A Murdered Child, Her Grieving Mom, & Their Spirit Animal Miracle

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A Murdered Daughter, a Grieving Mom,
& Their Miraculous Spirit Animal Communication

It is my great honor and privilege to share this story with you, Wild One.

The miraculous series of events in this story is one of the most astounding occurrences of communication from the other side that I’ve ever seen or been involved in. It’s solid proof of life after death. More importantly, it’s solid proof our loved ones are on the other side, watching over us and doing what they can to help.

How Spirit Animals and Our Deceased Loved Ones Work Together

Spirit Animals are messengers who show up during our hour of need. They come to offer guidance, support, love, and healing. Our deceased loved ones often work with Animal Allies to send messages through from the other side?


They are trying to send us proof of life after death and let us know they’re still with us.

That yellow Butterfly you just ‘knew’ was grandma Ethel? It was.

That ‘stray Dog’ that showed up in your yard – the one whose eyes reminded you of uncle Tim and who you ‘just had to keep’ even though you did NOT need another pet? Yes. Uncle Tim sent the Dog to you.

All the Horses that kept appearing in your path just after your younger sister Sarah (whose greatest passion was Horses) transitioned to the other side? Yes. Sarah is cooperating with the animal energies to let you know she’s OK and loves you very much.

Our loved ones beyond the veil know it’s often times mentally and emotionally easier on us to have an animal energy involved in communication with the other side. Humans tend to accept this type of contact more readily than “direct” contact (I.E. seeing or hearing them after they’ve passed).

Helping Parents Heal

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See the picture of the Doves? Remember this for a bit later on in the story…

For over 20 years I’ve been a professional evidential psychic medium and Shamanic Journeyer & Practitioner. This means that I travel to non-ordinary realities and communicate with the spirit world. Because of my work, I’m often asked to teach & speak regarding these subjects.

My friend and sister evidential psychic medium honored me with an invitation to present to the Tampa, Florida chapter of Helping Parents Heal. She’s a co-facilitator for the group. Below, is the Helping Parent Heal mission statement;

“Helping Parents Heal is a non-profit organization dedicated to
assisting bereaved parents, giving them support
and resources to aid in the healing process.

We go a step beyond other groups by allowing the open
discussion of spiritual experiences and evidence for the afterlife,
in a non-dogmatic way.

Affiliate groups welcome everyone regardless of religious (or non-religious) background and allow for open dialog.”

For these types of meetings (spiritually or metaphysically related), I’m normally asked to perform “platform mediumship”. This involves standing in front of the group and delivering messages from The Great Spirit and family, friends, pets, etc. who’ve crossed over. But, the group facilitator and I thought it would be helpful to teach the group about Spirit, Totem, & Power Animals as connections, symbols, and signs to their loved ones on the other side.

At the outset of the meeting, a dark haired woman arrived. She wore the most beautiful blouse. The print was pink water-colored roses. The hues were like nothing I’d ever seen before and I couldn’t stop staring at it. Now, I’ve seen a lot of beautiful blouses in my day but none I couldn’t take my eyes off of so my psychic senses immediately alerted me that the blouse was somehow important to the night’s meeting.

When we were introduced, “Susan” was told I was the psychic medium speaking that evening. Her eyes narrowed. She started sizing me up so hard I could feel it in my DNA. For the next 15 minutes she watched me like the proverbial Hawk.

The meeting began. The facilitators opened with the prerequisite housekeeping notes, then segued into new parents sharing the story of their child’s passing.

Susan told the heart breaking story of her daughter Rose who had been murdered. That’s when my mediumship senses flared and I understood why I’d been so energetically captivated by Susan’s shirt. At that moment I knew her daughter Rose would try to contact her mom through me.

Susan went on to share that she was new to ideas like spirit communication and didn’t necessarily believe in this “stuff”. However, Susan was opened up and told us about an “uncanny” event earlier in the day.

Susan received a phone call from Tammy (her other daughter and Rose’s sister). Tammy was supposed to accompany her mom to the meeting but at the last minute couldn’t bring herself to attend. But it seems Tammy had been praying to her sister, Rose, to send her a sign. As she was praying, Rose was overcome with a “random” craving for a sweet snack. Of all the food in the house Tammy could have gone for she went to her freezer and “coincidentally” pulled a miniature Dove bar from a full bag.

As it turns out, Dove bars have inspirational and fun messages inside the wrapper. The following is a picture of the message that was in Tammy’s ‘random’ Dove bar that day.

Dove Rose Saying 450x450

Susan passed her phone around the group so everyone could see the picture. It still makes me tear up when I remember the looks of hope on each parent’s face when they saw that Dove wrapper. Most recognized and accepted it was a clear message from Susan’s daughter, Rose. Each of them so desperately wanted a loving message from their own child.

