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Owl Symbolism & Meaning

From time to time, we all need help summoning the courage to see the truth. Do you want to discover what is being said or planned when you are absent? Owl as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal is fantastic Animal Allies for your goal! Owl Spirit teaches how to harness the strength to open your eyes and look into the shadows. Delve deeply into Owl symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can illuminate, assist, and educate you.

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Owl Table of Contents

Owl Symbolism & Meaning

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When you seek out Owl, it is a way of reaching your Higher Self and truly seeing things from a spiritual perspective. This refreshing vantage point allows you to open doorways into other realms and connect with the Devas, Ancestors, Angels, and the Divine. You are safe on its wings.

Owl has a strong connection with the Element of Air. Travel with Owl Spirit to the heavens and soar through the halls of the Akashic records. Owl will show you things that might otherwise remain hidden, so be open to seeing things in a new way.

You cannot deceive Owl, which is why this Spirit Animal reminds us to remain faithful to ourselves, our voice, and our vision. Owl does not tolerate illusions or secrets. If there are skeletons in the closet, you can trust that Owl will find them and start house cleaning. When walking with Owl Spirit, always communicate with it with as much honesty as possible. Having such a helpmate is an honor. Treat it with respect.

It is no surprise that the Goddess Athena held Owls as sacred. Athena is, beyond doubt, one of the most complex Deities in history, and Her attributes included wisdom and strategy – so Owl Spirit became the perfect companion and manifestation. In Greek tradition, Owl was also a protector. Beliefs claimed an Owl flying over a soldier or army portended victory because Owl (and Athena) would remain watchful.

As a creature of the night, the Celts and Egyptians regarded Owl as a gatekeeper to other realms, particularly the souls of the dead. In some stories, this bird accompanies a soul so it doesn’t get lost on its journey. People fear death, so they often fear Owl by association.

Overall, the Owl symbolizes navigating any darkness in our life; this Spirit brings clarity, prophetic inklings, and a strong connection with the transcendental world.

Owl Meaning: Spiritual

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Spiritually speaking, the Owl Spirit Animal Meaning has ties to supernatural gifts. While Owls roost with each other, they hunt alone. Your spiritual path is somewhat like the Owl. You cannot “hunt” according to other people’s guidelines. While something external may appeal to your spiritual framework, the best expressions of your path come from deep within.

Certainly, gathering with others still comes into play; community is important. However, Owl suggests avoiding being easily swayed by opinions, rumors, or trends. When constantly pressured, undervalued, or insulted, Owl counsels moving to better nesting grounds.

An Owl symbol is an excellent token for free thinking. People who regularly work with Owl energy are often odd and unconventional. You never drew within the lines of a coloring book, and still don’t. Your inspiration sparks when it meets the quirky and eccentric.

When Owl makes itself known, one message is returning to a focus on your home and loved ones. They are part of your spiritual circle, and neglecting any portion affects the whole. Bravely build and safeguard your nest.

Owl as a Spirit Animal

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When Owl wings its way into your life, you can become far more observant. Settle down on that tree limb and watch patiently. You’ll be amazed at how many previously elusive important details you notice. The world is filled with layers of symbolism and meaning, and the Owl gives you “new” eyes to see those. Think of it like an onion. Start peeling those layers.


An Owl’s eyes adjust in an instant from telescopic to microscopic. It is the embodiment of the macrocosm and microcosm, above and below. Such vision has a purpose, one which Owl shares. With Owl energy surrounding your soul, you can look into the past, present, and future with uncanny accuracy. Your aptitude includes an exceptional knack for sizing up the people in your life, sometimes making them uneasy.

As a Spirit Animal, we know that Owl often calls on us to release the past and put down burdens that hold us back. You cannot offer welcoming arms to destiny when they’re filled with baggage. You must face your shadows and fears, then move beyond them to find true happiness. It can seem daunting, but Owl offers support and holds you in the wings of comfort. Never hesitate to reach out to your Spirit Animal with questions or concerns. Owl arrives to assist in your forward movement, not sit on the sidelines.

Owls don’t just honor us with the ability of “Second Sight.” These majestic birds have hearing that is quite literally “perfect stereo.” Their ears are not symmetrical as one is higher than the other; this allows them to hear sound separately in each individual ear. Spiritually this may translate as clairaudience.

Owl as a Spirit Animal Guide aids you in true-hearing said despite the words and apparent emotions coming from the messenger. People can talk a good game, but Owl won’t be fooled by sweet words. At first, it may seem like a buzz at the edge of your awareness. If you focus on Owl, the authenticity of someone’s words will become clear.

As an aside, some practitioners hear a person’s auric vibration as music or other familiar sounds. For example, an individual lying to you could sound clamorous while one being honest has a sweet melody.

Owl Totem Animal

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If you were born with Owl as a Totem Animal, you’ll find your connection with the Yin of the Universe growing stronger throughout life, as will your awareness of lunar cycles. Embrace the inner Goddess, weave your spells by the light of a full moon, and listen to your inner voice. Your connection with feminine energies is important to your happiness and well-being.

The conjunction between you and Yin energies extends beyond cosmic realms. You build strong relationships with women in your life. Some are mentors, some you teach, and some are family. Those people are essential to your moral and personal growth.

As a birth Totem Animal, Owl affords a unique gift – seeing the spiritual beings inside the human bodies that house them. You will know things about people that are sometimes awkward or uncomfortable, but you see TRUE. Many people with Owl Totems discover their clairvoyance highly accurate, even at young ages. There is only one caution here. Make sure you aren’t seeing what you want to see. It’s a natural human response, but your true sight becomes hampered if you lean into illusions of your own making.

The Owl Totem is one of discernment. Let this Spirit guide you during confusing situations. Start trusting your spiritual radar about people and use the beauty of the night to inspire your creativity. Too many practitioners brush off those gut feelings, typically with bad results. Owl counsels listening closely to your inner voice. It rarely leads you astray.

Owl Spirit Animal has mastered silence and finds its strength there. With Owl as your Totem Animal, you will not waste precious energy by speaking with no purpose. Your energy renews in silence, and you hear the voice of the Divine clearly.

Remember, you have two eyes, two ears, and one mouth. Seeing and hearing should occur four times more than speaking. The writer A.D. Aliwat summed up the power of watching and listening succinctly, “Sometimes what you don’t say is more powerful than anything you could say.” Where others chatter without thought, you choose your words and wield them skillfully.

Owl Power Animal

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Seek your inner Owl Power Animal when you desire to open a doorway to hidden realms. It is nearly impossible to find your pathway when chaos surrounds you. Meditate with Owl in the quiet of the night; you’ll find solace as the Owl’s hoot becomes your guide.

Invoke the Owl Power Animal within when you’re determining your true place. Such workings require privacy where you are away from others’ advice, no matter how well-intentioned. Once released, Owl asks, “WHO? Who are you?” So, prepare for self-actualization when activating this spiritual being. The process is never fast, but it is always worthwhile.

Owl Medicine supports you when the time to speak your truth has arrived. The hoot of an Owl is highly recognizable. Now you use your Owl Power Animal to direct your ideas and have them understood.

Then, too, there’s framing of goals and dreams. Remember, Owls are birds of prey, and little stops them when they set their sites on “the prize.” On what or whom do you have your heart set? Focus, patience, and stillness can win the day.

Draw upon Owl Energy when you need to see all the details of what or who is coming toward you versus what is right in front of you. Both have significance, but it’s essential to recognize what is what. The present prepares you for the future.

Owl in Native American Tradition

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Native Americans refer to the Owl as a Night Eagle because of its keen vision. They regard Owl as a conjuror who is silent and fierce and one who foretells the oncoming of death. Owl can Astral Travel and has the gift of clairvoyance.

The Owl is a harbinger of truth, particularly to self, and a creature that brings magic on its wings. Among the Cherokee, shamans consulted with the Screech Owl Spirit in matters of a suitable punishment for something like breaking a taboo. Both the Apache and Ojibwa tribes feel Owl is an omen of death, destruction, or terrible times in the making. There are non-human interpretations of its omen, especially concerning the forests over which the Owl presides, watches, and preserves. For example, something may be amiss with the land, or the land is in danger.

Some tribes felt that Medicine Men could shape-shift into Owls. Among the Blackfoot, Caddo, Cherokee, and Lakota, Medicine men received clear wisdom from dreams thanks to Owl. It was not uncommon for the spiritual leader to wear Owl feathers and take a vow of no harm to Owls throughout their lives.

The Hopi have a Great Horned Owl, Mongwu, who enforces laws. Both Canadian and American northwest coastal tribes have totem poles with Owls carved into them. Creeks perform dances for the Horned Owl and the Screech Owl. Both the Tlingit and Mohave tribs have Owl clans.

Owl in Celtic Mythology

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In Celtic mythology, Owls knew the way to the underworld and were fierce defenders of truth and honor. Owl has no tolerance for deception, even when we are deceiving ourselves. The Celtic Owl was tied closely to the ancient Goddess of fertility. It frequently appears in knotwork and bestiaries, being revered for its ability to see in the dark and acting as a messenger between humans and the Divine.

Owl in Japan

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Among the Ainu, Kamui is an Owl Deity who oversees human behavior. His worshippers believe he oversees material success because when Kamui cried, the tears were gold and silver.

Similar to beliefs in Siberia and Central Asia, Owl is a helpful spirit to whom Shamans can turn to activate supernatural powers. Some Owls serve as divine messengers, too.

The word Owl in Japanese, fukurou, means “no troubles.” As a result, many Lucky Owl images exist in homes and businesses.

Owl in Feng Shui

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In Feng Shui, the Art of Placement, Owl images and figurines encourage knowledge, luck, prosperity, and protection.

If you know negativity is coming from a specific direction, place the Owl Symbol facing outward in that direction. Alternatively, have it face traffic outside your home so negativity “moves” away.

For improved finances, the Owl image should go in your home’s South or Southeast region. Keep the Owl on your work table for knowledge and success if you are working on an important project. This goes for studying too.

Owl Meaning in the Bible

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The Old Testament does not describe the Owl in a favorable light. Here, they represent barrenness, isolation, mourning, and ruin. You can see this in the story of Babylon’s aftermath, where the Owl is the only creature left.

Three prophets use Owls as a metaphor for barrenness, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Zephaniah, specifically in regard to God’s judgment. In Psalms, the writer describes his life as an Owl in abandoned ruins, and Micah compares an Owl’s hoot to the cries of someone in mourning.

Owl in Dreams

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Dreaming of Owls may be a warning from your higher self to be wary of a situation or person that is not as it appears. It may also be an omen of figurative or literal death. The hooting Owl bears a message from the Ancestors or dearly departed.

A dream in which Owl appears can signal a time of deep introspection. You are on the cusp of a spiritual evolution. The dream comes from your subconscious to make you aware, so you can prepare. Turn your intuition to the high setting.

If you are the Owl in your dream, it represents personal wisdom and strong life lessons. It also portends the acquisition of new knowledge valuable to your circumstances. If your Owl self hovers over someone else in the dream, you are protecting them or acting as a mentor in daily life.

When you see an Owl in your dream, it may be a reflection of independent thought. Whatever is happening in your life right now, don’t be tempted by group pressure. Stay true to your ethics and ideals.

Owl in Astrology & Zodiac Signs

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In Native American Zodiac & Astrology, people born May 21 – June 21 (Southern Hemisphere) & November 22 – December 21 (Northern Hemisphere) are born under the sign of the Owl. It is the 9th Animal of the Native American calendar, corresponding with the sign of Sagittarius.

Owl people are extraordinary communicators, particularly when it comes to explaining great Mysteries in understandable ways. You have a quick mind, high standards, and a strong sense of honor. You sense the right moves long before anyone else, leading to success, but when you disregard your instincts, it lands you in trouble.

People prone to manipulations and lies get out of your circle as soon as possible. They cannot hide from your discerning eye. The mask comes off, and everyone in the vicinity comes to know the truth.

Those with the Owl Native American Zodiac & Astrology Sign may be misunderstood because of their uncanny ability to move quietly and effectively through figurative or literal darkness. You are also fast on your feet, making it hard for people to keep up with you.

Keywords associated with the Native American Owl sign include watchfulness, discretion, privacy, attentiveness, knowledge, wisdom, and global thinking.

Seeing an Owl Meaning

Seeing an Owl Meaning 1200x630

If you spy an Owl or one wings your way, you’ll soon understand something that previously eluded you. Part of this comprehension comes from a mental change on your part. You’re moving into a new, beneficial perspective.

It is generally rare to see an Owl because they’re well hidden by day. Should you see one, it’s time to follow your curiosity about a person or thing. The journey will be very revealing.

In some cultures, seeing an Owl was a bad omen, predicting death. What’s important to remember here is that death is not always physically literal. It can be an ending, like moving away or leaving one job for another. All such situations rank high on the anxiety table, and Owl comes to prepare you.

In Hindu tradition seeing or hearing an Owl by night is actually the spirit of a departed person. Said spirit may protect the sacred groves. Beyond that, Owl symbolism is situational. For example, leaving a space because confrontation arose and seeing an owl as you depart means you should go back and get a resolution. Superstition also says if you’re considering vying for a new job or another opportunity, the sight of the Owl means you’re perfectly posed.

Hearing an Owl Meaning

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Speaking of hearing an Owl, it is far more common to harken an Owl than see one. The sound of an Owl echoing through the forest speaks of magic in the making. There’s a light sizzle in the air. The Spirit Realm touches the here and now, offering arcane knowledge. The Owl’s hoot ushers in a time when you can start anew.

Finding an Owl Feather

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The significance of finding an Owl feather varies from place to place. In Central Asia, finding a Northern Eagle Owl feather became a protective amulet for warding off evil and sickness. Spiritually, the Owl feather may represent the need for calm. You are worrying over nothing. Everything will work out.

Finding an Owl feather sometimes acts as a signal of an ancestral presence, specifically a female. She calls on you to keep an eye on developing situations. Decisions are on the horizon; ponder them well.

