Eagle Symbolism & Meaning

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Do you want to soar to great heights in your life?

Do you need to summon up true courage?

Are you called to deliver messages from the Divine but need support in learning to access them?

Eagle Spirit can help!

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Eagle Symbolism & Meaning

Because the Eagle flies higher than all other birds, He is considered Chief of all flying creatures. This certainly also connects Eagle with the Air element. He also rules over the Eastern quarter of creation, which represents renewal and the season of spring.

One of my favorite teachings of Eagle is “believe in your ability to satisfy the hunger”. Meaning, Eagle’s are so adept at hunting they spend very little time doing it. They exert only a small amount of effort finding and claiming that which “fills the empty spaces within”.

If you have a dream, if you desire to achieve a goal that will make your soul feel more “full”, take your cue from the all-confident Eagle and “know” your aim will be straight and true.

Egyptians regarded the eagle as symbolizing both the Great Spirit and the sun at noon. They saw the Eagle as rising over mundane restraints into the realm of mystical awareness and spiritual progress. The Native Americans agree with this assessment.

To the ancient Romans and Greeks, the Eagle was sacred to Jupiter/Zeus. The Romans used an Eagle to represent Roman emperors, while the Greeks said Zeus could take the form of an Eagle to transport his lover to Mt. Olympus. Hittites used the image of a two-headed Eagle in battle to protect them from surprises.

From high above the Eagle symbolizes an awareness those mysteries that humans find difficult to grasp. Eagle’s vantage point allows him to discover patterns that guide us toward greater spiritual knowledge.

Eagle Spirit Animal

The soaring of an Eagle inspires awe. From its place in the heavens the Eagle Spirit Animal can watch over us as a guardian, bear messages to and from the divine, inspire insight, manifest well-being, and offer us wisdom.

The Eagle as a spirit animal put you on notice that the winds of change are headed your way.

Some type of rebirth or renewal is about to happen, and Eagle prepares you for that change by showing you how to tap your inner strength and fortitude.

Stand up tall, wrap courage around your waist, and stay true to yourself.

This is a time for self-discovery. You may need to take a retreat to get your mind and spirit together and internalize the dramatic transformation on your doorstep.

Eagle is a mover and shaker who stretches your limits to new heights.

Eagle as an Animal Spirit Guide often shows up when we face challenges. On his wings he bears determination and the laser sharp focus to get through to the other side of our problems. Some of this symbolism and meaning has to do with ancient lore regarding the Eagle flying so closely to the sun. As a metaphor, “we must be willing to get a little scorched if we are to achieve greatness”.

Additionally Eagle as a Spirit Animal says, “look forward.” Don’t give up on your quest, but embark on it with uprightness in your soul. To accomplish this you have to be ready to stop outmoded habits or ideas to embrace something new and wonderful.

Eagle Totem Animal

Those born with an Eagle totem want to experience everything they can. They spread their wings fully on every project or adventure, yet nearly always manage to keep one foot on the ground. Remember, Eagles fly higher than any other bird. The heights of success that those with the Eagle Totem Animal can achieve is astounding.

But no bird can stay in the air forever. They must come back to earth. Eagles have 4 toes. In Numerology, 4 is the number of “solid foundations”. In this, Eagle stays grounded to Mother Earth just as well as it soars toward the heavens. This is no minor ability. It is to be reckoned with as few can achieve this remarkable feat.

Because of the Eagle people’s ability to fly so high yet stay grounded, they’re great at global thinking and, as such, make potent leaders and teachers. Generally, those with Eagle as a Totem Animal are strong, brave, creative and insightful.

Know that as an Eagle Person, others may find your perspectives a little daunting. You see more than the average human. Your perspective from the sky provides solutions that others cannot see because they’re too close.

This Totem Animal also means that Spirit often guides your actions and words, even unwittingly.

Be aware of that sacred duty and endeavor to speak with love. Otherwise you could become harsh with your beak and hurt someone without realizing it.

Eagle Power Animal

Call on Eagle as a Power Animal when you need to improve your perspectives from a higher vantage point. When you face struggles in your job or relationship, Eagle Spirit continues to gives you insight as well the ability to make sound choices.

Hint: Since Eagle loves heights you may have greater success in contacting Him from a high place (hill, mountaintop, etc.).