Because I work and live in the metaphysical world and symbolism is my “thing”, my mind started making a list of the symbolic meanings in that Dove wrapper. I hoped to share them later with Susan. It’s important to note that some folks aren’t ready to receive messages from their loved ones on the other side because doing so means they have to acknowledge they are gone. But, I knew I had to try because that one little wrapper carried so many profound messages:

  • Of all the snacks Tammy could have gotten hit with a craving for it was a Dove chocolate.
  • In a full bag of chocolates, THIS is the one Tammy just “happened” to choose.
  • Of all the sayings that could have been in THAT wrapper, the word “Rose” is printed on it.
  • “Pack your rose colored glasses.” “Seeing through rose colored glasses” is a well known and often used idiom. The phrase means, “to “see” through open and optimistic eyes”. This means Rose wanted her mom and sister to expect the best that day. To go to the meeting and be open and optimistic about whatever might happen.
  • It’s a Dove bar. Dove is an animal. I was there to talk about Spirit, Totem, & Power Animals.
  • Doves symbolize divine love, peace, and family unity. Click to read the in-depth Dove meaning & symbolism.
  • Doves are birds. Bird symbolism involves being able to see things from a higher perspective. Birds are thought to fly to the heavens and bring messages back to earth from the gods. Click to read all about Bird meaning & symbolism.
  • The name Rose gets its meaning from flower Rose – whose symbolism is about love in all its forms.

Even while she shared with the group, but especially at the outset of my presentation, Susan had been fairly stone-faced. All of a sudden, like she was about to bust , Susan shot her hand up and blurted out, “Excuse me. But what the HELL is a Spirit Animal?”

How I wanted to laugh. I just loved her candor! What she really wanted to say was, “This smells like BS so get to the point.” Hey, I think most of us have been at this place. I was after my mom was killed. And, let’s face it, metaphysicians can sound like snake oil salesmen. All the rhetoric about past lives, spirit communication, crystals, Spirit Animals, energy healing, and more can sound way too good to be true – especially if you’re not spiritually awakened in that area or the person talking actually is full of horse apples.

Gently I explained my beliefs about Spirit, Totem, & Power Animals.

As the meeting/class continued, I silently called out to Rose’s spirit. I told her I would was open to her sending a message through me to her mom and welcomed her soul to send a transmission to mine.

When class ended, again, I was surprised when Susan came to talk with me. At this point she was more open to the idea that Rose had, indeed, sent a message to her and her daughter Tammy via a Dove wrapper. We spoke for a bit. I was able to relate all the symbolism from the Dove wrapper. We hugged, and said our “good-nights”.

I thought to myself, “Wow. What a big day for Susan and her beautiful daughters.”

Hang on to your feathers, Wild Ones. This story is about to blow your mane back!

Rose is One Determined Daughter

I was staying overnight with my friend, Amy, so we went back to her home. By this time it was around 10:45PM and we were both wiped after an emotional evening. See Amy is a facilitator of Helping Parents Heal because she’s lost a child, too. Though healing, every meeting is emotionally charged. We chatted for a moment or two, then went to bed.

Once all comfy in the wonderful guest bedroom, I decided to check messages so I fired up my phone which I’d turned off before the meeting. Ding! A text message alert was first up to bat. It was a picture. When I saw it every hair on my body stood on end and I lurched to a sitting position. The following is the picture and ensuing text conversation with a young friend and student I hadn’t heard from in months…

Proof of Life After Death 499x1831

I laid awake most of the night. How I wanted Susan to know, to really, really, really know how hard her daughter Rose was working to let her mom know she’s OK and loves her very much. I mean, c’mon. I just “happen” to be in Tampa speaking to Helping Parents Heal. It was only Susan’s second time coming to a meeting. A friend I hadn’t heard from in months just “happens” to text me AND with a picture of the mug she “happened” to get served her coffee in that day! And the mug just “happened” to have a variation of the name “Rose” AND included Spirit Animals!

Though this miracle wouldn’t exist if there hadn’t been a tragedy, there’s no telling what far reaching effects the whole situation, everything that’s happened since Rose’s murder, and the story itself will have on the world. I would never have become a metaphysician if my mother hadn’t been killed. Through my spiritual practice I’ve helped thousands via readings and millions get free spiritual information from my websites. Then there my tarot deck – The Ark. It’s already facilitating incredible healing and helping thousands become more connected with their Animal Allies.

Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck 1200x630

Losing a loved one is a high price for a family to pay to be able to help others. I honor their sacrifice so that others may benefit. Over time peace can be found. I used to say that if I could have my mom back I would trade every good thing that’s happened because she died. I don’t say that anymore. Not because time heals all wounds. But because, as much as it hurts me to have been without my mom for the past 20 years, my spiritual beliefs help me to understand we signed up to do sacred work in this world. Just like my friend Amy. She lost her beautiful son. Now she facilitates an incredible organization that supports and helps to heal other grieving parents.

For Rose, her mom Susan, and her sister Tammy their bigger picture has yet to unfold. But their story has already started with a pretty amazing demonstration of proof that love and life never ends.

***If you or someone you love has lost a child, please consider looking to Helping Parents Heal. They have chapters all across the U.S.***

***Please note, for privacy purposes, with the exceptions of ‘Rose’ and ‘Amy Diehl’ all names have been changed.***

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