Types of Owls Symbolism and Meaning

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As with other animals, there are different types of Owls, each of which has a unique meaning. Here are just a few:

  • White Owl Symbolism: The White Owl represents magic, mysticism, and ancient mysteries. If you’ve hit a rough streak lately, the appearance of a White Owl is good news. It bears pleasant changes on its wings, so long as you stay focused.An alternative is that the White Owl reflects a guardian angel or spirit watching over you.
  • Night Owl: In some settings, Owl bore the name “Corpse Bird.” Owl could foretell death and dramatic misfortune. In modern nomenclature, a “night owl” is a person who has more energy and activity in the darkness.
  • Barn Owl: Barn Owls like their privacy. They have the ability to hunt at night without a speck of light. As a result, Barn Owl symbolizes using your intuition and insight to identify normally unseen energies. It could be a hint you’re missing something important.
  • Barred Owl Meaning. The Barred Owl’s (Strix varia)name comes from the bar-like patterns in its plumage. Rather than constraint (like jail), the Barred owl embodies protection-marking your personal boundaries and sticking to them.Barred Owl symbolism also ties into its hoot, sounding much like laughter. In this case, ask yourself if it’s time to lighten up.
  • Snowy Owl Meaning: The Snowy Owl has the ability to connect with the ancestors, Teachers, and higher beings. From those sources, the bird carries great insight and power. If ever there was a time to work on being the best version of yourself, it’s now. Have faith in what you know and in the path you have chosen.
  • Great Horned Owl Meaning: The three most common associations for Great Horned Owls are bravery, hardiness, and grace. These birds are fearless and suggest you need to take decisive action. Take your problem by the “horns” and remain determined.
  • Black Owl Meaning: Because of its color, the Black Owl often presents when intense transitions are forthcoming. It may feel as if you are paused between life and death until change emerges.

Owl Tattoo

The image of an Owl is among the most popular animal tattoos. A person’s reason for choosing this tattoo may vary significantly. For some, Owl Spirit reflects the balance between intellectual and spiritual wisdom. For others, the Owl becomes the image of mystery or a reminder to stay true to the Sacred Self. People may pick out an Owl tattoo to honor an important juncture in their life, too.

Owl Sayings

Owl Sayings 1200x630

  • “Advice from an owl: stay focused, be “whoo” you are, trust in a wise friend, live off the land, glide through the dark times, be observant, life’s a hoot!” – Ilan Shamir
  • “Alone and warming his five wits, the white owl in the belfry sits.” – Alfred Lord Tennyson
  • The clamorous owl that nightly hoots and wonders at our quaint spirits.” – William Shakespeare
  • “Owls are wise. They are careful and patient. Wisdom precludes boldness. That is why owls make poor heroes.” – Patrick Rothfuss.
  • African Proverb: The owl is the wisest of all birds because the more it sees, the less it talks.
  • “Owls are known as lonely birds, but it is not known that they have the forest as their best friend!” – Mehmet Murat Ildan
  • “When the owl sings, the night is silent.” – Charles de Leusse
  • “The owl is one of the most curious creatures. A bird that stays awake when the rest of the world sleeps. They can see in the dark. I find that so interesting, to be mired in reality when the rest of the world is dreaming. What does he see and what does he know that the rest of the world is missing?” – M.J. Rose

Harry Potter Owl

Harry Potter Owl 1200x630

In the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling, Harry has a female Snowy Owl as a companion named Hedwig. The choice of this bird is no coincidence. They have intimate ties with the world of witchcraft, the occult, and mysticism. The relationship between Harry and Hedwig is similar to that of a magical practitioner and familiar as a friend, partner, and ally who remained close to Harry until she died.

Owl Gods and Goddesses

Owl Gods and Goddesses 1200x630

The best-known connection between Owl Spirit Animal and a Divine being is between Athena and this creature. Very early in Greek myth, one of Her epithets was “Little Owl.” She was not alone in Her Owl connection. Hypnos (Somnus in Rome) flew in the form of an Owl to make humans sleep.

In Hinduism, Lakshmi is an Owl Goddess associated with wealth and luck. Images sometimes show Her having an Owl guide. Other depictions have Lakshmi riding an elephant.

Among Hawaiians, the God Kane used the form of an Owl to protect his people. However, the most significant Owl God here is Kotankor Kamui, a provider. He has two sacred songs describing the promises between spirits and humans.

Dead Owl Meaning

Owls are strong symbols of wisdom and knowledge, and seeing a dead owl is an important symbol of change, loss, and hope. It’s important to remember that although dead owls are sometimes thought of as a bad omen, they can also symbolize hope and positive changes.

If a dead owl appears to you in your dreams or meditations, consider what positive developments may be coming up for you. Balance those thoughts by keeping in mind past life lessons and integrating them.

A dead owl symbolizes immense hope for the future, so lend a hand of friendship and love to those around you who may lack the hope they need to get through.

The dead owl is saying that you are not making the right choice. You’re heading toward a “dead end.” Stop and reevaluate. Think about your decision and make sure it’s wholly right for you.

Another spiritual meaning of seeing a dead owl is tied to personal privacy. At night, it is believed that owls are sent as spies on people. Therefore, seeing a dead owl signifies that the person who crossed the line between interest and being a busybody will soon stop.

In highly generalized terms, a dead Owl signals transition. You know it but feel hesitant about the move mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Do not fear this transformation. Be bold! It comes at the best possible time. Turn the book of your life to the next chapter.

With movement in mind, seeing a dead Owl can represent stagnancy. You are in a rut and feel comfortable there, even if you’re unhappy. Look to supportive people to give you a hand up.

Some superstitions say seeing a dead Owl at three a.m. is a warning. Fortify your wards. A spiritual attack lurks in the background. It may alternatively be an omen of troubles at work. Keep your eyes open and try to avoid conflict.

When you encounter a dead Owl, ask yourself about the burdens you carry. Are there things that weigh you down so much you might drown? It’s time to release things that hold you back, like negative memories. When you do, new and meaningful opportunities will head your way. Watch for them.

Owl Facts & Trivia

Owl Facts & Trivia 1200x630

Much of Owl symbolism comes from their natural behaviors and physical makeup.

  • I have my eye on you: Owls don’t have true eyeballs. Rather they have tubes giving them binocular-like vision. This means they can pay attention wholly on their prey’s location. Owl sees the landscape from various perspectives. Spiritually, people have often interpreted this as supernatural astuteness leading to growth. Key Word: Focus
  • Shout out: Owls make other noises besides hooting. It may whistle or squeak. A Barn Owl will hiss if there’s a threat. Key Words: Effective communication.
  • Making memories: Owls can create a memory map for themselves. This keeps them safe as they hunt by night, not to mention taking advantage of their skills. Key Words: Remembrance.
  • Can you hear me? Owls naturally understand the power of being an active listener, noting more than superficial “signals” themselves. In human terms, it correlates to all the languages we encounter, like music or food. Key Words: Paying attention.
  • Clean-up call: Owls provide pest control by clearing out rodents. One Barn Owl can eat 3,000 rodents in just four months. Key Words: Environmental mindfulness.
  • Shake your feathers. Owls molt one or more times a year. This rids them of old, damaged ones. It can take up to three months to complete the process happening all over their body. Key Word: Renewal.
  • One heck of a handshake: The Great Horned Owl’s talons have a force of 300 pounds per square inch. Key Words: Power, strength.
  • Come out, come out wherever you are: The Northern Hawk Owl hears its prey even if it’s under 12 inches of snow. In fact, it is one of just a few Owl species capable of hunting this way. Key Word: Perception
  • Make something out of nothing. A tribe in Australia believes that Owls created the world. Key Word: Invention
  • A real head-turner. Owls rotate their necks up to 270 degrees to look around. Key Word: Observation.
  • Well, lookie here. The Northern Hawk Owl can see voles a half mile away, making hunting pretty easy. Key Word: Watchfulness.
  • Winging it. The Northern Saw-whet Owl can travel up to 70 miles over open water. Key Word: Endurance.
  • On your toes: Owls have two forward-facing toes and two backward-facing toes, helping them walk and stay secure. Key Word: Balance.
  • Keepin’ it cool. The ear tufts on some Owl species’ heads have nothing to do with hearing. Instead, the feathers give other Owls hints at the bird’s mood. Key Words: Body language.
  • Silent night. The fringes of Owl feathers vary in softness. This acts as a noise buffer when they fly. Key Word: Camouflage.
  • Women’s lib. The female Owl is larger than the male and also more aggressive. In some species, the female bears brighter colors. Key Words: Gender equality and identification.
  • When opportunity strikes. Owls are not great nest builders. So, they seek out vacant nests abandoned by magpies, woodpeckers, or crows. Once there, they fiercely defend the space as if they fashioned it from scratch. Key Words: Creative problem-solving.
  • The beauty of the night. In the dark, Owls see 2.5 times better than humans. This allows them to avoid obstacles during night hunting. Key Words: Natural aptitudes (using them effectively).
  • Up and away. Owls can take off vertically without any movement beforehand. It’s a quick and efficient way of protecting themselves with the least amount of fuss. Key Words: Dignity under pressure.
  • Leap of faith: Owlets are not born knowing how to fly. It requires learning from observation and practice. The first try out of the nest requires courage. Key Words: Acts of trust.

Organizations that Protect Owls

Organizations that Protect Owls 1200x630

There are numerous organizations working to protect Owls. Some have specific types of Owls as their main focus, such as the Snowy Owl, Barn Owl, and Burrowing Owl. The organizations listed here take a broad approach to Owl conservation. Their efforts are essential because many Owls are on the endangered (Spotted Owl) or vulnerable species (Snowy Owl) list, primarily due to habitat loss.

Defenders of Wildlife

Defenders of Wildlife direct their attention to how climate change and narrowing habitats affect Owls. They work on forest planning and protection for the Spotted Owl, Snowy Owl, Pygmy Owls, and many other species.

The Nature Conservancy

This group works globally (approximately 70 countries) to protect Owls and Owl habitats. Some of their projects include tagging and tracking Snowy Owls in New Jersey and safeguarding Spotted Owl habitat by working on old-growth forest conservation.

Owl research institute

The research done by this institute helps them provide valuable information to conservation groups, keeping them informed about best practices in habitat management. They endeavor to provide financial assistance to Owl conservation and preservation while creating an information network for educational information.

The Owl Trust

The Owl Trust rescues and rehabilitates injured Owls. The end goal is to release them into a healthy habitat. Sometimes rescues are of “pet” Owls who have not been properly maintained and show visible signs of stress. They cannot release these Owls into the wild, so they provide them with a spacious, permanent home. Beyond this, they have international partners taking place in breeding programs for rare Owls with the hope of reintroducing them properly.

144 thoughts on “Owl Symbolism & Meaning

  1. Chavah says:

    Hi Bernadette,

    I have some things happening, and I am wondering about your knowledge on these.
    I took the test to find the totem animal and it’s the dog. And it’s a match with my soul life towards other people and friendship plus being happy and loyal.

    Now, for a few days, we have had a guest around our front porch. It’s an owl. A male, large, fat looking absolutely wise and beautiful. Last night, even flew in under cover next to my window and rested there all day long. I went to talk to him, and looked at me a few times, and stood still on the handle of my exercise machine. I have been set outside every night before and didn’t noticed him, sitting at the opposite side of our porch. Even, when he was on my jacaranda tree, right before my entrance, my husband was who noticed him. I gave some water to the bird and now I miss seeing him every day. I just hope he’ll comes back again soon.

    Now, on a human level , I don’t know about the meanings or even anything about totems and such things. I just google it because I had the sense to do it. When, I read it, the meaning of the Spirit totem of the owl, I recognize that within me, it’s my spirit life. Totally accurate but towards the outside I do operate with my dog soul identity.

    I just hope, I make some sense here. My spiritual birthday as a Christian is the snake, and my physical birthday falls in with the snow goose. All of these animals and their characters are pretty much present and motivational in some ways. Like the snake, is connected to healing, and I do pray constantly for the sick, holding the person in my prayers and see God’s healing lights around them. That was just an example, but many other things happens in my prayers usually right before I fall asleep. By the way, I don’t dream ever, therefore I don’t interpret dreams. But I hear heavenly music and I think, I somehow get into the seventh Heaven and bring down with me an absolute peace and harmony.

    My question is, how many totems someone have? And what do you think of the living owl that now I miss seeing so much? I have not seen animal spirit or even knew much about it. I love crystals though, and I think they are God’s heavenly medicines when everything else fails or can be used as alternative medicine and just have them around. I love my turquoise from a native Indian American, was given to me as a gift.

    Thank you for your time to read this.

    God bless you ????

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Chavah!

      Well it sure sounds like the Spirit, Totem and Power Animals are making themselves known to you in a big way!

      To answer your question, a person can have many different Totems and Spirit Animals. And, they can change throughout our lifetime. It’s highly unusual for an Owl to stay around like he did at your home. And, once folks truly connect with animals, especially those in the wild, it’s a bond that is really hard to describe – you just have to experience it. You missing him makes perfect sense because you obviously connected with him in a meaningful way.

      Sure hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  2. Winged says:

    Hello! <3

    I've been kind of creeped out by owls for…hm, not sure, most of my life.
    They are absolutely beautiful, amazing creatures, i don't know much about them (i best learn by watching documentaries), wonderful but D E A R L O R D, their eyes. :'D
    Their eyes (usually) alone are the main reason they scare me. i've been kinda weird about eyes (particularly, being stared at by eyes that know the unknown best way to describe) for about as long as the owl's creeped me out, that and the fact they (owls) get very big (i have megalophobia, fear of big things).
    Reading this, i can see the symbolic reason as to why.
    ''We aware that as a Spirit Animal, Owl often calls on us to release the past and put down burdens that hold us back. You have to face your shadows and fears, then move beyond them to find true happiness.''
    ''Owl spirit has mastered silence and finds its strength there. With Owl as your Totem Animal you will not waste precious energy by speaking with no purpose.''
    Those are two issues i have, things i need to/need not to do.
    I've always been afraid to just…fix my issues for some reason, a fear of success. I feel like also noting i tend to get lost in and romanticise the past, even in a time i consider so pure and wonderful now, i was pouting about how good my past was, as if my present wasn't good.
    In the past there were few times i sat on my deck, late on a moonlit night and just talked, for hours and hours. At the time it was very theraputic, that was not a good time. Now i find myself accidentally talking to myself for hours, going off in bad directions far away from my original point, once i'm done i just feel like i've let the fire grow. trying to empty out a cup of water as more water fills it. I'd be best to get to the root of it, the very bottom of the cup and just get rid of it.

