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Parrot Symbolism & Meaning

Looking to harness the power of manifestation? Want to avoid regretting what you say? Parrot, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Parrot teaches how to be mindful of what you say and the genuine power behind spoken words. Delve deeply in Parrot symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can support, instruct, and encourage you.

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Parrot Symbolism & Meaning

“If you have discovered a truth, tell it first to a parrot! Every new truth needs an insistent repetition.”
– Mehmet Murat Ildan

Parrots are very social and colorful, so it’s not surprising to find that humans have fancied them for a long time. There’s something about Parrots that inspires your thoughts. The Ancient Egyptians also loved Parrots, specifically the intelligent African Grey.

While people think of Parrots as talking Birds, not all do. Some sing or reproduce sounds instead. Parrots that can talk are the larger ones; the creatures can learn up to a hundred words along with sounds like a doorbell, alarm clock, or the barking of a Dog! Their mimicry gives Parrot symbolic ties with communication and a bit of whimsy for good measure.

People can thank Alexander the Great for bringing Parakeets to Greece, and there is even a breed of Parakeet named after him. Once introduced, the Greeks and Romans started keeping Parrots, particularly in noble families. They had created cages fashioned from precious metals and stones. It was a servants’ place to care for the Parrot, which turned out to be quite a treat for both the Bird and servant alike.

On the other side of the pond, Native Americans were already aware of Parrots when the Pilgrims arrived. The tribes gravitated toward colorful varieties. They were not alone. In the later travels of Columbus, he brought two Amazon Parrots from South America on his return trip from Europe. The pair became a gift to Queen Isabelle.

Some people might envision Pirates having a Parrot on one of their shoulders, but another historical tidbit offers more symbolism. Even the famed English ruler Henry VIII kept an African Grey Parrot at his Hampton Court. At the time, Parrots were common companions of Portuguese sailors during their long trips across the ocean. In this role, Parrot became a confidant, comrade, and shipmate whose chatter provided a much-needed distraction.

A Parrots’ words, blurted out with no sense of time or appropriateness, remind you of the necessity of mindfulness. What messages do you want to send? When is the best time to send them? A Parrot repeats what they hear for boon or bane, giving the phrase “watch your words” a whole new meaning.

Another way to look at Parrot symbolism is that they say the same things repeatedly. Repetition gives Parrots symbolic ties to mantras, affirmations, incantations, and chanting. When said with intent, repeated words can help align you with the energies you need to change your life.

There is a large variety of Parrots in terms of both size and coloring. You have a Blue-eyed Cockatoo that sees into your soul, the Umbrella Cockatoo that covers you during figurative rainy times, the Crimson Rosella Parakeet filled with Fire-Element Energy, and the African Grey, which can be quite the handful being so smart.

Macaws are some of the biggest Parrots; they have some of the most colorful and visually striking feathers. Most often, the hue of a Parrots’ plumage contributes to the overall symbolism and meaning. For example, a Parrot that’s predominantly green may radiate healing energy. The Parrot’s songs or words can help you open your Heart Chakra for the energy of forgiveness, growth, and compassion.

Parrot Spirit Animal

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When Parrot Spirit Animal wings its way into your life, be on the lookout for fresh ideas and signals that indicate a new direction for your work, relationships, or spiritual pursuits. Parrot often speaks through omens and signs that come repeatedly. For example, you might see the color bright green everywhere you turn, symbolizing the idea “it’s a go” or you have the Universe’s approval to move forward with a relationship or undertaking. Whatever you’ve been pondering, Parrot says, “Get moving on it!”

Sometimes Parrot appears when people are working on new languages or overall communication skills. Parrot Medicine supports you with the process. Alternatively, if your words have been negative or sour, Parrot’s presence suggests stopping to think before you speak.

If you’ve lost sight of your dreams and things that inspire, Parrot says, “It’s time to put some color back into your life.” Your hopes are not gone; there’s still a chance to achieve your aspirations. Repeat the steps you took years ago with the wisdom and skills you have now. You will find your way.

