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Ostrich & Emu Symbolism & Meaning

Are you having trouble finding your direction in life? Are you wondering how to handle a situation where others treat you unfairly? Emu as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Emu teaches you how to leave stagnation behind all while showing you how to demand what is just. Delve deeply into Emu symbolism and meaning to find out how this Spirit Animal Guide can strengthen, support, and motivate you!

Ostrich & Emu Table of Contents

strich & Emu Symbolism & Meaning

The Emu Spirit is the nomad of the Animal Helpers. Like the human counterpart, they move from place to place as it suits them, depending on the conditions. They may settle for a time in a propitious spot, but when the environment, food sources, or human activities change, they move on; this makes Emu a symbol of survival, adaptability, and good planning.

Emu energy is big. They are the second largest bird in the world, and the biggest bird in their native Australia, towering at nearly five feet tall. While they cannot fly, they make up for this inconvenience with a whole lot of character and spunk. The Emu loudly announces itself wherever it travels with a voice sounding like echoing drums across the land.

The booming voice often comes from females. Sometimes it’s used for mating rituals and other times, as a threat to predators or rival mates. You can hear the Emu vocalization over one mile away. Males join in this chorus by grunting: Their way of defending their territory during courtship.

When attracting a male, the female Emu parades, and strides, puffing her feathers out. When a male moves forward, she walks around him, turning her neck as if to maintain eye contact. If the male likes his new lady friend, he stretches his neck, lifts his feathers, and begins circling her, in a seductive tete-a-tete. For a while, this behavior looks like a sensuous dance.

Afterward, nesting is up to the male. He uses leaves, grass, and sticks, creating a nest in a hollow spot on the ground. He chooses a site for the nest where any dangers remain in a line of clear sight. From here on out, the male Emu exemplifies a strong, devoted father figure. Once the female lays her eggs, she moves on to mate with someone else. Meanwhile, Dad broods on the nest for two months and all without food or water; this fasting costs papa Emu about one-third of his entire body weight! There is no moving him, and he sets a devoted example for humans.

Once hatched, Dad has six more months with his chicks, protecting them from predators. Now, consider Dad is already low on energy, having fasted for so long. He has to pace himself, like a marathon runner, to be sure he can continue his efforts to the figurative finish line; here, one can see the symbolism of measuring our energy and efforts.

In their travels, when Emus arrive in a new spot, they’re curious and appear to have no fear of humans. The Emu sometimes comes right up, stares you in the face, and then make steal something or chase you, but this is all in the spirit of play. In particular, they love bright colors and shiny objects. There is an impish child living within the heart of the Emu, and it’s endearing.

Natives used Emu feathers in rituals Aboriginal myths say the yoke from an Emu’s egg, tossed into the sky, illuminates the whole world, becoming the sun; this gives Emu strong Solar associations. There is a lunar element to Emu too. The Astronomy of Australia says the Emu stretches across the starry expanse of the Milky Way. When this constellation appears, the Emu lay eggs. Emu received this honor for its role as a Creator Spirit who once flew and watched over the land.

Australians consider Emu their unofficial animal, despite the Red Kangaroo’s prominence.

Ostrich-and-Emu Spirit Animal

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When the Emu Spirit Animal comes into your awareness, you may have experienced a long period of feeling directionless. No matter where you look, nothing feels right. Not knowing which way to turn is frightening to the point of standing still and remaining stuck in one moment or situation. Emu arrives with the energy of movement; this Animal Spirit does not allow for lingering and stagnation. There is always a way–you can move forward.

A second message from Emu spirit begins with community. It’s time for becoming active and engaging. Emu encourages you to become aware of neighborhoods, towns, cities and all the little, diverse groups; this Animal Guide promotes equality, right-thinking and general goodness wherever it goes.

In our Circle or Tribe, Emu Spirit animal is a teacher supporting kinship and the quest for becoming a role model. Practice self-control, harmony, respect, and gratitude. Emu has unending wisdom in these matters if you listen and follow that drumbeat which is also the rhythm of your heart and spirit.

