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Centaur Symbolism & Meaning

Do you experience enough joy? Are you living mindfully? Centaur, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Centaur teaches you how to find a balance between work and play. Delve deeply in Centaur symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can enliven, animate, and energize you!

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Centaur Symbolism & Meaning

The symbolism and meaning of Centaur compare somewhat to the horse. Being half-man, half-horse one could say that the attributes of Centaur depend on which half is driving at any given moment. Lightworkers believe that the Centaur represents the shaman who walks between the world with ease. Centaur always has connections with Spirit.

Centaur Etymology: Centaur comes from the Latin centaurus or the Greek kentauos. In Greek writings, Kentauos were skilled riders from Thessaly. Over time their stories transformed them into being monsters – half horse and half men.

In stories and Greek Mythology, Centaur lives a full and sensual life; this being loves good food, attractive women, and all things of beauty. They are said to be loving but also very independent. Centaur represents the free and sometimes wild child within. You will never hitch this horse!

There is no question that Centaur embodies strong Earth energies. It’s sumptuous, intense, and sexy, so much so, you might think Centaur is ready to be naughty or rash. They also bear an aura of courage, prepared to fight when needed.

Among these Fantasy creatures, Chiron was the most famous Centaur. Some believe that Chiron was actually a human who could shapeshift. Tales portray him as a man of music and magic, as well as a guide and healer. Chiron embodies civilization, knowledge, and keen-mindedness. Ancient writings say that he acted somewhat in the role of a guru to Achilles, Asclepius, and Jason.

Chiron was immortal. Hercules accidentally shot Chiron with an arrow poisoned by the Hydra’s blood; this meant that Chiron would be in pain for eternity. When Hercules went to Zeus asking for Prometheus’ freedom, Zeus said someone must be offered in his place. Chiron volunteered, thus ending his pain and freeing Prometheus to achieve more magnificent wonders.

Sadly, not every Centaur in history became a sage. In fact, the first Centaurs centered on their primal nature, often avoiding civilization altogether. Here we see that Centaur literally embodies a dual character, relying on baser drives. Another aspect of this duality comes into play with the two “houses” of Centaurs. One was from Philyra and Cronos, who were the wise, intelligent Centaurs. The others were born from a torrential cloud and Ixion, making for a rather frantic and unfocused creature quite content in creating chaos wherever they roamed.

Another aspect of Centaur Medicine has ties to its bow and arrow. The arrow represents the male element of the universe and the bow, female. The two working together may wreak trouble (as when the bow breaks), or they may create wonders (hitting the bull’s eye). Truthfully all humankind struggles with dichotomies. Are we an animal or a human? Will we choose evil or good? Centaur returns our focus to those age-old questions and finds our balancing point. We can be flawed, but still, recognize that we are one with God.

Because the Centaur Animal Spirit is grounded in the Earth Element, what happens within this creature often manifests in its external environment. Such an idea correlates with the concept of “As above, so below,”. It is a wonderful message in a world that seems slightly off-kilter.

As you can see, there is a lot of complexity to Centaur that’s worth exploring further. What happens when you get a Centaur Spirit Animal, Totem or Power Animal?

Centaur Spirit Animal

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When Centaur comes into your life, something is very out of balance. Perhaps it’s work versus fun or home; maybe it’s your head versus your heart. Whatever the source, Centaur energy comes and helps you reclaim inner symmetry.

There are other reasons that Centaur Spirit Animal comes to call. If you find yourself struggling with your sensual nature, Centaur medicine can release a lot of pent up energy and anxiety. Centaur tells us we are beautiful inside and out and to celebrate that with our bodies, our Spirit, and our soul.

If you are planning to go into the military service, a musical career or a healing profession, then Centaur has come to tell you the choice is perfect. These are vocations that Centaur knows intimately. His energy aids us in becoming ever more skilled in our chosen trade. Healers will learn herbalism from this spirit guide.

Centaur is also a tribal being. There is a wise person who leads, and others that support. Everyone in the circle has specific responsibilities. Here Centaur asks you – are you pulling your weight or is someone in your circle letting others down with lazy outlooks? There is an element of respect here too. Does your tribe honor their elders and teachers properly?

Centaur Spirit Animal may have come to you as a teacher; this creature knows the art of fortunetelling and natural magic, particularly the type that focuses on the attributes of sacred plants. He may also want to teach you about empathy.

Centaur Totem Animal

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If you were born with the soul of a Centaur, you prefer keeping to yourself. While you love humor, any joke you try to tell comes out dryly. Centaur feels that they have a determined destiny, and their eyes are on the stars. It would not be surprising to find you in a career such as an Astrology charter.

Centaur people are honest down to their toes. They will never ask for help without returning the favor. They will never borrow and leave you with a loss. They are also very philosophical and sometimes get caught up in deep thought about religion and mysteries. A life goal for the Centaur is truly wise. Since Centaur lives for 200 years, there is plenty of time to acquire such a rewarding characteristic.

The young Centaur acts like a little adult with high standards already. This child will never lie because he or she craves your trust. Centaur children are light-hearted and always looking for something fun.

This Totem Fantasy Animal loves a good conversation with intelligent people. This exercise isn’t intended for one-upmanship. Instead, Centaur loves to learn and remains open to new ideas and strategies: Once that proves effective, the ever-pragmatic Centaur adapts happily.

There are certain traits that Centaur people must gauge carefully. First, you are terrible with budgets. Find a companion that knows how to handle finances. Also, think before you speak as some Centaurs blurt out an opinion without considering the potential consequences. Finally, mind your personal energy carefully. It’s easy for the Centaur to burn themselves out.

