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Oriole Symbolism & Meaning

Do you want to work with Angels or Guardians? Want more transparency when communicating with others? Oriole, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can Help! Oriole teaches you how to connect with the realm of Spirit, all while showing you how to use body language to read between the lines. Delve deeply in Oriole symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can inform, inspire, and impassion you!

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Oriole Symbolism & Meaning

Orioles are colorful passerines, meaning they are Birds with feet designed for perching just about anywhere the lovely songbird sees fit to land. The small Bird’s beak is the same measurement as its head. In the language of symbols, Oriole’s features suggest what you say or put out into the world, and what you consume or internalize should always be in balance. In achieving a state of harmony between thought and deed, you’ll take flight, soaring into future success and happiness.

Oriole is yellow with coal-black wings and dark marks around its eyes. The color yellow signifies joy and Solar Energies, while black embraces the mysteries and magic. The light and dark, sound and silence, are all part of Oriole’s message for you.

It is important to note not all Orioles are yellow. So, when meeting an Oriole Spirit Animal, it’s time to look at its colors for more insights into its meaning and symbolism. In the Himalayas, there is a Maroon Oriole, a color representing confidence, creative thinking, and abundance. In Asia, there are Crimson Orioles, signifying passion, status, and the power of faith. The infamous Baltimore Oriole is black, white, and orange, representing the finding balance and attracting to you what you desire.

The male is the more prevalent singer in the Oriole family. It will whistle, making a sound like a buzzing flute. Oriole is an expert at pairing musical notes and repeats them on an average of four times. The Oriole uses its song to establish its breeding territory, which is why they seem silent in the winter. Here, Oriole symbolizes the power in sound, whether you are using it to establish boundaries or sing out and share the exquisite song of your soul.

Female Orioles have shorter songs. Many of the female’s tunes go out to its mate. As if in a romantic gesture, mated pairs sing together. Both, however, have a chatter call warning of intruders and to warn other Orioles in the area. The other Birds may then join the Orioles who send out the alarm to help spread the message. Here, Oriole shows you the power of communication and collaborative community effort.

The behavior or neighboring Orioles becomes even more meaningful when you understand Orioles as solitary beings. They are monogamous when mating, with minor dalliances in spring. The female accepts the male’s advances when it leans forward with quivering wings. Body language is part of Oriole’s repertoire. In their mating ritual, the female’s actions represent leaning in to demonstrate your full interest and engagement.

The name “Oriole” comes from a Latin word, aureolus, meaning “golden.” An old story about the Oriole says the Bird was once a stinging Hornet that overcame the King of the North, who brought storms with ice and wind. The brave Hornet was effective in its efforts, so the King of the South made the insect into an Oriole so humans would greet it with happiness.

Like Wasps, Oriole weaves its nest. The Birds create tight-woven spaces for their family. The design protects and creates a sense of warmth. Mated Orioles later take part as cooperative partners in feeding their chicks once they hatch in the comfy nest. Here, Oriole represents establishing sacred space, resourcefulness, and exceptional parenting.

Oriole Spirit Animal

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Let your heart fill with relief and gladness when the Oriole Spirit Animal sings and enters your awareness. Oriole’s song says the worst of your problem is over. The storm will clear, leaving nothing but a bright sky. You’ve faced one of the greatest challenges of your life. But, in the years ahead, the inner strength you gain will sustain you.

The Oriole Spirit Animal sometimes calls to you when someone in your circle needs cheering up. Smiles, hugs, and humor act as food for the soul. Seek those in need out and give them quality time. Listen, but avoid becoming too involved in a tangled web.

If you are struggling with self-expression, the Oriole Spirit Animal comes with lessons on how to find your voice on its wings. Oriole encourages you to meditate and find the words or sounds you find empower you so you can use them like a mantra. The Bird’s lesson will show you how to keep your communications crisp, bright, and simple enough to avoid misunderstanding.

Lightworkers feel the Oriole has connections to the Archangel Auriel. The correlation seems apt because Auriel leads the sweet choir of Heaven and is a patron of the arts. Sometimes the sudden appearance of an Oriole Spirit Animal is Auriel in disguise with a message regarding the arcane arts and magic.

Oriole Totem Animal

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People with an Oriole Totem Animal have an incredible connection with their inner child. They see the world with wonderment and a never-fading sense of innocence, despite their physical, intellectual, and emotional maturity. Oriole People know how to make others laugh and reconnect with their happiest memories.

If your Birth Totem is an Oriole, you like to keep things simple. “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” is your philosophy. You dislike anyone who, with deliberate intention, clouds an issue and will call out anyone who does so, even if it costs you something on a personal or professional level.

As you look at your environment and life, you see patterns in all things. As a child, puzzles, mazes, word searches, and math were something enjoyable, leading to a great passion for subjects like philosophy, sacred geometry, numerology, and the arcane mysteries in adulthood. Walking through a labyrinth is one of your main methods for grounding and finding your center when you feel out of balance. You know, with great certainty that comes from deep down in your soul, everything is connected.

Oriole Power Animal

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Sing out to your Oriole Power Animal when you are trying to conquer sadness and restore hope. Oriole Medicine supports joy, even if it means taking small steps in a more positive direction. Oriole is a persistent Guide and will not let you give up on your dreams. Work with the Bird’s energetic influences when you want to make a new blueprint for the future based on emerging information and spiritual insights.

Invoke Oriole as a Power Animal when you’re looking to master arcana knowledge, or you want to learn more about the magical arts. Oriole helps you connect with the realm of Spirit and the Universe, from which all knowledge originates. You can also call on the creature when you want to improve your studying habits; Oriole is a creature with a keen mind, so it supports opportunities to expand your intellect.

Native American Oriole Symbolic Meanings

While Orioles don’t show up often in Native American lore, there are some exceptions. A few stories tell of Orioles representing industrious people with humble spirits. Among the Hopi, Oriole is the Guardian of the Northern Quarter of Creation.

For the Pima Tribe of Central and southern Arizona, Oriole associates with Solar Energies. The tribe has over thirty songs about the Bird, each with a specific structure that begins with a mythological prelude. What follows is a journey of music about following the sun’s path. The Oriole songs accompany social and ceremonial dances.

Oriole Dreams

Oriole dreams are omens of good luck and waning difficulties. Gain and recognition are coming your way in your waking life when the Bird appears in your nighttime visions. Seeing a singing Oriole in a tree means you’ll experience more confidence soon, knowing your skills to handle a situation are sure.

When an Oriole lands on you, it indicates initiation. You will explore the mysteries and magic in new and exciting ways. When the Oriole in your dream has the sun at its back, happiness is yours. Something for which you’ve wished for is about to manifest.

Seeing the Oriole singing at your window in your dream foretells of beautiful daydreams or a fantastic love affair in the offing. An Oriole nesting in a tree near your home in your nighttime narrative is a positive sign for your family’s future. Achievements are on the horizon, as is a period of relaxation. Sometimes the same dream indicates the retreat of an adversary.

Far Eastern Oriole Symbolic Meanings

Evidence suggests the song of the Oriole was part of Ornithomancy during the Zhou Dynasty in China (1046-256 BCE). It is in the same region the Oriole’s beautiful son represents happiness. Sometimes artists depict Oriole with a peony or chrysanthemum, which symbolizes beauty and a cheerful home environment.

Oriole Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Arcane Knowledge
  • Balance
  • Communication
  • Fairy Folk
  • Joy
  • Magic
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Parenting
  • Sacred Music
  • Web-Weaving

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