    Thank you for this, let's hope owl will be with me when the time comes to help clear these issues, and the same for anyone else who needs it.
    I'd put a goodbye like ''blessed be'' or ''namaste'' if i used them, but i don't, so… have a good life ^^;
    ~Winged <3

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Winged;

      It can be a scary journey to look deeply inside ourselves – to see what is really there. But Owl energy can help you face your shadow self, give you courage to face the darkness. You are so very kind to wish Owl is there to help others. I’m sure many, many folks who read your words will be inspired and feel supported by your generous wishes.

      I’m sending so much love to you on the wings of Owls. May your journey to heal yourself be swift and everything you hope for!

      Stay wild,

      • Winged says:

        Hello 😀

        Thank you so much! ;w;
        How exactly would you..get? owl energy? xD;
        Guessing from how i get into wolf energy (been with it on and off for 2 years now, know it well xP), it’s something like;
        watch videos, read, just generally learn about them? really call them in through your actions?
        Or should i wait, let it come to me when the time is right?

        May we who need it barn owl-screech the un-needed negativity away, for all we know it’s simply a mouse rustling in the bushes late at night, that we may be mistaking for a bear.

        Once again, thank you so much bernadette, and have a good life! hehe ^^
        ~Winged <3

        • Bernadette King says:

          Hello, Winged!

          You are most welcome!

          To get Owl energy, yes! It’s just as you describe – movies, music, images, videos. Maybe there’s an animal sanctuary or Owl rescue center near you? Learn as much as you can about Owl facts. Look for Owls in mythology and lore. Then, meditate on what you learn and see what parts of Owl energy speaks to your spirit.

          Hope that helps!

          Stay wild,

    • Lunetta says:

      I’m not sure how to post my own comment, but I will start here I suppose. I’ve done a lot of soul searching, and not just my own. I’ve meditated with my twin (there honest to god is nothing more powerful than a true psychic bond with another person) and I’ve run on astral planes filled with millions of colors, hunted with ancestors through yellow spotted eyes, swam through the deepest oceans of space with a whale spattered with stardust, looked at a person and seeing their spirit animal basically lash out at me, seeing my totems blended together in one body and coming to me while I sang in a native tongue I can still sing to this day that no one could possibly understand. I’ve come to know an aunt that her family abandoned me while I was too young, but she is a wolf. I see her during my meditations all the time. The spots of hyena have been on my back and the mane of a lion has blown across my neck. I am so receptive to all this spiritual magic both here on earth and above. With so many experiences with animal and human spirits alike, you can see how lost I was, desperately searching to find me… Now I see what I am. You say wind is special to Owls. I know that and have always felt wind was my element, but what animal was truly me? I have seen owls all the time now. A Barn owl lives in the trees in my front yard, given that I’m in a big city I’d say that’s intriguing. Not only do I see it often, it literally flew directly over me last week. Every single night I hear it screech. It is so loud and powerful. Night is always my favorite time of night because it just feels right. I don’t know if you’ll read all of this or what you make of it. I can tell you about the first time I saw a spirit animal that wasn’t mine. I feel I’m intuitive and I know for a fact I’m an empath, but nothing describes this more. I have a friend that is special and he can see auras and sense energy within other people. Many feel it isn’t real, but I had been mentally blocking myself for a long time, but he opened a cage in my very soul and I went rushing out. He wasn’t physically there, but mentally I could feel the weight of him. He is a very powerful spirit. I saw his Tiger and she watched me leave the cell in my mind and I went running down this hill sobbing with joy from this prison I kept myself in without realizing it. The next day I go to church with my mom and then lunch afterwards and then I looked at this lady and a huge black panther jumped out at me from a smoky spiritual plane above us. I didn’t get scared, but I had a sense of knowing and then she looked at me with these piercing blue eyes and I’m sure she knew. Since then I’ve been able to see other animals and I try my best to help others see. Which makes me wonder about true sight and being able to see what others cannot. Is the owl my true animal? I feel it is. Sorry for the huge comment, but this site and page fascinated me. I would love to do a reading when I have money to.

      • Bill Roche says:

        I have had some Owl experiences all very good. One time while riding my bike home there was a very large barn owl flying over my left shoulder for a few hundred yards in the late afternoon. Again, this happened a second time a few days later. The same week almost the same time of day in the summer. On the second occurrence I attempted to give this bird more space by crossing over to the opposite side of the street. It followed my exactly on my path almost knowing where I was going. It flew so close to me it scared my somewhat. While riding, I looked right into its eyes. This time I could see it was an older bird, very old. It brought a sense of safety and calm over me. Almost like it was guiding me. But is was so large. This bird had a wing span of over 3 feet. It could have harmed me easily but did not interfere with me, almost befriending me.
        Decades later across the street from my home here in Colorado was another Barn owl that I knew prayed on the abundant mouse population on our land. As I was coming home from a late nite at work in summer. This large bird was making the traditional ‘whooing’ sounds almost like calling me to its attention. I stopped what I was doing and walked closer to where he was. He was looking right at me, and did not move mush,except by winking. These large adult Owls have a strong communication skill. Not sure what to make of it. They communicate with an odd inexplicable sense of respect towards humans.
        The third occurrence was while in Jacksonville FL when upon leaving my gated community and driving my car, you have to stop to let the gate open. There, on the fence only about 10 feet from the stopping location was this giant almost pure white, what could only be possibly described as an albino Barn Owl. We were on our way to making a major purchase and involving substantial negotiating and financial obligation. This Owl was so unique looking as it was stoic and mysterious. It provided us with a sense of peace, confidence and safety. We successfully closed this deal,all went well. Coincidence? Yea,I guess?. Guess not. There are no indigenous white Owls that are known live in Florida or the Southern US. Hmm? Brown Barn Owls and Gray Screech Owls are the only listed Owls in Florida.

        • Lynwood Titington says:

          Hi, I was in Lake Placid Florida working 1985 on warm summer night I was walking back to our office when I looked in he tree there was a big beautiful white owl looking me in the eyes ,I stopped starred in a daze ,the eye s was big and glowing. I then turned slowly and tried to walk away when I felt the white owl brushed its wings against my head and flew back in the plan tree. Its. as if it was telling me something and today I’m still trying to figure out what it means when a white owl brush its wings to your head softly ? Anyone know please tell me. Thanks stay blessed.

      • Dee says:

        You write beautifully, I think you were meant to write fabulous books. Just wonderful. Thank you.

        • lori says:

          i found an owl at my doorstep .i went to pick it up and it flew out of my hands.the next day my sister was in a terrible accident and almost died. this happed in january. that owl never came back.

  3. Jesse says:

    I am curious about whether or not its possible to have premonitions. I am by Native American zodiac a Owl with the wind symbol at my back. By the Chinese zodiac I am a Fire/ Metal Monkey. I have dreams and every once in awhile some of these premonitions come true. I had a dream that I would find my aunt dead shortly after I was to be attacked by a man with spikes out of his head. The dream began repeating in the beginning of 2015 shortly after finding my aunt’s husband who died of a stroke the next day. I have myself experienced death but it was not my time. So unlike most people I am not fearful of death. For the sake of continuing this story in 2016 I was attacked by a man wearing a Mohawk bike helmet. 3 months prior to finding my aunt dead. Should I feel weird knowing that when I wrote a story of these events in February 2015 I had no way of knowing that I would be driving a Dodge Truck or living in the exact house from my dream? Cause the two variables that were wrong in my story from 2015 were I wasn’t driving a Charger and it happened on North shore Belfair Washington not at Hamma Hamma on the Potlatch Indian Reservation. I feel that I sabatoged these variables so I would not be completely accurate.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Jesse;

      Since I’ve been a professional psychic medium for many years, I’m biased when it comes to your question about premonitions. Yes. It is absolutely possible to have real premonitions. And, no. I don’t think you should feel weird at all. Maybe you are being called to do some kind of energy healing or psychic readings.

      Sometimes, premonitions are 1 zillion percent accurate and, sometimes, the “variables” are not “perfect”. Even the most accurate psychic mediums can misinterpret a message.

      Sure hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  4. rhonda says:

    I have seen a white owl flying twice, but the people with me do not see it. why? and what can this mean?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Rhonda;

      Well, it certainly can mean that you are “seeing” beyond the veil. Maybe you are seeing the white Owl with your Third Eye – your psychic self. Or, maybe you’re just more observant than the people you are with at that time. Or, maybe the Owl only wants to be known to you. Sit quietly and ask the white Owl to appear to you and deliver its message in a clear manner. Then, ask Owl whatever questions you may have. I’m betting you’ll receive all kinds of wisdom from this sage creature.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  5. Andrew says:

    Last night whilst meditating, I found that I was visualizing as being an owl.
    I found myself flying over the lochs and forests of Scotland (my home country), it was a full moon and the landscape took on the most beautiful appearance, moonlight on the waves of the lochs, creatures going about their nocturnal activities within the forests. As my meditation proceeded, I got the physical sensation of being lifted higher and higher, through the clouds to the starlit night sky with the moon on the horizon, just as I started to come out of the meditation I found that I was flying with a whole group (flock?) of owls around me, and I got the distinct feeling that if I stayed in the meditation that I would be lifted higher and higher.
    As I came out of the meditation, I felt the strongest of feelings of being at peace.
    Best regards,

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Andrew;

      Thank you for sharing this incredible meditation journey!

      I don’t know if you know this but, because we can astral travel, it’s not at all unusual to ‘hitch a ride’ with an animal’s consciousness. In fact, I’ve seen people fall out of chairs, get dizzy, etc. while deep in a meditation because they ‘flew’ so high!

      Looking forward to hearing more about your meditation adventures!

      Stay wild,

  6. Sheilahe says:

    Last night for the black moon I decided to do a smudging on myself and a little cleansing manifesting ritual with some white sage and candles. I did this in my back yard, right by the ocean cove during low tide with a small bonfire going. When I was done my boyfriend came out to join me by the fire and he saw an owl fly right over my head, I did not see or hear it myself.
    A little back story, I am always afraid that there are dark/negative entities around me waiting for me to make a mistake and open a door to let them in. I don’t know if this is real intuition or just a fear of mine as I was violently awoken as a child by a very dark entity that shook me. Ever since then I have been conflicted with my desire to expand my vibrations and connections to other realms in the ways of rituals or opening myself up to such things.

    So last night after the owl flew over me I started looking into the symbolism of the owl and at first it seemed to be like validation that I was being heard as to what I was asking for during my manifestion mantras. But what really made me worry were the darker symbolisms such a death omens. It keept me awake last night as I was afraid I had opened something dark unintentionally.
    I’d really love to get past my fears and truly be able to connect without fears.

    Any insights to the owl or advice as to how to move past my fears would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you !

  7. Aleyna says:

    So my nephew gave me a sea turtle stuff animal that i sleep with. Im going through a break up that has brought me to look into my past and think of what ive done wrong that has affected me and those around me. I researched the symbolism of the sea turtle which is peace, wisdom and patience which I have been praying for. I took the spirit animal quiz and my spirit animal is the Owl. While reading this page, it hit me! A couple months ago i was working a second job overnight. One night i came home and when i looked up on the roof, there was an owl staring at me. I stared back and ran inside to call my boyfriend to see it. We came out and it was gone. He went back in and i came back out and there it was sitting on the basketball hoop of my neighbors house. I automatically associated the owl with death. But after reading this page i realized the owl appeared to me to let me know about the changes that were coming. Although its not what i wanted, My boyfriend and I broke up and it has been a spiritual journey for me since then. Ive been up at night, im seeing and understanding things others dont, and im working hard on patience and stillness especially because i know we will get back together. There has been so much that has happened since the owl appeared and it has actually brought me to a better place…a better me

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Aleyna;

      Please accept my apology. I normally respond much faster. I was on a mini vacation and, then, Hurricane Matthew decided to visit me in Florida. 😉

      I’m so sorry you are hurting. I’m sending you a big hug, right now! I’m also sending you tons of respect because you are taking a look at yourself and making moves toward being the person you really want to be! Always remember that your soul is already perfect and filled with unconditional love. You’re a spiritual being having a human experience so don’t be hard on yourself, OK?

      Stay wild,

  8. Dana says:

    I just found this website. I’m starting on a new journey a spiritual journey on my life and have noticed a few things in the past 6 months. My bff sent me a owl necklace she made which I dearly love the piece. And now for past three weeks I’ve had a owl sometimes two outside on the field that I hear every night. I was wondering if this possible a spirit animal that found me instead of the opposite?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Dana;

      Please accept my apology. I normally respond much faster. I was on a mini vacation and, then, Hurricane Matthew decided to visit me in Florida. 😉

      In answer to your question, my opinion is that Spirit Animals have no need to find us unless our soul calls to them. Now, because animals are so comfortable with their own intuition, they can often times show up before our conscious mind even knows it needs them. However, your soul always knows so could have sent out the signal long before your earthly mind knew what needed to happen.

      Hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

  9. M says:

    Last night, we heard noises in our chimney. After opening the chimney vent, an owl came down into the fireplace. Before we could process that there was an owl in the fireplace, it flew back up the chimney. In an attempt to coax the owl out of the chimney, we placed a large cardboard box at the bottom of the opening with a flashlight inside the box. The owl came close, but would not come out. We then decided to open the front door and windows and turn off all of the lights except for the front porch light, in the hope that the owl would come down, out of the chimney. The owl finally descended and rest on the floor of the living room. Minutes later, it flew onto a lamp and then to the couch and then to the fireplace mantel. The owl continued to fly back and forth between these objects and at one point, while perched on the lamp, it sang to us. It was very peaceful and calm, but we wanted so much for the owl to feel safe and find its way outside. The owl moved back to its position on the mantel and that’s when I decided to move the lamp into the doorway hoping that the next time it flew to the lamp it would find the exit. This worked and a few minutes later, the owl flew out the front door and into the night sky. What a tremendous experience. The total time between first hearing the noise in the chimney to when the owl flew out the front door was over 5 hours.

