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Duck Symbolism & Meaning

Duck as a spirit animal is a helpful guide for those who want to discover their true selves. It can assist you in uncovering your hidden emotions and identifying where you belong. Duck teaches you how to dive deep into inner dimensions on the quest for self-discovery, all while you develop a greater sense of community!

Duck Table of Contents

Duck Symbolism & Meaning

Duck is an incredible Animal Helper, one traveling between the realms while bearing information and messages from the world of Spirit. Isis, the Divine Mother and Goddess of Magic, holds Duck as a Sacred Animal. Egyptian lore says hearing a Duck is a marvelous omen of prosperity, luck, and hope.

The Egyptians weren’t the only ancient civilization honoring Duck as having the attention of a powerful Divine Being. This isn’t surprising. After all, Ducks live on every continent. Their presence in global myths and lore makes perfect sense.

The Mesopotamian deity, Inanna, the Goddess of Love and Sensuality, has Duck as a Sacred Animal Companion. Duck feathers of blue and red mirror the feathers of Inanna, who appears in one of Her aspects with webbed duck feet. The depiction suggests Duck bears Inanna’s Spiritual Energy, which grants precious fidelity and fertility to those open to working with Duck as an Ally.

Because Ducks fly and swim, they have associations with the Air and Water Elements. Duck’s airy associations tie the Bird to spiritual liberation. While afloat on a body of water, Duck symbolizes the conscious mind. When diving into the water for Fish, the same creature represents the unconscious, emotions, purification, and psychic powers. Duck also walks on land: A characteristic that gives them amazing adaptability.

When observing Ducks in nature, they’re sweet, social, and friendly, living in peaceful groups. They don’t enjoy being alone and display fidelity. Many species mate for more than one season with the same partner, highlighting the vibrant values of love, happy partnering, and family unity. They also have a laid-back demeanor. The only time Duck becomes aggressive is when they feel their young ones are in danger. So, Duck is an excellent illustration of good parenting since the male and female care for their family, many for a lifetime.

Ducks arrive in this world knowing how to paddle already. The little ones hide in a hollow tree until Mother Duck leads them on a merry parade to the water. Once in, the Ducklings happily and confidently fish for themselves. If Duck has a mantra, it’s “Go for it!.”

Humankind made observing Duck into a form of divination where their behaviors serve as omens and signs. For example:

  • Seeing a Wild Duck flying away from you signifies that your troubles and worries will soon disappear while bringing great relief, reassurance, and hope.
  • Hearing boisterous Wild Ducks means a rainstorm is coming.
  • Finding dark Duck eggs represents misfortune, or you’ll need to “duck from” a problem.
  • Discovering a Duck’s feather on the ground implies someone may ruffle your figurative feathers too much.
  • Observing a Wild Duck on the water suggests you can effectively navigate troubles and stay afloat, especially regarding finance.

Well-known varieties of Ducks have different symbolic meanings. The Mallard Duck, for example, imprints on people with ease since it’s comfortable in its surroundings. Here, the creature represents ease of socialization and amiability. In Feng Shui, the Mallard represents commitment and socializing with others of like mind.

The Mandarin Duck has quite a reputation for bringing good fortune. They bear the triune harmony of joy, deep affection, and devotion. If single people can carry the image of a Duck as a charm, it attracts the right life partner.

Duck Spirit Animal

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When Duck Spirit Animal swims into your life, it is there for one of several reasons. First, there may be a new opportunity moving your way, and it’s one on which you must act quickly; Duck urges you to trust your instincts and refrain from hesitation.

A second message from Duck Spirit is it’s time to dive deeply into your emotional nature. There are a lot of feelings you often hide, even from yourself. Navigating through old emotions allows you to cleanse away timeworn wounds to release negative thought forms. It isn’t an easy process, but Duck floats in on the smooth water’s surface just in time to offer help.

