How to have powerful breakthrough spirit animal experiences

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As some of you know, I’m a professional psychic medium, Shamanic practitioner, and animal communicator. My job as a psychic medium and Shamanic practitioner is to become a “hollow bone” – to remove my ego, step aside and allow message from Spirit to flow through me to the client.

I recently read for a mom whose son passed away. Reading for parents whose children have crossed over to the other side is always a highly emotionally charged session. And, I have to maintain an altered state of consciousness while at the same time being present with the parent(s). Some consider this spirit mediumship, others resonate more with the term ‘Shamanic journeying’ – potato, potatoh if you ask me.

In this particular session, the young man came through from beyond the veil in a most beautiful and profound way. Below is a short transcript from his mom’s Skype session. It has everything to do with how you can have powerful breakthrough animal communication and experiences.

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I read for people all over the world. And, so, this mediumship reading was conducted by using the Skype app on my iPhone.

Me: “I’m seeing a yellow bird and your son is telling me you know it was him.”

Client: “Yesterday, a yellow bird flew into my garage while I was cleaning it. It stayed a long time – just looking at me. I even called my husband. Yes. I knew it was my son.”

Me: “I’m going to turn my phone around so you can see what just landed on the tree right outside my window. *Turns phone* Can you see it?”

Client: “Yes. It’s a Woodpecker.”

Me: “Yes ma’am. But it’s not just any bird or Woodpecker. It’s a RED-headed Woodpecker. Remember at the very start of your reading when I told you that I was seeing the color red and asked whose favorite color was red? You told me your son’s room was ALL red – red curtains, red rug, red bedspread, etc.”

Client: “Yes.”

Client: “And we are JUST now talking about how your son sent you a yellow bird?”

Client: “Yes.”

Me: Well, my love, now he’s sending you ANOTHER bird. But, this time, there can be no mistake that it’s him. The bird has a RED head. His favorite color is RED.”

Now, I live in the country on 10 acres of land. A Hawk, Blue Jay, Titmouse, Owl, etc. could have randomly shown up. It even could have been a Red Cardinal – but this woman’s son sent a RED-headed Woodpecker to let her know he’s ‘knocking’ on her spirit so she’ll know that it’s him – that his life and his love are still very much alive.

This psychic medium and Spirit Animal reading was powerful. Most are. Even if you have no desire to be a professional psychic medium, Shamanic practitioner, or animal communicator – even if you don’t believe in psychics, mediums or the like – your path to these Spirit Animal experiences is much the same.

Below, I’ve outlined the exact steps I take when establishing a link to the Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal World.

Step 1
Get Clear and Set Your Intention

When I want to communicate with my own Spirit Animals or those who travel with a client (or their deceased family, friends, pets), I “set the intention”.

For a Client:

I let the animal spirit world know I’m open and willing to receive messages for my client. I let the animal allies know the exact time, date, and location of the reading. I also tell the Spirit Animals the name and location of the client. I believe they already know this but I’m a Type A personality and don’t like to leave any loose ends! 🙂

For Yourself:

Let the animal spirit world know about a particular situation or feeling and ask for clarity, support, or healing. Then, let the animal guides know you’re open and willing to receive all messages.

This is not to say that you can’t go into a meditation or open up to a Spirit Animal experience with no expectations. You certainly can! These are some of the most surprising and enjoyable encounters!

As with everything in life, it’s up to you!

Step 2
Call in the Animal Spirits

“Calling in” animal allies and guides can be done in a variety of ways;

  • Telepathic Communication
  • Spoken Out Loud
  • Written
  • Prayer
  • Ritual

For a Client:

When someone books a reading or mentoring session with me, I ‘call in’ the animal spirit world. I ask the animal allies to appear/send messages to the client before the reading. It’s best if there are at least a few days between the time the client contacts me and their reading. This gives the Spirit Animal(s) time to coordinate their appearance(s).

I ask that the same animals who present to the client, appear to me during the client’s reading. I make sure to tell the animal allies the exact time and location of the reading. The reason for this process is, just like the example above, I (hopefully) will be shown the experience by Spirit or the animal guides. When I’m able to successfully let clients know that the yellow bird, horse, dog, dolphin, even cockroach they saw was a message from someone or message about ‘something’ – this is a confirmation for the client that they are not crazy and did get a visitation from their Spirit Animals and loved ones.