    I am moving out of this same house tomorrow. It is a house I shared with my boyfriend and he is staying there. Do you think there may be a connection between the owl visit and the transition that is currently taking place in our lives?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, M!

      What a fantastic Owl story – especially at this time of year! I absolutely believe there’s a connection between the transition that’s going on in your life – especially because the Owl took a while before it decided to fly to ‘freedom’. Once you opened the door, the Owl (no matter how disoriented or scared it may have been) decided to hang out for a few hours – delaying his flight out into the world of possibilities (the great outdoors). Once the Owl decided it was time to go, it soared into the night sky – unafraid of the dark and sure of itself to find its way. Sound like anyone you know? 😉

      The animal kingdom sent you a big message. Trust that. And, happy flying!

      Stay wild,

  10. Iris says:

    I have a weird sensation when I see owls I feel happy to see them , I see them in jewelry or pictures or toys. Do I have a connection with them?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Iris;

      Yes! When we are emotionally moved by a certain animal (or animals) we definitely have a connection with them. Even when we feel scared of or do not like a particular animal we are connected to them – these animals represent our ‘shadow self’.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  11. Alicia says:

    Hi, i’m from Australia. Tonight, in my backyard I heard my dog barking. It was not a small bark, but a territorial bark. I went outside and looked, saw nothing. His barking continued, and I looked again, still could not see. After 5 minutes I went outside and turned all the lights on and there is this beautiful owl sitting in the grass (mind you, I live in the middle of the city and have never spotted an owl in 26 years). I initially thought it was wounded, why would it sit there with an 83kg bullmastiff barking at it? When I put the dog inside, it flew into the tree and just watched me. I’m not a superstitious person, but I am feeling quite shaken by this experience. My dad has recently been diagnosed with an aggressive melanoma which has spread to the pancreas, and the only time i’ve ever been previously exposed to the owl symbol is when my close friend had to confront her drug addiction (she wore the owl totem).

    Why wasn’t this owl scared of my dog? Why did it sit on the grass, being fully capable of flying, with my dog barking for my attention?
    Why didn’t my dog (who, unfortunately, does not allow any unknown animals into his yard) not harm the bird (which i’m happy about)?

    I do feel quite shaken, and i’m probably overreacting. Thank you for any insight you can offer.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Alicia;

      First, with your permission, I’ll send tons of healing energy to your dad and the whole family.

      As for your Owl/Bull Mastiff encounter – I live on 8 acres in Florida. The back of our property opens up into a 10K acre preserve so I regularly see animals of all types. It’s not unusual to observe animals who are ‘supposed’ to be enemies, interacting or not bothering each other. We have a pond on our property and, especially during the summer, critters of all kinds come to drink from it at the same time.

      All that said, I believe animals and humans are no different in that we, all, develop an instant liking for some but not others.

      Owls help us summon up the courage to look into the darkness. Chances are, with what’s going on in your family, Owl came to you to tell you that it will be your ally through this time.

      Additionally, Owl’s support us during times when we need to see the truth. Since your Dog barked but did not bite, Owl might be telling you to pay close attention to persons who might be ‘bluffing’ at this time.

      Sure hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

      • Alicia says:

        Thank you Bernadette, your response means a lot. I felt a different energy with my bullmastiff than usual. I think it is partially why I was so shaken.

        Thank you so much for your response, please feel free to send energy to my dad at this difficult time.

        Alicia. 🙂

  12. roberta says:

    White owl flew in front of me in the day time. (Fly from left side lower end to right side higher end) feel like fly over my car..
    What does that mean? interpretation? message?
    Thanks so much, roberta 🙂

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Roberta;

      Now, you read all about the Owl Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal so let’s talk about the color white symbolism and the left/right sides. The color white represents purity, peace, and divine love. Left is yin (female) energy and right is yang (male) energy. Yin energy is earth, passive, and moon. Yang is sky, active and sun. Along with the color white, I would say that the message from your animal spirit guide is that you’re moving from the ‘dark’ into the ‘light’ and to keep going! Don’t be afraid of the passion and fire that burns inside you! Because the Owl flew from the ‘lower’ left side to the ‘upper’ right side, this tells me you are absolutely moving in the right direction and you’re gonna do great!

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  13. Dora A Alcala says:

    Hello have a quick question today dec 2nd 2016 My son saw an huge owl on our light post here at home was wonder if you could give some light on this or have any comment you might want to share with me. I have lived here for 7 years and this is the first time this has happened. I have hear of some old folks tales and other stuff just would like some input on what you think. Are these signs,,something good is coming or other. If you can really this would be a great help. Thank you .

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Dora;

      Kids are so magical, aren’t they? You don’t see an Owl in 7 years and poof! An Owl shows up for your son! I think the very best way to determine what Owl is trying to say is to go over the Owl Symbolism and Meaning article with your son. After all, Owl appeared to your son – so the message is for him. Kids are extremely intuitive. Your son will be able to tell you what part of the article resonates most with him. There’s where you’ll find Owl’s message.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  14. Amanda says:

    Hello, I just have a quick question…today is Dec 13, 2016. I am according to the Native American Astrology Animal sign an Owl. My birthday is this coming Friday. I am going through some stuff in my life dealing with an seperation even though he still around….anyways I was driving home and to my surprise I saw a white owl sitting on the side of the road, it was to my left looking out my driver window (I was driving) I felt so at peace and actually took actually a deep breath and felt good. I am one who has been asking for a sign but I do not know what this would signify if anything at all…I feel everything happens for a reason….so may I please get your thoughts on what this might be

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Amanda;

      Oh this is a HUGE sign from the Great Spirit and your animal spirit guide! See, our Totem & Spirit Animal can be found by birthday. So, because your Native American Zodiac Sign is Owl and then Owl appeared to you – wow! That’s BIG! Now, white is the color of divine love. So, Owl showed up as your Spirit Animal to let you know it is watching over you and sending you wisdom and strength – just like Owl’s have. Also, I feel like the Great Spirit is letting you know that it’s time to be ‘silent’ and watchful. Don’t make any hasty decisions or ‘lash out’ in any way. Just stay still. The perfect outcome for you is on the way and you’ll be so happy!

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  15. Brenda says:

    Hello Bernadette,
    I am a real newbie in my opinion. Here is what’s been going on. I was moving a property when a white owl flew from behind me, up from my left side over my head to my right and then in front of me. Where it landed on a tree branch.,in front of me. It sat there almost the entire time I was moving. I stopped a few times and spoke to it. Stuff such as hello, and commented on how beautiful he was. I felt truly blessed. Well now on a regular basis I keep seeing this white owl every where. Flying above me, when driving, walking, sitting outside. Then the other day on my way to my first job, I had to stop my truck because 2 white owls where getting food a animal out of the road. They were stunning. then they flew back to their nest together. Then on Saturday morning before the sun rise I was outside meditateing,when I heard 2 of them talking to each other. Wonderful experience. December 19th is my birthday. I have a white owl that likes to sit in my yard sometimes, but nothing like this before. I love nature really enjoy sitting outside and just listening to the trees and plants and animals. can you help me to understand this and steer me in a direction to read more on it. I haven’t ask any one about this, because I feel like I was truly blessed with these experiences. Thank you for your help.

    • Brenda says:

      I apologize I wrote moving when it should have been mowing. I run a lawnmaintence crew.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Brenda;

      Apologies for delay in response – was on vaca! Happy belated birthday! Ooooo! White Owls! How amazing to have so many experiences with them! I’m going to come work on your lawn crew so I can see them, too! LOL

      I would love to help you and offer reading resources! Will you kindly let me know a little more about what you need help with? However, for starters, it sounds like you’re being called to study Shamanism – after all, you’re a ‘keeper of the earth’.

      One of my favorite teachers of Shamanism is Michael Harner. You can also check out Denise Linn and Alberto Villoldo (though they are more ‘neo-Shamanism’).

      Sure hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

  16. JM says:

    Thank you for this article. I’ve always felt that I’ve been given signs and nudges from God and for the past 5 months I’ve been seeing images of owls ALL the time in pictures, jewelry, clothing, ads, etc. Sometimes I see 4 or 5 a day…never a live owl. I felt like this was either some sort of “sign” or just me noticing them more because they are popular now and because I’m hyper aware of them. The problem is I feel spooked every time I see one. Partly because when I looked up their meaning, foretelling of death was one. But even when I try to think of them as wise helpers and that seeing them is a good thing, I still get a dark, ominous feeling when I see an image of one. My question is if there could be a reason why a animal (owl) shows up a lot causing fear. Am I overthinking it or should I be aware that something is coming 🙂 . I appreciate any insight.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, JM;

      Apologies for delay in response – was on vaca!

      It makes total sense why Owls (or any Spirit Animal) evoke fear. See, as beautiful and wondrous as animals are – they are wild, unpredictable. Those that are carnivores can seem cruel, heartless. And, animals are never apologetic about their survival instinct. They do not hesitate to kill when threatened or hungry. So, all Spirit Animals ask us to face our ‘Shadow Self’ our ‘dark side’ – and few ask this of us more than Owls.

      At the first of the year I have an extensive article coming out about Spirit Animals and our Shadow Self. I’ll post it here when it’s ready. In the meantime, it might help you overcome your fear by reading up on Shadow Self teachings.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

      • Jm says:

        Thanks for the reply!! I’ll be looking forward to your upcoming article and will look into shadow self teachings now. Thanks!!

        • Bernadette King says:

          Hi, Jm;

          You are most welcome! I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s ready!

          Stay wild,

  17. Brenda says:

    Hi Bernadette,
    I’m always looking for symbolism and signs in my life. Right now I am faced with a major decision, one that I am wavering back and forth on. Yesterday I went to a house that plays a part in this decision. On the doorstep was a dead owl. This is in a residential area and the house is not currently occupied. I was shocked, but not appalled, intrigued but almost calmed by it. Had I been alone, I probably would have picked it up and taken it with me. However that was not an option. Is there any significance to this? Thank you!

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Brenda;

      Apologies for delay in response – was on vacation.

      When we see a dead animal, often times it can mean we need to leave behind persons, situations, and perspectives which no longer serve our highest and best interest – to let those relationships ‘die’ and allow ourselves to be ‘born’ into better circumstances.

      Because you were calmed by the situation, it tells me that your higher self knows you’re on the right path – standing in front of and choosing the right ‘door’. Your energy feels as though you’ve been doing a great deal of staring into the sky lately. Keep doing that. Take in all that open space. Draw in the ‘all that is’ and allow yourself to breathe. Your chest/heart chakra feels heavy but in about 6 months will be ‘light as a feather’ – compared to the last couple years.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  18. Jeremy says:

    Hello, and greetings from Florida! Please tell me your on vacation at the beach Bernadette?! I feel so connected with the ocean, physically and spiritually. To me, it represents power, creation, and somewhat the beginning of a journey. Surely makes me feel at peace when I’m there. I go on vacation to St. Augustine every year, been doing so for about 4 years. My wife, which has been going just about her whole life with her family, introduced me to this journey of vacating at the beach with her family. I fell in love at first sight. (With her and the beach of course). Haha.. Here lately, I’ve been searching for a higher wisdom. I’ve prayed for wisdom and higher learning. I have an unique curiosity for the supernatural powers that are out here, there, everywhere. I mostly want the power to influence, (in a helping way) a short of healing, and for absolute wisdom. I’ve seen owls before, but never where my home is. I live in Madison FL. I really want to be able to free my mind, gain the knowledge of the universe, and harness the powers like that I feel of the ocean. I’m currently studying the symbolic meaning of the Owl in hopes that I find my way to this level of being. Any suggestions or thoughts? Would you say I’m heading in the right direction?

    Thank you for your time,
    Wishing you Peace, Wisdom & Knowledge!

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Jeremy;

      Guess what? I’m in Florida, too! Gainesville! So, my vacation was in New Orleans but I always say I’m on permanent vacation because I live in the Sunshine State. LOVE St. Augustine and go there every other month or so. Caps is one of my favorite restaurants. Check it out next time you’re there!

      I’m surprised you aren’t seeing Owls in Madison. It’s fairly rural so I’d think there’s be tons of Owls flying around. That said, while Owls are certainly associated with wisdom, since you resonate so much with Mamma Ocean I’d say to look into Dolphin and Whale teachings, too. See, the elements that we resonate with are really important to our spiritual growth. Because the beach speaks to your soul, look up Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals that are Water Element oriented (Frogs, Fish of all kinds, a Water Mammals). The Water Element is all about deep wisdom and the most ancient knowledge and can easily help you gain the knowledge you’re seeking. On my sister-site, BuilingBeautifulSouls.com, you can read all about Water Element Symbolism & Meanings.

      Finally, remember, your body is made up of approximately 65% water. So, the power you seek to harness is already inside you. Something that might help you is to change your perception. Instead of seeking to harness, ask for the courage to release. Bring the power from inside to the outside – not the opposite.

      One more thing – yes! You are most definitely on the right track! Your vibrant energy shines through your words and, hopefully, you’re doing something professional with your beautiful writing skills!

      Hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

  19. Jeremy says:

    Just wanted to update something; today I seen an owl! I felt like it was waiting on me to see it. I say this because here at my job, there are lots of noise, trucks and machines. As I stopped and watched the owl, I whistled at it. It flew off to a little patch of brush in the field behind the fence it had previously been perched on. This was a bit of a chilling experience being I haven’t seen an owl in years. I believe my spirit send for him, and he showed at my time in need.

