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Bluebird Symbolism & Meaning

Looking to awaken your inner child? Need to tap into your endless well of creativity? Bluebird, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Bluebird teaches how to see the world through the imaginative eye of your younger, more open self! Delve deeply in Bluebird symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can uplift, impassion, and encourage you!

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Bluebird Symbolism & Meaning

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“O bluebird, welcome back again. Thy azure coat and ruddy vest, are hues that April loveth best.”
– John Burroughs

Bluebirds are a species of Thrushes. The one we most often think of when we say “Bluebird” is the Eastern Bluebird that lives between Canada and the Florida Maritimes. Some breeds are sometimes found further south, in scattered groups. South and Southeast Asia also have three types of Bluebirds, all of which have impressive azure hues.

It is the color and song of the Bluebird that has given it the nearly universal meaning of happiness and contentment. People often add the color Blue to office settings to offset the negative emotional or energetic influence of high-stress jobs. Healers tell us that blue connects us to our Higher Self and helps open our awareness of the Divine, particularly in prayer. Mystics consider it the color of harmony, honesty, and security. So, our Bluebird Spirit embodies all those characteristics and more!

Russian fairy tales portray the Bluebird as a hopeful omen. Similarly, in France, there is a story in the Tales of the Fairies where a king becomes a Bluebird to assist his lover during difficult times. Ancient Lorraine folklore speaks specifically about two children sent out to find the Bluebird of Happiness. They return home defeated, only to discover that the lovely bird was in a cage at home all along, unnoticed. The little bird was gifted to a sick neighbor child to bring joy. Apparently, happiness truly is, as an old proverb says, doubled when it’s shared.

Spirit Guides and Angels sometimes take the form of a Bluebird, usually directing you to something lovely right beneath your nose (like the children in the story). In some Bible translations, Bluebird is a creature who understands migration better than humans understand God and his kingdom. Bluebirds represent good luck for sailors.

After 10,000 miles at sea, he may have a tattoo on one side of his chest, and another at 20,000 miles of safe returns. In the Valentine myth, the Bluebird character symbolizes happy love and a “man of laughter.” Finally, Korean legend says that Bluebird takes messages to and from God, akin to the idea that “a little bird told me.” In this setting, Bluebird also conveys messages between separated lovers.

Bluebird Spirit Animal

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Bluebird song enters your life when you begin giving up your happiness for something or someone else. He reminds you that you need not lose joy in the process of achieving a goal.

Overall Bluebird Spirit comes with good news. He prepares you for what’s ahead. Once that boon arrives, Bluebird says, “share the wealth.” Spread that joy all around and see what wonders it produces.

When Bluebird frequently appears in your meditations, consider if you have taken time to appreciate the little things in life. It’s easy to recognize BIG blessings, but sometimes we overlook others that can fill our moments with laughter and good cheer. Stop and look at nature – the glory of an autumn leaf or spring flower. It’s good Spiritual therapy!

Another message from Bluebird might be that you don’t realize you others admire you. Bluebird his immortalized in stories, poems, and songs about hope and love. There is something in you that naturally radiates those positive feelings. People appreciate that, so celebrate that aspect of your personality.

If you are stepping into a new chapter in your life, Bluebird may arrive to help with just that. There are decisions we must make, and steps to take when our lives hit transition. Bluebird is your guide to making those so that the result leads to long-term contentment.

Bluebird Totem Animal

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If you were born with Bluebird Totem, you are someone who loves having a lovely nest in which everyone feels comfortable. You call out to people around you for company by offering a magical song filled with love. When specific folks respond to that overture, you know they are people who you can trust and enjoy.

Solid foundations are very important for Bluebird people. It’s from that cornerstone that you hatch your plans. There is always a means to bring hopes into reality, and its solid strategy that gives you that edge. Additionally, you have a good deal of charisma on your side that impacts the outcomes of your interactions positively.

If this is your Totem, you are likely very monogamous and romantic. You tweet out specific signals looking for that life mate. When you find one, most often, the two of you will begin a family. It’s just the nature of Bluebird who embraces the beauty of love and offspring. Woe to anyone who would try to ruffle the feathers of anyone you love, let alone those who seek to disrupt the nest: That is not a fight such an interloper will win with you.

Walking with Bluebird may bring you into the service of the Great Spirit in some way or another. You might become a Spiritual guide or helpmate to others, study Shamanism, or serve All Our Relations in another meaningful way; this is Bluebird Medicine at its finest.

Bluebird Power Animal

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When your heart is aching, Bluebird Spirit can help soothe and calm it. Meditate on Bluebird’s lessons about the simple joys and self-renewal. Like the winter, this pain shall pass into a beautiful spring.

Call on Bluebird when you have lost sight of that inner child. The world is full of wonders. Bluebird sees those and revels in them. Lighten up and let go of the drama so you can start to soar. In the process, remember to live your truth, not someone else’s vision for you.

For people who sometimes act harshly and regret it, the Bluebird Power Animal teaches the Medicine of gentleness. Bluebirds do not like confrontation except in self-defense. Strength need not present as aggression. Let Bluebird guide you into better ways of expressing your passions and ideas that create understanding.

