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Raven Symbolism & Meaning

Raven symbolism and meaning is one of the most powerful in the Animal Kingdom, making this animal your guide to unleashing your inner magic. Looking to connect with the spirit world? Want to embark on self discovery? Raven as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Raven symbolism teaches how to hear messages from the otherworld and the real beauty of your shadow side. Delve deeply in Raven’s meaning and symbolism to find out how this animal spirit guide can uplift, enlighten, and inspire you.

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Raven Table of Contents

Raven Symbolism & Meaning

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When Raven, as a spirit animal guide, comes cawing loudly into your life, it marks a moment to pause and seriously consider the messages coming your way.

Black as midnight, it’s not surprising to discover that, in many cultures, Raven’s symbolism and meaning are connected with death and the underworld.

At first, this meaning may seem dire, but the representation need not be literal. What does a Raven symbolize, if not death, darkness, and decay? Raven meanings have deeper spiritual symbolism. On the surface, Raven’s attraction to carrion can make this bird’s symbolism seem morbid.

But things aren’t always what they seem. Instead of interpreting Raven’s meaning as a dire message of doom, look for the broader significance of this bird’s symbolism.

Raven’s appearance is likely an omen that something is about to transform your life. Whether positive or negative, total transformation is usually dramatic. And, so, Raven spirit can help guide you safely through the fray. Raven consumes the remains of other creatures, giving this bird the additional symbolic value of cleansing. Perhaps there is something old and unhealthy that you may need to purge? Raven is a great helpmate for that. Raven is also an excellent teacher, guide, and partner for magical studies and efforts.

Your ability to reverse your associations of death from something to fear to a recognition of a powerful rite of passage completing the circle of life, death, and rebirth is also part of Raven’s message. Raven helps us change our perspectives.

Raven’s variety of sizes and colors of feathers represent this bird’s connection to shifting consciousness in many cultures. Raven helps us discover power and wisdom lie in the dark, deep void within our subconscious and the Universe at large, often through the Third Eye Chakra. Consider: Raven’s iridescent color turns black to blue depending on the light. Raven can be an omen of transformation underway, calling you to open your mind to the vast possibilities. Change, transformation, and the ability to “shape-shift” are likely when encountering a Raven. Step into the light!

Let this sage master “call” to the quarters of creation with your intention. Raven bears the epitaph, “master of time.” Procrastinators out there, get ready. If Raven wings his way into your awareness, you are about to get a lesson in using time wisely. You may be in the right space at the right moment, and Raven encourages you to embrace the opportunity with gratefulness. Effectively this animal spirit is one that presages a kind of rebirth or renewal when your life may have seemed stagnant.

What does a Raven symbolize in various cultures? The ancient Greeks trusted in Raven to carry messages from the Divine, notably Apollo. This means that while Raven spirit is tied closely to the night, it also has solar qualities. Working with Raven is a way of boosting your powers of observation and bringing anything that lingers in the shadows into a healthy light.

Ravens have a very distinctive voice and a vast vocabulary. They are among the smartest birds in nature, so don’t be surprised if you start finding that your communication skills improve.

Raven reminds us to stay true to our voice. You might feel a little nervous when Raven decides to speak to your life. That’s natural.

Remember, however, that Raven is a fierce protector sacred to Morrigan. Raven also was the totem of the Queen of the Fairies. One thing is for certain, with Raven around, your life will not want for mystical adventures and spiritual surprises.

Raven vs. Crow

What are the key differences between Ravens and Crows? They certainly look alike at first glance, but Ravens are larger than Crows (⅗-4” wingspan vs. 2.5”). If you watch them soar, Ravens have a buddy system in the air, flying in pairs, while Crows prefer a group dynamic. Of the two, Ravens are dressed to impress with ruffled feathers on their throat, like a poet shirt. Listen to the calls you hear. A raven has a distinctly deep, guttural voice.

Raven Spirit Animal

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Some Native American tribes call the Raven a ‘secret keeper.’ When you have a Raven Spirit Animal, it acts as a constant reminder you should not give your promises of confidentiality lightly nor give away information given to you in trust. Raven Spirit is a role model here, as it will keep secrets for you-those things you need to share and lay heavy on your heart but aren’t comfortable doing so with the people in your circle. You will never get anything out of a tight-beaked Raven.

Raven has no patience for two-faced dishonesty and calls individuals with whom it interacts to rise to new honor levels. You cannot fool Raven, nor should you try. A Spirit Animal comes with assistance, and being deceitful is an outright insult.

Raven is symbolic of trickster energy. The “tricks” mean no harm, but rather each has a lesson. You will go through them and suddenly say Ah, HA! Raven Spirit can be mischievous, too. If you’ve forgotten how to laugh, Raven brings good humor home to roost.

People walking the path of the Mysteries are often sought out by Raven Spirit. This Being prefers to share its knowledge with someone who appreciates the depth and breadth of the Adept, including the challenges awaiting you along that Path. You could not ask for a better helpmate.

In the sunlight, the color of Raven isn’t simply black but appears to transform into various shades of blue. Ravens can mimic the sounds of many things, including other birds and people. Seekers interested in learning the art of shape-shifting would do well to seek out Raven for his teachings. Listen well.

No matter what, if Raven is your Spirit animal, it is there to protect and guide you. Heed its warnings and teachings mindfully.

Raven Totem Animal

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People born with a Raven Totem Animal have a naturally inventive, intuitive, and mischievous air about them. They see possibilities and potential where other people miss them altogether. If Raven is your birth totem, you may never be afraid of darkness… in fact, you embrace it passionately. And you have other tricks up your sleeve. For example, you can walk, swim, or fly while remaining totally quiet (something many people find unnerving).

People with a Raven Totem celebrate the silence because it is the time during which they really connect with the Divine and Higher Self. During meditations, they may receive messages meant for others. Here, you become a bit like Mercury, moving between two worlds with information. Not all communications are spiritual. Some may focus on mundane guidance, too.

Dabbling with magic comes naturally to Raven people. You find an approach and settle into it as if you’ve practiced for many lives (which may, indeed, be true). For you, magic is a tool through which you can transform your life in meaningful ways. It grows and changes with you and adapts to mercurial circumstances.

Walking with Raven Spirit means being faced with challenges. Raven stresses being honest with yourself and your shadows. When Raven asks, “nevermore?” it’s time for self-evaluation. What is holding you back? Are you sticking to outmoded mindsets and unhealthy patterns? Bring the negativity into the light and cry with the Raven, NEVER MORE. Think of it as a right of passage.

It is not unusual for healers, teachers, and wise people to have a Raven Totem. Raven flies with wings bearing the keys to deeper mysteries. You may be a leader who is responsible for protecting others and facilitating healing and growth during times of darkness.

First, however, you may need to heal yourself and embrace your own higher wisdom. If you open yourself, Raven Totem can reveal your true power and potential. Your intuition sharpens through challenging circumstances. Don’t worry. Raven Spirit knows your limits. The undertakings you face are temporary, and the effort is more than worth the results.

If you have made a connection to Raven, meaning the bird has chosen you to share their medicine, take the developing sacred bond seriously. You’ll have a powerful impact on others and have great responsibilities. It is a great blessing to share positive energy and insight, but you must always remain aware of culpability.

Raven Power Animal

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Working with the Raven as a power animal is one way to begin learning the language of animals. Raven knows how to change its song, focusing on what needs to be communicated at the moment. What’s wonderful here is that by invoking your inner Raven, you can improve your discourse with the Spirit Animals who come into your life.

Along the same lines, by connecting with your inner Raven Power Animal, you can learn much about Nature’s symbols and signs. As you work with Raven’s energies, keep all your senses open. Don’t brush off your hunches. If you’re in a hurry, write them down and meditate on them later. After a while, recognizing messages from Mother Nature can become as natural as blinking.

A key lesson your Raven Spirit asserts is self-respect. Many people unwittingly fear their true selves. The idea of rejection or falling short can prove daunting and very unhealthy for spiritual progress. Your inner Raven gives you the courage to spread your wings boldly in the sun with dignity and pride.

When you nudge Raven energies, you are also awakening your inner Shaman. In turn, karmic memories and lessons stir, bubbling to the surface. As these memories emerge, they will help you deal with something important in the real world or on your spiritual path.

Should you regularly walk with Raven, anticipate change and new perspectives. Be ready to delve into the realms of the unconscious and reach for your true Be-ing. The process is difficult, but it brings long-lasting healing in the mind, body, and soul. Beyond this, the Raven helps you begin learning the language of animals. Raven knows how to change his song, and by listening, you can learn much about Nature’s symbols and signs.