  20. Candy says:

    My life changed June 25-2015 my home phone rings at 12:30 am and i ignore it then it began to ring again I answered this time thinking maybe its important and the words I heard changed my life forever “candy I hate yo be the one to tell u this but your brother is dead!!!” My only sibling my bif brother died in a head on collisson at age 37 he has two daughters one is 16 and one is 3 she was 2 at the time of her daddy’s passing.soon after his death i began to search for a way yo connect with him i could feel his spirit very strong and different signs he would give and then i began to look into ny own spiritualality and i began meditating i have learned i have a strong intuition and i since things before it happens and i feel others emotions or energy so now i have stopped my meditating and i feel awfull and we moved november 18-2016 into a new home and i have an owl that stays outside our bedroom window we at first thought there was two owls we youtube the sounds and one ia female one is male great horned owls but now we only here the male owl idk if maybe this is my spirit animal (bird) any help blessed to u all ty

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Candy;

      Please accept my most profound condolences on your family’s loss. It definitely sounds like Owl is your Spirit Animal and is there to help you through this time. See, Owls give us the ability and courage to look into the darkness – into our own pain and the pain of others. But, Owls also are associated Shamanically with the ability to see through to the other side, beyond the veil. So, since you want to connect with your brother it makes very good sense that Owl came to help you get messages from spirit.

      Also, if I may, I’m a professional psychic medium. I ONLY bring this up because as I’m writing you, I keep seeing funny pictures of Owls – like the ones where they have their head tilted all the way to the side or where they look really angry. I feel like your brother had a GREAT sense of humor and he’s letting you know it’s OK. He’s still playing jokes on people and making them laugh on the other side.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  21. PT says:

    There has been an owl hooting outside my window now for the past 3 hours in the oak tree. Continually hooting non stop. Don’t hear it anymore. Going through very bad times with my husband right now. Very bad. Could this be some sort of sign for me?

  22. Indie says:

    I wonder if I could please get some help and guidance?
    These past few weeks have been very difficult for me, emotionally.
    I discovered I was pregnant the day after my birthday (Dec 11th. My totem is an owl). My partner and I already have two children, one of which is autistic. So, after much deliberation, I decided it best to terminate the pregnancy. Immediately after the procedure I felt so much regret over my decision. In hindsight, I see that I denied what was really happening to myself probably as a way of coping and once it was done, all these terrible feelings of guilt and loss crashed on me. I keep having heartbreaking dreams of a child I’ve never met. Nobody knows what I’ve done.
    A few days before the termination, my daughter gave me a bracelet that she’d made with a little owl charm on it. Now, I’ve heard an owl at night in the trees by my house. I’ve lived here years and there have never been any sign of owls until now. I’m being showed images of owls very often in various places.
    I’ve researched and found that they are keepers of the afterlife and are related to fertility, secrets and dreams and also bad omens and death.
    Is this all related to my experience? Is this a message for me regarding my unborn child? Should I be worried or is my grief and guilt entirely pushing me over the edge? I am guilty of my crimes and I am expecting some sort of payback to restore the balance.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Indie;

      Apologies for delayed reply. I’m a professional psychic medium and, as you might imagine, the first of the year is always an incredibly busy time for me.

      I am sorry you are in such pain. With your permission, I’ll send you tons of light and healing energy.

      First, I encourage you to seek grief counseling if your feelings are too overwhelming.

      Next, from a spiritual and metaphysical perspective, Owl energy being so prevalent in your life is related to your experience. However, maybe not in the way you think. Too many of us are afraid of what lurks in the dark. But Owl knows all the great knowledge is stored in the vastness. Perhaps it might help to consider the following perspectives regarding the decision:

      • There are many spiritual folks who believe that a soul does not walk into a body until the moment it is born. In this, a termination may not have all the stigmas humans attach to it.
      • There are many who believe in Sacred Contracts. This means that your soul group (you, the unborn child, partner) made an agreement to play these roles in each other’s lives. The soul of the unborn child may very well have agreed to the termination as an act of love so that you and your partner could learn lessons that you needed or wanted to learn.

      Again, I urge you to seek grief counseling. I, also, urge you to reconsider “expecting payback”. Please remember that we manifest our reality. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of The Secret or The Law of Attraction but before you become convinced ‘payback’ is necessary to restore balance, I hope you’ll consider reading these books.

      Finally, The Course in Miracles teaches us about the miracle of forgiveness. When you’re ready, take some time and read this book.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  23. Emmanuel Mdidi says:


    Thank you very this article. Just after I read the article I found that it is the right place to ask for a help. In November 2016 I was driving from home to a certain bush (site) at around 2030hrs East African Time (Tanzania), and after driving a while (in the bush, two kilometers away from residents) an Owl just flew from my back and landed just by the road at my left side. He was pecking something down and raised his head and looked at me straight through the wind mirror at my driving seat. I had to stop and look straight at him. He did repeated the action (pecking then looking at me) three times and then flew away again from the way he came from. After that I remained there for a while thinking later decided to return home. Can anyone help me what might this mean? And what do you advice me that I can do?

    Thank you much,

    Emmanuel Mdidi.

    Dodoma Tanzania.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Emmanuel;

      You are most welcome! Thank you for taking the time to comment on and visit WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com!

      When our Spirit Animal looks us directly in the eye it is a powerful moment! What’s really interesting about this encounter is that you distinctly remember the Number 3 (3 times pecking and looking). In Numerology, 3 is the sacred number of unlimited creativity and potential. I think Owl kept ‘pecking’ to show you that whatever you want to achieve can be accomplished if you just take things one little ‘peck’ at a time. Intuitively, I feel like you want to start a project (maybe a business). Owl is letting you know that you can and should go ahead. You have the wisdom!

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  24. Emmanuel Mdidi says:

    And, by the way I never had any knowledge about these concepts below. Thank you so much for the article.

    Owl Symbolism & Meaning
    Spirit Animal
    Totem Animal
    Power Animal
    Native American Symbolism
    Celtic Symbolism
    Owl Dreams
    Astrology & Zodiac
    Return to all Birds
    Back to all Spirit Animal Meanings

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello again, Emmanuel;

      You are very welcome! So happy to have you join us here at WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com!

      Stay wild,

  25. Jen says:

    I have had several encounters with a saw-whet owl which typically live in the woods. We don’t. In fact, while there are a few pines near our place, it is rather open.

    The first night he was sitting on a feed dish in our turkey pen. I was able to approach (which I know saw-whets will let people do…) I wasn’t sure if he was trapped. I got my husband, snapped a couple of pictures of this unusual sighting, and then he flew out of the pen. (He actually wasn’t trapped at all as he fit quite easily out of the wire. I then found him in the barn the next day. He allowed me to approach very closely then flew a bit higher into rafters.

    Two days later, I then saw him sitting on a shovel handle leaning up against our turkey’s coop in sub-zero weather in the morning (it was daylight out). I approached and thought he had died as he was covered in frost. I put my face literally inches from him (I was talking to him) and he peered at me under frosty eyebrows and flew a few feet away and then right back to the shovel handle feet from me. I thought he must be sick (and I know a raptor rehab person) so I thought, “Well, if I catch him, it’s sure something must be wrong.” An inch from touching he flew away…I felt badly that I had disturbed him but I honestly thought it was not normal for even a saw-whet to allow someone so close.

    I walked to our barn to finish chores and there he was again. He watched me briefly and then went back to resting. That night…back on the shovel handle! (Clearly hunting.) Next morning…watching me from a bike handle.

    I see where he has a cache of mice and some owl pellets so he is eating and as the temperatures warm (it’s been sub-zero) he seems more animated.

    I feel like there is a connection…and it is positive. I didn’t mean to disturb him during our encounters, but I did think he was ailing at first. Any thoughts to why this little owl has taken up residence and allowed so much interaction? How can one tell if it means it’s time to transition to a new path versus feeling like being guided through a dark patch? Any thoughts?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Jen;

      Apologies for delayed reply. Was away at a master mediumship development workshop with the incredible Janet Nohavec!

      First, thank you for teaching me about Saw-whet Owls! When I read what you wrote about these types of Owls being ‘known’ for allowing humans to get close to them I researched it and it’s true! How COOL is that?!!!

      When a wild animal takes up residence within our ‘energy sphere’ – there’s ALWAYS a reason. There actually can be many reasons. Make no mistake animals can feel the energy, heart, and intentions of humans. Owl came to your home, specifically.

      My thoughts are – while Saw-whet Owls may be different than other birds of prey in that they allow humans to approach them, they are nocturnal and do their very best to stay behind the scenes. They are rarely spotted and considered ‘secretive’. Perhaps it’s your time to step-up and ‘be seen’. Also, while these Owls are the cutest darned critters, they are no-joke hunters. If you’re going through a ‘dark patch’, trust your fierceness. Like the Saw-whet Owl, perhaps people underestimate you because you’re sweet. Let that be their mistake. Go after your ‘prey’ as confidently as does the Saw-whet Owl. Keep your eye on the prize. Swoop in and create the life you want! You can do it! I have faith in you and so does your Owl!

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  26. Krista says:

    Hi Bernadette. Firstly, thank you for your beautiful website and all the information you share. I am learning a lot from you, and I am grateful for the care and detail you put into your work.
    I would like to ask you about a vision I had during a gong bath meditation I attended this evening. Some background: I have been working on my third and first energy centers (and others) quite a bit, and I set the intention for the gong bath that I am worthy, I matter, I am safe. I am worthy of respect, love, and that i am worthy and capable of being a healer/Medicine Woman. I am working with a Shaman to learn and undergo a soul retrieval. I will be the client, but it is also like “on-the-job” training, to use his words. I am excited about it, as healing speaks to my heart. But I found myself recently questioning if I was worthy of doing it, and that upset me. I realized that doubt and fear came from my past–I was not supported much throughout my life and have in many ways been on my own since childhood. This is something I am working to clear and the soul retrieval will help with that. I am also doing other work towards my own healing that has been ongoing for several years or more.
    Ok. That is background. During the gong bath, I saw a beautiful, majestic white owl, edged with faint specks of black. The owl was seated and looking directly at me. Green-yellow eyes. It kept appearing to me throughout the gong bath. The left side of my body had periodic spasms throughout the meditation (I was lying down for it). I wonder if I might have been releasing some stuck energy that was blocking my feminine side? I also repeated to myself that I am worthy to help people and be a Medicine Woman. About 3/4 into the gong bath, I saw a Native American woman in her 60s. I understood her to be a Medicine Woman (I use that term for a female Shaman–not sure if that is correct). She wore her hair in two braids, with a yellow feather. She wore a cream blouse and a skirt like a blanket, royal blue with yellow, red, and orange. She wore moccasin boots. She had on a lot of necklaces and turquoise. She was smiling, and I could see she was naturally a good-natured person because I saw her smile lines. Her eyes were very loving, like a grandmother. I believe she is a Spirit Guide sent to help me on my spiritual path. She was with me until the end of the meditation. I asked her name but i am not sure. Two Rivers popped in my head, but I think that is something else.
    I also saw a yellow butterfly.
    Can you please help me understand what I was shown? I interpret the butterfly as transformation, which goes with soul retrieval. I am preparing to next take part and also learn the Spirit Calling ceremony. From reading your writings on Owl, that makes some sense to me as I look back at what was taken/lost prior to the retrieval. I interpret the Medicine Woman as support from Spirit.
    I appreciate any insights you are willing to share. I am relatively new at this and learning to recognize and trust my intuition. Thank you so much, and love and light to you!

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Krista;

      Apologies for delayed reply. Was away at a master mediumship development workshop with the incredible Janet Nohavec!

      Wow! Thank you for the detailed explanation!

      One of the first things that jumps out at me is how many times the color Yellow came into your awareness – you mention Yellow several times in your post. You also mention a number of times that you are working on self-confidence. Sounds to me like your Solar Plexus Chakra (the chakra of self-confidence and self-worth) is trying to get your attention. Maybe spend some time working with its energy – healing and balancing it. Visit my sister-site BuildingBeautifulSouls.com to learn all about the Solar Plexus Chakra: Meaning, Healing, & Meditation.

      Finally, I’ve been a professional psychic medium for many, many years. During that time I’ve coached a fair number of students. Never once did I meet anyone who wasn’t ‘worthy’ of helping others. We don’t all have to be the most magical shaman/medicine women who’ve ever walked the planet. We just have to truly want to be in the service of others.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

      • Krista says:

        Thanks so much, Bernadette. This helos! I will keep working to strengthen my third chakra. And thank you for the reassurance on being a healer. I do feel it in my heart. Love and light to you!

  27. pam says:

    Hi, I had a reading on a Saturday and a soul retrieval on Sunday. Neither practitioner knew each other and in both instances Owl was the animal I have to work with. I totally love the description of slowing down, paying attention and speaking what is true. It’s time for me to slow down I’ve been busy organizing and running lots of events and creating for others. I need to release things that don’t work any more. And I know I’m intuitive but would like to develop it further for my own guidance and potential healing work. Thanks for the description!

  28. Skye says:

    Blessings Bernadette,
    Firstly, thank you for the info you share, and for the time you take to respond to all who reach out to you here. I find it a blessing from the Divine to have been lead to your site and anxiously await your input.
    2016 was quite a traumatic year. My mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and my husband & I separated. For months I was filled with resentment, but was eventually brought to a place of spiritual healing & enlightenment, and made a strong connection with my higher self that I would have never found were it not for the circumstances that led me to despair & solitude.
    My mother has just finished her 3rd extensive round of chemo, each one causing more damage than the last, weakening her body and causing rapid tumor growth. I was very sick myself, about 2 years ago, and have been on my own journey back to health from deaths door with assistance from a strict vegan diet, herbs, fasting, meditation, crystals & light. I begged her to also go the holistic route since her diagnosis, but this is her journey & I have just recently been able to let go of my own expectations to be supportive of her choices in this life.
    In the past 3 nights, my eyes have been drawn to the silhouette of the most graceful, beautiful owl.. maybe 12 feet overhead each time. Last night, my husband (recently reconciling) was with and saw her as well, although maybe a different bird, as it was miles apart. I have felt a peaceful, endeared connection each time & know that she is called to me. In my 35 years I cant remember other owl sightings.. and I have also previously bonded with the elk as my totem and felt the same awe and synchronicity. Though I am having a hard time deciphering the message this time.
    After much research, I have learned the owl is both connected with fertility as well as the foretelling of death. I have had problems with infertility since I terminated a pregnancy when I was 18, and have yearned to be a mother so desperately over the past few years that it often fuels my desire to stay steadfast in my discipline to reclaim optimal health. Yet, with my mother’s recent grim prognosis, I am hesitant as much as I am hopeful as to what the majestic owl is here to show me. I could really use your insight.
    With love & light,

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Skye;

      Please accept my most profound apology for the tardy reply. I would never intentionally keep you waiting. I’m working hard to keep up with comments on both my sites – WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com and BuildingBeautifulSouls.com but, sometimes, I don’t get as many answered as I would like.

