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Magpie Symbolism & Meaning

Do you want to say something eloquently? Want to see beyond the surface beauty of material things? Magpie, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Magpie teaches you how to master the art of persuasion, all while showing you how to avoid superficiality. Delve deeply in Magpie symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can enlighten, help, and support you!

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Magpie Symbolism & Meaning

Magpies are charming Birds full of color and chatter. They have an advanced vocabulary allowing them to create quite an uproar when talking in groups. The power and symbolism of communication are well within Magpie’s grasp as it can even learn human words.

Magpie’s vocalizations represent the creative ways in which people can communicate. It creates a persuasive lesson about being mindful of the words you use in your interactions with others. Words have great power. Your chatter might be never-ending, or you might not speak your convictions often enough. Magpie helps you find a balance between self-expression and idle talk.

Over time, Magpie illustrated adaptable mannerisms, even learning to live around big cities with success. Even in urban environments, seeing a Magpie is an omen of good fortune. If you have had plans on hold, sighting a Magpie means you’ve got the Universe’s approval; now’s the time to move ahead.

In fables and folk rhymes, the number of Magpies you encounter changes the symbolism of the Birds. For example, eight Magpies portends a delay. You may want to tie things up, but the project still needs fine-tuning. Nine Magpies hint of a new love coming into your life, a celebration, a new child, passion, or achieving lasting marital happiness.

Some Magpie meaning is dualistic; on the one hand, Magpie brings luck, love, and lasting prosperity. On the other, the Bird’s appearance might mean deception and fraud. Here, Magpie reminds you that everything in life has two sides, and sometimes what you see depends on where you look!

The behavior for which bird watchers recognize Magpie is its love of shiny, sparkly things. For both Magpie and humans alike, the love of beautiful things is okay, but “lovely things” can also represent materialism, superficiality, and things hiding something more hideous beneath a surface beauty. As an Animal Ally, Magpie cautions, “Don’t let appearances lead you astray.”

Pairings among male and female Magpies take place during fall and winter. The male courts his chosen female by bringing her food. Together they build their nest over six-weeks, complete with a tidy dome and two entryways. The male continues feeding his mate while she incubates the eggs for three weeks. Until they are about a month old, the male Magpie watches over the brood, and the couple may mate for life. In such a manner, Magpie illustrates equal partnership and devotion.

The Ancient Romans felt Magpie had a keen mind with the ability to reason. It was one of the Sacred Animals of Bacchus, the God of Wine; here, the Bird symbolizes intoxication, altered states of consciousness, euphoria, and achieving ritual ecstasy to commune with the Divine.

Magpie Spirit Animal

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Returning to the Magpie’s desire for shiny things, the Magpie Spirit Animal may come to you when your perception is off. You may be pursuing a false ideal, or have your priorities out of order. Use your Magpie’s knowledge to see your way clear from superficial pursuits! When you think of wholeness, Magpie challenges you to maintain a balance between the needs of your soul and your desire for worldly things.

Magpie’s plumage stands out in striking contrast to the backdrop of the natural world. One glance and the colors mesmerize and capture the imagination. The Magpie Spirit Animal is, likewise, glamorous. It reminds you it’s okay to be showy sometimes, especially when you want to reveal your beauty to others.

Magpies are somewhat shy in the forest but social with people. So, when the creature arrives in your awareness as a Spirit Animal, it comes as a reminder that you also have unusual and intriguing aspects to your personality. Magpie urges you to overcome your shyness so you can expand your experiences and circle of friends.

The appearance of the Magpie Spirit Animal relates to how you are using all forms of communication. Magpie’s Energy introduces you to more compelling and persuasive ways of getting your point across. Your Animal Ally, likewise, helps you engage your active listening skills to improve your understanding of others.

Magpie Totem Animal

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People with a Magpie Totem Animal are anything but reclusive. At first glance, they appear demure, at least until someone engages them. Then, the Magpie Totem comes to life with a feisty and contagious enthusiasm.

If Magpie is your Birth Totem, many in your social circle see you as chatty and likable. You have tidbits of knowledge about everything tucked away in your back pocket. No one dares play Trivial Pursuit with you. You are, without a doubt, a fearless intellectual competitor.

When opportunities arise, you make an excellent leader who can see things through, even in the face of adversity. Better still, with every opportunity you go after, you use both instinct and cunning intellect. Many times, your swift action brings about the desired win. You have a special spot in your heart for helping people who want help in achieving their dreams.

Magpie Power Animal

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Seek Magpie as a Power Animal when you focus too much on personal gain and material things. Magpie supports spiritual improvements and achieving balance in mind, body, and spirit. When you are obsessing over security and success, you miss making progress on your soul’s mission in this incarnation and limit your personal growth.

Invoke Magpie as a Power Animal when you find your words wanting. Magpie Energies help you find just the right way to deliver your ideas and feelings. Others will find you more relatable, and with Magpie’s aid, people will better understand the message you’re trying to deliver.

Native American Magpie Symbolic Meanings

In some Native American Traditions, stories of the Magpie portray it as a nosy gossip. In others, Magpie supports people in times of trouble by offering warnings. The Cheyenne Tribe see Magpie as the Creator’s Messenger. And in Hopi Tales, Magpie is the Guardian of the Eastern Quarter of Creation.

Celtic Magpie Symbolic Meanings

In Celtic lore, Magpie acts as a prophet of various types of news. The number of Bird’s you see determines the omen’s meaning; four Magpies represents good news while a single Magpie is unlucky.

In Norse Mythology, Skadi, a giant’s daughter, is a Priestess of the Magpie Clan. Magpie’s black and white markings symbolize the union of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine. Nesting Magpies are a sign of luck throughout the Scandinavian region.

Magpie Dreams

When Magpie appears in your dream, count how many you see. An expectant woman seeing three Birds flying together is an omen of giving birth to a girl, while four Birds predict the birth of a boy. If six appear in your dream, it portends wealth.

Magpies singing in your dream mean you need to find your sacred song. Once found, use the song in meditations or prayers to uplift your spirit.

If the Magpies appear fighting with each other in a dream, there’s family unrest in need of resolution. The larger the gathering of Magpies, the wider the circle your feelings impact.

When the Magpies in your dream find and gather little treasures, it’s a message for you to look to simple blessings and pleasures. A Magpie in its nest is a message to use your spiritual insights in a nagging situation; reconsider a waking life situation where you feel unsafe.

Far Eastern Magpie Symbolic Meanings

In China, people regard Magpie as emblematic of happy marriages, long life, and good luck. Hearing the Magpie sing means friends and family were en route for a visit. Such positive associations are why Magpie is the representative for The Chinese New Year. They are sacred, and one should never kill a Magpie as people believe it results in a terrible fate. In Korea, Magpies are deliverers of good news. In art, Magpies often appear with Tiger for additional good luck.

Magpie Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Adaptability
  • Expressiveness
  • Fortune
  • Good News
  • Keen-Mindedness
  • Love
  • Opportunity
  • Perception
  • Refinement
  • Willpower

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