whether the sun rises God knows.” – Georgian
“Roosters’ tail feathers: pretty but always behind.” – Madagasy
“If you were born lucky, even your rooster will lay eggs.” – Russian
“Where the rooster crows there is a village.” – African
“Bolder than a rooster.” – Arabic
“With so many roosters crowing, the sun never comes up” – Italian
“Nine gamblers could not feed a single rooster.” – Yugoslavian
“Every rooster crows in its own pen.” – Turkish
“Even when there is no rooster, the morning will still start.” – African
“A rooster does not sing on two roofs.” – Ntomba
“A good rooster crows everywhere.” – Sicilian
“When the rooster crows off the hour, don’t hesitate to adjust the time.” – Sicilian
“Where many roosters are crowing, it’s not because it’s daylight.” – Sicilian
“Sexy as socks on a rooster.” – Unknown

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