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Beaver Totem

The term “eager Beaver” could not be more spot on for those born under this Native American Zodiac Sign. Beaver people are masters of strategy and have a work ethic that would put a Type A personality to shame!

Beaver Birth Totem Overview

Do not consider engaging Beaver in a contest of mental acuity as this a Fool’s errand.

You might at first be fooled by the generous and supportive appearance of this Native American Zodiac sign, nonetheless Beavers are not exactly tactful. (Chew hard on that foot, Beaver person – your words can come across as arduous and put off potential allies.)

Astrologically speaking, the key struggle for Beaver people is that while highly adept, they also have insecure tendencies that may cause them to intensely retreat into work, ignoring all else.

Or they might seek safety in the “wooden hut” they build around their hearts. On this turn of the Medicine Wheel, Beaver’s task is gnawing down into the center of self and releasing the fears that hold them back. Once done, the heavy wooden wall built as a protective barrier can be pushed aside so people can come in.

In nature, Beaver transforms both landscapes and waterscapes through their industrious gathering of wood. Here we have earth and water offering Beaver a chance to remove the old and outmoded in favor of something new, something that provides long term security without the unyielding ties to old burdens.

Beaver Traits, Personality and Characteristics

Those born under the sign of Beaver are highly connected to the East Wind, the Cardinal Direction of East-Southeast and the Element of Earth. The East wind continues to inspire while the Earth provides solid foundations.

Thus, we move into the time of year where the threat of frost is over, and it’s time to sow seeds, including in our own souls.

This Native American animal sign knows this is a time to create, work, and shore up their foundations inside and out. Beavers will carry out this goal with precision and methodology that resonates in their very DNA. In Beaver’s world, the greatest proverbial sin is wasting time and effort.

Family is a keynote to Beaver – the work they do is for the betterment of their kin and for the stability the dam offers.

The Native Americans tell us that Beaver is also a healer with great wisdom. This, along with a sweet charm, endears Beaver to many others – so long as those people don’t disrupt Beavers’ routine.

The hard part about being the ever-diligent Beaver is that sometimes their focus comes off as being overly possessive and rigid.

With the season of planting tied to their birth date, Beaver knows a new cycle has taken root. This is an excellent time to ponder one’s own roots and personal qualities.

To all you Beavers out there, don’t be afraid to celebrate those characteristics that make you successful! You have the element of Earth on your side to help keep you grounded and practical about this (heck, about everything!).

Beaver people belong to the Turtle Clan, which also has strong Earth Element ties. This clan illustrates the Beaver’s natural desire for long-term security and safety, as well as their passion for family.

The stone for Beaver is Jasper and the flower is Wild Clover. Wearing Jasper gives Beaver extra oomph in the face of challenge.

As a money stone, Jasper helps open the door for the security Beaver so desires.

Finally Jasper provides greater harmony in the Clan thanks to its ability to balance yin-yang energies.

Beaver Totem Love Compatibility

Beavers are very emotional to the point where they can’t actually find words to express the depth of what they’re feeling. Harmonious relationships matter greatly, and Beaver is very much a mate-for-life fellow.

The problem is that sometimes Beaver may seem possessive, but it’s because they treasure love so much.

Socially, Beaver relationships are sweet and romantic, and in the bedroom they make marvelously sensual lovers.

The best choices for partners in the Native American Zodiac are Brown Bear, Snake, Wolf, Snow Goose and Woodpecker.

Beaver Totem Animal Career Path

Unlike the Falcon, just winging it will not do for Beaver. Beavers must have order – all things have a place, and a place for everything is their motto.

They are not a ladder-climber so much as the diligent worker who doesn’t mind long hours to see a task done right.

Beavers should not seek out jobs in chaotic environments as this leads to frustration due to distractions. Give this zodiac sign a nice desk job on which they can depend and they’ll be thrilled.

Something risky? Not so much.

Accounting and other financial advisory positions suit them well.

In terms of money, Beavers are likely to carefully budget their funds and save until they can buy free-and-clear. The idea of owing people or corporations doesn’t sit well with Beaver.

Besides, because they are such successfully planners and savers, they can get what they WANT – not just the bargain basement items.

Beaver Birth Totem Metaphysical Correspondences

  • Birth dates, Northern Hemisphere:
    Apr 20 – May 20
  • Birth date, Southern Hemisphere:
    Oct 24 – Nov 21
  • Corresponding Zodiac Signs:
    Taurus (North), Scorpio (South)
  • Birth Moon: Frogs Return Moon
  • Season: Month of Planting
  • Stone/Mineral: Chrysocolla, Hematite, Jasper
  • Plant: Wild Clover
  • Wind: East
  • Direction: East – Southeast
  • Element: Earth
  • Clan: Turtle
  • Color: Yellow
  • Complimentary Spirit Animal: Snake
  • Compatible Spirit Animals: Brown Bear, Snow Goose, Snake, Wolf, Woodpecker

26 thoughts on “Beaver Totem

    • Katie says:

      We are makers. We make ponds out of running water that cool streams allowing fish to thrive. Because of that plants begin to grow all around us. We are powerful and strong. We cut down trees with our teeth and drag them to the dam. We can weave them intricately together to make a water tight basket weave. We are awkward on land, that’s a downside. But to make up for that we are wicked swimmers. One loud slap with our tail to warn other beavers of danger and then off we go!

  1. Brandon says:

    I just discovered I am a beaver. Why do I feel more like an owl? I have always been drawn to owls the most and find myself purchasing owl figures.

    • Abbi says:

      I’ve always been drawn to the wolf and relate to wolves so much more, and I am a beaver as well. I wonder if there is something else that we are missing in this that might be causing this?

  2. Um says:

    This is um im a bever and what happens if you think this is really happening to me. Im not shere what to do.

    Please reply bernadette

    Sinerly um

  3. Karla says:

    Aww this is such a wonderful site.Thanks a bunch for your time and dedication to go thru each animal spirit. I am a Beaver and it couldn’t fit me better. Thank you again.
    PS: How I get in contact with you if I want to learn more about my sweet Beaver side? 😉

  4. Georgina A Hanbridge says:

    Thanks so much for your wonderful knowledge and inspiration.I am a beaver it certainly fits. What most interesting is my 15 year old son is a beaver also. How amazing and what a surprise. May the wind blow you blessing everyday.

  5. Beth Shipley says:

    I really appreciated this site. I loved being able to come here and read up and learn about my spirit animal. I got chills on how accurate my animal behaviors were. Thank you so much for this

  6. Sandra Seward says:

    Funny, I’m a beaver too. It certainly seems to fit me in many ways.

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