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Goose Symbolism & Meaning

Are you feeling blocked creatively? Having trouble hearing the call of your personal muse? Goose, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Goose teaches you how to connect with the Universe, all while showing you how to tune into the well of creativity within! Delve deeply in Goose symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can excite, motivate, and stir you!

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Goose Symbolism & Meaning

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Let’s take a gander at the ancient Goose who has been on this planet for some 12 million years. All that time means that Goose has seen global history from the perspective that few other creatures can claim. Goose has a ton of insights that he’s willing to share with those who know how to listen.

Geese in nature are immensely territorial. If anything gets too close, Goose honks wildly as a warning – come any closer, and Goose WILL bite you. You can be as nice as you wish, but if Goose sees you as a threat, there is no peace offering. That’s why Goose Spirit often symbolizes the warrior Spirit, protection, and bravery. For instance, a look at Goose symbolism in the story of Jack and the Beanstalk reveals the courage of the Goose Spirit. Of course, in the tale, there’s the Goose that lays golden eggs. Jack had a vision for his life. To reach his goal, he had to overcome the beanstalk and the giant. The story symbolizes one’s ability to face fears and rivals bravely.

In ancient Rome, Geese were sacred to the Goddess Juno. Juno was a protectress of the State, the daughter of Saturn, and the wife of Jupiter. Her children were also quite famous: Mars, Vulcan, Bellona, and Juventas. In Greece her name was Hera. Linguistically Juno’s name is associated with aiding or benefiting as well as the rejuvenating energy of the waxing moon.

Juno is a complex mythological figure. She is the Goddess of marriage, a vital force, eternally young and a protectress of wealth and fertility. People offered Her gifts upon the birth of a child. Juno was also known as a Divine being who sent omens and signs, and it was probably this aspect that connected her to Goose Spirit. Goose gives a loud warning when danger appears. Bundling this all together gives Goose the meaning and symbolism of communication, fidelity, parenting, fertility, and providence.

Goose’s communication skills were honored further in that a Goose feather was used as a favored writing implement. It’s the perfect design for moving ink smoothly onto paper. In turn, thoughts become “permanent,” and often inspired by the Divine. Many writers believed that the Goose quill had a kind of magic that manifested in the muse and vision.

Goose came by its association with faithful actions quite nobly. As Geese migrate, some may become injured. When that happens, another Goose in the flock stays with the injured bird until they can fly again or die. This is a very courageous gesture that also speaks strongly of cooperation and community. By the way, when Geese fly together, they know exactly where they are going and how to get there. Here Goose represents determination, purposeful movement, and being an able pilot for our life’s journey.

Other key energetic traits for Goose include reliability, productivity, new ideas, joy, guidance, teamwork, quest fulfillment, watchfulness, and wisdom.

Goose Spirit Animal

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When Goose swoops into your life, she may be trying to guide you toward a wish or some type of treasure (material or Spiritual) that has gone undiscovered. As we travel our Path, there are times we get very close to a Universal Truth but are in danger of missing it due to other distractions. Goose wants to get you back into focus, so you don’t miss this opportunity to truly live your bliss.

A second reason that Goose may arrive is when you have grown restless in your current situation or worse, it’s become toxic. Goose moves to eat, to breed, to find a safe haven. Where is it that you need to go for your soul food? Spread your wings, move forward, and trust that you are doing the right, best thing for your wholeness.

Goose Medicine speaks to us of companionship and the circles in which we choose to walk. Have you sequestered yourself too much? Have you been afraid to open up? Goose nudges you toward engaging in fresh relationships and finding that true family of Spirit. These are the people who will be with you in this life and often the next as part of your Karmic tribe. Also, if you have not found a life mate already, one may be right in front of you! Goose mate for life, but you can’t enjoy that security if you avoid seeing possibilities.

Individuals considering starting or growing their families may find Goose popping into the picture. Goose understands the intensity of the parenting experience and how important it is to protect your young. Typically, when Goose Spirit comes in this capacity, she says until there is a sense of stability with the new child within the family unit.

Finally, Goose comes to the downtrodden – people who are sick, frightened or broken. Here Goose serves as a protector and watcher. You need time to heal, and you shouldn’t have to go it alone. Let Goose wrap you in those downy feathers, offering comfort and peace.

Goose Totem Animal

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People with a Goose Totem are dyed-in-the-wool leaders who have no issue speaking out and give direction, loudly if necessary. Communication is your gift, as is your ability to safeguard those who follow you. People trust your words and LISTEN.