Sometimes people are not open to a Spirit, Totem, or Power Animal experience – they will not notice when the animal spirit guides are trying to get their attention. I rely on and trust the animal kingdom to know the right time/place/animal/client.

For Yourself:

You can use the same process during a private meditation or ‘waking life’. At least a few days or so before you want to ‘have a meeting your Spirit Animal simply call them in. The animal allies will hear you and they will help.

Step 3
Notice, Acknowledge, & Thank Your Animal Spirit Guides

Using the example above, it would have been so easy for that mom to ignore the yellow bird that showed up in her garage. But, she said that she just ‘knew’ it was her son. Because the client ‘noticed’ the yellow bird and acknowledged its presence and message from her son, the bird was able to appear to my psychic medium ‘eyes’ during her reading so I could confirm the experience for her.

For my part in her reading, it would have been incredibly easy for me to miss the significance of the RED-headed Woodpecker because I see birds all day, every day at my home. Also, he landed there only long enough for me to turn my phone around and ask if she saw him. Then, in the blink of an eye, he was gone. But, when he flew in, he might as well have been waving giant red flags because he made quite the ruckus flying about before coming to land on the tree. When he landed on the tree, he still flapped his wings a number of times as if to say, “HEY! PSYCHIC LADY! OVER HERE! IT’S ME!”

Once I ‘noticed’ the RED-headed Woodpecker, I acknowledged him. I told him I knew he was bringing messages from her deceased son. After our session, I sent a ‘thank you’ to him.

Spirit Animal Experience Wrap-Up

So many folks ask me how they can be certain that their Spirit Animal showed up and how to interpret their messages. I hope this short guide on how to have powerful, breakthrough Spirit Animal experiences is helpful to you. The process is pretty simple. Mostly it involves complete trust in the process. Yeah. I know. Complete trust and removing all judgment isn’t quite as easy as I’m making it out to be but you can do this!

The animal spirit world wants to help you. Animals show us what true loyalty and unconditional love is. So, even when you can’t trust in yourself or others, have faith in the animal kingdom. They won’t let you down.

Stay wild,

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2 thoughts on “How to have powerful breakthrough spirit animal experiences

  1. Jessica Faye says:

    I keep trying to find my spirit animal. I know I am a Pisces fish, a Chinese zodiac Earth year 1988 Dragon, a Native American wolf, I have done the quiz twice and come up bee and butterfly, I relate to the personality of the obvious match up of a bear, I have felt the presence of the butterfly and the snake since I was a child for numerous reasons but my Father and my first born son are Chinese zodiac snakes, my husband is an Aries Ram, Chinese zodiac Ox, Native American Falcon which from what I read shouldn’t work as a long lasting couple yet even through our differences that make us seem like exact opposites we have so many core beliefs, ideals, morals, and interests that those differences seem to dissapear even though our personalities are not similar at all. I feel close to so many animals from second to second. Like I shape shift with every facial expression and every thought and every emotion. I feel so close to so many and feel like I am a different spirit animal every 30 minutes. I know that can’t be. I have to at least only have a handful and not a Biblical boat lode right? Does anyone else have this issue? I want the guidance of my spirit animal even if I am not a “sexy” snake or breathtaking Siberian Tiger so visionary that you forget the danger or a beautiful but strong Polar bear or giant rare Alaskan brown bear or graceful yet lethal black panther or swift melodic hummingbird or smart, witty water beauties like the dolphin or cute, cuddly, peaceful sea lions. I will take whatever I am. Moth or butterfly, crow or peacock, lobster or Maco shark, house fly or bumblebee, ant or black widow spider. I apologize for the overload of information. I just can’t put my finger on why so many but yet really no animal fully presents itself to me as my true spirit guide. Any suggestions please!

    • ginseng says:

      Jessica… from my understanding your spirit animal can change depending on what is going on in your life. When an animal shows up in your life, consider what you were doing or thinking about when it showed up then look up the meaning of the animal at this website to see if there is some kind of message that related to your current state.

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