People encountering Duck Spirit Animal are those who need interaction and community but may have stayed away for personal reasons. Perhaps there has been a disagreement leading to fear and misunderstanding. Perhaps you went along with the click mentality instead of following your inner truth. No matter the case, Duck arrives to direct you back on course. Duck, as a Spirit Animal, increases your attention toward inner wisdom.

Duck Totem Animal

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People with a Duck Totem Animal are the embodiment of happiness and fun. When the opportunity presents itself, they will be center stage, shaking their tail feathers. Duck-born individuals have open hearts and helping hands even among new people. There’s a simplicity about Duck Totem people, as they prefer light topics of conversation over heavy philosophy anytime.

If you were born with a Duck Totem, you are generous and kind without the thought of reward. Sometimes you illustrate your love for others through silly overtures, not minding being foolish if it makes someone else happy. You walk on the sunny side of the street and are content to stay there.

Having a Duck Totem means being most secure in the company of others. Having a large family helps you feel more connected, but if you do not, there may be a strong craving to build a family of your own. No matter the group, you want unity and encourage teamwork.

Drama is not part of your vocabulary. When it happens, your first instinct is “to duck and run” or take cover. You don’t want people to see you as weak, nor do you wish to hurt someone’s feelings, so you find it’s better to avoid melodrama.

You are a natural-born communicator with lots of charisma. People find your words moving when you’re talking about matters of the heart. You give great advice but also know how to listen actively.

The main precautionary tale for Duck-Born people is the chance of someone taking advantage of your kindness. Keep your psychic instincts tuned in. Trust matters to you, and once yours is broken, it is difficult to reconcile.

Duck Power Animal

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Look to the Duck Power Animal within when working on adaptation and an awareness of personal space. Ducks enjoy being with a group, but they always give each other enough room while moving along a river, adjusting as they go. Duck says, “Find your flow!”

The Duck Power Animal also helps you speak up. They’re not quiet Animals! Bring out Duck’s Energy when sharing your vision. People cannot know what you need and want unless you speak your piece.

Duck, as your inner Power Animal, guides you during times when you should remain in the background. They are experts on camouflage. Use Duck energy, move to safe ground, observe, and gather information.

If you seek a balanced, loving relationship, the wisdom of the Duck Spirit Within can open doorways. A pair of Ducks have long been an emblem of romance and commitment. You must be patient, however. A soulmate appears when the time is right. Just keep your eyes and ears open, and don’t over-analyze what’s right in front of you. If there are red flags in initial encounters, just keep swimming.

Duck Spiritual Meaning

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In the spiritual beliefs of many cultures, seeing a flock of ducks gliding over the sky is an excellent omen. Opportunities and good fortune are coming your way, developing from your hard work. Duck indicates your prayers are not simply being heard, but an answer is on the horizon.

Ducks are silly looking, making us giggle. Just watch a group of children observing them waddling, quacking, and blowing bubbles. Plus, baby ducks are outright adorable. Laughter brings unity, and joy is a powerful healer.

If you’re an “odd duck,” you stand out from the crowd and follow your bliss. The Duck Guide brings out your deft humor and gentle personality, which are endearing to nearly everyone you know. It is your gift and an important part of your spiritual path.

When you feel the presence of Duck, count your blessings. Now is the time to work rituals and spells for prosperity. Duck energy improves your connection to the metaphysical powers in the Universe. Become your “lucky duck.”

Sometimes people neglect self-care, including spiritual nurturing. One of Duck’s lessons is remaining protective of your sacred self. Attend to your needs. Despite your passion for helping others, you must keep your inner well full. Don’t keep extending yourself to those who take but never give back.

Along the same lines, choose your battles with care. Sometimes you really should ignore an affront, “like water off of a duck.” If you feel tempted to jump in, remember you can fly away instead.

Duck energy has a global appeal and perspective. Strive to make the world a better place, at least your corner of it. As the saying goes, think globally; act locally.

Types of Ducks

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Mallard Duck: Mallards represent inventiveness, honesty, and fine-tuning. These are remarkably adaptable birds and the most common duck in the world. They enjoy areas with small ponds or a safe water edge.