Your Raven is an intelligent and insightful spirit. By working with its energies within, you can learn to adapt to the language of those around you. Each person has words and phrases that don’t always translate well to listeners. Raven builds a bridge for understanding and clarity.

Should you crave a broader perspective or improved psychic aptitude, Raven is your go-to Power Animal. If hidden things are on the horizon, Raven reveals them and helps you prepare. What’s most important is using your voice. Speak up for yourself.

As a Power Animal, Raven can help you take back what is yours. Known for their tendencies to steal shiny objects, Raven symbolism is about being attracted to what holds value for you, what will benefit your soul. Don’t be afraid to reclaim what is yours.

Raven Spiritual Meaning

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Raven’s spiritual significance has to do with initiation, rebirth, and the powerful wisdom and insights that come from these initiations. Heeding important messages from the Divine, awakening your higher consciousness, and releasing what keeps you from seeing the full picture.

Regardless of your specific religious or cultural path, the larger spiritual connection to Raven is all about being flexible, adaptable, and finding the wisdom in battles, you may face. Raven’s meaning can vary from an omen of initiation to a need to adapt and use your magic and medicine in the world.

Raven is a trickster and thus reminds you that you have the ability to outwit others when you may need to. Raven is also a healer, reminding you not to use your cunning to harm but for the good of the collective.

Raven can help guide you as you navigate difficult life circumstances, yet even as you face the Dark Night of the Soul, Raven helps you find your voice and learn to see what is unseen.

Raven Dreams

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Dreams about Ravens symbolize transformation. Therefore, dreaming of a Raven or Ravens lets you know change is right around the corner – particularly in your perspective and attitude. Keep an open mind, and take a moment to pause before you react to new things.

Raven may be calling to you to take your magic to new levels or reminding you of an important lesson. In either case, pay close attention to what the Raven is doing in the dream for greater insights.

A group of Ravens busy in the air means there’s about to be a LOT of activity in your life, so prepare accordingly. Don’t be surprised by unexpected guests.

Raven symbolism in dreams, contrary to what some believe, doesn’t necessarily indicate someone close to you is close to dying. Rather, Ravens can portend a journey, transformation, the need to change your consciousness or perception, or a symbolic death and rebirth. A door or path closes, but there’s always something waiting for you afterward. Don’t be afraid to take your first step on the new journey.

Raven may present a link to your departed loved ones, Ancestors, Master Teachers, or even Angels when the powerful bird appears in your dreams, especially when flying down from above. They are trying to reach you, but for whatever reason, the message isn’t coming through clearly. Take time to consider what you may have missed.

Some people associate dreams about Ravens as symbolic of a quest or hunt. To catch a Raven or to be in the process of stalking a Raven, then represents your progress toward your goal.

Ravens appearing in dreams can represent arrogance or interactions with an arrogant person. Whether it’s you or someone else, the “nitpicking” and “nagging” is incessant. If it’s you, find better ways to communicate. If it’s someone else, it’s past time to tell them how you feel.

Other symbolic meanings in dream lore have to do with Raven being a representation of criminal activity, like committing a crime in order to prosper. In such dreams, Raven will carry a jewel, ring, or another expensive item.

In some cultures, ravens are a bad omen when they appear in dreams, predicting some negative events to come. Where people fear the metaphysical, Raven has gotten a “bad rap.” Don’t necessarily jump to this conclusion.

The exact dream symbolism for Raven depends largely on your individual culture, personal opinion, interactions with the Bird, etc. Dreams are communication from your own subconscious mind, and the meaning behind them begins in that realm.

Native American Raven Symbolic Meanings

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Various Native American tribes tell stories of Raven as the world’s creator, including the Inuit and Salish tribes. Nonetheless, Raven is also a trickster who paired humans together and acted as a protector and provider.

In some stories, it is Raven that steals and releases the sun, similarly to Prometheus. In Native American symbolism, the Raven is considered a powerful totem whose presence aided in rituals. In some Native traditions, Raven’s song symbolized sexual power and temptation.

Native American symbolism for Raven includes connection to your ability to shift your states of consciousness. Changing your awareness and embracing the power of mystery and secrets are all part of Raven’s symbolic meaning.

Native Americans revere Raven as a Messenger. Of all the Native American animals sacred to ritual and lore, Raven embodies the power of magic and the ability to carry important messages across time and space.

Raven’s black color has symbolic meaning. This is the color of the void from which all things originated and to which all things will return. Specific Raven meanings can vary from tribe to tribe, but one thing is universal when considering bird symbolism, Raven is one of the most powerful creatures you may work with.

Raven Christianity Symbolism

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Raven symbolism in Christianity is often associated with the story of Noah’s Ark. It is said that the Ravens feasted on the bodies of those who did not survive the flood. In Christianity, this is often interpreted as a rebuke of God’s will.

Ravens, it is said, were banished from the Ark and have come to be symbolic of defiance of God. Other stories depict Raven trying to bargain with Noah for entry to the Ark, but Noah refuses. Thus, the symbolism of Ravens as tricksters is inherent in this version of the story.

Some Christians go as far as to associate Raven’s symbolic meaning with an evil or the Devil. This may in part, be because of the bird’s pre-Christian associations with death and the afterlife. It could also be symbolism derived from Raven’s attraction to the dead and dying, providing sustenance for the bird.

St. Augustine associated Raven symbolism as indicating impurity and procrastination, yet they are also protective and empowering, helping us awaken to our larger vision. As their powerful spirit is here to remind us, it’s all in how you look at it.

When you have a positive and balanced outlook toward death as a natural part of the evolution of the Soul, Raven symbolism need not be seen in such an ominous light.

We can also see Raven as doing an important job of cleansing and cleaning by disposing of the dead. Raven’s link to death and the afterlife can help us see Raven as a special intermediary between the worlds.

Indeed, Raven is also portrayed favorably elsewhere in the Bible. After his death, St. Vincent of Saragossa was protected by Ravens who guarded his body until internment at what would later become his shrine. Saint Benedict of Nursia was saved by the intervention of a Raven who ate poisoned bread, sparing the Saint’s life.

In the book of Luke, Jesus makes a positive example of the symbolic meaning of Ravens. His reference to Ravens was given as an illustration of God’s bounty. By pointing out that Ravens neither sow nor reap yet are provided for by God, Jesus aligns the Raven as symbolic of abundance and faith.

As you work with Raven, you may be called to examine your deeper, subconscious (Raven territory!) beliefs about mysteries, secrets, darkness, death, purity, and holiness. As you do, you may find that some things you once feared are actually sources of great power and protection. This is part of the lesson Raven symbolism teaches.

Bird symbolism abounds in Christian beliefs, and while Raven’s meaning can be controversial, it’s best to consider a broad array of perspectives, seeing the light and shadow side of Raven’s symbolism.

Raven Meaning in the Bible

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While the Bible speaks of Ravens as unclean, the Raven was the first bird sent out to find land after the flood. In the Song of Songs (5:11), Ravens illustrate God’s providence.. In the New Testament, this theme returns in Luke 12:24 when Jesus uses Ravens as an allegory stressing the value of humankind.

Christian legend tells us Ravens diligently guarded the body of the martyr St. Vincent of Saragossa, keeping it safe from wild creatures. Similarly, an intuitive Raven saved St. Benedict of Nursia by grabbing a loaf of poisoned bread from his hands.

Raven as a Celtic Animal Symbol

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Celtic tradition associated the Raven with numerous bigger-than-life figures, including the goddess Morrigan, Bran the Blessed (who was thought to have the power to protect a whole city), and the sun god Lugh, just to name a few. Throughout the Celtic regions, Raven represented war and death as well as magical mysteries and prophetic abilities.

Raven’s symbolic meaning, like that of other specific birds, is that of acting as a messenger. Often, stories and lore involve Raven doing the work of the Deities and acting as a messenger or intermediary.

Raven is symbolic of battle, protection, and fighting for what you believe in. This is partly due to the symbolism of the Warrior Goddess, the Morrigan, whose favor would determine the outcome on the battlefield. The Morrigan was said to shapeshift into the form of a Raven and in this guise, was known as Badb.

Thus, having Raven working with you could give you advanced insight into your adversary’s battle strategy and could also help you know what moves to make to win the battle.

Even if you’re not fighting on a battlefield today, Raven, as a Power Animal, can still lend the energy and focus you may need to outwit an adversary. Raven can help you fight back and stand your ground in the midst of a challenging situation.

Celtic culture spanned a broad region, and variations in symbolic meanings can be found in different areas. To the Welsh, Bran, also known as Bran the Blessed, whose name means Raven, represents the protective qualities of this bird.

It is said that Bran’s head was buried outside the city walls as a talisman of protection. There is also a belief that having a child drink from the skull of a Raven would bring blessings and protection as well.

