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Cockatoo Symbolism & Meaning

Have a message you want to share with others? Want to separate yourself from those who don’t support your growth? Cockatoo, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Cockatoo teaches you how to vocalize your truth while showing you how to cut the emotional ties in unhealthy relationships. Delve deeply in Cockatoo symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can support, embolden, and illuminate you!

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Cockatoo Symbolism & Meaning

A Bird that looks a lot like a parrot but larger, the Cockatoo has a prominent crest atop white, grey, or black feathers burnished with hints of red and yellow. Living in hallow trees and using eucalyptus leaves for net lining, the Red-Tailed Cockatoo is a Weather Shaman, predicting oncoming rains with a specific vocalization. A Cockatiel is akin to the Cockatoo but is far smaller in stature.

The name “Cockatoo” comes from a Dutch term kaketoe, which stems from the Malay term kakatua. The Spanish created variants like cockatoon and cocatore in the 18th century. The Malay term has a warm, insightful translation: “elder brother/sister,” implying respect and family. Australians used the word “Cockatoo” to describe a look-out person, particularly for questionable gambling activities.

In the air, Cockatoo moves up to 43 miles an hour, depending on the specific species. Some, like the Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo, prefer soaring at a little more leisurely rate. Their strong bill also allows for better climbing and maneuvering through branches. Such skills make Cockatoo an emblem for progression upward to the figurative treetops or the heavens.

Before becoming active in the morning, the Cockatoo is patient as it waits for the sun to warm its roost. Afterward, the creature often travels in flocks while foraging. Socialization and group cooperation are two elements of Cockatoo symbolism.

Throughout the day, Cockatoo reminds you of the importance of cleanliness. They remove dirt and oil, then realign their feathers. Preening improves the Bird’s health, and it’s a key characteristic of courting rituals. When stressed, Cockatoo takes things too far and begins pulling out its beautiful feathers.

In the jungle, the Cockatoo is a messenger, with a harsh and booming vocalization; it allows the Cockatoo to recognize each other as you might a friend who whistles your way. They use their calls for predator warnings and specifying their moods. Some, like the Palm Cockatoo, take communication one step further and drum on dead branches with a stick, pounding out their messages.

Coupling among Cockatoos is long-lived and monogamous. It takes a while for these birds to reach maturity: Sometimes seven years or more with the males. The slower development gives the Cockatoo precious time for learning skills suited to rearing their young.

Ornithologists have found the Cockatoo is intelligent, curious, talkative, humorous, and community-minded. A lone Cockatoo does not do well without others. Cockatoos also adore toys, which consist of anything they can chew, take apart, examine or peck at with their beaks. Anyone working with a Cockatoo knows it needs a lot of attention.

Throughout the regions native to the Cockatoo, like Australia, the color of the Bird has a specific meaning. The Black Cockatoo has the most power, representing Spirit and a strong soul. The Bird is alert, joyous, and enthusiastic. Upon seeing one, people believe it means great changes coming into their lives. The Rose Cockatoo embodies spontaneity and bravery. The White Cockatoo offers hope.

Cockatoo Spirit Animal

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When the curious and vocal Cockatoo arrives in your life, be ready for some startling, positive changes. It may seem like everything turns on a dime, and amazing success follows. Behind the lines, the Cockatoo Spirit Animal worked on your behalf, but you did a great deal to achieve victory too. Be proud of yourself. It’s okay at this moment to be just a tad cocky.

The Cockatoo Spirit Animal brings mundane transformations, but spiritual changes are also afoot. There’s maturity in your outlook. Your life’s plan takes solid shape. Other messengers, such as Angels and Master Teachers, may come into your meditations or dreams while walking with Cockatoo.

Cockatoo flies in a flock. Its movement encourages you to ask yourself, “With whom do you fly?” Are you hanging with “bad eggs” or “birds of a feather?” It’s time for weeding out people who aren’t healthy for your progress. It isn’t always easy. Some folks may have been part of your circle for some time. You don’t have to just cut ties and run. Go slow, retracting your emotional ties slowly for the least harm.

If the Black Cockatoo is your Spirit Animal, joy and liberation are on the horizon in a way you’ve rarely experienced. For artists, it’s doubly great news. There’s a breakthrough coming. You’ll have financial liberation, lessening stress, respect from others, and an expanded relationship with the Divine. You may find this overwhelming at first but take a deep breath, spread those wings, and remain content as you fly with the winds of fortune.

Cockatoo Totem Animal

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People with a Cockatoo Totem Animal do not realize how loud they are, both in a literal and metaphorical sense. Their words sound out, and their aura announces them ten minutes before arrival; this is not arrogance, however. It’s simply the nature of the Cockatoo Totem. There are ways people with the Cockatoo Totem Animal use all the energy for the greater good, like being spokespeople focused on charitable causes.

If Cockatoo is your Birth Totem, your heart and spirit always seek empowerment, joy, and serenity. You enjoy being around people but avoid any drama like the plague. If there’s a party–you are going dressed to the nines. You like the process of getting ready for something, and you preen every thread to perfection.

People around you find your upbeat outlook contagious. You may, in fact, find it hard to get a moment alone. It doesn’t bother you, so long as you have adequate time for self-care.

Cockatoo Medicine includes working with the weather. Perhaps you’re sensitive to barometric changes. Or you may have an affinity for the mystical arts, particularly those dealing with clouds, rain, and wind. Exploring esoteric paths is worthwhile as it is something you take to readily. Even if your weather affinity doesn’t go soul-deep, get out in the rain. Dance in it! It will cleanse and recharge you.

Having the Cockatoo Totem Animal also seems inspiring for travel. You may crave taking to wing somewhere exotic and fun: Somewhere that excites your artistic sensibilities. When you’re out and about, you like to treat yourself to rich cultural experiences like drumming, dance, and theater.

Cockatoo Power Animal

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Call on Cockatoo as a Power Animal when you feel restricted, and you want to break free from whatever is holding you back. Cockatoo supports you in finding your voice and expressing your emotions. When you need to let it out or get things off your chest, cry out a strong Cockatoo call.

Invoke the Cockatoo Power Animal for fueling your creativity. You know making things from the ground up fulfills something in you. Cockatoo’s Medicine sparks dying creative embers and renews your happiness.

Australian Cockatoo Symbolic Meanings

In lore originating from Aboriginal Australia, Cockatoo was once a woman living in swampland. When the region flooded, she fled to a tree hollow, but the water kept rising. Spirit transformed her into a Cockatoo, allowing her to dig out to safety using her long bill. Here, Cockatoo encourages you to consider what situation you should likewise dig yourself out of so you can find emotional or physical safety once more.

Regional folklore tells of Black Cockatoos bellowing together while accompanying a person’s soul to the other world. Likewise, their presence also presages nurturing, sustenance, and renewal.

Cockatoo Dreams

When Cockatoo appears as if speaking to you in a dream, it may be a deceased friend or ancestor is trying to get a message to you. Look to the rest of the dream for more meaning. Seeing a White Cockatoo in your dream symbolizes calmness of spirit or rebirth. If the Cockatoo comes down from a mountain in your dream, prepare for change leading to greater independence.

Far Eastern Cockatoo Symbolic Meanings

During the Tang Dynasty, the Cockatoo was so popular artistic depictions show this Bird with Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Kindness, Mercy, and Compassion. On June 15th, people in Japan celebrate Cockatoo Day.

Cockatoo Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Communication
  • Curiosity
  • Drumming
  • Humor
  • Liberation
  • Monogamy
  • Sacred Voice
  • Socialization
  • Spiritual Maturity
  • Weather Magic

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