Muscovy Ducks: An ancient species of fowl, among the first to be domesticated. Their full bodies and long necks often make them mistaken for geese. Muscovy Ducks represent love, luck, prosperity, fertility, and new beginnings.

Northern Pintail: The Northern Pintail has a large population. It’s considered a puddle duck because it tips its head into the water with its tails sticking up for all the world to see. In these moments, the Pintail is in perfect harmony with both the Water and Air elements. Pintails are somewhat hermetic in that they prefer staying away from human activity.

Shoveler Duck: Native Tribes revered the shoveler because of its long beak and neck, a sign of strength and honor. It’s said these Ducks bring messages from the Great Spirit, reaching out to those in need with the gift of peace. In Celtic art, Shovelers were an emblem of success derived from ongoing hard work, wisdom, and knowledge.

Wood Duck: Wood Ducks guarded ancient temples, illustrating watchfulness and a sense of duty. Because of its grace in flight, Wood Duck became an emblem of delicate beauty and lightness of heart.

Native American Duck Symbolic Meanings

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The Lakota portray Duck Spirit as curious and sometimes foolish. In fact, in many Native American tales, Duck is like the Fool archetype. The bird is gullible, and tricksters often take advantage of them.

In a positive light, Eastern Algonquian stories speak of the Duck as an Earthdiver. It was the only creature that could gather earth from the ocean floor for the Creator, who used it to make land. The Ojibwe regard them as strong, persistent, benevolent survivors who see the world through the eyes of joy. Tribes with Duck as a Clan Animal include the Chippewa and Pueblo.

Celtic Duck Symbolic Meanings

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The Celts have a Goddess by the name Sequana who had a Duck-shaped boat. Her attributes include healing, wish fulfillment, youth, and movement. During April showers, Sequana moves out on Her boat and brings health and improved fortunes to those ready to receive.

Celtic stories portray Duck as honest and resourceful. Because they live on the land, in water, and fly, Duck represents transitions. And because Ducks have built-in honing abilities, they symbolize moving through the waters of change, always knowing where you’re going.

Learn more about Celtic Symbols and their meaning here!

Greek Duck Symbolic Meanings

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In Ancient Greece, Penelope, who is the mortal wife of the hero Odysseus and whose name means “Duck,” is the embodiment of patience, loyalty, and virtue. As a child, Ducks rescue Penelope from the sea after Icarius throws her into the waters to drown; this is not only how she earns her name, but Icarius also saw the Duck’s actions as an omen, so he spares Penelope and raises her into adulthood. Here, Ducks come to represent future-telling, divination, and reconsidering the wisdom of hasty action.

As an adult, Penelope remains married to Odysseus for more than twenty years. Of noble virtue, she’s a woman most remembered for her undying devotion. Defying an onslaught of myriad, manipulative suitors and loneliness, Penelope stays true to her spouse while he is away on long-running heroic journeys and during the Trojan War. Her faithfulness ties Duck to the notion of fidelity, marriage, morals, and lasting relationships.

The Greeks also saw Duck as a guardian and guide for the dead. They made amber carvings of Duck and buried them in building foundations.

Duck Emblems in the Far East

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Ducks appear in both Chinese and Japanese myths. Overall, Duck represents happy marriage, faithfulness, luck, providence, and prosperity. It is not unusual to see Duck motifs in wedding decorations or as gifts presented to the bride and groom.

Female and male Mandarin Ducks have very different appearances. The male Duck has showy colors, while the female is rather dull. Together they show how differences can turn into harmony.

In Japan, you’ll see Ducks in Kimono patterns, and in China, it represents eternal love. The Mandarin Duck expresses deep affection and tender relationships.

African Duck Beliefs

African Duck Beliefs 1200x630

Among the Yoruban people, there are stories of Yemonja, a fertility Goddess who watches over children and bodies of water. Duck is one of her sacred animals. By observation, Ducks represent balance because they illustrate stability on water or land. Because Duck sightings take place only in summer, stories say these Spirit Animals go and reside with the Creator the rest of the year. In South Africa, there is the Zulu God Gungulume, who brings rain to dry lands. He rides a Duck mount.

