7 Ways Your Spirit Animal Can Make You a Powerful Psychic

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For over twenty years I’ve been practicing and teaching Shamanic journeying, animal communication, and psychic development. Yet it still tickles me when folks look confused or downright shocked upon learning that connecting with their Spirit, Totem, or Power Animal is a psychic event. A telepathic communication with animal spirits on the other side.

Whether your animal allies come to you in dreams, meditations, or Shamanic journeying their spirit is linking to yours. Your energy fields intertwine and dance together in the ethers. These are magical moments. And they are psychic moments.

Below are 7 ways your Spirit Animal can make you a powerful psychic. By embracing and developing your psychic self you can strengthen and deepen the relationship with your animal spirit guides. Who knows? Maybe one day you’ll want to become a Shamanic practitioner or psychic reader.

1. Spirit Animals Teach Us Stillness

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When we meditate, journey, or lucid dream in the hopes of meeting our animal spirit guide(s), we have to still our mind, body, and spirit. Though your Spirit Animal could appear to you while bungee jumping, there’s a far greater chance you’ll meet during a time of serenity.

OK, so why is stillness important and how does it help increase your psychic abilities?

Have you ever noticed most all animals (except fish) stop moving when they’re trying to make a decision? Maybe they’re trying to smell what’s in the wind or see what lies ahead. They might be trying to hide from predators or get the drop on another in a surprise attack. No matter the whys and wherefores, animals stop, look, and listen when it’s most important. In the stillness, they are able to receive the messages most crucial to them at the time.

2. Spirit Animals Help Us Tap Into Our Unconscious Mind

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Meditating, sitting in stillness, dreaming, Shamanic journeying to find our Spirit Animals all bring us to the place where we can slow down long enough to tap into our unconscious mind. Before getting into why accessing our unconscious mind increases our psychic abilities, let’s take a look at some crazy statistics.

The unconscious processing abilities of the human brain are estimated at roughly 11 million pieces of information per second. Compare that to the estimate for conscious processing: about 40 pieces per second.* ~ “Strangers to Ourselves by Timothy Wilson”

Based on this scientific data it’s clear that the info we can access with our conscious mind is pretty pitiful when compared to what our unconscious mind has swirling around. Now, the unconscious mind is supposed to be the place where our shadows reside – our fears, suppressed emotions, things we want to hide from the world and ourselves.

By tapping into our unconscious mind we can get face and heal anything negative which might be holding us back or down. The more we free ourselves from fears the more confident and open we can become in our psychic abilities and life in general.

3. Spirit Animals Show Us How to Interpret Symbols

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During psychic readings, Shamanic journeying, or Spirit Animal Meditation it’s common to be shown symbols by your guides, angels, the Universe, et al. These symbols are meant to help us see and interpret the messages being sent to us. It’s much easier for humans to work with symbols we are already familiar with so the ‘other side’ is kind enough to oblige.

For example, like in the picture above, you might see a Dolphin swimming toward a woman wearing a beautiful floral dress. Notice her eyes are closed. Water is the element, the symbol, for deep emotions. Dolphins represent our inner child. Flowers represent growth and blossoming of the spirit – often times flowers represent love. The particular type of flower matters as well. Eyes closed can mean there’s something she can’t yet face or doesn’t want to see. The symbolism in this example (for yourself or a client) might be the following and more:

  • Deeply in love
  • Needs to work less and play more
  • Trust in a love that’s blooming
  • Needs to work less and play more
  • It’s time to face fears
  • Lighten up. Not everything has to be so ‘deep’

4. Spirit Animals Show Us How to Go With Our Gut Instincts

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Though we don’t know for sure, chances are non-human animals don’t sweat the small stuff. When it comes to decision making they’re going to go with their gut or natural instincts.

Many Westerners think psychic messages come only through the Crown Chakra or Third Eye Chakra – the area of the brain. In Eastern philosophy, it’s believed spirits come through and psychic messages come from the liver. But the human stomach has over 200 million neurons. That’s the equivalent of a small pet’s brain. It’s technically known as the Enteric System and commonly known as ‘the second brain’. Via the Vagal Nerve, the gut sends tons of information to the brain. Scientifically speaking, the old adage “always go with your gut” may be some of the wisest advice ever given.