      With your permission, I’ll send healing energy to you. If your mom grants me permission, I’ll do the same for her.

      First, I honor your sacred contract to walk the path of a mystic. Perhaps you don’t see yourself in such a light but over the years I’ve found that those who experience many traumatic events all in a shot span of time and who choose to use the events as catalysts for a spiritual awakening are mystics. Additionally, you bonding with Elk as a Spirit Animal makes perfect sense as you walk the mystic’s path. Elk symbolize stamina. Only those who persevere can walk a path like yours. But, no matter how physically and mentally strong Elk are in the Deer family. Hence, Elk are uber sensitive. On my sister-site, BuildingBeautifulSouls.com, you can read more about Elk symbolism and meaning. I think it will also help if you read about the Deer Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal.

      As regards messages from Owls, look more deeply into what Owl really comes to tell us – it is not for the weak. The Owl Spirit Animal shows up when it’s time to look into the shadows and face our fears, our guilt, our pain. In this, Owl as an animal spirit guide would not present its energy to you unless it knows you’re ready.

      Never forget that Owls are birds of prey. They make no apologies for their choices. I wonder if Owl is asking you to release any guilt or shame you might have stored in your root chakra (which is where shame is stored). By clearing and healing the root chakra, it’s possible the fertility blocks will be released.

      One more thing to note about Owls – they have binaural hearing. This enables Owls to hear the faintest of sounds so they can locate their prey in total darkness. Right now, my love, you’re experiencing a bit of ‘darkness’. You’re doing a TERRIFIC job of finding your way into the light and Owl energy can help you navigate any further darkness you may experience.

      I notice you take great care to note dates and numbers. Have you considered looking into Numerology as an additional method of uncovering messages from spirit? I can suggest calculating your own numbers using my Numerology Calculator.

      Finally, my guides are telling me that one day you’ll help others with their nutrition and you’re gonna do great!

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  29. Gracie says:

    Hello B, it all happened that i slept at the verandah yesterday and my brother said he saw an owl directly in front of me watching me while i was sleeping,pls what does that mean? Is it my late mom watching me or my spirit being?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Gracie;

      Oh my gosh! I read your post and my heart just lit up! I feel like your mom smiled a LOT and always did her best to see the bright side of life! And, only those who love us most watch over us as we sleep. I believe your mom came to you as the Owl. In fact, I’ll bet you start seeing Owls in the strangest places and at the strangest times.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  30. Kim Jones says:

    Hi I am on my spiritual path anew I was alone in the house just puttering and as I walked passed the stairs I swear I heard an owl hoot as clear as anything I found this amazing and curious and wanted to hear more but was grateful for that one time as yet what would be your comment on this and what do I still need to do on my spiritual path I would live to read your comments many thanks kim x

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Kim;

      Congratulations on walking your spiritual path! And, welcome to the “Hearing Things That Aren’t There Club”! LOL As you begin to open up all your senses (which is what those on a spiritual journey do) you’ll become super sensitive to energies and messages from Spirit. Though I can’t speak to what else you ‘need’ to do on your spiritual journey (because I don’t know where you came from or where you want to go) I can say that Owl usually shows up at some point along a spiritual awakening.

      See, Owl’s feathers are specially adapted so that they are able to fly completely undetected. So, Owls can never be heard flying and in the dark they can’t be seen or heard – unless they hoot. In this, Owls teach us to trust that there are beings around us that might not see or hear – but they are still there. And, when they choose to let us know they are there, it’s up to us to pay attention.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  31. Rose says:

    I was curious, I’ve been hearing owls in my neighborhood park, and one night I decided to hoot back, we were hooting back and forth. Well the owls (three) were getting closer and closer. Until finally they flew close to my window. I was not frightened, I was rather fascinated. While two flew in distant directions one flew right above my roof top and we were what seemed conversating, hooting back and forth, were it not for my mother who was frightened we may have been there for a long time. What would this have meant. I’m very curious. Owls seem to follow me as well as crows.

  32. George says:

    I am new to all this and I am wondering if Owl is really my spirit animal. I have never seen Owl or felt a strong spiritual connection with birds. I have taken the quiz many times and each time I got Owl. When I am meditating, I often envision Horse. Does this mean I am connected with Horse instead? Also, what scents would you recommend for meditating purposes? I am currently using Frankincense. Does this affect my meditation? I am going on a spiritual retreat soon and I would like maximize the effect of my meditation to achieve ultimate balance.

  33. Brandon says:

    I have felt my entire life that there were spirits around me, and being unseen, they were always there. I have several memories of seeing things, that were not, in the physical since, there in reality. I have seen in pictures taken by others when the feeling of being watched was overwhelming, balls of light, that in some of them had the features of human faces within. Until a couple of days ago, I have seen the actual presence of departed spirits, or ghosts. The first time was the vision of 3 men’s silloues within 20-30 yards of myself and I said to a friend that was with me “who are they” and his reply was “I don’t know, but there’s 3 of them”. That let me know I wasn’t the only one who saw them. I was in a place where down the rd, 3 men where killed in an accident while moving grain storage bins came in contact with overhead power lines. The 2nd time, I heard what sounded like the horn on my truck blow, and looked out the window, with the same being watched feeling, and saw someone sitting in my driver’s seat looking at me. It took me maybe 10 seconds to put on my shoes and go see who it was, and there was nobody there. That leads me to the most recent event 2 days ago. I was home, the same area where first experience occured. I felt an overwhelming feeling of being watched, and proceeded to look out the door to where my van was parked. Something drew my attention to the van, what appeared to be someone inside, I took several pictures with my cell phone and then checked to see if anyone was there and there was nothing. I looked at the pictures and to my surprise, there was an owl standing on the ground in front of the van looking at me, that wasn’t in reality there when I took the picture. That’s isn’t the only thing I saw! Inside the van where several different men sitting in the front and back seats. I could make out faces and bodies of them all. There were also what appeared to be animal figures inside as well, also lots of other faces where visible as well! In other pictures the owl was not there, but the faces and the men remained but where in different positions. The really unsettling thing was that in a still picture, the figures where moving! One was looking down and moved his attention towards me, and his lips were moving like he was speaking to me! The other figures made movements with their hands like they slowly pointing at me! I know that this sounds crazy, but I showed these pictures to my mother, and she was clearly disturbed to be seeing these images and the movement! I used her phone and took several more pictures at night and there were more images. Men inside and a cloud, like smoke was clearly present above the van. In the trees there were faces and also in the smoke. There was also another type of animal laying on the ground under a chair near where the owl was located that was looking at me also. We have, in the past couple of months lost my dad. None of the images appears to be him, but the owl that is present has meaning said to carry a message or be symbolic of a loved one. I have never really told people about these feelings I have had my entire life or the things that I have seen for fear of being called crazy, but when I saw the pictures, I had substantiating proof to show, my mother is the only one I showed them to but I finally got to tell her about all of these things that I have had to keep inside! Can u tell me what this means or what I need to do. I don’t feel threatened or in danger I am just very interested and want to know why all of these spirits and this owl are seeking my attention!

    • spiritanimals says:

      Hello, Brandon;

      My humble apology for the delayed reply. I’m working hard to personally reply to all comments on both my sites – WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com and BuildingBeautifulSouls.com. Right now I only have 2 hands but I am working on getting surgery to become an Octopus – then I’ll have eight! 😉

      Please accept my condolences on your family’s loss.

      I don’t know how much you’ve read here at WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com but I’m a professional psychic medium so neither you nor your stories sound crazy to me. I talk to discarnate beings (animals and humans) every day. Over the past 20 or more years of doing this work, I’ve found that when spirits show up to folks it’s a call that, perhaps, they should consider psychic medium work. Additionally, spirits can show up to super sensitives who are in the healing arts or want to be in the healing arts.

      Now, if you’re absolutely not interested in either of those things just ask spirit to let you know what it/they want. They’ll get the message to you. Just be open and the answer will present itself.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  34. Kathy mccoy says:

    The day of the passing of my ex-husband which we are still good friends and I will stop by my window in the late evening and who did for four hours until I fell asleep do you know the meaning of this and can you tell me if this is a good thing

  35. James says:

    I saw an Owl outside of my window about two weeks before I did ayahausca and LSD, in which I was visited by basically the owl god in a soul crushing experience of the destruction of my karma.

  36. Delaney Nelson says:

    Hi Bernadette,

    I recently just had a spiritual experience with an owl.. I shared the expirience with a group on Facebook and everyone keeps telling me that the Owl is my totem animal or spirit animal. While I was sleeping last night I felt my soul leave my body and travel to diffrent realms, I could feel, smell and hear things in these environments. I don’t remember much but I just knew I was traveling because everything was moving. I could hear air rushing all around my head and the visions were blurred while I was moving. This isn’t the first time I have had an experience like this. I kept getting scared though… And I would keep waking up. Everytime I woke up I would look at the wall in front of my bed and see the shadow of an owl on it. The shadow would grow and get bigger, like the owl was spreading its wings. I didn’t understand why the owl appeared until I read this article… Everything is making sense now. I think the spirit of the owl was trying to show me something or take me somewhere but I was too scared of how vivid all these visions and realms were.

    It all makes sense though. I have always been drawn to them for as long as I can remember. I have countless owl earrings, necklaces and pictures in my room. I always thought they were beautiful animals. And I hear them hooting around the house at night or just about everywhere I go. It makes sense that they are my totem animal. My question is though; How do I further connect with the spirit of the Owl? And use these hidden gifts that everyone tells me I have? What do I do? Are there any meditations, rituals how can I learn more about what the spirit of the owl can do. I don’t know much about spirit animal, so this is all new to me.

    Thank you in advance. <3

    Sense I have found out that I do have a

  37. Joy says:

    Hello Bernadette,

    Tonight I needed to walk and as I did an owl spoke to me. It was very unusual talk – I thought there were two of them speaking to one another, but then just one owl flew away deeper into the woods. I found myself smiling and loving the experience. I have been trying to manifest change in my life – can you share with me what you see/feel?

  38. Shelli says:

    Hello! I am up freaked out. I woke up at 3:40 am to an owl hooting outside my window. I’ve only heard an owl once before and it was also at night outside my window. My mother in law says it is a bad omen, but I don’t want to believe that. Also, I have a few owl decorations in my home that I bought because I liked them, before I heard anything about them being a bad omen. I’ve also always felt connected and amazed by the moon. I guess I’m hoping that the owl hooting outside my window doesn’t mean something bad is going to happen to me or my family.

  39. Tina says:

    Hi, While walking my dogs along a vineyard trail this morning, I found a dead owl. He had been there only a few hours. He was a large and beautiful barn owl, common to this area, however, their numbers have severely diminished here in the past 10 years. I’ve always admired, respected and am honored to hear them in our chimney, or see them on the deck. I felt deep sorrow for this owl, thinking perhaps he’d eaten mice tainted with poison as there are still people who refuse to understand the animal food chain. Then the detective in me observed his position, with one wing fully extended and laying on the very edge of this trail, as if he’d been thrown there. His position was odd. We also have coyotes quite often here, as well as the occasional cougar, and I know that owl wasn’t killed by either. I am deeply saddened at finding this beautiful creature. What wisdom did owl teach me?

  40. Christie Cliett says:

    I’ve been hearing in owl consistently all hours throughout the day which seems very strange for an owl. I usually hear it from my house. It seems like it’s a message for me? What do you think this means?

  41. JJ says:

    Hello !!!
    Yesterday I had a dream, I do not know if it maked any sense. In dream I was in some jungle in daytime and there were many wild animals but I do not remember what they were. I sensed that I was in danger and there was these two owls who protected me somehow. I looked up into the sky and they were flying above me like if they were gaurding and watching over me. I wanted to fly like them then they sent me there feathers. Two feathers each belonged to each owl. But when the feathers reach down to me, they were more like wings- huge ones. I loved them and held them close to me. And I looked around me, there were other owls who were looking at me and walking towards me. They were of various size and colors. I remember total black colored owl, owl with skin color and strips on it and some brown(dark and light) color. And the two owls who protected me early joined them. It seemed as if they were trying to approach me for some reason. But somehow I was little scared then I woke up. Before some weeks , I also saw one owl on my way to home. It was at middle of my way and it was brown. About that particular day, I always had a particular way back to home but that day I wanted to take another way but I my lost my way and there it was before me. Nothing special happened but I was surprised to see it there since I had never seen any owl in real life before also it was daytime and there was no jungles or many trees nearby just lots of houses.
    I wpuld be very happy to know if it all means something or not.
    Thank you for your time.

  42. Amelia says:

    Hi! I have been scouring your website today for every bit of information on the Owl, and want to thank you for all of this information! I was wondering your interpretation of an experience I had yesterday?