Meaning of Duck in Egypt

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The Egyptian Sun God, Ra, has illustrations where Ducks are at his feet. Duck is the symbol of the connection between the Nile and the Divine. In general, Egyptians felt Ducks had the power of fertility. It’s interesting to note the Earth God Geb was sometimes shown in art with a Duck on his head, stressing the link between water, earth, and providence.

MesoAmerica Beliefs about Ducks

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Both the Mayans and Azetc felt Duck was part of the passageways to the underworld. Duck safeguarded those entryways against demons. But this creature didn’t just signify the “below” there was also the celestial realm where they could travel freely.

One of the avatars of Quetzalcoatl, the Great Winged Serpent, had a duckbill appendage on his face. His name was Ehecatl, and he used the duckbill to summon the winds.

Turkish Duck Folklore

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Duck appears in Turkish stories as the Originator. In the time before time, the world was nothing but water. The ocean expanded beyond where eyes could see. One Duck (Luwr) flew over the waves hoping to find land on which to lay her egg. When she found none, she settled on the water and began plucking her feathers to build a nest. As the nest grew, so did solid ground.

Ducks in Hindu Beliefs

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In Hindu tradition, Duck is a sacred bird bearing the attributes of purity, good fortune, and prosperity. Duck has some powerful spiritual companions. One is Ganga, the Hindu Goddess of purification and water. She is the avatar for the Ganges River, who uses the Duck for transportation. Manasa, the Goddess of fertility, also has a Duck for a vehicle.

Then there’s Kamadhenu, the Goddess of material desires. Some art shows her with a Duck riding on her back. Saraswati, the Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge, appears in depictions with ducks around her as she plays her flute. Finally, there’s Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth. Her images show a Duck nestled in her hand.

Duck Symbolism in Buddhism

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Buddhist teachings speak of the Duck as transformational and on the path of enlightenment. In monastery paintings, Duck is part of the Wheel of Life. It is placed in a position representing togetherness.

Duck Dreams

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Flying Ducks appearing in your dreams means liberation, often having to do with your spiritual journey. If you see the Duck walking, swimming, and flying, it expresses your flexibility and talents, which sometimes you doubt.

When the Duck in your dream remains still, as if not even breathing, it warns of being in a precarious situation or feeling like you’re a “sitting duck.”

Encountering a Duck with chicks in your dream is an omen of happy interactions with younger people.

Sighting a running Duck in your dream portends a secret about to come forward, one that affects you.

Seeing Ducklings floating on water counsels preparing for new beginnings leading to joy.

A flock of Ducks is a sign of improvements, particularly financial.

Persian dream books say being swarmed by Ducks in your dream means trouble, often in a group setting.

Seeing a Duck running speedily in your dream portends a secret coming to light.

If you wear the image of a Duck in your dream, some magic is afoot.

When the Ducks in your dream swim on a lake, it is a good time to make business decisions.

Two Ducks in the dream often predict a marriage (or proposal).

A Duck flying a short span in your dream says you have some happy moments coming, but they won’t stretch out past a few weeks.

Rubber Duckies in your dream speaks of your inner power to overcome obstacles.

Should the Duck in your dream is surrounded by tall grass, you’re missing something which hinders forward movement.

Duck Feng Shui

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Feng Shui uses Duck images to strengthen and heal intimate relationships and secure fidelity. The best placement is the Southwestern areas of your home. It’s not surprising that couples often receive a pair of Mandarin Ducks at their nuptials, ready for their home. Here, the ducks should face each other for the best flow of Chi (life force).

Duck Facts

Duck Facts 1200x630

In studying Animal symbolism and meaning, you will find their natural aptitudes and behaviors lend insights. For example, Ducks enjoy “downtime” just floating on the water. It’s a good example to follow, especially when you’re stressed.