Another reason Parrot Spirit appears in people’s lives has to do with color. Look around yourself. Do you work in a dark, or bland space? What about your home? Does it have plenty of sunlight and paint or decorations to uplift your mood? If not, you need to address the issue, be it in the way you dress or the meaningful knick-knacks you bring into your space.

Parrot Totem Animal

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Those born with the Parrot Totem Animal are people who focus on their goals with confidence. They know both their limitations and talents and use that awareness for fueling success. The Bird’s feathers are unique, but so is the person with Parrot as a Birth Totem.

As a Parrot Person, you love a good party. Honestly, you might find any excuse to celebrate with lots of vibrant colors. Your spirit for finding joy in each moment is contagious; it touches everyone around you while making everyone smile.

When you walk with Parrot, you walk in beauty. You see even the tiniest of flowers as a part of a grand Universe filled with wonder. Share your insights with those in your circle; spread the inspiration!

The person with a Parrot Totem can be a bit of a risk-taker. They see an opportunity and jump on it without a lot of forethought. The time is now. The door may not open again. Now, that doesn’t mean all those risks pan out, but a Parrot Person learns and grows from the experience. The Parrot Person rarely lives within their own comfort zone.

The Parrot Totem energizes your inner diplomat. You find compromises for situations without breaking a sweat. Yet, the Parrot is cautious about flying where it isn’t welcome or should not go.

As you might expect, those with a Parrot Totem Animal love to talk and socialize. The talkative Birds don’t do well alone for long periods. People with the Parrot Totem may find themselves drawn to vocal careers in public speaking, acting, or singing.

Another characteristic of a person with a Parrot Totem is that they have a great memory. Don’t change the facts around a Parrot Person. They’ll relay the whole scene frame-by-frame; it isn’t judgmental. To a Parrot Person, it is merely a matter of record.

Parrot Power Animal

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Reach out to Parrot as a Power Animal when you need clear insights and perspectives. Parrot is intelligent with a sharp mind. The creature corresponds with the Air Element, helping you note the tiniest of details in each situation, and empowering you with the knowledge you need for making sound decisions.

Invoke Parrot when you’ve become reclusive, and you want to reverse unhealthy behaviors. Parrot supports you in becoming more open and social. The creature also helps you find the right words to spark a conversation when you’re normally uncomfortable conversing. The same creature is an ideal Ally when you need greater artistic creativity, mainly having to do with words. Part of Parrot’s Medicine involves learning how to express yourself better.

Call on Parrot when you want support in becoming more observant. Your Animal Ally learns how to make sounds and vocalize by tuning into its surroundings all the time. So, Parrot helps you in learning the skill of active listening.

Seek Parrot when you want to live a more colorful life. If you sense that the world or space around you has become dull, the colorful Parrot can show you how to see life in living color again. As your Power Animal, Parrot also offers help when you need help to create a style that fits your personality, by helping you identify the shades and hues that best suit you.

Native American Symbolism

Parrots were not native to North America, but in South American Tribes, they appear in various tales. Parrot feathers were part of Native trade throughout Central America into the Plains Indians’ territory. The living Birds were considered luxury pets, particularly among the Anasazi People. The Hopi, who descended from the Anasazi, have a Parrot Kachina Spirit associated with the Southern Cardinal Direction. Pueblo Tribes say Parrot represents fertility.

There are Parrots featured among Clan Animals, including the Zuni and Pueblos. Pueblos also have a tribal Parrot Dance. Petroglyphs in the same tribe reveal that the Macaw Parrot symbolized the rainbow, and their feathers were used in Corn Mother fetishes, representing the many colors in corn. The plumage also became part of prayer sticks. In South America, the Bororo Tribe considers Parrot as a messenger to the Gods and Ancestors.