One of the most profound medicines that Eagle energy can help us with is knowing when to speak and how “forcefully”. While Eagles are not very vocal, their jaws and beaks are incredibly strong. When you need help deciding what to say and how to say it, Eagle Spirit can help.

While Owl medicine is legendary as a spiritual aid for ‘clear seeing’ or ‘being able to see that which has been hidden’ – Eagle as a Power Animal can help us see into the past, present, and future. The Eagle’s vision is 8 times greater than humans.

While there are many Eagle traits one could invoke during times of need, one of them must be used with great caution. A Bald Eagle can strike their prey with twice the force of a bullet from a rifle. Sometimes in life, no matter how peaceful a path we’ve chosen to walk, we have to “strike a target”.

Now, to be very, very clear, I’m not talking about using a gun or harming any living thing. But, let’s say you want to launch a business and build a worldwide brand, exit an abusive work or personal relationship, graduate with honors, get your child or pet the treatment they need, etc.

When an achievement we want to make is sacred to us, sometimes we need to be forceful – we need to ‘strike’ with the accuracy, speed, and impact of a metaphorical bullet. Again, I’m not speaking of real bullets.

Use wisdom and good judgement when you tap into this energy. Be very sure that you can handle the trajectory once you’ve set it in motion. Remember, all actions have consequences. However, used appropriately, and with no ill-will intended – this part of Eagle as a Power Animal can serve you well.

Native American Eagle Symbolic Meanings

Native American tradition embraces both the golden Eagle and the bald Eagle as sacred creatures. Depending on the tribe, Eagle represented bravery, wisdom, forte and as the bearer of prayers to the Spirit realm. The feathers of these birds were used in council meetings, and one myth tells us that the Sun Bringer, an Eagle opened his weeks to reveal the sun and closed them to bring darkness.

Eagle as a Celtic Animal Symbol

Three Celtic Gods has Eagles associated with them. Llew (Welsh) and Odin (Scandinavian) both have the ability to transform into an Eagle. Meanwhile in German tradition Eagle represented Wodan chief of the gods.


Eagle Dreams

Dreams about Eagles can have several meanings. An Eagle in flight often talks about taking a different perspective on a situation that’s eluded you. It may also be a message from the Universe to pay closer attention to your inner voice and trust it.

Far Eastern Eagle Symbolic Meanings

In Feng Shui images of Eagle placed in the North and East section of a home brings luck, love and a committed relationship. Be certain, however, to make sure these images look as if they are flying toward your house for greatest success. Eagle images are also said to be good for business and act as a guardian of the premises.

30 Responses

  1. Cheryl Schofield

    Fabulous info – I had an Eagle in my garden this afternoon!

    • Hi, Cheryl!

      An Eagle in your garden?! SO cool!

      Since you were looking up Eagle symbolism and meaning, I think it’s very interesting that the Eagle was in your garden – a place where we reap what we sow. Gardens also symbolize fertility and abundance. So, whatever resonates with you about Eagle symbolism or Eagle as a Spirit, Totem or Power Animal, it might help to marry that with the symbolism of gardens so you can understand the Eagle’s visit from a more holistic perspective.

      Stay wild,

  2. Richard Brogan

    You are very honoured and lucky then Cheryl! How I envy you – you must live in a beautiful place.

  3. Barb

    I had a reading by a medium and she told me be prepared–for me an Eagle is landing soon. I’m trying to figure out what that means.

    • Hi, Barb;

      Hmmm, for many years I’ve been a professional psychic medium and I’m not sure what that means. What I can say is that all psychics get their messages differently. For instance, the “Eagle is landing soon” could mean:

      • Someone in the military will be returning soon.
      • Someone will be bringing you messages (Eagles are believed to bring back messages from heavens/the gods).
      • A long journey (migration) will soon come to an end.

      These are just a few examples but there are dozens more meanings that could be ascribed. It possible, ask the medium what it meant. They might not remember but that’s a rather unusual message so hopefully he/she can help!

