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Pigeon Symbolism & Meaning

Common phrases in language believe various perspectives on Pigeon. We have the Stool Pigeon, which is not a very nice designation. Then there’s the saying, “Pigeon Holed” reflecting someone trapped in a specific role in which others give him or her little wiggle room. With such connections in mind, it’s no surprise Pigeon’s meaning has positive and negative aspects.

Pigeons are everywhere, and they thrive in man-made areas. In fact, records show Pigeons living side-by-side with the ancient Mesopotamians in 3,000 BCE. Many people think they are dirty birds who carry disease. The truth is your chance of contracting anything from a Pigeon is small. In times past, farmers appreciated Pigeon guano as a fantastic fertilizer, collected with care.

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Pigeon Symbolism & Meaning

Studies of Pigeons find the bird resourceful, a survivor, and highly intelligent-all traits in addition to Pigeon’s meaning spiritually. Pigeons learn complex actions. They remember images for several days, including landmarks and their own reflection. Along with brainpower, they exhibit exceptional hearing. If you want to know if a storm is approaching, watch the Pigeon. They hear low frequencies like distant thunderstorms and will seek shelter. Their behavior becomes an omen of earth changes, like volcanic eruptions too.

Their keen-mindedness may be why they became messengers. They return home as if they have a compass built into their brain. The drive is intense and represents the human quest to find a place we call home, with supports and where you put down roots. Pigeon is a speedy flier, moving on average 80 mph, and soaring up to 6000 feet in the sky. Talk about a grand view!

Cooperation and community are part of Pigeon’s makeup, too. They travel together for protection. Come bad weather, they work with each other opening proverbial doors to other birds in need. The Pigeon has an easy-going temperament, assisting in maintaining peace in larger groups.

The Pigeon Animal Helper teaches you about cooperative parenting and devotion too. Pigeons pair for life. They carefully make a nest away from prying eyes. Both mom and dad Pigeon care for raising their young including incubating eggs and feeding time. And, both sexes produce “milk” for baby food.

Being part of the same family of birds as the Dove, Pigeon shares many mythological traits with its cousin species. Pigeons appear in stories as harbingers of peace, faith, and fidelity. They can guide souls safely into the hereafter and carry messages between the realms. Muslims and Hindus often feed Pigeons, honoring them. In Islam, stories say Pigeons assisted Muhammad to distract his enemies.

Pigeon Spirit Animal

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When the Pigeon appears as a Spirit Animal, it’s time for expanding your horizons. You’ve stayed in your comfort zone for too long. Don’t worry, you can always return to the safety of your nest (as well you should when the time comes).

If part of your comfort zone has been avoiding people, get ready to socialize. You find there is a special peace which develops in groups of like-minded souls. Communicate. Share ideas. Get inspired!

Should you and your partner consider having children (or have had one recently) the Pigeon Spirit Animal is a wonderful helpmate. It comes offering balance. When you are weary, let your partner step in and vise-versa. The more you cooperate with each other, the greater the strength in your family unit, and the happier the child.

A cooing Pigeon Spirit Animal whispers to you of magic and mystical matters. You have the pleasure of entertaining a Being who knows how to traverse the veil. The Pigeon can teach you how to enact it safely. In the process you may touch on emotions and memories you need to integrate. You want a clear aura before you “fly” in this lane.

In the same manner, if you’ve been reaching out to a Divine figure, the Pigeon Spirit Animal confirms prayers received and understood. Continue building on strong rapport. Let the Pigeon guide your meditations.

Pigeon Totem Animal

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Individuals born with a Pigeon Totem Animal are gentle and caring. They give liberally whenever they see a need. These people are amazing diplomats as well, looking for peaceful outcomes to any clash. Honesty comes naturally, even when people don’t wholly appreciate the effort.

If your Birth Totem is a Pigeon, hearth and home mean everything to you. When life forces you to move, it breaks your heart until you establish a special feeling in your new residence. To you, home is the foundation from which all else gains strength and beauty.

Even at a young age, you loved being outdoors, climbing in trees or just watching the sky. The Earth Mother is close to your soul. You find you meditate far better when enjoying a natural environment. It is a perfect way for you to maintain inner peace.

The Pigeon Totem in you brings out deep emotions, stirring everyone within range of your aura. If you’re happy, everyone nearby has a smile. When you are hopeful, every moment fills with possibilities and promise. As you can imagine, sadness and disharmony affect people too, which is why keeping yourself in balance is a sacred duty in your life. Your mantra reads, “be the best I can be daily.”

If you have a family or are around children regularly, you will always look out for their safety and well-being. Sometimes you can be overprotective, but when you realize it you roll back the intensity. Your protective nature extends to anyone or anything you perceive as being lost, alone, weak, or weary.

Walking with Pigeon makes you an excellent communicator who is very convincing. You’re smart and always learning. You love to share your knowledge (but not in an uppity way). People appreciate your listening skills as well.

Pigeon Power Animal

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Dig deep and connect with your inner Pigeon Power Animal when you desperately seek love or peace (or both). Pigeon grants unconditional love for energizing endangered relationships. By extension when work encroaches on your sense of purpose and place, Pigeon grants understanding and perspectives on how to make changes.

Coo to your inner Pigeon Power Animal with a request for greater comprehension. When you try everything to reach a person, and they don’t understand, Pigeon is your go-to Power Animal. They know how to deliver a message straight to the mind and spirit.

Native American Pigeon Symbolic Meanings

Pigeons appear as clan animals among the Pueblo and Mojave tribes. There is a Cherokee Pigeon Dance acting to end an evening’s ritual activities. It is a call and answer dance in which the singers lead the dancing. Sometimes the Beaver Dance followed.

Pigeon as a Celtic Animal Symbol

Celts saw a connection between the Pigeon and other planes of existence. If someone died and a relative heard the Pigeon’s call, it was a sign of a peaceful passing. In Germany, artists portrayed the Goddess Nantosuelta, who rules the Underworld, sometimes with a Pigeon peering over her shoulder.

Superstitions about Pigeons throughout the Celtic world varied by situation. For example, when a Pigeon nests near your home, it means you have a peaceful environment filled with harmony. Seeing a Pigeon at a wedding acts as a positive omen of devotion.

Pigeon Dreams

Seeing a Pigeon flying toward you in the dreamscape, a peaceful time is on the horizon. You will have a chance for regrouping, planning, and getting your thoughts in order. Just know there may be a storm ahead too, so use the opportunity for preparation.

If the Pigeon in your dream circles around you, it means you need to look at the people in your circle. Someone needs help or guidance but is reluctant to ask.

A Pigeon rising upward in your dream indicates your spiritual life is taking an upturn in higher thinking and strengthening connections to Master Teachers.

Two Pigeons in your dream portend a happy coupling with long-lasting love (especially if they are white). If they fly above you, the feelings you have deepened, and hopes manifest in reality.

Should the Pigeon in your dream appear predominantly black, it represents some kind of sadness or despondency because of a miscommunication in a relationship.

When the Pigeon in your dream has a message tied to his foot, prepare for good news from someone you love soon.

Pigeon Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Awareness
  • Faith
  • Fidelity
  • Group Cooperation
  • Hearth & Home
  • Intelligence
  • Messages
  • Parenting
  • Resourcefulness
  • Spiritual Progress

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