Let’s say you have an Elephant show up as a Spirit Animal. Let’s also say you’re thinking about vying for a leadership position of some kind. Elephant (the leadership animal) has appeared to give you the courage to step up – to follow your natural leadership instincts.

5. Spirit Animals Teach Us to Trust Our Clairvoyance

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Clairvoyance means “clear seeing”. When a Spirit Animal presents to you there will be no mistaking what kind of animal it is. However, it’s up to you to trust what you see. Often times students come out of a Spirit Animal Meditation and second guess whether they really saw that Giraffe, Raven, Mouse, etc. or if it was just a figment of their imagination.

In particular, birds have uncanny powers of sight. Eagles and Hawks are said to be able to see prey over two miles away. Two miles! If an Eagle or Hawk can trust what they see two miles away, perhaps it will be easier for you to believe in the Spirit Animal who meets you in the etheric.

That said, there’s a special kind of ‘seeing’ with Spirit Animals. Shaman have been practicing this type of ‘seeing’ for thousands of years but today most would know it better through the T.V. show “Game of Thrones”. The character Bran is a Warg. “Wargs are people with the ability to enter the minds of animals and perceive the world through their senses and even control their actions. The act of doing this is called “warging.” – GameofThrones.Fandom.com

During a meditation, Shamanic journey or dream you can merge your spirit with your animal guide and ‘see’ through their eyes. Try it. It will be one of the most incredible moments of your life.

6. Spirit Animals Teach Us Clairaudience & Clairsentience

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Clairaudience means clear hearing. One of my most favorite things is to walk a class through a Spirit Animal Meditation. Inevitably, someone jumps out of their chair because they ‘hear’ a Rhino, Elephant, Birds, Whale, etc. Their eyes fly open! Their eyes dart around the room trying to see if anyone else heard ‘it’. Cracks me up every time! LOL

Animals are truth speakers. Yes, there are tricksters but by and large when an animal laughs, barks, roars, cries, yelps, meows, chirps, croaks, honks, et al – they are telling their truth. Period. When other animals hear them they don’t try to look for falsehoods. They believe what they hear and act accordingly. They might run like the dickens if they get growled at or they might have a play date when the other animal (even interspecies) verbally welcomes them.

When we’re listening for psychic messages it’s extremely important we listen to hear, not to respond. Non-human animals do this. Because they listen so closely, they hear ranges and sounds humans have never heard. You may never be able to hear a Dog whistle, but with practice you can attuned your psychic hearing to super sensitive to psychic messages of all kinds.

Clairsentience means clear feeling. Just as in the case of animals who can detect a stroke or seizure before it happens, our animal spirit guides can help us ‘feel’ what might be happening in the future. Another example of this is the zillions of documented cases of animals panicking hours or even days before a major earthquake, tsunami, or hurricane. By allowing our ‘feelings’ to surface and accepting them as truth, we can more gracefully navigate a situation – even one happening in the future.

7. Spirit Animals Teach Us Clairalience & Clairgustance

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Clairalience means clear smelling. Clairgustance means clear tasting.

We know animal’s sense of taste and smell is especially acute. The nose, knows. Especially for mediumship (spirit communication) looking to Spirit Animals who are best known for these senses can dramatically increase your abilities to speak with humans and non-human animals who’ve crossed the rainbow bridge and are on the other side.

Pigs’ sense of smell is legendary but it’s the Bear that takes the prize. Bears can smell food eighteen miles away. As for taste, Catfish have between 100,000 and 175,000 taste buds. This enables them to find food in murky river bottoms where sight isn’t clear. To put this in perspective, humans have only about 10,000 taste buds. Can you imagine tasting pizza or ice cream with 100,000 taste buds? I wanna be a Catfish! LOL

I can’t even begin to count how many psychic mediumship readings I’ve given where all of a sudden I’ll ‘taste’ the person’s favorite food or ‘smell’ their favorite cologne/perfume. This validation our loved one’s do go on – that there is life after death – is particularly comforting to those who are grieving.

If you want to develop your Shamanic and psychic mediumship skills look to the world of Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals. They are trusted guides who want to connect with, support, heal, and inspire you!

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