      Stay wild,

  4. Gloria

    may adult daughter and I had just completed a hike in a state park. As our car drove up the hill out of the park an eagle flew just over us and maybe 15-20 feet in front of our car…almost as if guiding us. He continued to do this for 1/4 to1/2 a mile. Behind him was the sun covered with a cloud. A rainbow came out of the cloud and acted as backdrop to the eagle. When the cloud moved, we lost sight of the eagle in the bright light of the sun.
    Anyone have meaning for this experience? THANKS ahead of time.for your comments


    So about a year ago my mother and I on our way to Maine had an eagle fly right in front of our vehicle on the highway as we passed a harbour. last night or this am i should say I had a dream a bald eagle was fully submerged in water and only his beak was afloat and the man watching over this eagle told me in my dream he was a young bird and woukdnt come out of the water for anyone I walked over to him put my hand underwater and pet his neck he immediately came out of the water and took to flight. it was an amazingly vivid but weird dream. any thoughtshe im feeling this was a sign hes my spirit animal.

    • Hello, VANESSA;

      When we dream of water, we are dreaming of our deepest emotions – our soul’s biggest dreams and scariest fears. My dream interpreter friends tell me that everyone (even animals) that we see in dreams is really our ‘self’. Eagles are fierce birds of prey who confidently fly to the heavens and soar on the winds. I absolutely believe Eagle is your Spirit Animal and came to you in that dream to let you know that its time for you to come up for air and soar – that, whatever has been almost ‘drowning’ you no longer serves your purpose and it’s time to emerge!

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  6. Barbara


    I had a dream that I was sitting with a friend, who was not nice to me in highschool but felt it was because she really wanted to be my friend. We were facing some buildings, we were in my country Guatemala, when suddenly a huge eagle flew in front of us from left to right through the buildings. I was impressed and told her to look at it. I wonder what it means…. thanks

    • Hello, Barbara;

      Eagles come to us in dreams and waking life to let us know to ‘take the high road’ – to have the strength and courage to ‘rise above’. Also, Eagle asks us to look at persons and situations with an ‘Eagle eye’. So, if this person previously was not nice to you but now wants to be your friend – look at her through Eagle eyes and make sure she’s telling the truth. If you think she is being true, then rise above and forgive her past transgressions.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  7. Michelle

    A friend and I were driving north into Colorado in her small car this last weekend. We cruised around a corner in the middle of nowhere and right next to me, on the passenger side was a very large golden eagle laying on the side of the road, that I saw out of the corner of my right eye. It all happened so fast that I couldn’t tell if the eagle on the side of the road was hurt or dead, or what it was doing. At the same time as seeing this first golden eagle, another very large golden eagle soared down and landed on the road right in front of the small car we were driving, and it felt like it looked straight into my eyes, at eye level, it was so large. It felt like time stood still for a few seconds right at that time. This beautiful huge golden eagle showed no signs of budging and my friend had to swerve severely to the left into the on coming lane, so as not to hit this beautiful creature. Split seconds later there was another vehicle coming down the opposite lane which we had swerved into, and also just barely just missed too. I looked back when we passed and the large eagle still did not move from where it had landed in front of us on the road. I can still see it right in front of me looking straight into my eyes with its bright yellow piercing gaze.
    What significance do you see in this occurrence? Thank you so much, blessings……:)

    • Bernadette King

      Hello, Michelle;

      Your post took my breath away. Wow. OK, this is a biggie and one of the very reasons I believe we all have so much to learn from the animal kingdom.

      You can bet that Eagle was protecting his/her loved one. People really underestimate what animals know and/or observe. That Eagle knew the car could be even more of a threat so he/she was challenging ‘the car’. Animals know what bravery and heroism really is. It’s natural for them to stand and fight when it matters most – and they do so without hesitation. Because of this, I’m wondering if there’s something going on in your life right now that you need to ‘challenge’ – to take a stand for or against, even if it means standing up to or against yourself.

      Say for instance you’re shying away from getting an education or entering into a relationship because you’re afraid. Eagle comes to let you know that even when something is 100 times your ‘size’ (like car is to an Eagle), you have the internal strength to stand up to it and make it do your bidding. After all, Eagle got his/her way – 2 cars moved out of the Eagle’s way – the Eagle didn’t ‘chicken out’ first.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  8. Jessica

    I was driving down the road in a rural area when I was coming down a hill I seen an eagle on the left side shoulder eating someone dead. I. slowed as I approached it flew up as if going to cross the road but instead it flew to the right side of my vehicle even with my window and just flew next to it for about 2miles. I was mesmerized. Time seemed to stand still as I could see the blood on its beak, reflection in its eyes, trying to hit it not knowing what it was going to do. Then it just turned and began to go south.


    i was in the car talking to my son about the reason why i need to write my book about my life
    because my son has witness my life and we talked about memories of an abusive ex husband step father my son became very strong in his voice in encouraging me to help people who had experienced domestic violence and how its effects children how it effects you in all areas of your life
    Literally as he peaked in his conversation an eagle swooped right in front of us in our car it looked like a small eagle as we both looked at each other in surprised and knew it was small bird however it had the wings of an eagle and swooped like and eagle

    i was curious to know what this means ?

