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Flicker Symbolism & Meaning

Need a little extra energy to get through a project? Want to express your authentic self? Flicker, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Flicker teaches you how to stretch your resources and harness your inner fire, all while showing you how to let your individuality shine! Delve deeply in Flicker symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can strengthen, aid, and guide you!

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Flicker Symbolism & Meaning

The Flicker Bird is an unfamiliar member of the Woodpecker family to many people, but both Birds share many symbolic attributes. Unlike the Woodpecker, however, Flickers dig in the earth to find their snacks rather than knocking on wood. They migrate annually, where Woodpeckers do not, meaning Flicker reflects nature’s cycles in its lessons. Yet, despite their differences, reading Woodpecker symbolism and meaning can offer additional insight into Flicker’s appearance as an Animal Spirit Guide.

Like all Woodpeckers, Flickers are master communicators. They peck out a beat, sounding like tribal drums in the trees. Or, if they can find another interesting loud object, they use it instead. Tin roofs seem to be a favorite instrument; you can hear the distinctive sound from miles away. Flickers are not shy about making a ruckus! They sing a message to your spirit: “Play your happy music loud and long!”

Flicker seldom nests in the tree holes they bore. Instead, like their music, they find unconventional locations for nesting. Areas include abandoned roosts they use by fixing them up properly. After all, a clever little adaptation goes a long way; here, the Bird comes to symbolize resourcefulness and ingenuity.

Flickers get their name from the colors of their wings. The undersides of their feathers are blazing yellow and red, appearing like the flickering flames of a fire. If you happen to be standing to the East of the Bird, you’ll see yellow first. Standing West of the Flicker, you’ll first see red. Both colors give Flicker associations with the Air and Fire Elements.

Lightworkers suggest the red color of Flicker’s head, with its pigment similar to the Root Chakra, represents stamina and creativity, and a deep-rooted passion. The black crescent looks similar to the first sliver of the new moon, offering hope, sensitivity, and a fresh cycle. The Flicker’s feet give it yet more meaning. There are two toes in front and back, providing a perfect balance.

Relationships among the Flickers begin with a dance display. The waltz among the males not only serves to woo the female Flicker but sends a stern message to any other males in the area. The male Flickers will have a staring match, at first standing only a few inches apart in stillness. Then one of the two males will tilt its head, side-to-side. The second male does likewise with no physical contact. If the second male doesn’t take the hint, the first flashes its yellow wings and calls out. The second male Flicker flies away, having gotten bored with the whole rigmarole. The most accomplished and patient dancer wins. Their unique mating ritual makes Flicker a symbol of persistence and working through challenges without aggression.

Flicker Spirit Animal

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When the Flicker Spirit Animal flies into your existence, be ready for a bit of fire in your life. Perhaps you need to get moving on a languishing project. Or maybe your romantic life needs a pick-me-up. Flicker will make a distinction between the different messages it carries and reveal its true intent in its interactions with you.

A second reason Flicker enters your life is when you are out of balance. You might feel you’re in a whirlwind and about to lose all sense of sanity. Flicker Spirit Animal teaches you how to use your “feet,” stand your ground, and weather the storm.

Flicker, as a Spirit Animal, encourages you to be more flexible. The Bird’s message suggests you go with the flow present in your life, and not to let your ego impede what could be something amazing. Humility goes a long way. Being modest doesn’t mean losing yourself to another person’s vision, but being willing to compromise to gain the rewards of cooperative effort.

There is no question the Flicker Spirit Animal speaks to you of life’s rhythms and cycles. Each person has a spiritual heartbeat imprinted in their soul. Your incarnations may adjust the beat, add to it, expand it, but a foundation always remains as the authentic self. Flicker challenges you to find and treasure your sacred cadence and hammer it home. As you do, you’ll see patterns emerging in your life that lead to where you are today.

Flicker Totem Animal

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People with a Flicker Totem Animal have a powerful sense of symmetry in their life, and yet a good measure of unconventionality. The way they approach any problem or situation is unique, creative, and fair. A temperate nature makes people with the Flicker Totem great moderators and negotiators who always keep their cool.

If Flicker is your Birth Totem, barriers represent a chance to fly and show off personal beauty. The ego doesn’t drive the pageantry, but self-love does. You know your best attributes and how to apply them. You have a talent for surpassing any goal you set because you’re willing to change your approach as things progress.

The quirkiness of the Flicker may express itself in your choice of a career. Practicing acupuncture, being a Doula, or a Distiller could attract your attention. Also remember, the Flicker uses its beak to drum out their territory and attract a mate, protect their family, and create their song. So, music may permeate your soul. The drum in the shop’s corner calls to you!

Flicker Power Animal

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Invoke Flicker as a Power Animal when you want to live outside the box, but find yourself at odds with expectations. The Flicker shows you how to fly above whatever images people have of you so they can see your beauty and uniqueness. From your new position, you can exhibit your independence and novelty. Flicker’s energetic signature applies to your relationships, too; if you have felt drawn to an unexpected union, now’s your chance!

Another reason for calling on Flicker as a Power Animal is when you need help with communications. Think about Morse code: It’s specific, with a precise, practiced pattern, so the recipient understands the message. Clarity of thought, speech, and written words are skills Flicker Bird Energy carries in spades. Use it and watch as understanding blossoms.

Native American Flicker Symbolic Meanings

Native Tribes in North American say Grandfather Sun streaked Flicker’s head red, bringing good luck. Finding the red feather of the Flicker indicates a positive change in fate, especially in the areas of friendship or your overall happiness. Meanwhile, the yellow feather offers healing and renewal.

Among the Hopi, the Flicker is a Guardian of the Southern Quarter of Creation. The Chippewa consider Flicker a courageous creature. Its Medicine is most powerful during June 21-July 22.

Flicker Dreams

A red Flicker in your dream represents the need for help with a problem. Be aware you may make the situation more complicated than need be. The ancients felt dreams of a Flicker Bird had associations with practicing magical arts. If you have been a student on a specific mystical path, your abilities are about to grow. Use your creative instincts as a guide to rituals, spells, and meditations.

A Flicker hammering incessantly in your dream symbolizes a person who is aggravating, nagging, and who asserts undue pressure on you. Be careful. If you give in, you could face financial trouble.

Holding a Flicker safe in your dream shows a powerful desire in your heart for compassion, kindness, and bettering the world, or at least your corner of it. If the Flicker remains silent and has its back to you, you’re overlooking something important.

Two or more Flickers pecking in your dream is a warning. People are trying to speak over each other. There is no active listening now, as it has become a competition. Catching a Flicker in a dream displays a focus on improving yourself; don’t get distracted from that effort.

A Flicker moving from nest to nest implies restlessness. You haven’t found the place where you feel at home in your private and professional life. Watching a Flicker from afar while feeling joy in your heart portends an auspicious occasion, often with one person who has been distant for some time. Your dream is a message you’ll get the chance to reconnect.

Flicker Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Balance
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Fire & Air Elements
  • Flexibility
  • Hope
  • Individuality
  • Luck
  • Self-love
  • Unconventional

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