Centaur Power Animal

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Centaur Medicine makes an excellent helpmate when you are developing spiritual skills. When you feel blocked in, call on Centaur for freedom and ways to get through barriers. Alternatively, call on Centaur Spirit when you want to claim your power. Self-confidence is very liberating. While we need teachers for a time, Centaur wants you to stand on your own two feet.

At times when you need your space, invoke Centaur for movement and freedom. Consider asking her/his aid when you are working any type of nature magic, especially herbalism or animal empathy.

Because the Centaur is half-horse, you can invoke Horse energy when you want to use the powers of independence, freedom, travel, passion & virility, raw, primal power, and a warrior spirit.

Finally, Centaur is a hybrid – a mix of man and “animal”. Centaur as a Power Animal can serve you well when you want to shapeshift or are working with being able to walk in-between worlds. If you are from a blended family or a mixed ethnic background and are experiencing any negativity due to being “mixed” call on Centaur to give you the wisdom and the courage to stand your ground and hold your head high.

Native American Centaur Symbolic Meanings

While there is really no Centaur in Native American Symbolism, there is a story from the 1980s of a person on an Apache Reservation seeing an eight-foot centaur looking into a church. He was described as being dark red with horns and four hooves. Other people at the Four Corners Navajo Reservation reported similar sightings. Elders and shaman believe the Centaur shows up with the community has a problem that is not being acknowledged.

Centaur as a Celtic Animal Symbol

The Centaur appears on the top of certain Irish crosses. This is an oddity because Christian art represents the Centaur as a heretic with unbridled lust.

Centaur Dreams

There are various interpretations of a dream in which Centaur appears. The duality of this creature speaks to you of how you are balancing your life – the heart and head, conscious and unconscious; this includes integrating both your masculine and feminine traits into a functional whole.

Spiritually Centaur speaks of potent magic, often focused on aspects of nature. Centaur may sing you a spell, or offer wisdom on your spiritual path. He may also try to woo you with his primal nature. Centaur’s message is about your personal feelings, particularly refusing to be tamed into something that makes you unhappy.

Centaur in Astrology & Zodiac Signs

People born between November 23rd and December 21st bear the sign of Sagittarius, the Centaur. Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by Jupiter; this means Sagittarians have tons of energy, high hopes, and enthusiasm. These folks are the mystics and philosophers of the Zodiac: Ever restless and always changeable, akin to a Gemini. Take care not to gallop too quickly lest you use up your energy on something that may not prove helpful.

Far Eastern Centaur Symbolic Meanings

The only mention of Centaur in Japan is in manga stories of Hatarke Kentauros. This series of stories focus on Centaurs trying to make a life for themselves in modern Japan. Generally, the moral of these stories is social justice.

Centaur Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Balance Between Extremes
  • Civilization
  • Courage
  • Duality
  • Independence
  • Inner Child
  • Keen-Mindedness
  • Order and Chaos
  • Primal Drive
  • Spirit Connection

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  1. Tammy Ryan says:

    Thank you for that information as I greatly needed to know why I dream of Chiron just a few minutes ago and one other I saw in my dream was someone I’m concerned about. This helped me alot

  2. Tami G. says:

    Thank you as well as I must have dosed off I had a vision of a Centaur. Makes so much sense as I’m going through a Kundalini Awakening! Be Blessed

  3. Sam D. says:

    Thank you for the information, i had a vision when i saw a centaur appear to me by 2am. It never said any thing to me but disappear immediately i saw it. It was completely black and the atmosphere i found myself that night was completely different. That was the day my grand father fail ill and died in the evening.

  4. Tiffany Shilling says:

    Chiron as an asteroid came to me in my dream last night. I don’t know much about this so I came to this site. I reached out my hand in the dream to touch the asteroid that was two triangles turning in opposite directions. As it came close to my hand and arm I felt the energy through my body and I was lifted into the air. I let go in my dream because I didn’t want to go yet. I wasn’t afraid in the dream but I did wake up right away. I knew what I saw and felt was real and I am looking for the true meaning of all of this. Thank you

  5. Attie says:

    Last night I saw what I believe was a centaur. He has as clear to me as any human. I was not asleep nor did I just awaken. He was just there, about 20 feet away from me but I only saw the human portion of him. He did make a few sounds but never spoke. The place where he was was impossible for a human to be standing. I felt a little afraid and was actually freaked out because I was unsure if he was human or mythical or if I was going insane seeing things. My friend came ou of the house and I asked him to look over where I had seen him and I turned and looked as well but he was gone. I had just had intercourse with an individual that was wonderful but taboo. I don’t know why this centaur appeared to me. I am empath and have recently discovered that I am a channel. I’m new to discovering what skills I possess and have no mentor . Please can someone please help me understand the meaning behind this spectacular visit.

  6. Smith says:

    This is not any joke to me I know no one might believe this but ill tell you what I’ve seen this creature when I was a little. I’m a Nigerian. I believe it was 20yrs ago while I was out on the beach, as usual, I saw this creature on the water I was so freaked out I don’t know what to call it, I’m my native accent it means ” mum come and take a look at something!!!!! This was my cry luckily enough she saw it and it was almost stepping out of the water when he saw my mum, it took off and turned back, she couldn’t say anything as she was in awe God what Is this!!!?? That was what she said and it went deeper into the water. However, I managed to survive the illness cause I was deadly sick asf pls all the stuff I just read about speaks exactly true about who I am. Pls, I am still getting my pieces together ill be glad and grateful if anyone could help find a true meaning of who I am. I’m willing to share, the more I speak of It, the more I get closer to my definition everything happens for a reason, we all have a purpose to life.

    • Alldaylong says:

      You are me
      I am you

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