    • Bernadette King

      Hi, Jacqueline;

      Apologies for delay in response – was on vaca! I’d say that Eagle energy came at just the right moment to let you know your son is correct! Write that book! See, Eagles are one of the ultimate Birds of Prey. They are regal and fierce. If ever there was a Bird who represents courage – it’s the Eagle. Also, when an Eagle has something to say – EVERYONE hears is and obeys! Tap into Eagle energy and ask this mighty Bird to give you the strength and focus to write your story.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  10. Leonard

    Saw something really cool. I go out every morning to feed the quail and dickey birds around 7:00am Maddy likes to watch all the different kinds of birds so that is why I do this . As I was doing this I heard the eagles calling each other so I started to call back to them with the sounds they make ,I still couldn’t see them so I walked around the back of the house and into the field which is open ground and a good place to see where they were. Well what I saw was just the coolest thing I ever have seen ,as I called back to them they started to come into view circling low over the house in wide circles and around me over head as I looked up I saw more higher up and then more still higher then that .I counted 12 eagles the highest ones were circling clockwise the middle bunch were going the opposite way and the ones lowest were going clockwise all calling each other as I stood there waving and calling them they came lower in the sky now I could clearly see they were all bald eagles and I re-counted them 12 of them the lowest ones came down lower at about mid way of our biggest tree and circled me about 4xs in big circles as that happened the others came down lower .The sky was red horizon with dark clouds ,I wished I had a video of this or at least a picture but I wasn’t planning to see this . I’ve called the eagles for years when they come around our place and they do let us know when they are around ,but for all the years of doing this I have never witnessed anything as cool as what happened this morning . What does it mean ???? I can’t tell you but it really was something to see. Hope your Xmas was great because this really made my Xmas so much better . Later in the day I did see one eagle circling one of our big fir trees on the bank next to the ocean ,he was alone ,but did call out and I called back to him to let him know I saw him. This happened in Victoria BC ,in Metchosin , Does it mean anything ????

  11. Melissa

    On Christmas morning my family went outside so kids could play with toys. About that time here came an eagle calling like he wanted us to here him. He landed in the tree right in front of my front door as i was standing there. He stayed there about 5 Minutes as he starred at me and then he flew off. What does that mean.

  12. Jenny

    I dreamed of visiting a barn that was inhabited with owls of all shapes and sizes, including one with vibrant blue and green feathers on its face. I left the barn and was walking toward my house and there were feathers gently falling from the sky and scattered over my front yard. I looked up into the Maple tree in my front yard to see a huge bald eagle sitting there. I couldn’t see the remains of the owl, but I knew that the eagle had killed an owl. I was overwhelmed by grief, as I looked up to the eagle, seeking some sort of answer or reason, he looked at me with an expression of “what did you expect?” He was so powerful, so confident and unapologetic in his power.
    How do you interpret two very strong and very different spirit animals?
    PS–I hear owls frequently in my neighborhood and call to them. I also see bald eagles surprisingly frequently considering I live in the D.C. Suburbs. Thank you!

  13. Patrick Wilson

    A week before thanksgiving I was driving home from my ranch and saying a prayer to bless those who would be with us for thanksgiving the next weekend. It was a great prayer and just afterwards ( a few seconds) a beautiful bald eagle took off next to my car. As it took off it looked me strait en the eyes It was one of the most spiritual moments I have had in a while. Can you share any insight with me on the occurrence.
    Thanks, Patrick

    • Bernadette King

      Hello, Patrick;

      Woowwwwwwwww! I got goose bumps reading about your Eagle experience! Well, this is certainly a powerful message for you. Intuitively, what I’m getting is Eagle wants you to stand in the seat of your own power. It’s time to understand that ambition and going after what you want is natural – like Eagles, they are Birds of Prey. However, that does not mean you have to hurt anyone. It’s just time to realize you can get what you want and still be a deeply compassionate and spiritual person. Since Eagle took off by your car, it tells me that you’ll be traveling down your truest path very soon. And, it’s gonna be great!