When it comes to friends and family, Goose people make sure that they are always cared for. You give to them emotionally, financially and through acts of service. If you perceive any potential harm, you’ll stand in like a wall keeping back all dangers. The only problem here is that Goose sometimes uses their tribe as a distraction. You have specific goals and visions for them but forget your own. Don’t put yourself on the proverbial back burner so much.

In social settings, you know your role as well as everyone else’s’. When someone is getting out of tune with the rest of a group, you can help them adjust and use their uniqueness to benefit the whole. Everyone is special; everyone has a purpose, but some people need a little assistance finding it.

Those born with a Goose Totem may desire large families. It’s natural for them to nurture. When many children aren’t practical, they may get pets or gather in a few deserving people that they treat with all the love and devotion of their own kin. Both the pets and people become on-going “projects” that give Goose great joy.

Another trait among Goose people is the thirst for greater understanding. You know there is more to the world than what your five senses experience. As you mature, your ability to see connections between the past and present grow geometrically. It’s common for Goose to go on a personal quest at least once in their life seeking out Destiny. That quest may be across the globe or across the yard, but something wonderful always awaits there.

Goose Power Animal

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Call on the Goose Power Animal when you want to find yourself and better understand your soul’s mission. Goose lends support energetically when you engage in self-discovery or the search for voice, and for when you need to speak your truth. The Bird also helps you explore existing relationships, especially those that seem lacking in loyalty or depth of devotion, so you can find your figurative “flock.”

When loneliness triggers depression and the feeling like you don’t matter, it’s time to work with Goose. The Birds energetic influence helps you draw in supportive people so that you can regain your perspectives. The creature is also helpful if you’re looking to rid yourself of a bad habit like gossip. Goose teaches discipline so that your words don’t become divisive.

Invoke Goose as a Power Animal if there is an on-going project that you feel you cannot endure. Goose gives you the strength to see the journey through to the end. Additionally, Goose provides energetic support when you feel you might waver.

Native American Goose Symbolic Meanings

Goose appears as part of the Native American Zodiac. Those born between December 22 and January 19 are influenced by the sign of the Snow Goose. This Spirit resides in the Northern portion of the Medicine Wheel, representing a time of renewal. Snow Goose is considered a masculine sign. Traits include dependability, drive, focus, endurance, and perseverance. People with a Snow Goose zodiac sign strive for cooperation and always seem to have an objective at hand.

This sign vibrates with the energy of practicality. Every feather has a pragmatic leaning; Goose people are not prone to rushing, preferring to strategize their approach to any given situation. As with Goose Spirit, the Snow Goose spends much of his or her time pampering their gaggle, finding great happiness when they are content.

Snow Goose people love beauty and crave a greater understanding of all things mystical. Goose is faithful and romantic but sometimes a little theatrical. When Goose laughs, it’s with abandon. When they mate, it’s enthusiastic and blissful. As a career, Goose people do well in jobs where their unique communication skills shine.

Celtic Symbolism

There is little written about the Goose other than it representing loyalty to one’s home, family and country.

Goose in Nigeria

The Wawa Clan in southeast Nigeria uses the example of a Goose’s flock as a parable of sorts. When Geese fly in a “V” formation, the entire group can go much further than a single Goose because of the communal wing uplift. The lessons here are that a community can achieve more and in shorter times because they offer strength to each other.

The second lesson comes from the behavior of the lead Goose. When he tires, he goes to the back of the pack, and another Goose takes over.; this is very smart. Sharing that role means that one person does not suffer, and the whole still achieves their goals.

The honking of Geese from behind the leaders represents our communication and making sure we encourage rather than to command or intimidate.

Goose Symbolism in Egypt

Egyptian mythology speaks of the “Great Honker” that hatched the World Egg or the Universe Egg. Oddly the inscriptions imply this was a male Goose. Thus, Goose became a self-created God that cried out in the silence, flapping his wings making the breath of life.

Later, myths connect Goose with Geb, the Egyptian earth God who symbolizes renewal. Depictions show this Being with two faces – the forward one of the Goose (the future) and the backward one of a Lizard (the past). This is the God who fathered Osiris.

Goose Dreams

Seeing an aggressive Goose in your dream means that you are ignoring something important in your life. Is there someone in your family or among friends who is in danger or need? Take a closer look as the issue may not be obvious at first.

A Goose nesting in your dream may be an omen of a child coming into your life; this can be literal or figurative. You may be starting a family, or you may launch a “child” of your dreams (a project). In either case, this is an emotional and Spiritual investment that will need to be nurtured and protected.