The Welsh story from the book The Dreams of Rhonabwy in which Owain mab Urien is playing chess with King Arthur. Owain pleads with King Arthur to make his people stop tormenting his Ravens. Arthur refuses, and the Ravens seek revenge by killing many of Arthur’s attendants.

In this story, the Ravens can fend for themselves and seek revenge against their abusers, they also form their own battle as Owain and Arthur play a strategic war game. The symbolism here may be the twofold aspects of battle, immediate defense, and carefully plotted strategy.

Raven symbolism is also associated with divination and prophecy. The Norse God Odin, also called Wotan, was said to be gifted with the Runes and prophecy by Raven as he hung suspended from Yggdrasil.

In exchange, Raven plucked out one of Odin’s eyes. Raven symbolism, in this case, has to do with sacrifice and giving up one way of seeing in exchange for a broader psychic vision.

Greek-Roman Raven Connections

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Greek mythology tells us Ravens got their color because of Apollo, the God of prophecy. He sent a white raven to his lover, Coronis, to see if she was faithful. The Raven reported she was not. In the heat of the moment, Apollo (also the Sun God) scorched the bird, turning its feathers black for all eternity.

Egyptian Raven Mythology

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Nephthys, the Egyptian Goddess of the Dead, is associated with Ravens. They were said to appear offering guidance before battles. As god’s messengers to the world, Raven might appear offering guidance before battle or in a vision as a premonition of an upcoming war.

Raven in Norse Myth

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Odin, the great God of the Norse pantheon, known as the All-Father, had a pair of Ravens. They are mentioned in the Eddas, with very meaningful names – “thought” and “memory.” Their job was to act as Odin’s silent spies, flying over the land of men and returning to him daily with the news.

Raven Imagery from the Pacific Northwest

Raven Imagery from the Pacific Northwest 1200x630

The indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest used Ravens in prominent roles in their stories. While Raven created the world, it is also a sly and clever Trickster who tests human mettle. This exercise often ends with teaching important lessons, impacting not only an individual but potentially the whole tribe. Raven paired off humans and felt affectionate toward them, so it sometimes played a Protector role. Some myths, like those of the Haida, portray Raven as dutifully providing for humankind’s needs.

Far Eastern Raven Symbolic Meanings

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China, Japan, and Korea have overlapping imagery for Raven and Crow, with stories referring to a solar creature that moved the sun, cleansed the land after terrible battles, and acted as a guide for sacred journeys. In this respect, if you are pondering a pilgrimage, call upon Raven for company and advice.

There is a Hindu tradition of offering a departed loved one’s favorite meal to the Crows or Ravens. They believe that if the bird partakes of the offering, it is a positive omen, showing that your loved one is at peace and happy in the Spirit realm.

The sound of Raven’s cawing in the Hindu culture is associated with grief and suffering. Thus, the offering of food is symbolic of an act of nurturing and appeasement. By tending to the calling Raven, those grieving the loss of a loved one are also nourishing the Spirit and helping to facilitate the mourning process.

To the Chinese, Ravens appearing were considered an omen of bad weather approaching. In this regard, Raven’s symbolism echoes the role of messenger or portend of coming changes. Also, there is a Raven in the center of the sun with three legs. It is a Spirit messenger for Xi Wangmu, the Queen Mother of the West. During the Zhou Dynasty, a red Raven could be a visitation by someone’s ancestors wanting to share an important message.

Some tales claim Ravens build burial mounds for celebrated and well-beloved individuals. There is a real-life foundation for the belief. It probably came about because Ravens have a ritual of sorts, showing tribute to their dead.

The Japanese lore, the mystical figures called Karasu Tengu, also known as Raven Tengu, are creatures who are half man, half bird. They are synonymous with Ravens, Crows, and Black Birds in general. Not quite deities, these beings live in the forests. The most famous Raven, Yatagarasu, has images at three different shrines along the pilgrimage route in Wakayama. Japan’s oldest historical texts recount how Yatagarasu acted as a guide for Jinmu, the first Emperor.

During New Year’s on the Lunar Calender, Shinto Shrines have a festival in which people pray to images of Karasu for safety and health.

It is said that they revealed the mysteries of Martial Arts to mankind. Thus, as in Celtic symbolism, here again, the Raven is associated with the blending of spiritual paths and combat or self-defense.

In Eastern cultures, Crow and Raven don’t have the negative connotations often associated with this bird’s symbolism in modern western cultures. The Crow is the symbol used for the Japanese National Soccer Team, and the Raven image often appears on Shinto shrines, for example.

Hindu Raven Symbolism

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In Hindu tradition, the God Shani has a huge black Raven as a mount. Shani protects people’s property and is no friend to those with thieving hands. Additionally, there is Dhumavatia, a Goddess of strife with a Raven or Crow emblem on her chariot.

It is worth noting the Raven is Bhutan’s national bird. Raven represents Gonpo Jarodonchen, a highly regarded guardian Deity.

Raven in Astrology & Zodiac Signs

Raven is one of the 12 Native American Zodiac Signs.

People born under the sign of the Raven have high energy levels and a passion for success. Raven people will not give up easily. You are here to beat the odds turning disadvantages into benefits.

The Raven corresponds to the Western Astrological sign of Scorpio and the Monkey in the Chinese Astrological calendar. In these associations, we see the playfulness inherent in Raven as well as the “fire” of the Scorpio.

When Raven souls manifest their personal power, it’s quite a spectacle to behold. Their quick minds and cunning rarely let them down. However, in their youth, Ravens must learn to respect their animal traits and not use them for harm or selfishness.

Serbian Raven Poetry

In epic poems gracefully penned by Serbians, the Raven appears again and again. He’s the star among many characters. Like many other societies, Rave represented battle, death, and the aftermath of war. Their sad role was portending the death of great heroes, sharing the news with a female, like a mother.

Folklore, Myths, and Superstitions about Ravens

Black is the color of mystery and magic and is often associated with death or dramatic changes in the fates. Ravens, being stygian black, became associated with similar meanings. For many, encountering a Raven was regarded as an ill omen and a “heads up” to be on your guard.

The call of a Raven may bear messages from the Ancestors or Spirits, filled with wisdom, insights, and even prophetic hints. One must simply know how to listen to them. The superstition likely originated because Raven has a majestic ability to mimic things realistically, including human speech.

A Dead Raven Meaning

Seeing a dead Raven means you are finally coming to the end of a long-term conflict. You’re weary and war-worn. Take heart. Victory is ahead, and the darkness you feel hovering above lifts.

Raven Literary Connections

Any study of the Raven Spirit would be remiss to overlook Edgar Allen Poe’s poem, The Raven. The theme of the work stresses the importance of remembering what we love and having undying devotion. Poe recognized the struggle between honoring the memory versus wanting desperately to forget and ease the pain.

Poe wasn’t the only author to use Ravens in their work. Dickens had Ravens as pets. He featured one named Grip in Barnaby Rudge. The depiction appropriately shows Raven as being somewhat cheeky, ill-mannered, and a bit of a rogue. Raven Spirit certainly displays these traits as it pleases, with a sly wink and a nod.

Raven: Name Meaning & Etymology

Raven, in English, means wise or dark-haired. Old French raviner translates as seizing by force. The Latin rapina takes a cue from Raven’s nature. It means to plunder or loot.

Seeing a Raven

For a seeker, seeing a Raven implies having a mysterious force in your life guiding you toward authenticity. You may not be able to put your finger on it, but it’s distinctly present. Your “inner voice” nudges you when it’s time for personal reflection.

Raven Feathers

Finding a Raven feather may signify your ancestors or guardian angels watching over and protecting you. Their counsel is for you to remain brave in the face of danger or loss. If you have recently experienced such a time, the feather denotes honor, wisdom, and balance because you stand by your convictions. Alternatively, it may portend healing and renewal.

Raven Colors

In real life, Ravens are black, but for the rare white fledgling. When you see a white Raven, it means the beginning of a new season, literally or figuratively. In your dreamscape or visions, however, a Raven may appear in any color it wishes, each with a different message. A bright Green Raven signifies opening yourself to others and receiving hospitality in return. By comparison, a dull greenish-yellow Raven warns of sickness.

Should you encounter a Raven of a color different than black in your meditations, consider what the hue means to you personally. Spirit Animals always try to communicate in a symbolic language you can recognize, interpret, and understand

Raven in Sports

The Baltimore Ravens, previously the Baltimore Browns, became the “evermore” team in 1996, being named after the bird in Edgar Allen Poe’s Poem. The designation complimented another local sports team, the Baltimore Orioles

Raven Trivia & Facts

There are some tidbits of information you may not know about Ravens. For one, they love to play, sometimes flying upside down for the sheer fun of it. Additionally:

  • Ravens may have as many as 100 vocalizations above and beyond their normal song. Their calls can be heard up to one mile away from their location. t’s no wonder Raven Spirit has ties to communication.
  • Ravens are cooperative, often working together for food.
  • These avians have body language, using their beaks to indicate things to other birds, or holding things up to garner attention.
  • Ravens are monogamous. They mate for life, making them a symbol of devotion.