Hindu Parrot Symbolic Meanings

Parakeet, which is a Parrot, repeatedly appears in Indian folktales. Specifically, the Parakeet is sacred to the God of love, Kama, who rides upon a Parakeet steed. Parakeet’s depiction here is with a red beak and green feathers, both of which symbolize fertility. In South Indian regions, various Goddess images include a hand-held Parakeet who is a messenger spirit.

A collection of Sanskrit tales called the Subacetate contains seventy parrot stories. Someone reads a single story each night to keep a woman from visiting her lover while the husband is abroad. The narratives center on illicit meetings that go awry and how the characters get out using their keen wits. At the end of seventy days, the husband returns from abroad, and the woman forgives all such thoughts of having a tryst.

The following is the story of The Brave Parrot (Buddhist). The story begins with a little Parrot in the middle of a terrible storm. The little Parrot immediately alerted other Animals yelling, “Fire, Fire!” as loudly as possible, pointing them toward the river while doing so. Parrot rose high into the sky so it could reach the waters.

As Parrot looked down, he saw that many animals could not escape the flames. Parrot went into the river, desperate to gather as much water as it could on his wings. The Bird returned over the forest through dark black smoke to the middle of the flames and shook its watery feathers. Parrot did this repeatedly, with singed feathers, lungs full of smoke, blurry eyes, and painful feet.

The Devas who float overhead from their heavenly palace looked down. They saw the Parrot, and all but one Deva laughed at the creature. One Deva turned itself into a Golden Eagle flying right into the Parrot’s path. The Deva tried to change Parrot’s mind by telling the Bird how foolish its efforts were. Over and over, the Eagle cried, but Parrot continued, saying all it needed was someone to help.

Upon reflection, the Deva realized that it had the power to help, so the Deva joined in the task, drenching itself repeatedly. The Parrot became hopeful and laughed with joy. As the water from the Eagle touched the land, new life came forth from out of the ashes. When those water drops touched Parrot, its wings filled with bright, handsome colors. All the animals rejoiced seeing they were whole and celebrated their brave friend.

Yoruban Parrot Symbolic Meanings

The following is the Yoruban Parrot Legend of the African Grey. Legend has it that the African Grey Parrot was not always grey, nor did he have red tail feathers. God decided one day to have a contest among the birds to see who had the most beautiful plumage. All the Birds in the world primped and preen. All that is but the African Grey (who was white). The Parrot did nothing, which made other Birds very suspicious.

In their desire to win the contest, the Birds spoiled the Parrot. One dumped ash on it, and another had a powerful medicine person cast a spell, turning the Parrot’s tail red. They figured these changes would keep Parrot out of the contest. But upon the day of choosing, God awarded the prize to Parrot. Why? Because the Bird came as itself, and because God saw its beauty within. To this day, the African Grey remains with his sooty feathers and red tail.

Parrot Dreams

If you dream of a Parrot, it may mean that you are repeating patterns from other people, not all of which may be healthy. Or you are repeating the same behaviors and never making progress. Flying in the air Parrot, symbolizes a tendency to please others before themselves. Caged Parrots means you haven’t integrated lessons that you’ve observed in life.

A Parrot repeating the same things in your dream has two potential interpretations. One is that someone close to you is mocking your efforts. Alternatively, the said person is not truthful. Take care in what you trust from this person.

Far Eastern Parrot Symbolic Meanings

Parrots represent a variety of things in China. Seeing the Birds migrating to breeding grounds meant that it was time to plant crops. Parrots in flight were often an omen of coming rain.

During the Tang Dynasty, Parrot was declared a Divine Bird favored by Emperors. Generally, the Birds represented long life and freedom. Two Parrots are an emblem of devotion and enduring love. Having the image of a Parrot on your roof was auspicious and protective, encouraging positive Chi.

Parrot Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Communication
  • Compassion
  • Forgiveness
  • Growth
  • Intelligence
  • Mimicry
  • Mindfulness
  • Sound
  • Voice
  • Words

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