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Chicken Symbolism & Meaning

Need a little help fulfilling your promises? Wondering if someone is sincere? Chicken, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Chicken teaches you how to stick to your word and understand the hidden meaning behind what others say. Delve deeply in Chicken symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can illuminate, support, and guide you.

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Chicken Symbolism & Meaning

“A hen is only an egg’s way of making another egg.”
– Samuel Butler

Both Chickens and Roosters appear in the religions, symbols, and superstitions around the world quite frequently. But sometimes the Rooster, with all that flash and fanfare, eclipses the Chicken Spirit Animal’s meaning. This article gives Ms. Chicken her day on stage.

While we will not try to answer the question of whether the Chicken or the Egg came first, that thought process gave meaning to Chickens as being an emblem of fertility and new beginnings for starters. Hey, Eggs are the “star” of the show at Easter and Ostara – but what about our Chicken?

Chickens are typically a social creature that actually has a sense of curiosity. While they are not laying on a daily basis, there is time to wander about and do some pondering. Due to the use of Chicken as food, this creature also represents the unpredictable nature of both life and death.

One of the more impressive moments in Chicken history happened in Rome. There was a group of very special Chickens raised for making auguries. No army, no Senate decision, went forward without the Chicken’s “approval.” The Priest watched the chickens in the way they scratched in the sand or grain. If the Chickens ate grain while it scattered around them – that was a positive omen. If the Chickens refused food, it was a bad omen, and any such endeavor was abandoned.

In some instances, providing an unwanted prophecy was not good news for the Chicken. In one instance, Chickens on a naval boat were tossed overboard for refusing to eat. Cicero’s writings tell us that the movement of the Chicken was considered a sacred dance (ex tripudiis). Any bird could really perform the right, but over time it became the Chicken’s duty. By the way, Chickens beating their winds or trying to fly off were also negative portents.

At any one time, there can be six times the amount of Chickens in the world than humans! It’s true a fair amount of these creatures is farmed for food, but still, that’s a pretty hefty community. You may draw allusions here to the Human population, and how it impacts the earth. In the Green movement, Chickens are among the foods used when teaching about the value of vegetarian and vegan lifestyles to the world’s animal population and treatment.

Throughout the ages, Chicken has been a sacrificial animal. As such, it signifies service to a greater good. The Chicken does not question its purpose. It simply IS. Humans spend their whole lives trying to understand this one significant part of their spiritual lessons in this plane of existence.

Keywords and characteristics associated with Chicken include zeal, tenacity, social activity, sexuality, self-confidence, renewal, recognition, providence, potential, perception, patience, offering, nourishment, mysteries, life cycles, growth, funicity, fortitude, fertility, divination, diet, creativity, courage, and community.

Chickens are pretty popular birds for mascots among businesses, clubs, and even as national symbols. France uses a Chicken as an unofficial mascot, Sir Robin of Monty Python fame had a Chicken standard, and Delaware has a Blue Hen as a State Bird.

Chicken Spirit Animal

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Chicken Spirit does not merely walk; it struts. When one comes into your life, it’s time to let your personality shine with all its uniqueness; if you have been holding yourself back (being “Chicken”), no more of that!

Chickens cluck as well as making other sounds. To us, it may sound random, but those noises have a purpose. Hens call out to their chicks in the roost, guiding them to good food. They often purr while hatching eggs and chicks will recognize the sound of their mother’s voice before birth. So, communication is a part of Chicken Spirit Animal’s message to you. Perhaps your words need to be more meaningful or impactful to they “imprint” your message clearly.

Along with clucking, Chicken spirit has a chatty warble that may sound like laughter – this is actually a sign of nervousness. If you struggle with speaking in public, you may find your voice sounding similarly. Chicken’s instruction here is practice really does make perfect. Keep working on it.

Sometimes Chicken may show up in your life when you have been roosting on something for too long. Brooding effects no change whatsoever. Discuss your concerns or issues openly and honestly. Get out of that nest and make some headway.

Alternatively, Chicken may be telling you that you are just beginning to scratch the surface of something far deeper; this could be a plan, a situation, a new job – whatever the case, don’t rush headlong into this. Scuff up some more dirt and make sure you see what you really need for action.

Chickens are pretty Earthy in nature. How is your grounding and centering these days? Are you feeling balanced or twirling like a top? Reconnect with your Base Chakra and renew symmetry.

Even domesticated Chickens face dangers to themselves and their community. Listen to Chicken if it issues you a warning. Problems may be right around the corner, and you need to prepare. Vigilance thy name is Chicken.

Chicken Totem Animal

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Those born with a Chicken Totem have a rather bold and dauntless approach to everyday life. These people have focus with a capital F. If Chicken has a goal, and they are on the run, get out of the way. Mind you, even those who Chicken may accidentally run over forgive them. Their enthusiasm is simply captivating and contagious.

If Chicken is your Birth Totem, you have a sense of balance in your life (actually more like a need for it). You have no issue with waiting on that proverbial egg’s perfect hatching time, while others around you grow antsy. When your friends are involved in one of your schemes, it feels like being in a hospital maternity ward. The expectations drive everyone a little nuts, but the rewards most certainly come at the end.

In places you consider “yours,” you have a territorial nature. While you love social occasions, you do not appreciate people haphazardly skittering into your space without invitation. The good news is unwanted guests rarely overstay their welcome because you always see them for exactly what they are – and that makes folk very uncomfortable. They will skedaddle right out of the henhouse.

Language is essential to those walking with Chicken. You adore it in every shape and form. It is not unusual to find those with a Chicken Totem studying numerous forms of expression, both modern and ancient. Etymology leaves you flipping through books (or websites) for days. Chicken knows that words have power. The more you learn, the greater wisdom you have for presenting the right thoughts at the right time, in the right media.