Raven Tattoo Meaning

As you can see, the symbolism and meaning associated with Raven can vary widely depending on where you are in the world or what religion or cultural practices you follow. Raven’s powerful symbolism has permeated into modern pop culture as well.

Raven’s meaning can be specific to the individual whose body is adorned with the image of this powerful bird. When you see a Raven tattoo, it could mean someone is dedicated to the Goddess Morrigan. It could mean they just really like Edgar Allen Poe. In Japan, the Raven Tattoo may symbolize Yatagarasu, the Raven who led Emperor Jimmu to Nara.

Although many cultures revere the Raven for different reasons, common themes are found when studying this bird’s habits. Ravens, across the board, are considered special. Linked to death, rebirth, initiation, and the afterlife. Ravens are intelligent, cunning, resourceful, and communicative both verbally and nonverbally. They are associated with death, rebirth, wisdom, psychic connection, and magic.

When you decide to get a Raven tattoo, you are adorning your body with an image symbolic of all the above traits. Are you calling these traits to you or finally acknowledging the power that has been latent within you this whole time?

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  1. Allison says:

    I just went to the Grand Canyon North rim for a family hiking vacation with my mom and brother. Ive been heartbroken and a mess for a month over a relationship gone away. The raven greeted me the first day with beautiful songs, called out to me when I felt dispair, flew over me when I was exhausted, and guided me when I was lost. He even sat with me for a brief moment at Cape Final… thank you for thos information. I will continue to love and seek God in all things.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Allison;

      I’m so sorry you are hurting. Raven energy is a wonderful healer – especially when we feel spiritually broken, when we’ve lost faith. Raven can help you find your smile again so just follow where it leads. All the Wild Ones here at WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com are sending you tons of love!

      Stay wild,

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    After leaving the movies today with my fiancé, I found a dead Raven ! It had struck the side of truck and was smeared down the side of it .
    I’m extremely worried.:.. Is this a bad omen or a good omen?!
    Please help!!!!
    Thank you,

  3. Kim W. says:

    I recently saw a small flock of ravens near my local transportation hub here on Long Island. A few were perched close to me, one was just steps away from me and turned its head all the way around like it was curious. And then the weird things was, they were playing with the seagulls nearby…and none of the birds were squawking. Not one sound. I’ve been going through some serious health issues and personal problems. I saw Ravens a few times last year, but never ravens and seagulls at the same time. I’m an Empath and always been spiritual. I believe the ravens and seagulls are a sign that things are about to change for me in a dramatic way but I’m not entirely certain about that.

  4. Sarah says:

    I’m not sure if it’s just black birds, ravens, or hawks. I just know they are literally everywhere I go. To make things really spooky, I decided to go on a local trail nearby, and when I was finished meditate. I had already seen a bunch of birds before I went up this hill. Its not crazy to believe they could of seen me and was curious to what I was. Well I had a decent meditation and when I looked up I saw a swarm of black birds and to me it looked like hawks. I kept looking at them and they begin to go their own way. I had ran down this hill and one big bird flew right in front of me that looked like it had a white stripe on its tail. I’ve seen over my school and more come from what seems like out of nowhere to join it. I went on another walk today and the birds I saw looked like raven, and that is what lead me to this cite.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Sarah;

      Where you see spooky, I see magical! When we meditate, we connect with the Universe is a very powerful way. This sends out all kinds of magical/magickal energy and animals can feel that. So, likely what happened is the Birds reacted to the energy being created by your meditation! LOVE this! And, it IS almost Halloween so Raven energy (magical/magickal energy) would definitely be attracted to meditative energy at this time.

      Hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

      • Bernadette says:

        I went to the hospital one day to visit my momma and at that time she was put on a ventilator and I was so upset and so scared that my mother was going to die!! She made it through that and is here with me and is well. But my question is when I left the hospital that day I heard what I thought was somebody calling my name but I looked around and nobody was there so I proceeded to my friends truck and heard my name again and I looked again with the same results! So I turned to my friend and said please tell me you heard that and he replied “yes I did”! And one more time I heard my name so I turned and looked up and there was a raven on a power pole looking down at me and I ask someone today who knows about things like that and they wouldn’t tell me what it meant and was ready to get away from me quick. I’m scared more so now than before. This happened 4 yr ago but please tell me you know what the meaning of a raven calling somebody’s name 3 times?

        • Z says:

          I wouldn’t consider it a negative, I would not be scared by it. Raven’s come to offer comfort, they also come bearing messages; often the truth.
          Three is a spiritual number, when you say/do something three times it actualises it.
          You fear of it may be closing you off to the message and comfort it has to offer you. Perhaps know that its presence not a negative and he means you no harm will help.
          Hope you feel the comfort and get the message he is bringing you. 🙂

          • Ernestina c. muniz rodriguez says:

            I’ve been walking my new pup in my neighborhood where we have a park. When we come close to the park a raven has continued to fly overhead almost touching me. This has happened all week , every time we go for a walk. The raven notices me and gawks loud and my puppy even acknowledges it. The raven sometimes has a partner and sometimes follows me home . raven will continuously fly over my head many times. It scares me. What is the raven trying to tell me. My brother recently passed away. And my new Dr stated that he read my medical history from January of this year , an said I had an enlarged heart. I have given blood and my next Dr visit is with heart association, for some more tests . I am not superstitious, but my husband is and I’m curious what the raven is trying to message me.

        • Raven Fae says:

          I kind of see it as a Spiritual protection… What were you thinking of at that moment… maybe its was a call to reflect on that. That is really awesome though.

      • Bernadette says:

        I went to the hospital one day to visit my momma and at that time she was put on a ventilator and I was so upset and so scared that my mother was going to die!! She made it through that and is here with me and is well. But my question is when I left the hospital that day I heard what I thought was somebody calling my name but I looked around and nobody was there so I proceeded to my friends truck and heard my name again and I looked again with the same results! So I turned to my friend and said please tell me you heard that and he replied “yes I did”! And one more time I heard my name so I turned and looked up and there was a raven on a power pole looking down at me and I ask someone today who knows about things like that and they wouldn’t tell me what it meant and was ready to get away from me quick. I’m scared more so now than before. This happened 4 yr ago but please tell me you know what the meaning of a raven calling somebody’s name 3 times? Thank you! Signed Connie K

    • Andrea says:

      Sounds me it might be magpie.

      • Raven Fae says:

        @Bernadette I kind of see it as a Spiritual protection… What were you thinking of at that moment… maybe its was a call to reflect on that. That is really awesome though.

  5. Heidi says:

    This explains so much.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Heidi;

      Thank you for visiting and commenting on WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

      • Cheryl says:

        I also went through a relationship breakup. My husband of 32 years left. I had been reading spiritual books before hand. So I know I was being prepared ahead of time. Conciderimg I had no idea how the first book even got into my books I bought. But decided since I bought it I might as well read it. That was the start. Then when he left it was like I was surrounded by ravens they were on my deck. I admitt it was a little scary to almost touch them. Then on my roof. And I’m the trees around my home. They stayed for a month or so. Well know they are back on my roof, eye level to me in a tree. Let’s just say they have my attention. So my thought is that I’m in for another change in my life. Possibly a big change.

  6. Axel says:

    Raven has been coming to me for over a year and has helped me thru a recovery process of great personal change. I rely on her mirth and sacred creation connections to magic and walk the spiritual path with her guidance! Thank you, CREATOR/RAVEN!

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Axel;

      So happy to know you’re on the path to healing! Thank you for visiting and commenting on WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com!

      Stay wild,

  7. Cath says:

    Interesting article. “Lugh” corresponds to the Welsh god of the Underworld(Annwn) and King of the Fairy, “Gwynn ap Nudd”. Today, people would not recognise a fairy if it stabbed them in the face. Silly fluttery things hanging about flowers are not fairies at all, look up “Wild Hunt”, “Cwn Annwn”, “Gwynn ap Nudd” to get a basic understanding of what a fairy really is. Welsh rule Number 1: “Don’t f*ck with the Faerie.”
    …To the Raven. Ravens have been around me all of my life, bold as brass, talkative and downright friendly. The largest Raven in the world is the Australian Raven and oh, they are gorgeous birds. One that showed up a lot usually in company was rather unusual as he, he gave a very strong sense of “male” and “otherworldly” had startling brilliant emerald eyes.
    A small “murder” of ravens decided to move onto our farm here in Central Illinois during the beginning of last year’s (2015) Spring. They are playful, noisy, talkative and content to come to the ground and run around just being totally silly nearby. One of them is very good at imitating my extremely talkative red Arabian stallion.
    On the wheel, I was born under the sign of the Raven which interested me since I have never been anywhere that ravens were not present.