Another good reason to work with Bluebird Medicine is when you are having trouble settling down and committing. Bluebirds love their nests. They tend them with care and often return to them year after year. Let Bluebird Spirit teach you how to build that nest and keep it safe as a promise for your future stability.

Native American Bluebird Symbolic Meanings

A variety of tribes feature Bluebird in stories and lore. The Navajo and Iroquois considered the Bluebird a wonderful omen of fertility and prosperity. Seeing one meant something new and wonderful was about to happen.

The Native Americans consider Bluebird a harbinger of Spring, the season of renewal, transformation, and growth. The idea that Bluebird Medicine helps us with transition appears in a Pima legend. An ugly bird stumbled across a magical lake. By bathing in the lake, he turned into the beautiful Bluebird. This would not have happened if he feared that water.

Iroquois myths say Bluebird drives off the demigod of winter. Cherokee tribes believe Bluebirds control the weather, particularly the wind. Hopi place the Bluebird in the Western Quarter of creation as a Guardian, and the positive symbolism doesn’t stop there.

Cochiti stories say that the Sun’s firstborn was named Bluebird. The Navajo mirror the idea, considering the Mountain Bluebird as an Animal Spirit who sings to the tribe so that they awake in time to greet the morning sun. The Ye’ iiBiCheii sing a Bluebird song at the end of their winter ceremony just before sunrise on the last day of the event.

It was common for Native Americans to try to attract Bluebirds near their homes by hanging dry gourds for nests; this meant enjoying their songs of joy all through the day.

The Ojibwa have a lovely tale of how Bluebirds help make the rainbow. When the Earth was new, there was no color. Everything was off-white. The Spirit Nanabozho saw this and brought out his paints. He began adding colors to the flowers, giving pansies many different combinations; this made Nanabozho incredibly happy.

During this time, two Bluebirds were flying overhead, chasing each other across the meadow. At one point, this game turned into a bit of showmanship with each Bird seeing how close they could dive toward the ground and come up without harm. As they did, their feet and feathers were covered in Nanabozho’s paint. As they chased each other again and again, they flew toward a huge roaring waterfall. The mist from the water began to leave paint streaks in the sky, and the Bird’s continued their playful flight.

When, at last, the Sun shone on the waterfall, the paint became a rainbow in the mist. Nanabozho loved this so much that he left the rainbow above the waters for all to see when the Sun shines through rain or mist.

Bluebird Dreams

A Bluebird appearing in your dreams portends that some struggle is about to resolve itself. Afterward, there will be a great sense of relief and lifting of heavy emotions. Happiness is returning.

Another message from Bluebird dreams is remaining aware. If something is teetering precariously in your life, pay attention to it; this can either bring you a great fortune or bad luck depending on how you handle things. Also, don’t take any good luck you’ve had for granted. It can disappear as quickly as a Bluebird flying out of sight.

Sometimes Bluebirds represent helpful people in your life like a mother or friend who wants to tell you something. People don’t always sing out if they feel like the message may not be welcome. Find out with whom you need to have a positive discussion.

Some feel that Angels and other guiding Spirits may send Bluebird into your dreams as a sign that you are making the right choice.

Far Eastern Cardinal Symbolic Meanings

During the Shang Dynasty, there was a belief discovered on a bone oracle that a bluebird was a messenger of Xi Wangmu, the Queen Goddess of the West. While this being started out as being fearsome, her role changed into that of a Daoist protectress of nuns, priestesses, adepts, and singing girls. You can be certain of Xi Wangmu’s presence if the Bluebird sits in a three-legged tree. This animal also represents the Sun, diligence, modesty, confidence, enlightenment, and knowledge. The arrival of a Bluebird comes just before some type of Spiritual transformation and a change that brings hope.

Blue Jay Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Adaptability
  • Appreciation
  • Community
  • Creativity
  • Generosity
  • Glamoury
  • Gratitude
  • Inner Child
  • Spread Joy
  • The Importance of Tribe

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  1. Mare Cromwell says:

    This is so extensively researched.
    Thank you so much for your generosity here!

  2. Steven. says:

    Thanks alot for this article… Cause i just dreamt of flock of bluebirds with a blue mother hen walking together… I just met a girl and have been having these positive dreams… And also am under going a spiritual transformation….

  3. Natalie says:

    Thank you so much for this article.

    Four nights ago I had an episode (trauma-depression-related) that caused me to relapse from all the positive healing I’ve been working on myself. I’ve started going for a jog/run to overcome this relapse by a developing neighborhood and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw kind Bluebird, minding their business.

    This post really resonated with what I’ve been reflecting on since my depressive relapse. I truly mean it when I give thanks for this article.

    Funnily enough, this same day when I was driving home from work tonight, I saw a very rare, large mammal I wish not to disclose out of respect. I also saw Owl when pulling up my driveway.

    As a woman with strong and proud indigenous roots, I truly thank you for having this website when I do not have an elder to explain to me the totem animals when I cross paths with one. Blessings.

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