If you face a situation in which others misjudge you or in which people have the intent to do harm, Emu Spirit Animal is a warrior for justice. In this capacity Emu comes, helping heal those wrongs while also healing the wounds they caused. Emu’s presence does not retreat until the source of your troubles disappears.

Should you be moving into a time of being a father figure of any sort, Emu Spirit Animal is swift to arrive with advice; this is the male Emu’s specialty. It’s ok to feel nervous and uncertain; this is normal. Emu Medicine helps overcome those worries.

Ostrich & Emu Totem Animal

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Those born with an Emu totem animal crave excellence. To them, hard work and fortitude create the foundation for success. After all Emu is a flightless bird. It has to find alternatives from taking to the air. Problem-solving is in the Emu-person’s nature down to the very last bit of DNA.

If Emu is your Birth Totem those in your life trust you for good insights, particularly in matters of spirituality. You may lead a magical group or gathering, and it feels very natural. Devoting time to your soul’s development is a matter of grave importance.

Walking with Emu means being on time, all the time. Anything less than the “best” feels like a failure. Be careful about this tendency. No one can be 100% all the time. On the upside, you never take people or good things for granted. You live the “attitude of gratitude” and it shows. People around you always feel lifted up and supported.
When there’s a project, those with the Emu Totem Animal sprint right to the task. No dilly-dallying! They always seem relaxed, though. The process nourishes them on every level.
People who identify as fathers, and who have the Emu Totem, are superb at solo parenting. They hold the relationship between them and a child as sacred and do everything possible promoting healthy ongoing interaction and communication.

Speaking of communication, people with an Emu Totem are loud. They don’t have a volume control, so it’s important to watch your words. When our speech blares out, it can frighten or worry people, even when the intent is positive.

Ostrich & Emu Power Animal

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Call on your inner Emu Power Animal when working on single-mindedness, attentiveness and focus in your life. Emu ignites those vibrations for concentration and will, particularly for attaining goals. Partner with your Emu Power Animal when striving for excellence in any part of your life. When time is of the essence, your Emu Power Animal offers speed and effective action.

Aboriginal Emu Symbolism & Meaning

Emu plays a key role in the Dreaming. Stories from the Aborigine interchange male and female Emu’s; this reflects how the roles of motherhood and fatherhood switch in Emu’s reality. Tribal people feel the Emu helps single fathers or men in what used to be considered “women’s” roles.

Some stories of Emu are not complementary, portraying Emu as a trickster who manipulates others for greater social status. When this happens, Wild Turkey cuts off Emu’s wings. Therefore, Emu cannot fly to this day. The lack of wings reminds Emu of the destructive nature of such behavior, and as a visible cue, that self-worth comes from within.
Another tale claims a man annoyed a small Bird. The Bird responded by throwing a boomerang that left the man with no arms. He then transformed into the flightless Emu.

Dreaming imagery and lessons change a little from region to region. In some Emu becomes an emblem for respecting other cultures (often by being the underdog).

Those who wear Emu feathers can pass without a trace, leaving no footprints.

Ostrich & Emu Dreams

Should an Emu appear in your dream running toward you, it’s time to get moving. You’ve put off dreams and plans for too long. If you keep waiting opportunity may pass you by.

Several Emus in a dream reflect a focus on family. See what types of activities they’re engaging. If everyone seems content, your family’s contentment is likewise growing. You’re doing the right things.

An Emu snagging something from you in the dreamscape acts as an invitation for playtime. Emu Spirit appreciates your hard work, but now it’s time to let your hair down!

An Emu dancing and strutting with several other Emu’s in your dream, it represents having more than one love. You may be polyamorous or not one to settle down in a “forever” situation. Measure what type of relationships are right for you then live accordingly.

Ostrich & Emu Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Adaptability
  • Brotherhood
  • Communication
  • Community
  • Equality
  • Fatherhood
  • Forward Movement
  • Gender roles
  • Goodness
  • Healing
  • Inner Child
  • Intellect
  • Invisibility
  • Justice
  • Movement
  • Mysticism
  • Planning
  • Playfulness
  • Progress
  • Self Worth
  • Solar Energy
  • Travel
  • Wanderlust

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