  8. Judy says:

    For all of October, a huge raven pounded on a vertical skylight over my bathtub, a location where I couldn’t actually see him. When I went up into the driveway to look, at least two ravens scolded me vociferously. The window/window frame shook when the raven’s pounded, and there was the sound of debris falling, which made me afraid that the window frame was loose, etc. I’ve since learned the debris falling was just pine needles and other tree debris sliding off the roof, and that the window frame is solid. The raven pounded between 7 – 7:30 each morning, except the one morning I wanted to get up then and overslept! Following the pounding on the skylight, he flew around to a decorative frame outside my bedroom window where he would sometimes briefly attack one of a series of six windows. A week ago, we put a protective barrier over the vertical window and reflective tape hanging on the lateral frame. While the raven returned to the frame this morning, s/he did not attack the bedroom windows, but I can hear him occasionally attacking a downstairs window. A couple of week ago, he was so aggressive and persistent, I became concerned that he might be diseased. A “Wildcare” advisor said that s/he was staking out his territory for a nest and that if I didn’t do something to discourage him/her soon, I’d have to live with these attacks until next summer. My initial reaction to the pounding and then bedroom window visit at about the time I should get up in the morning was that someone from my past had returned in the form of the raven to get me going earlier in the morning, but then I heard him pounding in the afternoon, too. So, is the raven(s) visits symbolic in my life or just “business as usual” for a bird seeking a safe nesting place. I should add that a resident raccoon has also become more aggressive, consistently dragging things down from shelves in my carport and leaving them strewn around the driveway — unless this is the raven at work, too.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Judy;

      The Raven (and Raccoon) may be going about ‘business as usual’ – doing what comes naturally to them. BUT – they are choosing to do this at your home. In my opinion, nothing is coincidence. The Universe is not random and is never in chaos. So, pay attention to the actions of Raven. What is it telling you? Do you need to stake out your claim? Do you need to keep ‘pecking’ at a project? Are the messages you’re sending to the world being heard and respected? Do you need to bring some magic and mirth to your life?

      Maybe do a meditation and ask Raven spirit to tell you why it’s come knocking on your world.

      Hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

  9. Nell says:

    During a meditation months ago a raven appeared and told me he was my animal guide (I often go flying in my meditation and dream time so this seemed OK to me although I spoke with someone who told me everything bad about having this bird as a guide. But I don’t feel this way at all I feel lucky I hear this bird every morning outside my bedroom window before I even get up. Yesterday I was really tired I had been looking after my new born grandson as his mummy was poorly so I took him for a walk (they live at the top of a huge hill) I didn’t realise as I walked down it that I would have to get back up it at some point !!!!. As soon as I stood at the bottom a large raven stood 2 feet away from us and stayed there the whole walk up willing use on I could hear him talking to me, I stopped once or twice and he stopped too can’t tell you how it felt I was so emotional by the time I reached the top. He led the way right to the door and at which point I thanked him for his service. I now know for sure he is meant to be in my life. By the way I will just mention I am a empath, a reiki healer, and I work with the angels guidance and cards. I also believe in magic the good kind. I feel blessed to have such a spiritual life blessed with all things good.
    Fly high everyone. Blessings

  10. Amy says:

    Can we have more than one spirit animal? And can they change over time? I used to be drawn to the Dragonfly for many years. Lately, it’s been the crow/raven, owls and hawks. I have had a tough personal run for it these last two years and am trying to heal. My husband of 21 years has been lying to me for two years and has broken my trust and heart. We are still together, but it’s been really hard for me to figure out my path right now. I will look to these animals right now for guidance.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Amy;

      Apologies for delay in response – was on vaca! With your permission, I’ll send you tons of healing Spirit Animal energy! We definitely can have more than one Spirit Animal. Over the years, as our needs change so can our Spirit Animal. And, just like humans work in ‘teams’ so can and does Spirit Animals. Perhaps take a look at Dolphin energy. The Dophin Spirit Animal teaches us to reconnect with hope, happiness and playfulness. Momma Ocean can help heal the soul and make us more comfortable traveling to the very depths of our spirit to find the pearls we thought were lost. You’ll get through all this. I have faith in you!

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  11. Jake says:

    I remember being told 10 years ago that the raven was my spirit animal, before I could say that I had any understanding of spirituality, the universe or its depth. Its qualities have surely represented what I exist to be today. I have been on quite a spiritual journey since, unique to my path. I began sharing my findings; speculative yet holding a firm belief to them, with my friends today. A great deal of study into ancients, our distant past, and trying to call upon deeper meanings and messages has been a non-stop quest for me. I have found more and more evidence recently to suggest a huge global shift was to be imminent. I was discussing these findings over the phone, overlooking my bedroom window. An obnoxiously large black bird could be seen between two houses beyond my backyard, close enough to see it doing something, but could not tell what it was. It caught my attention, considering its the middle of winter, cold, and no other birds in sight, yet this massive black bird I haven’t seen had appeared. It disappeared beyond the front of the house to where I could not see. I began to wonder what it was, and wish I could have got a closer look. It had only been seconds since it vanished, but it re-appeared immediately, right in front of my face just beyond my window. It was fast but it was like time slowed so I could gaze every detail. It was surely not a crow, as it was huge! The wingspan could have been almost as tall as I am ( 6″1′). I guessed it to be a raven, looking at images on the internet to confirm my thought. I have never seen a raven before, at least within memory, and this was surely an instance to recall. It was massive, and I definitely remark this moment as a sign of what is to come. There is no denying that my understanding of my findings is likely at the cusp of some great discovery, or it can be a message to say that my knowledge is true, and will offer guidance…

    either or, this is a sign of importance, and if this had anything to do with my research, then there is not much time left. I hope I can count on the Raven to stick by my side. I wish it to be so. Thank you for the message, and the insight to allow me to understand the significance of the Raven.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Jake;

      Apologies for delay in response – was on vaca!

      Wow. With all the research you do into the world’s mysteries it makes complete sense that Raven is your Totem Animal. It also sounds like Raven is your Spirit Animal as well. During these times of great change in the world, Raven and Crow sightings are really ramping up. If I may offer a piece of advice – Ravens (and Crows) are jesters. These incredibly intelligent Birds demonstrate a terrific sense of humor, time and again. So, while you’re delving into the past so as to be able to peek into the future – don’t forget there is much wisdom to be found in levity.

      Thank you for visiting and commenting on WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com!

      Stay wild,

  12. Erika says:

    Beginning around nine months ago, I began seeing ravens. The first encounter was a playground my daughter and I occasionally frequent. The bird sat atop the play structure and just looked at me. I was able to get close–within a few feet–and we just looked at each other. I was the one who broke the stare. I later noticed that it was injured so I didn’t think much more about it until we were at the same playground and I saw another, different, raven exhibiting the same behavior–seemingly unafraid. Another face off ensued. Then my curiosity was piqued a little bit. Since then, I have begun seeing them regularly in my neighborhood, they seemed to have moved into the tree in my yard and caw loudly to one another all the time. What really got me was that I had another stare down with a raven on my very street and could no longer deny that there is a larger spiritual significance to this. I’ve never been much of a bird person, and never have noticed ravens or other common birds all that much, let alone actually look one in the eye. When talking to my therapist today, she brought up the symbolism of the raven and the light bulb when off in my head. For the past four years I have been going through a number of major personal and professional issues, and I’m wondering if the raven has arrived, quite literally, to guide me through the healing transformation portion of this journey. There’s also been other elements and synchronicities that lead me to believe that I’m going through a full scale spiritual awakening, but I haven’t been able to fit all the pieces together quite yet. I’m waking up, but don’t have all the words.

    • Erika says:

      On top of it, I have been seeing repeating numbers in the vein of 11:11, et al., for the last year and half. Something blows my way…

      • Bernadette King says:

        Hi again, Erika;

        Double numbers are big omens in the world of spirituality. Double numbers speak of synchronicity and the divine flow of energy ‘supercharging’ those synchronicities for the highest and best good at this time. Some folks see double number (11:11, 22:22, 33:33) as angel numbers.

        Hope that helps.