Studies of Ducklings show they communicate with other hatchlings even before birth. Once out of the shell, staying together is vital for survival but also for the well-being of the raft. In this manner, Ducks remind us to communicate with our families and stay close to those we love. It’s the way to keep relationships healthy.

When it comes time to mate, the female Duck looks for the male with the deftest dance. It takes a unique and complex display to get a “yes.” The female has the power, also, to say “no.” Such decisions deserve respect in the human realm, too.

Duck’s eyes can see nearly 340 degrees around their environment. They process near and far vision simultaneously. Even better, each eye can work independently, even with one on the lookout and the other closed for sleep. Paying closer attention to your surroundings is one of the messages Duck imparts.

Among the Creatures who model “cleanliness is next to godliness,” Duck ranks high. They are diligent about preening their feathers and maintaining them in pristine condition. In the nest, they’re finicky housekeepers, too. They remove debris regularly. Some tasks can’t be put off for very long before there are problems. Duck says: get on those chores!

Ugly Duck Significance

Ugly Duck Significance 1200x630

In the story of the Ugly Duckling, the main character experiences being repeatedly cast aside because of his appearance. Over time, he became sad and couldn’t think of himself as anything other than offensive looking. However, one day everything changed. He looked into the water and saw a swan’s reflection.

In many ways, the Ugly Duck’s travels are like those of the Fool until he finds himself and his place. The story has nothing to do with becoming some kind of fancy model but rather with recognizing what’s been within you all along.

Interpretation: If It Looks Like a Duck

Interpretation If It Looks Like a Duck 1200x630

This phrase began as a test in abductive reasoning. The saying goes, “If it looks like a Duck, swims like a Duck, and quacks like a duck, it is probably a Duck. In other words, people can identify unknowns by observing repeated patterns and habits. In an odd twist, a mechanical Duck appeared in the late 1700s that quacked, moved its head, ate grain, and excreated Duck Droppings. So, it went against the test in that all of these attributes did not, in fact, make a real Duck.

Origins: Odd Duck

There is no known attribution for the phrase “odd duck.” Some feel it may have developed through observations of the Mallard. These birds mate with nearly every species of Duck, which can seem comical and absurd when one is watching. They look like “odd ducks.”

Meaning of Get Your Ducks in a Row

Meaning of Get Your Ducks in a Row 1200x630

The first reference to “Ducks in a row” appeared in the Plaindealer in 1889. The meaning is caring for minute details so all efforts go smoothly. How the phrase came about is the subject of conjecture. Some feel it began with bowling. The early bowling pins were short and thick and had the nickname “Ducks.” Since there were no automatic resetting machines then, a person had to go and put the Duck pins back into their rows.

A more natural explanation comes from the mother Duck and her ducklings. She organizes the ducklings in a somewhat tidy line to keep things manageable. Stragglers stood out so she could act quickly.

When you have your “Ducks in a row” by thinking things through, preparing, and implementing there is a greater chance of success in any endeavor. It is not just about crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s. The process puts you in a better mental outlook. Like attracts like!

Ducks as an Emblem of the Conscious and Subconscious Mind

Ducks as an Emblem of the Conscious and Subconscious Mind 1200x630

When you see a Duck on water, you’re only seeing part of the picture (the conscious mind). There’s more beneath (the subconscious).

What people see of you is often only an immediate impression, what you choose to reveal of your conscious self. However, you have the ability to dive deep, like a Duck, into your memories, feelings, and thoughts. Now, no one will tell you this is easy. Transformation can be uncomfortable, and what your subconscious reveals-confusing. You don’t have to sort it out overnight.

Head to land like Duck and ground yourself (the material world). Or, take to the air (the super-conscious) for greater perspective. There is a time and place for both. How you achieve your search is personal but important.

Seeing a Dead Duck

It’s unsettling to see a dead animal, but the experience may have spiritual meanings. For example, if you have been clinging to a person or situation that holds you back, there is no longer a need. Release yourself. Regain a balance between your head and heart.