Chickens are also timely people. You live and die by the sun. Being late is not acceptable. There is also a TIME to all things – be it attention to a friend, working on a weakness, fighting for the little guy or whatever, you have it on a mental schedule of sorts. Don’t try to explain it to others. They’ll get confused after five words.

Finally, remember that Chicken has a defined pecking order. You follow one. You expect other people to do likewise. Just be sure to communicate those lines of command, so you don’t end up hurting someone unnecessarily.

Chicken Power Animal

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Invoke Chicken as a Power Animal when you are uncertain if people are honest, or if something is not as it seems. Part of Chicken’s Energy and Medicine stems from the way it consumes its food. It scratches at the ground and pecks at what it finds. So, this creature is quite helpful when it comes to pecking out the truth of a matter or in sorting out the truth from misinformation. Along the same lines, ancient cultures relied on Chicken’s methods of eating for predicting the future. So, if you’re looking to master a new method of divination, Chicken is a suitable Animal Ally.

Invoke Chicken as a Power Animal whenever you want to watch over the ones you love. Chickens tend to their young and will even lead them to food sources for a number of weeks after their birth; here, the creature is an emblem of exceptional parenting and nurturing. At the same time, Chicken’s parenting habits make them a suitable Animal Companion to work with when you’re working on a long-term goal or project. You can call on Chicken for supportive energies in starting a new venture or finishing what you start.

You can petition Chicken for energetic support when you are looking to claim or reclaim your space. Chickens will establish a pecking order within their flocks. As such, the creature can help you in establishing your boundaries and standing your ground. Seeing that Chickens have a variety of vocalizations they use to communicate with one another, you can call on the creature when you want help in voicing your opinion or when you want to give your word and mean what you say.

Native American Chicken Symbolic Meanings

No one is quite sure where the Chicken dance originated, but it certainly has a long history among the Kiitoki. It is said that a warrior received this dance from the Spirit of a Prairie Chicken. The story goes something like this: Once when a warrior was out hunting for food, he heard a thumping noise that ran through the earth. He followed the sound, closer and closer. As he reached the noise, he found a group of Prairie Chickens dancing.

Being a hunter, he killed one of the Chickens and took it home for dinner. Long afterward, when everyone slept, Prairie Chicken appears in the Warrior’s dream asking why the Warrior killed him. The Chicken explained that he was doing a sacred dance for his Nation. The Warrior appreciated the Prairie Chicken’s question and answered honestly that his family was hungry and needed food.

The Prairie Chicken appreciated the Warrior’s humility and taught him the dance of the Chicken nation, which he then taught to the people. Now, we realize today that the Prairie Chicken was actually a pinnated grouse, who dances during mating. Nonetheless, the Chicken Dance remains.

Chicken Dreams

In general, a Chicken dream implies that you may be responding to a situation out of fear rather than really using your head. A noisy Chicken in your dream may represent a gossip in your life (perhaps even you). Take care of what you accept on hearsay. When Chicken sits peacefully on a nest in the dream, this symbolizes possibilities and potential, particularly regarding a new endeavor. Some say that no matter the disposition of a Chicken in your dream it presages good luck.

Sadly, for our Chicken friend, eating Chicken has meaning too. It’s an emblem of Providence, financial stability, and simple rewards from hard work. If someone doesn’t like the Chicken, that’s a warning of loss and poor advice. Should you shapeshift into a Chicken, you are in good health and well respected among your peers. A Chicken running away implies a lack of willpower and cowardice. Holding a baby chick in your dream is a message that you need to help someone close to you, a person who desperately needs protection and guidance. Black and white hens together predict a long, peaceful life with your partner.

Crow in Astrology & Zodiac Signs

In Korean Astrology, The Chicken (aka Rooster) is part of the 12 zodiac signs within the astrological system. The Year of the Rooster applies to those born in 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1996, 2005, and 2017 and 2029. Those born during this year, also the Year of the Hen, are dreamers with exorbitant or opulent tastes. When making any decisions, those born under the sign of the Hen pick their choices with incredible care. They are ambitious, fragile, intelligent, and vocal.

Far Eastern Chicken Symbolic Meanings

In Chinese wedding rituals, sometimes chicken feet are served as the meal, and they are associated with feet of the phoenix. During the Chinese New Year, the Chicken is a symbol corresponding with happy families and good luck for the coming year. Often, an entire chicken is served as a meal, with the wholeness of the Chicken’s cooked body representing familial unity.

In Japan, the Rooster plays an important role in the myth of Amaterasu for he calls out to her and draws her out of the cave she hides in; this action allows Amaterasu’s light to return to the world once more.

During shamanistic rituals in Northern Mongolia, the shaman will sip at rice wine that has been mixed with the feathers from a chicken sacrificed for the ritual’s purpose. The beverage is consumed before the shaman enters a trance, which he will then communicate with the spirit world.

Chicken Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Community
  • Courage
  • Divination
  • Fertility
  • Growth
  • Mysteries
  • Nourishment
  • Recognition
  • Sexuality
  • Tenacity

3 thoughts on “Chicken Symbolism & Meaning

  1. Bernard says:

    Hello,I have this chicken that comes to me not in a dream but reality, it comes so close to me that it even shelters inside my jacket when am sitting somewhere. The chicken is new to our home and as opposed to other chickens at home this one is really raising my radar. I even push it away but it persist on coming back every time.It seems so calm around me that i have even let it be.Could this mean something or anything?

  2. EC says:

    I’d just like to kindly point out that roosters are also chickens, in male form. “Hen” would be the correct term for an adult female chicken. Like humans, there are males/females/other, adults, juveniles, and babies — which have different names but are all still human. ❤️

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