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Bird of Paradise Symbolism & Meaning

Are you looking to see all the beauty in your world or reality? Do you want to attract attention to yourself? Bird of Paradise, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Bird of Paradise teaches you how to experience life in living color, all while helping you let your inner beauty shine! Delve into Bird of Paradise Symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can illuminate, stir, and awaken you!

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Bird of Paradise Symbolism & Meaning

The vibrant colored feathers of the Bird of Paradise belong to proud males. And who wouldn’t be well-pleased with such a majestic display of blue, scarlet, yellow, and green? The Bird of Paradise ranks, in fact, among the world’s most glorious and bewitching birds, even though sequestered in New Guinea. One message from the Bird of Paradise is clear: If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Flaunt it he does, while wooing a female companion. The male Bird of Paradise puts on a glamorous theatrical production- posing, dancing, and prancing for his intended, pausing from time-to-time for dramatic effect; the sexy display may last for hours. Humans find the ritual memorizing, and one cannot help but hope the female feels likewise. It is obvious Mr. Bird of Paradise will put himself “out there” for relationships. No cutting corners and no holding back!

By the way, our paramour is not alone. Dozens of males enact their displays in a tree at the same time; this is not just any bower, but a generational tree where a gathering has occurred for generations. The Bird of Paradise honors tradition. If they take their rite to the ground instead, they first clear away branches and leaves, so his stage is prepared.

Speaking of relationships, fidelity between Birds of Paradise depends on the species. Of the 43 known species, only eight are monogamous. These 8 have far less colorful plumage, perhaps because there is no need to keep showing off to a female every mating season. By comparison, the polygamous Birds of Paradise have very fanciful tails and sometimes feathered crowns, alluding to royalty and nobility.

Sizes among Birds of Paradise vary tremendously. These creatures range from a tiny avian weighing a slight two ounces and measuring 6 inches to a large species weighing a pound and measuring 17 inches long, mostly feathers! It’s no wonder their plumage plays a key role in the Bird of Paradise’s meaning and symbolism. Around the world, feathers represent ties to the Spirit, celestial wisdom, prayerfulness, and transcendence.

There is an air of independence in the Bird of Paradise world. They prefer being alone, usually only gathering for mating. Later, eggs hatch after about 20 days. A mere 16-30 days later, the chicks leave the nest and head out on their own solitary adventure.

Birds of Paradise lived hidden from most human eyes until 1996. It was then David Attenborough released images of them in connection with his journey to Papua, New Guinea; the creature captured his heart, and he continued tracking them through the jungles, exploring their myths and behaviors. Attenborough called the creature the “most glamorous bird in the world.”

One myth says a Greater Bird of Paradise with golden tail feathers is an emblem of the soul and eternal life. Some folklorists credit the Bird to the Chinese myth of the Phoenix.

Bird of Paradise Spirit Animal

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When Bird of Paradise wings its way in as a Spirit Animal, you can bet things are about to get kaleidoscopic-filled with unexpected shapes and dynamics. If you felt your life has been dull, the Spirit Animal transforms it quickly. It can be an intense ride, but most exhilarating.

Bird of Paradise, as a Spirit Animal, has strong masculine energies and often comes to those struggling to enhance those traditional vibrations. It is the male Bird of Paradise who exhibits the brightest hues as if bursting with a rainbow of glorious attributes. When we think of the Sacred Masculine, we find strength, leadership, fatherhood, courage, and assertiveness.

The Bird of Paradise Animal Helper may also arrive when you are trying to get someone’s attention, and they do not seem to see you for your true “colors.” It takes a while for the Male Bird of Paradise to garner attention, so you may exhibit similar impatience. Friendship and long-term relationships take work. You can’t force them, however. Show yourself in honesty and see who responds.

Sometimes Bird of Paradise Spirit Animal comes with a warning. Hunting for their ornamental plumage was common until the 20th century. So, who is hunting you? Are you a “trophy” member of a group there to bolster the status and numbers? Take a long look at your associates and make sure people value your contribution, not just your “name.”

Finally, Bird of Paradise arrives when we face matters of tradition and custom. We expect some things in our interactions, even if we may not always like them. What’s important here is how your participation influences the relationships involved in this Circle. For example, if Grandma wants you to go to church because it matters to her, consider going (even if you’re not of that faith); this is part of her custom, her ritual she wishes to share with you. Honoring love is a worthy act of kindness.