Dreaming of a flock of Geese may symbolize your need to get out of “bad weather” so you can rest and renew. This dream also speaks of trusting your gut instincts when it comes to lifetime commitments.

Geese running around without any order to their movement implies that you are engaged in some type of Wild Goose chase; this may be one of your own making or a mission given to you as a means of occupying your time by way of distraction. In either case, stop and reassess where you invest your energies.

Far Eastern Goose Symbolic Meanings

Throughout Asia, Geese appear as symbols in poetry being considered a living emblem of yin-yang energy through their seasonal behavior. Lao Tzu used Snow Goose as a lesson in individuality when he said, “The Snow Goose need not bathe to make itself white. Neither need you do anything but be yourself.”

The Chinese domesticated Geese early in history. They used Geese images in beautiful vessels, some of which traveled the Silk Road for sale and trade. The pieces were often earthenware, depicting the Goose with large, expressive eyes. These artistic renderings often became gifts between lovers as a symbol of marital bliss.

Goose Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Warrior Spirit
  • Protection
  • Bravery
  • Communication
  • Fidelity
  • Parenting
  • Fertility
  • Writing
  • Inspiration
  • Creativity

10 thoughts on “Goose Symbolism & Meaning

  1. Emma Czelusta says:

    Wow, really helpful. Thank you

  2. Crystal says:

    Reading this today made me cry. I have been watching His Dark Materials and something moved me to research Spirit/Power/Totem Animals. According to my birthday in the Native American zodiac, the Goose is my animal. So much of this applies to my life right now and really throughout, if I’m being truly honest with myself. I fancy myself a TRUE Capricorn and these characteristics definitely overlap. This moved me….ESPECIALLY the part about loneliness, depression and feeling like you don’t matter. If there was a word to describe my current life….downtrodden would be it!!!! These past 3 years or so have been extremely difficult to say the least. Maybe I’ll look into this more. This was a good bit of information to start with!

  3. Crystal says:

    Oh no!!! I missed the little detail about dates of birth and Spirit/Totem/Power animals being different based on being born in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere! I reread it and it says my spirit animal is a woodpecker. I have absolutely nothing in common with this animals description. This made me very sad Is choosing your own SA a thing? This is all new to me.

  4. Crystal says:

    Nope! I was wrong. It’s been QUITE a while since I’ve found myself in a geography class! Goose it is!

  5. Andrew says:

    I was sitting outside of my home watching the sunrise as a flock of geese flew by and flew by again. That was my sign. This article definitely gave me a much-needed message. Thank you.

  6. Jerry says:

    Who needs motivation when it is the connection that matters which define and shape us. Psychology and education diminish us, when our greater inter connectivity is part of our driving force. So be it goose is great!

  7. Wendy Huber says:

    I had 2 Geese on my roof making quite a noise. I had been up since early in the morning praying for a sign that my home would be sold. Is this a sign or what other meaning?


    I have had a Geese couple frequenting my home, garden, swimming in our pool, living on our roof and even visiting me in my home office for the past 10 weeks. One followed me to an important Client meeting got on the roof and honked its head off. I have become fond of them, thus began delving into their meaning and understanding why they are here and what they are coming to tell me. I have been stuck, in solitude and indecisive. Thank you Spirit of the Geese, I got it, I receive your message and blessings. I march on with boundless energy, love and grace and ease. Thank you I am blessed to have you in my life and today is 04 December 2021 – Solar Eclipse I open Myself to new possibilities. And So It Is…

  9. Skylar says:

    I’ve been going through a very difficult time mentally and spiritually. I’ve been wondering if anything I’m doing is even worth doing. If being is even worth being. I had a panic attack and needed to go outside for a bit, I had my eyes closed and at about 8pm, I heard a honk. I opened my eyes and 8 geese flew over me in a V formation. I’m a very skeptical yet spiritual person, but moments like these make it really hard to not feel connected to the universe and something greater than myself. Thank you for this insight

  10. miranda holmes says:

    much needed!!found feather outside my window during deep thought an cloudy times,scarry,uncertain times tooo,i had this feeling to look outside eventhough i had just done so 10minutes prior,what am i doing?notings out there i told there it was as the rain began to fall down again,i knew i had been blessed with somthing special,and rare,if not from the devine force itself.I went out side an picked it up from under my window on ground brought it in and behan looking on the internet of what this could all mean,and closely to remember my thoughts before recieving this blessingg…ty,ty,ty…im new to all this and how to deepen myself to understanding an connect..your info quite helpfull,indeed, Much appreciation, M.H.

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