        Stay wild,

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Erika;

      The Raven encounters you describe are quite powerful. It’s very possible that Raven is coming to you as both a Spirit Animal and Power Animal. Because Raven’s are black, and because they have stared you directly in the eyes on numerous occasions, perhaps Raven is acting a a “mirror teacher”. Meaning, maybe Raven is using its medicine and energy to get you to ‘look into a mirror’ and face your shadow self. When we are called upon to face our shadow self, great upheaval generally surrounds this time in our life. It’s so wonderful to know that your therapist is open enough to include Raven symbolism in your sessions. Ask her about the shadow self – she’ll likely have an understanding of what it is and be able to determine if facing it at this time is the best course of action for you.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  13. Deirdre says:

    Made a post earlier, don’t see it but maybe it needs to be approved by you first but I messed up. I wish I could meet a medicine man or medicine woman. Shaman is not the accurate or accepted name for them. Oops.

  14. Ebenezer Hadebe says:

    The past few days I couldn’t sleep due to a Raven calling right on top of a three that Is next to my window… I don’t know why does it have to do that for so long…but I really need a strategy to make it quite cause it really disturbs my snap…it even do sounds in the afternoons and I’m the only one that would get irritated by it. Please help!!!

  15. Nada says:

    One of my many life events concerning Ravens is rather long and hard to talk about, so i will keep it short….I was stalked for weeks and if it wasnt for Raven,or in this case over 100 Ravens warning me,i would not be here today.I owe my life to this majestic creature.

  16. Cherie says:

    I walk with 2 spirit animals White Wolf and also Raven/Crow… I have learned to listen and watch nature. My wolf guide has helped me in the past find missing and lost children and adults, as well as pets… Raven and crow speak to me and watch out for me.. I have learned to distinguish between warnings of impending danger or fun and playful banter. I just recently moved into a new apartment and raven has by large numbers, been coming to the trees outside and bantering until i get up and go to the window and say good morning or acknowledge them.. this week has been an amazing one…

  17. Victor says:

    Hi Allison,

    I recently had a dream where I transformed my arm into a raven’s talon. My fingernails became long, black claws. At one point, though, I lost concentration and the claws broke painfully, undoing the transformation. In this dream, I was training an ability for use in combat or self defense.

    Ever since that dream, I still sense the black raven every in me. Thoughts?

  18. Ana says:

    In my dream I was at a school dance with a bunch of people I’ve met throughout my life. I got a text and looked to see who it was from. I noticed it was from my very close friend, a friend that shared mutual feelings of being more than friends. The text read “I see you” however when I looked around he wasn’t there. I kept walking in hopes of finding him, I followed a trail of people wearing black feathered masks. I ended up in an art hallway filled with his art when I heard the raven. It started to talk to me and give me blurry visions within my dream. Somehow I ended up realizing that the raven was my friend. After the realization I mounted the ravens back and we flew away…that’s when I woke up.

    I was hoping for some insight on what this means. It’s been bugging me lately and I just want to figure it out. None of the websites I’ve found mention anything about flying a raven, let alone having the raven be someone you know.
    Please let me know your thoughts.
    Thank you

  19. Sierra says:

    Sometimes in my dreams I can’t tell if it’s a raven or a crow that’s in it. I honestly feel they have the same stabilization. But last night I had a dream with a demon in it. It was trying to get to me and was calling out my name and was outside of the house I was in with it’s hands on the glass looking in at me. I closed my eyes and I asked spirit if this was more than a dream and if in real life was there something bad, something evil around me? And to give me a sign. Then I turned to look out the window to where the demon was and there was a raven staring in at me. And the demon was in the background far away still looking at me. What do you think that means? The raven looked kind of scary too. I love ravens I think they’re beautiful, but I didn’t know what to think of this one.

  20. Jo-Ann Watson says:

    Hi Allison,

    A few months back a had a dream and I do not normally dream, not for the last 16 years. In this dream I saw myself in a white nightgown and everything around me was a grey mist, in front of me was a translucent globe of light with mist within it and on the other side was a extremely large raven with red eyes, this raven had to be three times the size of me. We watched each other and then the raven flew up and I heard the wings and “felt” the wind of the wings on me and next I felt the claw of one the legs on my back and looked to my left and saw one of the talons in my right shoulder and felt the other in the back of my left thigh assuming it was one claw and as the raven grabbed me I felt the pull back and the wings across my face with wind. I know I was fighting to break free and I did which in my dream felt like it took a long time but I do not believe it was and I was able to free myself from the grasp of the claw of the raven and I was inside the translucent globe of light where I then saw the raven perch outside and somewhat lean side to side motion repeatedly watching me and then settled in on I guess his/her hunches. There was no blood that I saw, I felt pain and the pulling the raven was taking me away from the globe of light and then the whoosh of the release when I got free. Three times after this dream in approximately a months period, I thought I heard my husband yelled out to me through the night as it was loud and I answered to him as it woke me from sleep when he said he never called my name, I question to if it comes back to this dream. Would appreciate your thoughts and insights on this if you have any.

    Warmest regards,


  21. Jody says:

    During a breathing meditation: the head of a raven or crow appeared… ( Im not positive actually which ) though it was actually a picture of… in black and white… appeared to me… then a veil of violet purple enveloped around my eye area… later that raven re appeared, this time, it was the actual bird, however its eye was missing… again I was enveloped in this hue of violet purple…

    Are you able to shed any light on this possible meaning please?

  22. Peter Thompson says:

    I was in the tub today and my old friend was outside my window . I heard the chickens squawking and I heard the Raven so I got up to look. Of course there was a blue jay tormenting the Raven but it just sat on top of the closed beach umbrella squawking looking at me for about 5 minutes. We said our goodbye and it flew off. Looking forward to some positive changes coming soon. I always feel better after our visits.
    Have a great day, Peter

  23. Manny says:

    I’d like to know what message was given to me when I had a raven follow me pecking on cables electric wood pole and it was on a tree and would pick the tree and drop pieces of it. I picked up the pieces it dropped as a gift but I want to know the meaning of it.

  24. Jo-Ann says:


    I have no idea why on my post it says “Hi Allison”. So I apologize for that up front as I did the note from my notes and just copied and pasted and I just had Hi and no name… strange. Anyways, my apologies again.

    Warmest Regards,


  25. Mark Becker says:

    Hi Allison,

    Recently a Raven came and visited me towards the end of a day when it seemed like almost one good thing kept happening after the other throughout the course of the day. As the day progressed with one thing after the other I got the feeling prior to be visited by the Raven that I was in the right place at the right time and that there must have been some devine intervention on Gods behalf. Prior to running my final errand for the day I could remember when I got outside of my truck in the parking lot where I was at that I could hear a thousand tiny birds all chirping individually. It was as if my senses were tuned in to just hearing all of the tiny birds chirp. Then everything got silent and I was drawn to a noise in the tree above me where there was a Raven looking down in me with the bright sun in the background of the tree. It looked at me and croaked so loud that I was instantly taken back wondering what had just taken place. This was almost 5 weeks after I was visited by an all white dove/pigeon on a beautiful day while planting flowers in my yard. I didn’t realize this until the Raven visited me, but the day when I was visited by the all white dove/pigeon had marked the 7th year to the day that I had contracted a terrible tick borne illness that had pretty much left me debilitated and faithless for all that time until a few months before being visited by the all white dove/pigeon. On that day I knew something very special had happened that it had to be a sign from God and the Holy Spirit that I could feel at peace and everything was going to be alright. Shortly after being visited by the all white dove/pigeon it had flown into my garage and flown underneath a car I’ve been working on and fell asleep. I could walk right up to it and it wasn’t scared one bit at all. It just sat there and looked at me in peace.

  26. abhi1161 says:

    I am seeing three ravens everyday on my home terrace.Previously there were only two of them but now there are three ravens.Can somebody please tell me the meaning of this ravens.What raven signifies?.Should i be afraid of it?.I think they have build nest in our near by tree.Whenever i go to my terrace they appear.

  27. Randallin Flores says:

    After I finished my first year of high school, my friend, her mother and I took a week long trip to Arizona. During the year I had suffered from depression and was struggling st home and with my relationships. I was constantly afraid my friend and family would leave me. I was also very angry with my Dad at the time and didn’t know what to do. Anyway, when we got done there, I noticed Ravens and crows everywhere. I’d see them in the trees, and in paintings. My friends mother is very spiritual and said that it was a sign. Did I mention Ravens and crows scare the crap out of me? I saw them everywhere. On the last day we were there in Arizona, we were swimming at a small beach, and I crow landed just a few feet away from me on the dirt while I was in the water. It just hopped a little bit and just stayed there for three minutes until it flew away. I was in utter shock because I’d never been so close to one before. Later that day before we were going to leave, we stopped at a candle shop(by this time I’m totally fed up with birds) We look around and I see a red candle shaped like I skull. I picked it up cause I thought it looked cool, and I look at the back and find a raven painted on it. Ever since then I’ve been researching what it could possibly mean, and I have to say it’s pretty accurate. I’ve always had trouble communicating with my dad. My opinion would constantly be pushed aside as if it were nothing. I’m allowed to do more things than I used too, but that’s because I tried to talk back at him. My life is still changing, but I can sense that in the near future my life is going to change for the better, but it will not be a fun process.

