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Finch Symbolism & Meaning

Want to fill each day with more joy? Need more energy just to make it through the day? Finch, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Finch teaches you how to savor every moment of existence while showing you how to refresh and refill your inner well! Delve deeply into Finch symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can animate, inspire, and motivate you!

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Finch Symbolism & Meaning

The Finch has a global reputation for being among the most beloved songbirds, like the Canary. Accompanying their beautiful melody, Finches are upbeat creatures with endless bundles of spiritual energy. It’s easy to get caught up in watching and listening to a Finch for hours. The beauty of the song is like a magic spell weaving you into a joyful place. The moment seems almost transcendent. Treasure it.

Like other Birds, the Finch represents movement and ascent. As you fly a spiritual path, Finch reminds you to stick to your true North. Finches have no tight connections to other Elements besides Air, denoting freedom, achievement, and life’s invigorating breath. The Finch does not need grand wings or size; they glide well on the winds with intermittent flapping for forwarding its movement.

Finches eat seeds, providing tons of symbolism, and meaning. The seed embodies potential, and the Finch gathers the nuggets, internalizing all possibilities. On a human level, the seeds represent the kernels of wisdom and knowledge you collect, feeding your soul.

Because the Finch is so small, they are emblems of vulnerability. Here, one of Finch’s lessons is that being open improves your sensitivity and aids relationships. Other times susceptibility brings danger, especially when there is nowhere to go.

With so many Birds in the Finch Family, there’s great diversity in the creature’s symbolism. For example, Euphonia is a Finch with blue feathers on the top and yellow below. Blue is the hue correlating with trust, faith, and truth. Yellow relates to a sound intellect, so the Bird’s shades symbolize finding a balance between the heart and mind. Another Finch relating to matters of the heart is the Firetail Finch, which as a scarlet red bottom; the red color coincides with the Base Chakra and passions.

The Goldbreast Finch is a striking red Bird with a yellow bellow and an orange patch in the upper center of its breast. Orange is a color of attraction, so the Bird’s combination of colors translates as attracting to yourself what it is you desire through powerful thoughts and intentions. A Red-faced, gold-chested, and grey-white striped Melba Finch can survive for months in an arid environment. It can thrive, even without water for extended periods. The Bird, therefore, embodies adaptation and strength. A Purple Grenadier features a blue face, red-tipped beak, and a cobalt colored chest, so it embodies nobility, change, and a calm demeanor. The same Bird represents fidelity because they form monogamous pairs for a lifetime.

Spice Finches love to nestle and clean each other, so they embody self-care, pride, and compassion. The same Bird is an emblem of communal closeness. Likewise, Star Finches have ties to courtship and flirtation; the pale-yellow Bird has an unusual mating dance. It begins with the male making a romantic gesture by offering his lady love a sprig of grass.

Strawberry Finches look like a ripe strawberry except for black-and-white dotted wings. Venus, the Goddess of Love, holds strawberries as sacred, giving Strawberry Finches symbolism relating to true and lasting love. The bright-feathered Weaver Finch, however, is a Bird signifying friendship, social circles, and networking because of the elaborate nest it creates.

Finch Spirit Animal

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The Finch Spirit Animal may fly into your life when you struggle to find genuine happiness. When you can’t seem to find the path leading you toward fulfillment in life, Finch carries in rays of joy on its wings. In such efforts, Finch becomes your guide and teacher. The Finch Spirit Animal arrives to show you how to leave negativity behind while leaving contentment in its wake.

Another time the Finch may come to you as a Spirit Animal is when you experience low energy levels. When you feel you lack the “oomph” to make it through basic mundane tasks or your emotions take a downward spiral, Finch shows up to help you fly up out of the mentally draining energetic whirlpool. Finch directs you in ways of refilling your inner well so you can tackle daily tasks with success and optimism.

The Finch Spirit Animal sometimes comes to individuals who have a memorable moment arriving on the horizon. The Bird presages a time of well-earned congratulations. Finch’s motto is “Savor the moment. Don’t downplay it.” The creature arrives with the message that sometimes it’s acceptable to toot your own horn or be proud of your achievements.

Regarding celebration, Finch Spirit Animal acts as a reminder to honor the little things which make you smile every day. Even small accomplishments add up. Finch flies in to remind you it’s time to get to the business of living life, not sitting on the sidelines. Finch says, “Find your sacred song. Sing it loud and long.”

Finch Totem Animal

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People with a Finch Totem Animal give a whole new meaning to the term “perky.” Such folks express themselves without fear. Their entire persona radiates with elation and genuine bliss.

If Finch is your Birth Totem, you never take the short route anywhere. You’d much rather go by the long road so you can see every bit of beauty in the landscape. Your approach to life means you used an odd strategy to reach your professional goals. People don’t know what to think of all your uniqueness, other than seeing how you bring happiness with you and share it.

Your Finch Totem Animal means you’re not a worrier. Your mantra is, “Life is what it is.” Stress is not part of your vocabulary. Zeal and pluckiness are two of your greatest attributes. You are open-minded to today, tomorrow, and long into the future, always seeing the silver lining.

Finch Power Animal

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Look to Finch as a Power Animal when you need eloquence in the way you express something. You want words reflecting your true vision and vibrancy. With Finch at your side, you can inspire people in ways you never thought possible.

Another reason for calling on your Finch Power Animal is when facing a fierce storm. Finches ride out the winter with fearlessness. Their determination, courage, and resourcefulness are something this Animal Ally is happy to offer you. Finch urges you to continue along your journey in life, knowing there is hope on the horizon, even when things seem cold and unforgiving.

Native American Finch Symbolic Meanings

The Native Americans regarded Finches as an omen of joy. The colors, songs, and behaviors of the Finch make them a perfect representation of true contentment and cheer. Some tribal dances emulate the Finch with happy songs.

Finch Dreams

Seeing a Finch soaring in your dream portends a happy relationship. There may be a new development with someone already in your life, or you may encounter someone new. No matter what, wonderful things are about to happen to you in love and romance.

Finches, in dreams, often represent improved communications and harmony with family and friends. Your dream is telling you to stay close to people you care about and find ways of sharing your positive energy.

A nested Finch speaks of living a healthy life, surrounded by a small circle of devoted friends. The dream is telling you you’re protected. It’s also a warning to avoid toxic environments.

Far Eastern Finch Symbolic Meanings

In the Far East, Finch represents longevity, fidelity, and good fortune.

Finch Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Beauty
  • Cheerfulness
  • Communication
  • Determination
  • Energetic
  • Happiness
  • Hope
  • Optimistic
  • Sacred Songs
  • Vibrancy

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