Bear Totem

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Bear Birth Totem Overview

With Brown Bear as your animal birth totem, you are naturally detailed oriented. People can trust you to cross your T’s and dot your I’s with perfection. You do not laud this over others, however – humility is your middle name.

Astrologically speaking, Bear people typically optimistically press themselves to do more and achieve more particularly in the pursuit of spiritual insight.

One of the potential spiritual lessons Brown Bear might need to work through is that of having persnickety expectations of others to the point of coming across as hypercritical and pessimistic.

Brown Bear people think deeply about life and observe it with equal care. Each experience affords a chance to learn or understand something new.

Even the task of seeking out grubs reveals a diligent and curious nature that, as the Bear matures, integrates into the matrix of their soul.

If you are a Brown Bear, you may find yourself a little too stuck in the concrete world. This means one of your challenges is opening up to input from your Higher Self and the divine.

Ultimately this is necessary for your times of hibernation so that even as you sleep you will sense both threats and opportunity. When you come out of your cave, it is a type of rebirth and there will be new goals and a fresh awareness that guides you.

Bear Traits, Personality and Characteristics

Those born bearing the Native American Zodiac Sign of Brown Bear are under the influence of the West Wind, the cardinal direction of West-Southwest, and the Element of earth. The West wind simmers with emotions and acts as the gateway to other realities.

Bear people may find they have a natural aptitude for walking between the worlds, and sense a strong connection to the Star-Beings, the Ancestors, and Devic realms.

The Element of Earth serves Brown Bear well because it gives them the stability they crave and the common sense to know how to get things done efficiently. People come to rely on Brown Bear for sensible forward-thinking and suggestions. Additionally if you are a Brown Bear you may have true-sight and clairvoyant talents – embrace them. They are part of your medicine.

Brown Bear’s season is the harvest – a time to carefully gather your treasures and preserve them for the uncertain weather ahead. This symbolism impacts Bear dynamically in recognizing Her blessings, including an awareness of Her potentials and the inner spiritual world. As Brown Bear matures She will build on the lessons and rewards of previous seasons to continue her journey on the Wheel.

In nature, Brown Bears see everything from roots and honey to fish as an opportunity to refill that inner well, and that’s exactly what they do with focus and effort. The challenge here is avoiding becoming so focused that you miss global insights that can guide you toward manifesting your goals and dreams.

When Bear applies vision, imagination, and practicality – that is where they shine. If you have a Bear partner he or she wants to “fix” things, especially if they find injustice lurking in the forest. That’s when Brown Bear shows fierce courage and begins problem-solving.

The Native American Zodiac sign of Brown Bear has ties to the Turtle clan, joined by Beaver and Snow Goose. The Turtle clan craves security. For Bear, His security isn’t a shell but a sturdy cave that keeps them close to the Earth while providing protection and support for the Sleuth.

The crystal for Bear is the peaceful, healing amethyst and that gives Bear greater focus as well as perceptive abilities. It’s joined by the Violet, which is also a healer and protector.

Bear Totem Love Compatibility

In matters of the heart, the Native American Zodiac Sign of Brown Bear has difficulty with self-confidence. This animal totem birth sign wonders why anyone would want a lasting relationship. However, once Brown Bear finds a positive companion, He/She is eager to please and tease. There is a flirt hiding under that fur, one who will be a tender, slow lover.

If you have a Brown Bear partner be ready to meet high expectations. Know, however, that Bear expects just as much from Him/Herself.

Signs that mate successfully with Bear include Snow Goose, Beaver, Wolf, Snake, and Woodpecker.

Bear Totem Animal Career Path

Brown Bear people do well in positions where logic plays a key role. They are excellent analyzers and teachers.

In assistant-type positions Bear is loyal and sticks to instructions like glue.

Employers can depend on hard-working Brown Bear for follow-through, timeliness, and attention to detail.

Some positions that suit Brown Bear include financial adviser, mathematician, researcher, technical writer and many healing professions.