    Yesterday I went for a walk in the forest a little away from my house, I had only been there once.
    I was walking along the path, and a little sparrow/small bird was sitting in the middle of the pathway. I quietly walked up to it, and it did not fly away. It appeared very unalarmed as it kept pecking the ground.
    I was surprised, and said hello to it. I asked if it was taking me somewhere. It then proceeded to hop in a line down the path, and I slowly followed. This continued for at least 5 minutes, me following, the sparrow pecking and hopping in front of me. After a few minutes, the bird flew away and as I watched its flight path, it flew directly along a trail higher on the hill than me. I made my way to this new trail, and saw movement high in the trees. As I peered up, a very large, gray and light brown owl perched in a tree. I walked closer to it, and I looked directly up into the sky to see the bird. Its head moved around a couple times surveying the surroundings, and then it proceeded to lock eyes with me. And when I saw lock eyes, I mean it stared at me for a good 3 minutes. It was not alarmed by me, I was at least 30 feet below it and it looked calm. After a minute more of looking directly into my eyes, it flew away into the forest. Finally taking a breath, because I could not breathe while looking into those luminous curious eyes, I sat down on the trail and contemplated what had just happened. I feel like there is some very important symbolism or message trying to be conveyed to me, or something I should be looking for. Do you have any opinions? 🙂
    thanks very much

  43. Ashley says:

    So, I was just leaving my aunts house where there was a group of us meeting with a spiritual medium. She stated to me that birds are being shown to me to let me know that my loved ones are with me who have passed over. The only thing I thought of was a cardinal that I saw months ago that lingered far too long on a close by branch when he should’ve been spooked…then as I was leaving my aunts after our gathering, an owl was standing right in the middle of the road and wouldn’t move when my car approached it. I have only seen an owl in a zoo before! I didn’t hit him…but a car was behind me and on the other side of the road…so I couldn’t stop or go around it…so I drove slowly over top of him (keeping my tires away from him of course) and he was alive on the other side. Owls I always interpreted/thought were to be a sign of negativity/bad luck…but then I remember what the woman just told me. I felt odd when I saw him, not scared but just an odd peace. Is it bad I almost killed him?! Thanks!

  44. Hannah Villanueva says:

    I just wanted to thank you for this amazing piece of information. A few months ago, when I asked for my spirit animal to reveal itself to me, I was being led to the owl. I was walking along an aisle at Walmart killing time while my sister lined up and I came across an owl garden figurine and felt drawn to it so I bought it. It hangs outside in my mom’s garden. A few months later, my dad announces to us that there’s an owl living in one of our palm trees in front of our house. Mind you, this palm tree has no leaves. It’s completely barren with just the trunk but my dad never cut it down because for months, we use to watch a couple of woodpeckers create holes on them. Sure enough, now it has an owl living in there. Today, my brother in law tells me he has seen 3 owls in that tree. Do you think that’s a coincidence? I know my animal guide has heard me and has been revealing itself to me, blessing my family and I with its presence. Now, I just have to figure out how to utilize and tap into my animal guide for guidance. I’m still trying to figure this part out. Hence, the online research and such. It has been a learning experience for me and I thank you for posting these information. I’ve been getting goosebumps reading through your site. Bless you! ^_~

  45. Blessed says:

    Hi! I dreamt of a white-snowy owl last night. It was looking at me. I felt like it was trying to connect on me. Could this mean that the owl is my spirit animal? How can it help me?

  46. maria says:

    I had a dream a couple weeks ago and the morning of the dream, I snoozed my alarm and shut my eyes as I held/hugged both my grand kids, one in each arm, as I felt my body heavily falling asleep not quit asleep because i could hear the fan in the back ground. I saw a huge, huge owl black and white in the grey sky chasing a raven or crow am not sure which of the two birds it was, as I held both my grand kids (8 year old girl and 11 yrs old boy) trying to take cover because it was flying low trying to get the raven or crow. And I thought oh my he can easily carry my grand kids. He was a beautiful owl looked at me when we ducked for cover. Very stern and protective face trying to get the crow or raven. Thank you in advance

  47. MARIA says:

    I am new in my spiritual journey and meditation, During my meditation I heard loud chirping of birds, so loud that made me open my eyes, one I opened my eyes I saw in front of me a huge bird flying followed by a small brown bird, i followed them with my eyes and they were flying really so fast and in a snap they were gone, I don’t know where they go. Then did my research and found out that the bird is an owl

    Please help what is the meaning of this


  48. Abiola says:

    Hello, Im from West Africa and I came across your site when I was looking for great horned owls symbolism online… Here is my story actually this will be my third time an owl will appear to me but lemme state this third visiting of owl to me because I find it so strange as I was praying up to the sky in our compound last night then I saw the great horned owl flying over my head to the next building beside our house and it fly on the roof there close to where I was standing and it was staring at me from up there for some seconds which Im not sure how many seconds before it flew away from it position. What does this mean?

  49. flori says:

    i am really confused because i dont know which one is my spirit animal. I feel connected to 3 animals. To olws, wolfs and snakes. Once i saw a baby owl. i knew he probably had lost his parents and tried to help but he got away. A couple months later a small brown with black old kept coming to a tree and kept watch at me thru the window. i even saw one i could swear it was the same one in a different place miles away from my house.
    i live in a small city near to the mountains in albania. And once i was going out to meet my friends and heard gun shots and suddenly i saw a wolf running and when the wolf saw me he stopped and kept looking at me as if he was begging me to save him from the hunters. I was scared and didt know what to do. I think she sensed it and started running again.
    And somehow i have a sympathy for snakes. I am the first all ways to say in my family or my frinds group “i have seen a snake today”even tho its too cold for snakes to appear. This year I’ve seen my first snake in April. And have seen countless others. I loooovee to keep a ball python as a pet but my mom is too scared i cant convince her that ball pythons are harmless.
    i have been reading about these 3 animals a lot lately. Bc i cant tell which is the one. I can relate to all 3 of their spiritual symbolizess and meanings.
    can u somehow help me to finde my guider

  50. Vivian says:

    Very surprised to open kitchen door leading to outside terrace and find this beautiful beige owl staring right into my eyes and then quietly fly away…. So impressive…this happened in Gibraltar at 545am …meaning????? xx

  51. Soar says:

    SO… I was just able to see my friends aura, and I am slightly confused, is this something that has to do with the owl being my spirit totem or what, because I just connected with the owl as my totem in deep meditation yesterday, is it possible this has something to do with it?

  52. Jade Macquire says:

    Hello I received a 3 card reading and instantly felt nervous and my stomach in knotts.. I asked for more information and was advised to call on the olw…. I have done so.. Please could you give me some guidance x thank you my name is jade x

  53. jyotika says:

    i have lost my love a year ago he will complete his 1 year on 21 december 2017. i have never seen a owl white owl ever in my life . last year for the same days of 17 18 19 20 we were together at my home along with my friends .and i saw an white owl on 18 december.
    and i whispered his name vicky and also the owl have seen me like he was looking at me while the moment he came at my gallery window.
    can you please tell me was he my love who came to speak to me .. we love each other since 9 years .

  54. Angel says:

    Hello, recently while praying I felt compelled to light white candles and open my blinds to look outside. I began praying about several issues I’ve been having recently and asking for truth to be revealed, guidance, and direction among other things. I looked up and saw what I’m sure was an owl land on the fence in my backyard out the window. I was sooooooo amazed. I tried to grab my phone to take a pic and it flew away. I’m still somewhat in shock and feel it was definitely a sign- that has never happened to me before. I continued to pray and also I looked around a bit and came across your page. Also while I was praying I noticed the time of 2:22 on my phone. I’m wondering if you could offer any
    Guidance as to what this could mean. Thanks for any information you can offer

  55. Kristina Cranmer says:

    I am new to this (in a way), I’ve always felt the connection to everything around me but I never really looked into it, until my children came across a spirit animal quiz. It got me curious so I found your site and took the quiz. To my surprise (at first) my spirit animal is owl. I’ve always been drawn to butterflies and cats but my grandmother has always adored owls… So much to the point where she was sooo mad at our cat when she (the cat) left a baby owl on the doorstep that she (my grandmother) couldn’t stand for her (the cat) to be around for a REALLY long time. I tried to explain to her that the cat was giving her a gift and showing her how much she respected and loved her but sadly it didn’t seem to help. So the owl has always been present and every time I see one I think of my grandmother, not myself. So after I found out I was an owl I wanted to know more.. Come to find out owl is also my totem. Owl described my personality to a tee even when I was young (I was extremely dramatic). I’ve always loved the night and found myself to be most productive in the night. My friends know better than to ask my opinion if they don’t want the truth. I have found throughout my life to trust my instincts about a situation or person and can usually “see” people. The eyes are mirrors to one soul… I’ve always let my totem guide me I just didn’t have anything to associate it with until now. So, thank you for giving me that and thank you owl for your guidance.

  56. John says:

    I have been told on many occasions by American Indians friends who claimed to be, and had reputations as shamans, that my totem must be either Bear or Coyote. I’ve had a couple of “close encounters” with large Brown bears who were much larger than me.(I was 6’1″ and 260 lbs at the time) and I could see the color of their teeth! Both times I was unarmed and “dead to rights”. Both times they up on their hind legs, eyeballed me and got a nose full of my sent, snapped their teeth a few times, snorted and ambled off through the woods.We used to fish a lot (mountain stream) and almost always see a brown bear nosing around a few hundred yards away. Is that significant?
    When I was a kid and we lived on the prairie, I could usually get the coyotes worked up by howling like I was tracking a rabbit or something or just letting them know where I was! We had 1-2 “Coy dogs” that my sister and I could pet but nobody else could get close to.Once in a while one of them (wild or not) would bring in a baby jackrabbit (alive) and put it down where we were standing! In terms of a totem does this have much significance? I’m almost 70 and I think it’s time to find out!
    Thank you very much. keep up the good work. John

  57. Manuel says:

    hello……i dont normally do this but yesterday i had a bad dream and i saw a dead body in that dream , i woke up and the 1st thing i did was to pray. Now today , while i was answering a call ..i stepped outside my balcony to see a dead owl(believe me i got scared,real quick) so i called dad and mom told them to pray for me and i prayed again .
    Eventually, i started googling about “what a dead owl means and i arrived at this page”.
    So my question, what do you think this is, does it have a meaning behind it. Please i need ur opinion since u are well versed with animals.

  58. Terri says:

    My coworker has a 3 year old son who sees owls alot. At night he tells his mom that they are under his bed. She says he talks to them too.
    Any advice or information would be greatly helpful.

    • Alex says:

      Most probably not owls but an energy of sorts that is attached to your son. Seek spiritual guidance from a trained professional, as this might be a bad energy.

  59. Lisa says:

    Hi Bernadette!

    I’m not sure if you still read these and comment, but last night, I was driving to my friend’s house to take care of her cats.

    It was dark and foggy, and on the way there, I saw a beautiful, majestic owl oerched on the shoulder of the road.

    I slowed down and looked at him. He then surprised me by flying towards my car.

    Someone was driving closely behind me, so even though I put on my brakes (I couldn’t slam my brakes because of the person following me so closely), my car hit the owl.

    I felt angry and helpless. I felt angry at myself, angry at the person driving close behind me, and upset with the owl for flying towards the car.

    It was dark and foggy, so I could only see feathers and the headlights of the car behind me.

    I have since been wanting to understand why this happened or what does it mean? I’ve been upset about this since it happened.

    I love animals, so when something like this happens, I feel devastated.

    On a personal experience, I have been going through a lot of major changes in my life, and have been feeling overwhelmed by everything going on.

    Thank you for any words of wisdom or advice you can share.

    Have a beautiful day

  60. Aman Kutty says:

    I had a weird dream couple of days ago and since then I’m searching for the meaning of it.
    Im guided by two strangers who are foreigners as I’m Indian, they had a bedsheet with them which is supposed to put on the ground and wait for an owl to arrive, it’s night time we are behind a tree we laid the bedsheet on the ground and then an HUGE OWL appeared with it’s huge wings it looked straight into my eyes and landed on the bedsheet. I had to do something there I had dry leaves with me which I was said to put on the owl as it landed and I did exactly the same as soon as I did that the owl disappeared. Since this dream I’m searching for meaning and I’ve had other weird dreams which has animals. I hope I find the meaning behind it.

  61. Sakib says:

    I have never seen an owl. Why?

  62. Miss Mary ASHWORTH says:

    An owl visited our neighbourhood and hooted and sat in the highest Douglas Fir and within months my friend passed away.
    She was Type 1 Diabetic since childhood so probably an owl in our neighbourhood has nothing to do with it, as my friend
    was in ill health anyways. Very interesting about owls. like this one flew over our house and hooted into the late of nite.
    I would go out @ nite and try to take his picture, with no success. Now I had to sell the house & live in the city where just crows, seagulls, robins, seem to be the major ones.

  63. Brigitte Jones says:

    WoW… i drive home after late shift means i drive through country dirt road and i see 3 wise owls, (other night it was four i counted) all sitting on posts… i asks myself this has a meaning and im not too sure then til i read this website.. Alas my sis came oversea to catch up and we went on road trip and stayed at motel which happens to be titled Athena – i thought OMG connection somewhere and what is the answer.. i love a feedback to my experience…

  64. Erin says:

    I hit an owl the other night it had time to fly away and then came back under my truck. I just bumped it cause I slowed down and ran back to see if it was ok and it just sat there until we got real close and just flew off. I took it as a sign then just now a day later in mid daylight hours it came for me and darted towards my car this time and then flew off after I almost hit it again…?!

  65. Jennifer says:

    I’ve been praying on a sign from the divine as I’m in a difficult time in my life and last night there was an owl hooting on a light post outside my window.

  66. M guest says:

    I have a baby owl on my porch for the last few days. What is the purpose of it?

  67. Michelle Kirby says:

    I had to look this up because when I was driving to the hospital to see my husband, an owl flew above me about halfway through the drive. I was already sad & was told that he wasn’t doing good. I read before that the owl was a symbol of death & started bawling. He did pass away peacefully 2 days later. Reading that it accompanies a soul on it’s journey so it doesn’t get lost was comforting ❤️

    • Leela008 says:

      <3 Sorry for your loss.

  68. Leela008 says:

    I had a dream about a week ago that my house was haunted. My daughter and I were so scared so we ran outside. It was dark and scary. As we ran I prayed to the angels to help keep us safe and an owl flew by overhead and I knew we were going to be all right. I met two angels that helped my daughter and I.Towards the end they showed us that we had the power of light and magic within us and not to forget it. A couple of days after that dream I heard an owl early in the morning when I went to feed my dog. I have lived at my home for 6 hears and have never heard an owl. I am having problems with my health as well. Wondering if my end is near.