As with the Death Card of the Tarot, there could be a physical death on the horizon. Alternatively, you will soon close one chapter in your life and go on to the next. A third take is you feel like the Duck-lifeless, stuck, and worthless. It’s time to reexamine what makes you feel that way.

Have you lost touch with your inner child? The message from Duck is to renew that valuable relationship. You need to play and see the world in sublime simplicity. Don’t let that part of yourself “die.”

Since many cultures attribute good luck to Ducks, it’s not surprising that seeing a dead one is regarded as a bad omen in those settings. Life is fragile and unpredictable. A period of grieving may come soon, and you must give yourself time to move through the process.

In literature, a dead Duck is an allusion to despair and hopelessness. A character feels defeated, and it’s uncertain if they will survive the current situation without scars. Despondency has a powerful impact on your spirit. Duck strongly advocates reclaiming laughter in your life.

Seeing a dead Duck in water represents your sense of drowning in circumstantial angst. You are out of your depth. Move toward the shore and reassess.

Rubber Duckie

During the 1800s, manufacturers began rendering rubber into shapable material. The first rubber Ducks were solid and sold as chew toys! Around the 1940s, the first yellow floating duck with an orange bill came into the market. While they are now made from vinyl, they keep the title “Rubber Duckie.”

They are an ideal toy for children, requiring eye-hand coordination. Those with a squeaker engaged a toddler’s sense of hearing. A child fearful of water might be more inclined to take a bath with a beloved toy present.

In 1970, Ernie from Sesame Street sang “Rubber Duckie” while in the tub. It wasn’t just a catchy tune for children. Adults enjoyed it so much that the ditty rose to number 16 on Billboard Carts. There’s no question, rubber Duckie is, indeed, “the one.” Some people even collect different versions of this toy.

The symbolic value of the rubber Duckie is the joy that comes from wonderful childhood memories (no matter how old you are!). It also reflects a gentle demeanor and a good sense of humor. As a tattoo, the image of a Duck maintains emotional stability and decreases stress.

Duck, Duck Goose

Duck, Duck, Goose is a children’s game similar to “catch me if you can.” A child walks around a circle of children, tapping each one and saying, “Duck.” When he or she says “Goose,” That child must chase the Duck and try to get to his seat before the tapper does. In some ways, this resembles musical chairs too.

In British custom, the game is called “not you, not you, but YOU!” There are similar contests in areas as far apart as India (Rumaal Chor) and Chili (corre, corre la guaraca). The activity came to the US via Swedish immigrants in the 19th and 20th centuries. They called it, “Anka-anka-gås.”

Lucky Duck

The idiom “lucky duck” was used in the Wall Street Journal beginning in November 2002. It referred to people who were at such a low-income level they didn’t have to pay federal income tax. Usually, it was not a pleasant designation, but one that helped frame income inequality debates.

Meaning of Duck Tattoos

The image of a Duck in tattoos has various meanings. One person may use it to represent adaptability and being at ease in many environments. Another sees Duck as an emblem of community, teamwork, and comradery. In fact, a group of people may get this tattoo together to show their mutual ties. A Duck may appear as part of a larger nature montage. A Duck tattoo can also symbolize resilience, resourcefulness, and creativity. Other associations include:

  • Adaptability
  • Balance
  • Grace
  • Inspiration
  • Luck
  • Magic
  • Mysteries
  • Safety
  • Simplicity
  • Stability
  • Unity

A family of Ducks may represent family ties (both those we are born with, and those we create). A tattoo of an origami duck symbolizes a keen mind. The “punk Duck” has a playful air for someone with “coolness” in abundance. Two Ducks reflect blissful love, togetherness, companionship, and passion. Getting a tiny Duck tattoo tells others you are kind, resourceful, and upbeat.