  28. P says:

    I was watching television and saw a bird fly in my driveway. This was no ordinary bird. It was a big, tall and beautiful black raven whose shiny coat seemed almost blue/purple. I had never seen a bird so big a beautiful. To my surprise another exactly the same size flew in my driveway as th. Other flew on the pole of my fence and faced me. Both ended up on the pole of my fence watching me as I starred at them through my window. I got my camera and took pictures and video, I began to let fear set in because these two birds watched me intently. It seemed as though they even got upset when I took pictures because their head cocked to the side and one of them raised its legs as if it was preparing to run track, all while starring at me. To my surprise the bird hopped off the post and soared very fast directly at my window as if it were attacking me and just in the nick of time before it’s big body looked as if it was going to smash into my window,, it soared onto either the roof or sky. I was afraid and calling for God! I got the courage to look out the window again and the second bird starred at me, cocked it’s head to the side, positioned for take off and did the same exact thing as the other. I was standing in the same spot as before but quickly dropped to the ground thinking that this one might just break the window. The bird flew either on top of the roof or in the sky. I have never encountered anything like it in my life!!!!! I was really scared and felt the most u usual energy ever. Prior to this experience, I have been ignoring everything I know that I should be doing to move into my purpose due to depression, empty nesting and questioning my existence. What does this mean?

  29. Norma Napier says:

    My beloved husband passed away 8 months ago. I had an intense urge to return to the farm we lived on and when I arrived, there was a white raven with one black spot on his left wing. (I got the sense it was male.) He strutted and walked about and hopped around on the ground for 10 minutes. I didn’t take a picture, as it seemed a personal message. The bird felt just like my beloved Hunky, and I was amused by its antics. It winked and flew away, never to be seen again. My husband’s first words as a baby were “I do it, myself.” I got the distinct impression he had input as to that black spot on that bird. I found a black and a white feather when I walked where he had been. What does this mean?

  30. Solbi says:

    I saw i belige the same raven 3 times and it just flew over me the 1st time then the secondtime it did the same thing then today it flew down my window. What does that mean?

  31. Len Kowalyshen says:

    I wanted to tell you what just happen to me with a Raven and a Eagle . For a week I had been looking for my lost Tabby cat Scotty that was chased by a big dog .We live on Vancouver island and have 400 yr old fir trees on our property and in the near by forest here is a true story :………..Something happened while I was looking for Scotty , I was putting Lost posters on the mail boxes up and down the street and on Farhill rd . I got to our mail box and was putting the poster on it when I heard a Raven
    over head and up in a fir tree making a funny cooing noise enough to get me to look up to see him as I did this he let go a tuff of fur and it floated down in the air to me and landed at my feet I picked it up and saw that it looked very much like Scotties colour of fur ,at this time I did not know where Scotty was and had been call for him every night and also as I walked up and down the roads . I picked the fur up and looked at the Raven and said to him Really? Really ,where is my Scotty ? he jumped to another tree further into the bush and called back to me as I followed him he then jumped further to an opening over looking Metchosin Rd it was on top of a small treed slope, and cooed and then he changed his calls and jumped over behind me to my right and landed on a branch next to a young Eagle ,now this is kind of strange because the 2 don’t get along usually . I said to the eagle
    I hope you didn’t take my Scotty and I hope you didn’t eat him ,he just looked at me then moved his head to look left and down towards Metchosin Rd , I looked around in the bushes for other signs of fur none did I find . The next day I saw that Raven further down the road eating a rabbit on the side of the road down by Latoria RD . The day after this I was told where to find Scotty by a witness to what had happen the day Scotty was chased and run over as to where they put Scotty . HERE IS THE WEIRD PART, finding Scotty I happen to look up and noticed that where the Raven and Eagle had been was right above where Scotty was .
    2 days had gone by since the Raven had dropped the fur and looking at Scotty there was a small bare patch on one of the inside back legs where that fur had been pulled from other then that Scotty was not touched
    or eaten in anyway . This is not normal as these birds eat the dead animals found ,that is what they do . So my question is this ? They showed Scotty respect and me also by not eating him and they tried to show me where the body was. Isn’t that cool……………………………..and
    It is not like they didn’t know who Scotty was as they have seen him many times before and heard me calling for him. THIS DID HAPPEN AS TOLD ,what you think of that ???

  32. Rose says:


    Thank you for the info. I have a short clip that I taped of a Raven ( I think ots a Raven, he/she was very large) “speaking” to me ( may not have been to me,but I tuned in. Was wondering if I could send itto you and get your opinion.It’s pretty cool.

    If you send me your email, I will send it.

    Thank you,


    • Len says:

      Sorry for taking awhile to answer my e-mail is listed below, and I would be very interested in see this short clip, I still can’t believe that the Raven did try to tell me where my Scotty was …….Len

    • Abdu says:

      Can any one help me understand why raven follow me in every where I go in night and day. I see the little ones and the bugger ones

  33. 3 Feathers says:

    Today is the 19th. This equals a 1. New beginnings.
    Let me explain…..
    Today as I was walking my buddy Dash Dog.
    RAVEN came and landed around 10 yards from us and then hopped along as we walked. I paused our walk and asked Raven what the message was. Looking and cocking it’s head at me it hopped closer and continued with that AWESOME gaze. We continued this visual exchange for what seemed like an extremely long time. At last, with one more blink Raven flew up to the wire above us and looked down to gaze some more. As I asked….was there anymore to tell me? Raven sat back in a normal pose and began looking toward the sky. I replied….”I understand…Thank you for coming to me
    I value the gift. Thank you!”
    I am so GRATEFUL for this. Not only did I recieve another of my Totem Animals, but to recieve my Power Animal at this time as well….. This is another blessing for me, my journey and for my evolution in my craft.
    I pondered for a while and then decieded to read up on the SPIRITUAL significance of Raven. It could not have been anymore spot on!
    Thanks for letting me share.
    Blessed Be

  34. 3 Feathers says:

    I am thankful to you and the information that you have made available to all of those who seek. I have returned time and time again to confirm or recieve information for myself and others.
    Great Job.
    3 Feathers

  35. Bridget says:

    Ravens have been following me my whole life. I don’t dream of them. But they are always around me, being playful, or teaching their young. I see them everywhere I go and I love them. I know that they are very intelligent, funny, and loyal. So, some years back, when I would see them, I’d see them teaching their young to hunt and to pick up dead prey. Sometimes, I would cry at the sight of them grabbing baby birds. I saw this as a teaching moment, and a moment of tremendous change. I had uncovered a horrendous time in my childhood that I needed t heal from. It caused great upheaval, but was necessary for my growth. They are my teachers. I have never seen them as a negative source. I only see them as messenger, and strength, and knowledge. I knew I would be okay.

  36. DEBBIE says:

    I saw a Raven today it came to me while i going into my car and and then flew over me. It then went on top of my house. I drove off. When i camr back it was gone.

  37. Tanya says:

    I had an experience with a Raven that gave me goosebumps.
    I’m in a wheelchair sitting on my back porch. I see these huge ravens flying ahead, their wingspan was awesome. One comes no more than 15- 25 feet across from me…it hoovers in one spot in the air..like time slowed down. It was looking at me and I looked back at it… It a very surreal moment. Then another huge Raven came from another direction while one stayed high up in the altitudes. When they all came within distance of each other..they flew overhead. Most beautiful experience I have ever had in my life!!!!