  69. Olena says:

    Thank you so much for such a full and beautiful presentation. I’m a graphical designer myself. Tell please your webmaster that this web site and the videos are the master peace! I HAVE FOUD my totem, my spiritual animal today! I have made several tests and I have found them not complete, I did not feel any connation no with Butterfly (the result of the first test), neither with Bee (the test on your site. I knew that it is not a way to find your animal by the tests. Not for me anyway. And this evening, a little later, I draw a car at night and two owls have crossed my way. I did not think about anything, but I just felt! I had received as an electroshock and I cried, I just could not stop the emotion as I felt, just felt and new the same second that Owl is my animal . And suddenly I remembered that I’m so tired and sleepy in the morning end often the day too and that I find the best of my energy in the evening and at night. I remembered that on my phone I have chosen a nature sound with owl crying as a melody for calls. I have remembered that I have crossed the countries to find my husband and my husband had an owl at home that he rescued! Then my mother in law has got a collection of owls any sort. That we leave in a country house and almost each night I hear owls singing! We have left t our house for a while as it needed to be repaired, we even thought to sell it but something stopped me and told me to return and to rebuild it! This night I was drawing a car and I was crying as I have felt such a powerful and strong connation! Instead of returning to our actual house I draw to our abandoned house, I stood in the middle of the yard for several seconds and . … I heard the owls … far at first… then closer .You cannot imagine the sensation that it gives you to rejoin with a part of you that you have forgotten, that you did not pay attention to. So, yes, it is strong, when we are ready, we need this connection. For anyone who searches, I wish you to find, kisses and love. And thanks again for the web site you have created !

  70. pat flamberg says:

    I have had owls hooting around me at various times over the last few years. This is a warning that there is some hidden danger around you, either someone is selling you food laced with poison or someone is coming in your home to poison your food. There is a plot on the outside against you. This likely is a plot to give you a spell when you are outside your home that makes you go to a specific store and buy something that was set up in advance that is poisoned. The owl warns you to use your psychic ability and SEE the threat so that you have the power to protect yourself and avoid the attack against you. IF you were just destined to die, he wouldn’t just show up. He is warning you to SEE and take action

  71. David Cable says:

    Hi – reading the Owl page; it is helpful but may I make a humble suggestion? Might you consider referring to Native American tradition instead of superstition? Sent with an open heart and all humility.

    • spiritanimals says:

      Hi, David!

      Oh, gosh! Thanks for catching that! I have NO idea how “superstition” was used in place of “tradition”. It’s corrected now.

      Stay wild,

  72. Daniel Le says:

    All people are made differently, some may believe, and some may not. Learning is power, but wisdom is silence …
    “Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.” ~ Plato

  73. DANIEL LE says:

    Everybody has their own reasons, but who says your right or wrong , and I am also speaking on myself as well. I may be right or wrong, but I do believe in many things. Just 1 thing to remember….. NEVER LOSE HOPE, FAITH,, and LOVE!!!

  74. Anonymous says:

    im a Sagittarius, and the other day i wanted to bad to quit my pill habit, and find ”myself” instead of coping with pills. I have a hard time being around a lot of people, that sort of personality. So coping with pills once i started having ”social anxiety”around 11 years old and being really intune with people and seeing through their facade, it made me feel ”Normal”. Anyways, i listened to a binural beat to open my third eye, and while my eyes were closed i seen golden lights and started to feel i left my body, i was racing through some sort of space time. It was pure euphoria. When i got scared, i just stopped. And when i took my headphones out i was full of more energy then the pills could ever give me, i felt simply amazing. And i always doubted a lot of these spiritual meanings and events, as a way to hide what i’m truly meant for and just be a part of the ”crowd”. Anyways, around a MINUTE after me doing this, i heard an OWL hooing. and ive NEVER since i was about 10years old (22 now). heard an owl, especially in my townhouse the neighbors here are noisy and loud. The owl stayed doing that for about 2 minutes, and i was shocked, after i stopped hearing it i knew it left. And about 15 – 20 minutes later the sun came up. All i know and learned is that the owl came to me , i believe as a good sign. I wish i could understand what it said.

  75. Pamela Holberg says:

    This afternoon before sunset, an owl dove close to me.
    This is the second time in a matter of months. Years ago one dove right towards me and it appeared to get so close that we met eyes.
    Is there any meaning behind these encounters that you know of.

  76. trev says:

    im native american, and it is indeed a part of out lives, we are intune with nature, until colonalism and residentail schools, ripped apart families, and beliefs in the name of stripping us of heathenism , some kept it alive, but for most of us its a lost understanding of our ways

  77. Amanda says:

    Myself being from the midwest can always remember seeing owls. My husband from northern Florida until a few years back had never laid eyes on one. On his way home from work about 4yrs ago an owl flew up next to him while driving. Then another later in his trip on the same day. He was freaked out by this. We normally work together getting very little time apart , which is why I am trying to figure out what and for who the owl is trying to relay. I then started seeing them. With and without him. In the day amd night. One night our encounter was quite eerie. We lived very out in nowhere ville. One way in one way out. Very beautiful area on St. Johns river surrounded by swamp. Anyway we came up on an owl in the road dining on some road kill. We were unsure of exactly what it was until approaching closer. As we did he turned his head almost entirely around like they can so amazingly do. This owl looked at me, him, us. Looked deep into us it seemed. Never moving. We turned to look at each other. Tears start pouring from my eyes . He however is freaked . Why wont he move? I said i dont know, just calm down. He finally went around him, my husband keeping a close eye on him in mirror. We love being outside. Away from all. We now live in Iowa and have for a couple years. Here we can go outside in the evening and it be so silent . Then we will hear them. They become very loud. If he hears one and he is alone he gets scared and runs inside. I on the other hand will try talking to it( because im weird like that) asking if he has a message and trying to locate him by his hoo. This is just a couple encounters. There are many. Anyway if anybody has any insight I would greatly appreciate it

  78. Rachel says:

    This is a response to Anonymous, and in part inspired by Amanda’s comment. I had never before seen owls in my neighborhood, as it is by the city and close to a highway. One night I came home and heard owls hooting these beautiful, clear, amazing “Who’s” right above my bedroom window. I opened the window and sat there, listening to them for a while. About a few weeks ago, when I was stressed and looking for a new job with no success, I heard the owls again. I never saw them, but I could tell they were great beings by the powerful yet gentle “Who’s” they kept saying to me. I feel that they may have somehow led me to my current position– or helped me through the dark– away from anxiety and depression and I sense that I am being led towards greater things. Funny thing is that I was abroad in another country for a year, I visited an owl cafe, and one owl (a great snowy owl) and I locked eyes. We had this entire conversation with just our eyes– wisdom and word of encouragement flowing through each other. I think he felt very alone, isolated, even though he was surrounded by other owls (just like me, a foreigner in a different country). No one could speak his language. When I was younger, there was a great weather change, and snowy owls that could no longer survive up north fled to the southern regions where we lived. One day, out on the playground, I remember ‘hearing’ or ‘feeling’ a presence and it was calling out to me. I noticed the largest owl I have ever seen in my life, a great big white snowy owl. He was sitting on the bar held above a tiny metal swing set, and he and I just kept looking at each other. I remember later how I felt when I learned that most snowy owls that came were younger and smaller. However, an adult came to visit me. It was like I was also feeling its presence, a large, massive presence. Reminds me of my therapist who I recently started seeing, her office is filled with owls, and one day I felt her aura flash and it has great big wings around her! I recently also just received a new car with a silver emblem surrounded by a circle, like an owl’s crest! Amazing! Maybe it’s time to call the owl as a totem or power animal into my life. I believe, also, it will help guide me through my spirituality and spiritual encounters that have been getting stronger lately. I keep seeing owl symbols and eyes popping up seemingly randomly… usually when I am seeking for something deeper.

  79. Jessica Wilson says:

    This has happened twice to me and I hope never again. I was driving at night on both occurrences, alone, when an owl flew directly into the side of my Jeep and on both occasions the owl was killed on impact They both hit the drivers side of my vehicle where I was sitting. The first one was a sweet little white fluffy baby owl that must of been learning to fly and the other was a gigantic full-grown owl that hit the side of my vehicle as I went down the freeway. What does this mean? It’s devastating to realize that the little one wouldn’t of been killed if I would of just had my window down. Please help with any knowledge you may have.

  80. Neal says:

    I looked in the back yard this morning from the patio & there’s an owl sitting on top of the van in the back yard. Knowing it’s a sign I walked right up 6 feet from him & got chills. Our world is in a serious battle. If you look at our website you will see we help others attacked with electronic weapons. I ask every day what can I do in the highest good. I’m so busy all the time & miss quiet time in nature. I lived on 28 acres in Nor Cal & had to sell & leave for being attacked with microwaves & having my house burned down. As a whistle blower I exposed Designer Diseases being used on the unknowing public. I sat on the ground to hear what I was being told through the Owl. I was told to sit quiet and live up to my full potential. I can feel the connection of the Crow Indian flowing through my blood. I know I’m here to do something but haven’t known what it will be. I am different than others & have often felt I don’t belong here. My heart aches to see what has been done to the earth and it’s people. At this point we that ” Know Things ” must do all we can for the Highest good. If any of you intuitive have a message for me Please share. A lady was glowing white around her 20 years ago & said I will do something that will affect a lot of people. I have suffered with Lyme & being attacked for 30 years to stay here for what I do. Another intuitive told me the military has watched me since I was 3 years old. What do I do now ? With Love ….

  81. diann says:

    as a child i remember one sunny afternoon as my parents were taking us to the park, an owl in a tree just swooped down at me, for unknown reasons. I always wondered about this.

  82. Martha the Baker says:

    I wish I could put into words the situation I’m in that lead me to find this page. Thank you very much for this information. ❤️

  83. moshe says:

    how do i invoke this owl Animal

    • Hema Manik says:

      I want to know n learn about owl totem

  84. Dawn Hendler says:

    I can’t believe I have found this, I can’t explain either how I did, but thankfully I did,

  85. Anthony Langstone says:

    You’re insights are wonderful & as timely as nature’s creatures who appear at the right time. At special reflective times, nature asks us to take stock & slow down. These ancient portents are powerful tools connecting us to source.

    Thank you

  86. Maggie Evans says:

    This has been very helpful for me. Owl has been showing up even in the corners of my life. I have determined to bring one (not live) into my home as a household guide. Thanks

    • SupraConscious Living says:

      I found an Owl on the door steps of my Inner city building in Jersey City one morning around 730 -8 am.
      It was white about 31 days old or so.
      I brought it inside without any problem. The was like 06-07 I was maybe 16-17.
      It freaked my mother out at night and she made me get rid of it lol .

      Its crazy that I didn’t discover my love for Knowledge, The Sciences; Alchemy and philosophy until 25

  87. Jimmie says:

    Not sure how I found this page but I love it. I feel the owl spirit has always been my spirit animal after reading this. Absolutely amazing.

  88. Ukko Kotila says:

    The great horned owl chose me. In my early teens I raised an orphaned great horn. I am 75 years old. An owl frequently spends the day in the dense evergreens in my backyard.

  89. SupraConscious Living says:

    I found an Owl on the door steps of my Inner city building in Jersey City one morning around 730 -8 am.
    It was white about 31 days old or so.
    I brought it inside without any problem. The was like 06-07 I was maybe 16-17.
    It freaked my mother out at night and she made me get rid of it lol .

    Its crazy that I didn’t discover my love for Knowledge, The Sciences; Alchemy and philosophy until 25.

    What’s even crazier is that the Owl is According to this article my Zodiac and Astrological Sign in Native American Astrology that’s even more interesting looking back at it now.

  90. Abbie says:

    I asked my friend to think of me as an animal, what would I be? He said an owl bc im wise but not w i s e wise ya know? So I did some research and holy sh*t i relate to this, almost to a T. It’s scarily accurate and made me see myself in a different perspective.

  91. Anne says:

    Every time I take a quiz to figure out my spirit animal, it comes out as owl. When I first bought my 40 acres of land, in February a few years ago, I was walking in the woods. I heard a very particular noise and a large shadow over me. I looked up and saw the most beautiful white owl. He landed about 50 feet ahead of me on a branch. I squatted down and stared at this beautiful creature. He turned its head and looked straight at me. I recall speaking softly saying to him, you are safe here, no one will hurt you. We both are, this is our sanctuary. I looked at him for a good ten minutes until it flew away. I was awe struck.

  92. Jenny says:

    I took the quiz and it came out as owl. Everything resonated with me. It was very accurate. I was confused, though, as one explanation said that in war, an owl represented victory, and in another explanation it was a harbinger of death. I don’t see how the two are compatible. Also, birthdate-wise, it says I am a raven. How are these two things meshed?

  93. Sherry says:

    I had an owl fly over my a few days ago and then last night I dreamed of an owl kissing me.. it wasn’t a bad dream it felt sweet and calm but I don’t know what it means. The owl kissed me on my lips.

  94. anne says:

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  95. Glo says:

    Hi, I try to pay attention to the Universe and all the ways it speaks to us to keep us together and united. I notice numbers and animals spirit totums and intuition and feelings even sometimes of others! I am curious if maybe you can give insight to this….I woke up after 4:30 am and went outside because it was predicted to be in the 40’s and I wanted to feel Autumn, I love the coolness of the outdoors. As soon as I stepped out the back door, I looked up at the moon and then heard an owl hoot just right up above me in the pine trees. I said hello and thank you for talking to me and went back in and walked into the kitchen to make coffee an the time was 4:44. Such a lovely time! Any ideas?

  96. Felisha says:

    I had a dream in which a spangled owl was flying over my chickens and I’m trying to protect them, but he was actually there for me and continuously pecked my fingers, the pain was the same numbness and throb I get from my carpal tunnel when I’m finishing up a big art project, there was no blood and I know he didn’t mean to “harm” me he was calling attention to my expressions of art.. I’ve currently been a little weary and scared to share it… then he disappears inside and turns into a baby that I protect out in my yard…
    Is there any other meanings you could possibly perceive from this?

  97. JAY RUEDI says:

    my spirit animal is the owl~nov.23~dec.21~i was born on friday the 13th~at 3:30am

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