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Sphinx Symbolism & Meaning

Are you faced with a puzzling situation? Looking for some self-assurance? Sphinx as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Sphinx teaches how to tap into ancient wisdom, while remaining confident, but humble with our new knowledge. Delve deeply in Sphinx symbolism and meaning to find out how this animal spirit guide can educate, illuminate, and guide you.

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Sphinx Symbolism & Meaning

Etymology: The word Sphinx comes from an Egyptian term “shespankha;” this translates as living statue which seems very apt.

The Egyptian people monumentally celebrated the Sphinx. The grand carving near the pyramids sits proudly in the desert as an eternal reminder of the Sphinx’s symbolism and meaning. While other cultures integrated Sphinx is some manner, including considering it a totem that describes a person’s traits, Egyptians really rocked this icon (pun intended).

Regarding sacred Spiritual Animals, the Sphinx is part lion and part human. The lion embodies tremendous strength and authority. The human represents intelligence and leadership. In Egyptian mythology, Sphinx embodied the connection between humankind and the Gods themselves. Additionally, the placement of the Sphinx gives us clues to other meanings. Since it sits at the opening to the Giza necropolis, it’s quite probable that this creature was meant as a guardian to all that Egyptians treasured.

The key difference between the ancient Greek Sphinx and the Egyptian is that this Sacred Animal bore a lion’s body combined with a woman’s head. The story of Oedipus recounts an adventure wherein the only way Oedipus could pass safely was to answer the Sphinx’s riddle. With this in mind, Sphinx became associated with great mysteries as well as wisdom.

While Egypt and Greece definitely top our list of regions where Sphinx images were common, there were others. The ancient Arabs called Sphinx the Father of Terror. They like the Egyptians saw him as a protector. Asians illustrated the Sphinx with wings, and in India, the image of Sphinx purged a supplicant from inequity. Updating this idea somewhat, you might wear the image of a Sphinx as defense against mal-intent and negative energies.

There is no question that Sphinx is an enigmatic Spirit Animal. The air of secrecy surrounding this image evokes a connection to our ancient pasts and oral histories that reveal who we are and from where we have come. Some Light Workers believe that Sphinx offers more than one doorway. There is the earthly realm of the desert, but there is also spiritual doorways for obtaining Higher awareness, and mental doorways that challenge the intellect.

Sphinx symbolism re-emerges in the communal mind when great changes occur; the end of an era; the beginning of a new Astrological age, or more personally perhaps a time when your spiritual progress takes a great leap. Sphinx asks us our personal riddle at each doorway to ensure that we are ready for that transformation. Seek and you will find, discern great things. Inevitably the Riddle of the Sphinx lies in the center of our being inspiring astuteness.

Sphinx Spirit Animal

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There are many reasons that Sphinx may visit you as a spirit animal. For one, Sphinx finds seekers very attractive. This being bears many ancient mysteries in its auric matrix. Here you will find memories you thought were long lost, or skills you forgot you ever possessed. Additionally, Sphinx brings into focus the ancestors and elders who have much to teach us as well.

A secondary reason for Sphinx entering your life is a transformation that is leading you into an elevated role in your office, your community, etc. Sphinx has grand energies up to and including royalty. Sphinx is a creature of the sun, and when noon approaches, it becomes a great power for self-assurance in this new role without losing humility.

For some on a spiritual path, Sphinx brings the lessons of devotion, love, and victory. The composite being rises from the foundations of earth toward the sun, igniting the energy of success. Like the Sphinx, follow the rising sun toward your destiny. It is said that Sphinx loves the sun so much that the solar disk responds by reaching high into the sky moving ever toward the Heavens.

Additionally, people who are trying to understand God’s will find Sphinx an excellent Spirit Animal and guide. We are reminded that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Sphinx teaches the lesson of slowly releasing personal desires and putting our thought and actions toward a greater calling – the service of all. It is not surprising to see Sphinx walking with people entering some form of ministry.