  38. Stella Trendafilova says:

    Thank you for the info you have shared here.
    I had a dream of having a raven as a pet.
    That’s what made me look for what the symbol of the Raven meant.
    It was close to me in my dream and we were friends, it even landed on me or jumped all over my body in a playful, funny and friendly way. If I have to be honest, if that happened in real life, I am not sure I would enjoy it, but in my dream I was happy with my raven. We had a great time together. I think we were very good friends.
    I am also a Scorpio so when I read your article, I got really excited for what I found out about this spiritual connection in different people’s star signs. I had never known before there was such an equivalent of the Scorpio. According to the Chinese horoscope I was born in the year of the Bull. I am saying it as there was a comparison of those three astrologies.
    Anyway, thanks for the info you’ve shared with us!
    If you ever have time, you could tell me what you think of my dream in matters of symbolism although I’ve already understood quite a lot out of your articles so do not worry about it. 🙂
    Thanks again!
    Best wishes,

  39. Jennifer says:

    Jennifer my first interaction with a raben was at a national park I was camping with my Church group. I left my bible sitting out on the bench while we went out for a hike. When we came back there was a Raven tearing the pages out of it like a vulture angry and extreme. It sent cjills down my spine. That was 15 uears ago I was trying to get off of drugs. In fact I just got out of a rehab. My life got really bad after that. That Raven was warning me that if i continued on the path of drugs it was going to hurt. Just like it hurt watcjing him tear into my Bible. Recently the Ravens have been coming back around me. Thry are messagengers. For me my spirit is loud and i am in tune with everything in this world

  40. Bill Murray says:

    Hi I recently Moved into Our new home this week, and their is a Raven that hangs around Our street according to Our new neighbor The Raven has been around for a few Year’s,
    The second or third day here the Raven hopped off the fence ,hopped over to the steps hopped up the stoop and then hopped up on my leg , the next day same thing , only this time hopped up on my shoulder , and again today .
    Then neighbor had said a few days earlier that They have never been able to even touch it the whole time they have been here .
    Was just curious as to how common is this ,
    Thanks Bill

  41. Rachel Wright says:

    Today is July 18, 2018, according to numerology, it is the number “1” which is beginnings. Well, my story is this: I have been fighting to try to change myself, to change my location where I live. I have been trying to find my voice and be more of who I am as well, instead of fitting into a box. I also was trying to find a new username online, a new blog name and a new pagan-Witch name to fit this new way of feeling and thinking. Over the course of 8 years, I have used so many names that did not quite fit me.
    Well, within the last two weeks I was toying with wild, fierce, phoenix and I could not come up with anything that really fit me. I used a website called name-checker and I looked up how to find your pagan name with numerology, well as I am doing all the math and what not, I went to type into name-checker “wildphoenixheart” instead my fingers typed “wildravenheart”! Mind you I was in shock I typed it and no intention of it. Come to find out it was not used at all online!!
    Imagine my surprise and excitement!!
    Also, I have been drawn to the number 7 since I was a child and WildRavenHeart is “7” in numerology.
    Now to make matters more interesting here where I live we have two ravens who sit in the eucalyptus tree outside the apartment I lived in for two years, they used to sit on the branch and make sounds calling out. I would go to the window and chat with them, they would chat back. I left them trinkets too. Well, we moved apartments just to another building same community, they now sit in the eucalyptus tree right outside my office window and make their sounds again.
    I know this is a sign for me.

  42. Jeroen Heynemans says:

    Beautiful story,
    I Did today a meditation to find out What my totem animal is and surprised it was the Raven.
    No I was searching for more info I came on this page And read your story.
    Thanks for sharing.

  43. art says:

    Crows “caw”

    Ravens “croak”

  44. Marcia says:

    I have wondered why i have seen the Raven fly so high in the sky to rrst on a tree in my garden.Then another one arrives spreading it wings so wide in the sky was beautiful.My feeling was amazing. I wondering is this my Totem or power animal or spirit.i only just come across your page.I am starting out on my spiritual path. I listen to the birds everyday in song. Could anyone tell me to which its is as i said above. Thank you love & light.

  45. steven willis says:

    one day I was walking my dog and I notice A big raven in the middle of the street.I stopped for A minute to admire the size and beauty of this raven.when I proceeded to go back to my destination,this huge bird ended up on the side walk right in front of me.I just stood there for about a minute ,and watch him fly about A foot from my head .The weird thing about this experience is my dog normally would bark or try to chase any kind of animal, but he was in A daze like myself.to be honest it felt like time just froze.Such A strange feeling.

  46. Azure says:

    A juvenile raven fell out of my chimney and into the lounge room and kitchen where I found him. He is the size of my forearm including hand…just enormous.
    He just looked at me innocently but was very calm and unaggressive. He was trying to get out through the window but he didn’t even pierce the insulation film on the window.

    So I got some sunglasses on (Elvis ones were handy at the time!) and a protective hooded jacket and just walked through the kitchen and left both doors open. Then I checked through the window from outside that he’d gone through the window.

    Sure enough, he’d flown onto the garage roof and was watching me.

    I had no idea how he’d got into the house at first. I thought my boarders had left the back door open but later I saw evidence of his being in the loungeroom later, and then today I heard the sounds of the raven in the chimney. The lining had been broken and you can see light now through the chimney. Wow.

    They are extremely intelligent birds and he will not be likely to make the same mistake again.
    As the boarders are Japanese and extremely afraid of birds, I’m hoping it won’t happen again. I just have to keep the doors closed in case.

    Going through a lot of transformation at the moment, so the fact that they’ve been nesting at my place is an honor and is timely.
    I guess it’s my totem for now.

  47. Azure says:

    Apparently there may be more than one which is nesting….which is why the caution. The Japanese students are just terrified of birds. Luckily they didn’t see it.

    Some people are just irrationally afraid. Like I had 2 black belt karate people staying and I had to go into their room and remove a harmless huntsman spider. They were each totally freaking out. I mean, I’m female and not terribly strong physically….the Huntsman is a large spider but it’s without venom. We have a lot of wildlife in Australia and foreigners from urban areas just get terrified instead of educating themselves.

    I got them to show me their black belts after that! lol!

    (Not really an Elvis fan either, but it was a strange juxtaposition. Gold Elvis glasses, pink hooded raincoat, black raven….it just happened like that.)

  48. Breno says:

    I always had a very intimate link with this animal, ravens always intrigued me, and especially after I found out my name is the Portuguese variant of (among other things) of the Celtic term for raven, this link strengthened. And really, looking at this description, it really clicks with me, especially the mystery thing. Who knows, maybe this is my animal totem!

  49. Kaya says:

    Last night I had a dream about an injured raven. It was really friendly and was following me so I tried to pick it up but then I realised a puss-filled wound down the belly that pretty much went from it’s neck to it’s tail. I told the people around me to call a vet and I can’t remember what happened after that. Also, before I picked it up, it started walking around the guy next to me, almost tripping him up and he got angery and tried to harm it but failed. I feel strongly that this dream has a meaning but I can’t find any information about dreams of injured ravens so I would be so grateful if someone could help. Thank you!

  50. Robyn Masters says:

    I have a family of Ravens that are always in my yard in the mornings. We are very friendly with one another. After reading this I know that one of my totems is definitely the Raven, from being an artist to my playful mischievous side. I’m a Clairvoyant and a Channel. Astrologically I am a triple Cancer and a Monkey though I do have Scorpio in Neptune. I also have a great deal of Red Fox and Dolphin personalities in me. Just wanted to say I loved the whole article.

  51. Jael says:

    I have lived in my apartment for 7 years and only recently a raven has perched utop the light post in front of my door. I went outside for some air on a particularly spiritual night for me. There he was, sitting above me, looking at me and making rattling sounds that I ave never heard a raven make. I bowed my head to him, acknowledging him as a spirit animal and he bowed back at me and made a soft rattling sound after every time I spoke to this awesome bird. He now does this often, and other ravens have joined in. I can always pick him out of the crowd however, because he is the biggest, blackest, most gorgeous raven i have ever seen. He often flies beside our vehicle when we drive down our road, and perches right above my window ledge to the roof. When he comes in for the land, I can really appreciate how big he really is, blocking out a good portion of the light when he flies up above my large bay windows. He is always leading the other ravens. There are five. Most of the time he brings just one other with him. All he represents makes sense in my life at this particular time and I find it fascinating. I began to look for meanings of this as we live on Native American (originally) land, and in a place named by Native Americans. I have been in awe of what I have read here and on other sites about the appearance of these intelligent and magical messengers.

  52. Lynn says:

    Thank you for your information I like reading and understanding more about Ravens and Crows their behaviors are very interesting

    • Jennifer Walston says:

      I was just praying out loud buy myself and a raven showed up in front of my window so I threw bread out thinking he was hungry but he never came back I was just wondering what would that mean

      • Jennifer Walston says:

        I’m sorry I meant to respond on your comment

  53. Shailaja kadam says:

    A Raven visit my house every day his time is fix usually comes around in between 9am to 10am now it has became everyday routine i keep something to eat he comes eat and fly away what would be?

  54. Carmen says:

    I had a reading, and it was amazing and I was told that the raven is my spirit animal, So I was also instructed to spend time with the raven today trust my intuition and listen, I also learned that the raven has always been present in my life I’ve always felt drawn to them and just thought it was because I love Edgar Allen Poe but that wasn’t it by far. I’m a spiritual being and my spiritual journey has changed my way of thinking I have changed and I continue to change in all this chaos, I am honored the raven chose me because I truly feel connected.

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