Bear Totem Metaphysical Correspondences

  • Birth dates, Northern Hemisphere: August 23- September 22
  • Birth date, Southern Hemisphere: February 19 – March 20
  • Corresponding Zodiac Signs:
    Virgo (North), Pisces (South)
  • Birth Moon: Harvest Moon
  • Season: Month of Harvest
  • Mineral: Topaz
  • Stone/Mineral: Amethyst & Topaz
  • Plant: Violet
  • Wind: South
  • Direction: South – South West
  • Element: Earth
  • Clan: Turtle
  • Color: Purple
  • Complimentary Spirit Animal: Wolf
  • Compatible Spirit Animals: Snow Goose, Beaver, Wolf, Snake, Woodpecker

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12 Responses

  1. Rosebear

    This is so me exactly. I am glad I found your website!

    • Hello, Rosebear!

      I’m so happy you found! I have to confess, Bear was super easy to write because my Totem Animal is and always has been Bear (even before I was conscious of Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals). Also, my name, Bernadette, translates in French to “Brave Bear”. Often I call myself “Bearnadette”! LOL

      Hope to see you here again!

      Stay wild,

    • Andreas

      Me too but IT neagativ signs of bear. I mean bad things

  2. Colton Belden

    I truly believe that this is my spirit animal. They are also one of my favorite animals.

    I had a dream once where a bear was chasing me. It all the sudden stopped right in front of me, looked calm, and stood up. After that, it went back on it’s fours and walked away.

  3. Ruby

    This couldn’t be truer with me. It definately helped me understand myself so much more. Could never understand a lot of things within me.

    • Hello, Ruby;

      So glad Bear helped you! Thank you for visiting and commenting on!

      Stay wild,

  4. Little Annie

    Hi Bernadette,
    Loved reading about my totem animal Brown Bear, thank you, totally spot on, it has always been my dream to work as a healer of some sort or as a clairvoyant, it would be wonderful, I’m in my fifties now so feeling I may have lost the chance sadly. It’s totally amazing how the time of year we’re born can have such an influence on our personalities, it has always fascinated me. Thanks again,
    Kindest regards x

    • Bernadette King

      Hi, Little Annie;

      Apologies for delay in response – was on vaca!

      Trust me when I tell you that you have not lost your chance to become a healer/clairvoyant. In fact, I’m a professional psychic medium and I’m, ahem, over 40! LOL When your birth totem is Bear, your soul will keep growling at you until you pursue your sacred contract. Maybe it could help if you took a peek at my sister-site – There are tons of free articles about the wonderful world of woo-woo! Feel free to reach out any time!

      Finally, it’s always wonderful to ‘meet’ someone in my ‘clan’. My Totem Animal is Bear and my name means “Brave Bear” (French etymology)!

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  5. Patricia

    Thank you for this article, my birthtotem is also bear and i love them. I will not forget i was walking alone late at night, a nasty feeling came and i didn’t feel save anymore, i tought please protect me, an in an instant i saw my bear big and strong richt behind me immediately i felt a calming thing come over me and wasn’t afraid anymore, i was so thankful and still i know now wherever i am going to i will always be protected.

    Love from me

    • Bernadette King

      Hello, Patricia;

      You are most welcome! Love back to you from me!

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on and visit!

      Stay wild,

  6. Andrea

    Hello, im a bit confused! My spiritual is bear but i dont feel like I am a match… It is correct on some things but on others its far from! Is it possible to have multiple spirits? Also… Im very in tune to Lozen! She was an apache warrior… I feel like i know her!

    • Bernadette King

      Hello, Andrea;

      Yes. We can definitely have more than one Spirit Animal. So, just to be clear – this Bear Totem article is about Bear as a Native American Zodiac Sign. Maybe if you take the Spirit Animal Quiz and read How To Find Your Spirit Animal you’ll meet the Spirit Animal that resonates more for you.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

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