In nature, Ducks will put their heads underwater (or even their whole bodies) to avoid danger. The idea transferred into a warning to someone about to be hit with something like a ball. Spiritually, the symbolism here has to do with our ability to adjust, even in moments where we have no control. It doesn’t hurt to have your psychic senses “in tune,” so no one has to tell you to DUCK.

Duckling Imprinting

Ducklings are very vulnerable after hatching. So, bonding with their mother immediately becomes a matter of survival. The instinct drives the Duckling to imprint on its mother (also called bonding). If the mother is not present, they may bond with any creature or object in their line of view once out of the shell.

The importance of human imprinting comes into focus in our relationships. Did we link into the wrong group or situation? Were you, figuratively, trying to find oranges in the bank? You should not give your energy to people and situations who do not appreciate you, or who give nothing in return. Seek out a new circle.

Like Water off a Duck’s Back

When something happens that might otherwise annoy you, and you let the negativity go, it’s called having that insult “roll off like water off a Duck’s back. It reflects emotional stability.

There is a real reason for this phrase. Literally, Duck feathers resist water because of a coating of oil. The expression began in the 1800s.

The Symbolism of a Team of Ducks

Also called a flock or skein, Ducks flying together is considered an omen of opportunities, but you’ll have to take a bold leap. When Ducks fly in groups, they’re safer and better able to seek out exactly what they require.

Another meaning for sighting a skein of Ducks is upcoming travel. Consider some Duck species fly in formation over 800 miles during migration. Their propensity for movement gives them associations with unimpeded travel on your horizon, so long as you have a plan. Migratory animals know their destination well before going anywhere, and have the wherewithal for precise navigation.

Sometimes the sign of a Duck flock comes to you when it’s time for a personal pilgrimage. Perhaps you need to go home or perhaps to a sacred space that calls to your soul. Also, such travel need not be physical. It might be a dedicated undertaking of an inward sojourn, too.

The V-shape in which Ducks fly stands for victory, determination, and unyielding spirit.

What is Duck Syndrome

The Duck syndrome happens when a person transitions from home to college or college to a new adventure. Living away from one’s family in unfamiliar surroundings can prove daunting. When you compare yourself to others, they seem at ease, gliding along effortlessly, while you feel homesick.

What you don’t see is these people are paddling, too. As a result, you feel pressured to put on that “just ducky” facade and do as well as (or better than) your peers.

When going from college to a personal living space, many people have no idea about what it takes to obtain something. It might be a car, a relationship, or a high-paying job. The pressures of competition may cause withdrawal or a breakdown of natural coping mechanisms. Without such understanding, people can flounder.

Risks for experiencing Duck Syndrome include overly emphasizing high achievements, a family’s overprotection, social pressure, burnout, depression, and anxiety. The key to success is acknowledging limitations and obstacles and finding support. Asking for help requires strength!

Organizations Protecting Ducks

If you’d like to get involved with Duck conservation look into these two organizations.

Ducks Unlimited

In 1937, Ducks Unlimited (DU) began when North America was plagued by drought, and waterfowl populations plummeted. As a response, DU began its mission of habitat conservation. DU is the largest global, private wetlands and waterfowl organization. They conserve, restore, and manage waterfowl habitats.

DU partners both publicly and privately to achieve its goal. It is a volunteer organization with the largest memberships in the US, Canada, and Mexico. They host literally thousands of fundraising events a year. The Charity Navigator ranks DU between 3-4 (out of 4) stars. You can know your donations are secure, with at least 80% of resources going into the conservation goal.

They partner with the Fish and Wildlife Service to obtain easements for the permanent protection of wetland habitats.

Property & Environment Research Center

This research institute is focused on conservation and successful environmental outcomes. Efforts include research into sound approaches to wildlife conservation, in part by improving public land management. They have strong ties to Ducks Unlimited, directing their effort to an area called America’s Duck Factory (the Preserve our Praries Initiative).

The prairie potholes throughout the region are perfect habitats for most of North America’s Ducks. reason: Prairie potholes provide habitat for up to three-quarters of North America’s breeding ducks. The Duck Factory extends across Montana, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa.

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