Sphinx Totem Animal

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If you were born with a Sphinx totem, you are a worthy opponent in any of life’s battles. While you prefer mental engagement, you are not above having to use physical force in times of duress. The child Sphinx is very clever and quite a challenge to her parents; this is a youthful spirit who loves chess and other games of intellect and planning. They may also find an outlet in competitive sports for all that solar fire.

Sphinx people have a quirky sense of humor. If you ask for a favor, they may well say yes with a condition (the solving of a riddle, providing a playful pun, etc.); this is a pattern -coded into Sphinx DNA. While sometimes it feels like a game, it is something far more important to the Sphinx. Theirs is the task of safeguarding secrets. Speaking of which, if you need a confident you trust with private matters, seek out someone with a Sphinx totem.

The Sphinx Totem encourages arts, adventure and a whole lot of mental exercise so that each experience has depth and integrates into the very soul. As a manifestation of Hathor, people with this Totem may find themselves attracted to this Goddess, or into solar studies of some sort including sun magic. No matter what, these folks are not fond of dreary cold places. Give them the sun, and they can do anything.

Those with Sphinx Totems have a strong erotic side that may be too intense for some partners. They are also very protective of loved ones and those who have lower capacity for self-care and safety.

Sphinx Power Animal

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In engaging a Sphinx as a power animal, bear in mind that there are three images of Sphinx and you should focus on the one most suitable to your request. The Criosphinx has the head of a Ram, which puts it under the influence of Aries. The Androsphinx is human, and lion discussed already herein. There is also a Hieracosphinx with a hawk head and lion’s body. This creature represents the Egyptian God Horus who rules the sky.

As a generality communing with Sphinx helps when you endeavor to keep something safe or expose a grand treasure if hoping for the latter, be ready for twists and turns along the way. That is Sphinx’s nature, and every movement has a purpose.

When you need a mediator, folktales tell us that Sphinx can travel between the realms with messages. She is also a healer.

Native American Sphinx Symbolic Meanings

Native American stories relate times in the ancient human past where people and animals were close enough to transform into one or the other. These Shapeshifters appear most often in Northwestern Tribal mythology.

We also find lore of the Golden Hind, which has a female head and a deer body (unlike the lion to which we are accustom). Nonetheless, this shows “fused,” elevated spiritual creatures that combine the best attributes of two into a sacred one.

Sphinx as a Celtic Animal Symbol

The majority of Sphinx images in Celtic Traditions appear in Etruscan burial mounds; this probably has ties to both the Egyptian and Greek presentation of Sphinx as a protector and guardian. The Renaissance saw a revival of statuary and art depicting Sphinx.

Sphinx Dreams

Sphinx dreams have a variety of potential interpretations. First, it may represent an unanswered question that lays heavy on your heart. Truth be told you probably know the answer but don’t like it. Second, Phoenix may mean a time in your life when you have several “ah ha” moments that provide deeper wisdom.

If someone is overtly trying to control your life, Sphinx in dreams urges you to break free. There may be some sort of threat here or warning, so make your plans carefully. Remember that trust is earned.

History tells us that Sphinx shows up in the Egyptian Zodiac after Greek influences settled in. The dates for Sphinx are December 27-January 25. Those born under this sign are very adaptable and curious. They have a sense of pride and a regal bearing that comes from discipline.

Far Eastern Sphinx Symbolic Meanings

South and East Asia both have composite critters with human heads and lion bodies. These are called a man-cat or man-lion. What sets these images apart from ancient architecture is that the Far East continues the tradition of the Sphinx.

Buddhist art, being influenced by Hellenistic ideals, shows the Sphinx, which may have been brought on the heels of traders.

Similar to Egypt and Greece, Sphinx statues stand firm at temples. As devotees arrive at the temple, passing the Sphinx prepares them spiritually for their meditations. While within the temple, Sphinx stands guard watching for evil.

In India, the Sphinx looks a lot like Grecian depictions, but for compiling man, lion, and bird into one body. This form was one used by Shiva when deterring violence and protecting his devotees.

Sphinx Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Authority
  • Mysteries
  • Protector
  • Riddles
  • Secrecy
  • Spirituality
  • Strength
  • Transcendence
  • Transformation
  • Wisdom

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