Bird of Paradise Totem Animal

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Those with a Bird of Paradise Totem animal are some of the most flamboyant, brightest characters you will ever meet. They think big, dream big live big and prefer the company of people who do likewise when they socialize; these folks gravitate toward performance careers like acting or dancing. And while, at first, it may seem over the top, over time, people surrounding this individual come to realize they’re adept at achievement.

If the Bird of Paradise is your Birth Totem, you are a part-time dreamer and must take care not to get too caught up in woolgathering. You’re confident, likable, and magnetic. Even with all your personality, you never take advantage of your natural skills with people. Manipulation isn’t in your gamebook. In fact, you detest it.

You like to show off your skills, especially with people with whom you share a bond of respect or love. You value honesty and speak it candidly, even though sometimes it offends. A thing of beauty holds your attention for what seems to be a lifetime when within your view.

In love, you are not jealous or clingy. Most people with this Totem have many lovers in their life, sometimes several at once as willing participants in a different lifestyle. You feel one cannot “own” another. Those who share intimacy must do so on an equal footing without resentment or envy.

Overall, you are a questioning soul. Age-old questions of who you are, where you are going, and why you are here are somethings that ache in your Spirit. The beauty is you have an ancient soul who knows how to fly and discover its contract in this lifetime. It helps to remember that true enlightenment is not so much a destination as it is a journey.

Bird of Paradise Power Animal

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Look to your inner Bird of Paradise Power Animal when you seek the truth-unbridled and without pretense. Clarity lies there, but it may not be an easy awakening.

The Bird of Paradise also helps us when trying to figure out our vocation, while not forgetting about who we are in the core of our being. True, we have to put food on the table, but the Bird of Paradise endeavors to make the process fun (at least a little).

When you feel torn in relationships and also feel the call for enjoying more than one partner, the Bird of Paradise Power Animal is an excellent Animal Helper and Guide. It reminds you of the reason for such a lifestyle is love, not lust and some practicality. “It takes a village” to achieve success in many of life’s matters. Being true to your feelings is important for lasting connections, just avoid jealousy at all costs.

Also, when you find your connection to the Divine or Sacred Energies lacking, the Bird of Paradise’s energies get you back on track. It reveals the nature of your soul and the lessons of many incarnations.

Native American Bird of Paradise Symbolic Meanings

The native languages of New Guinea alluded to them as the Birds of God. In this region, the constellation of Apus represents the Bird of Paradise. The stories told regionally to visitors from Europe resulted in travelers claiming the birds flew eternally up through the clouds, feathers tinted by sunlight, and existing solely on heavenly dew.

The Bird of Paradise is significant in the Papua culture. Its feathers became part of ritual garments and headdresses, which, when worn, return some of life’s essence into the body. People cared for these pieces as treasures, passing them down from generation to generation.

Some clans tell us the Bird of Paradise may be an ancestor returned to earth in a more glorious form; the creature appears on the Flag of Papua New Guinea out of respect.

One story believed to originate in New Guinea begins with a captured Bird of Paradise. There the beautiful mother bird laid an egg but died soon thereafter. The baby Bird of Paradise grew up in the cage, all the while thinking it was in a normal living space. No one even thought of teaching him how to fly.

One day, another Bird of Paradise saw the Bird and came to the cage; the wise friend told the little Bird he was supposed to soar free in the sky. The revelation astonishes the young Bird, and it was hopeful this new companion would share more. At the older Bird of Paradise’s instructions, the little bird struggles with opening his cage and finds success eventually.

The older Bird had the young one watch it in flight. It took several efforts, but he took to wing. The liberation and happiness the little bird senses are without parallel. He finds his true nature in this wondrous moment, and is, finally, free.

Bird of Paradise Dreams

The Bird of Paradise arriving in your dream portends something outlandish, but not always as a negative. Watch the other movements of the Bird. If it seems content or happy, then there are playful moments ahead where you get to let loose.

If the Bird of Paradise in your dream has its wings outstretched, it means you, too, are stretching your wings in new and more interesting directions. You’re tired of the old, dull way of living and working; it is a great growth opportunity.

Two Birds of Paradise in your dream represents a relationship: One which is vibrant for both parties. If a third bird joins in the dream, you may move toward an open relationship with two or more partners.

Should the Bird of Paradise strut proudly in your dream, it means you should likewise take pride in both your natural talents and accomplishments, especially when the people you care about seem oblivious.

Bird of Paradise Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Beauty
  • Eternity
  • Freedom & Liberation
  • Masculinity
  • Polyamory
  • Pride
  • Relationships
  • Rituals, Tradition, & Sacred Dance
  • Sexuality & Mating
  • Soul & Transcendence

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