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  14. Jessica S

    I just had a dream and I know it means something very significant but I’m not quite exactly sure of it all ….I have an idea…but maybe others could help interpret. I was in the city and I look ahead..there in the sky was this huge bald eagle…he had something captured in its grip of his feet…it looked small at first but as he flew closer I saw that it wasn’t small at all…he had caught a deer…a buck actually (white tailed deer) …he then flew past and as I looked to the side to watch…he dropped the deer amongst the skyline…I did not see the deer hit the ground…but I knew in the dream that was his way to make his kill fully and then I woke up… I am a huge animal lover and never like to see when the predator wins…but in this dream…I was calm and understanding of the eagles need to kill the deer

  15. Lilly

    I need some help, okay so I’m 17, it was the first day it snowed this winter and a beautiful white eagle came and just flew around me up in the sky, I watched the eagle and it was so beautiful. Then it flew away. Today I was outside and I seen another eagle in the distance just watching. Is this A coincidence?

  16. R

    I’ve never seen as many eagles my whole life, as I have since moving to my boyfriend’s acreage in Saskatchewan nearly two years ago (we’re only 30 minutes from a large river). There have been numerous occasions where we’ve seen an eagle soaring overhead in circles. It’s incredible.

  17. wolf

    i wanna know what it means to have an eagle head on the palm of your left hand ?

  18. virginia

    We seen an eagle above us flying in peck,mi

    • Bernadette King

      Hello, Virginia;

      What a beautiful experience! Thank you for taking the time to comment on and visit WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com!

      Stay wild,

  19. Robin

    I’ve had a recurring dream about flying with an eagle. We fly in a beautiful canyon with mountains and a river that leads to the ocean. At times we’re flying very high and at times we are skimming the ocean. I’m never afraid and we fly at great speeds. I feel the power of the eagle’s body in mine as we fly. The dream ends with me sitting next to the eagle high in a tree on the edge of his nest. From this spot I can see the entire beautiful valley and the ocean. I feel a beautiful peace here. I feel a bond to this eagle. Hard to explain….like I know him but I don’t know him. I need to understand this dream. Thank you.

  20. Karin

    In my dream last night, most of it I cannot remember, all of a sudden I saw a bird of prey come flying towards me. It was big, I don’t know which kind of bird it was, I live in England and we have lots of kites and buzzards here, so I assumed it was a buzzard. I realised I was inside a carriage, like a bus or a train, I watched in amazement as this big bird of prey flew right at me, really focusing on me. I was delighted, it was beautiful and mesmerising and I put my face close to the window to see him fly just overhead of the carriage I was in. To my amazement he flew right at the window and for a moment he hung suspended in air with his beak pressed to the window, I put my face up against his and felt so happy and elated. Then he came through the window, for a second I was surprised about how he could come through, then I realised he was merging with me and he completely disappeared into me, then I woke up! It was beautiful! I’d really appreciate your thoughts on my experience, thank you.

  21. Lori

    Thank you for this post and I really enjoyed reading the comments! On Christmas Eve, an Eagle swooped down right in front of my car to grab it’s prey that it must have just dropped as it was all bloody. I was just giving thanks and believing my daughter would come for for Christmas, and at that moment I knew without a doubt that she was coming home! Then January 15th, as I was talking on the phone with my Auntie, and had a friend from out of town I have wanted her to meet for years, 2 big beautiful Eagles swooped up right in front of my penthouse window on the 24th floor. It was so magestic, I was squealing with delight, like a little girl! Super exciting!!! Then on February 1st I had a dream of an eagle falling out of the sky and I was worried he was hurt or dead, but there was 3 feathers for me. I knew it was a gift but I felt sad for the Eagle and it was a warning of something and I felt we had to go inside, but I was meant to keep the feathers as a gift. I keep feeling I will be gifted with feathers, but I have been told it is a very special gift and people rarely get them, so I’m not sure, but I feel they are definitely my animal totem, and crows are also. I feel very connected to both of these magnifent birds!!!

  22. Edwin

    One day i take the trash out and i see two bald eagles on my roof and i stood and admired them in amazement then again i went to get the mail and the two were back on my roof i quickly called my sister came back and the vanished with no trace of them or where they went. what does this mean

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