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Quail Symbolism & Meaning

Quails are a shining example of the phrase, “all for one, and one for all.” They skitter in groups. Where one goes, everyone follows. The movement gives them plenty of time for seed-finding. Such a lovely display of unity!

While feeding, one Quail bears the responsibility of acting as a lookout. If danger arises, they cry out. Hearing the warning, they’ll prudently take to hiding in garden flowers, bushes, or among stones hoping to fool a predator. The only time Quails scatter is because of fear, and even then, they perform the behavior as a posse.

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Quail Symbolism & Meaning

The Quail can fly but enjoys walking better. It keeps them grounded. Sometimes they sit in a circle with their tails tightly together in the center. The configuration allows them to take flight, going all directions, like an explosion of boundless movement and sound. The swift response confuses anyone or anything which approaches. In the air, they exhibit strong aptitude. Quails migrate interminable distances, sometimes as far as from Africa to England. To accomplish long flights, they glide whenever the winds allow conserving energy. Have you considered doing a little “gliding” yourself? See where it takes you.

The actions of the Quail give you pause to consider your life’s course. Are you moving with the right group? Do you know how to disconnect and protect yourself when the need arises?
Families among Quail, comprise parents and chicks. The mother lays about a dozen eggs in spring. Both genders take part in incubation. Once hatched, they remain with Mom and Dad until summer. Here you see a splendid example of cooperative parenting.

During the Middle Ages, writers and artists depicted the Quail as erotic and romantic. In Rome, they represented victory and bravery in battle. Aristotle claimed Quails could magically eat toxic items like hemlock without harm, an ability representing transmutation. Going even further into Quail, meaning we find the Hindus and Russians alike portraying Quail as an emblem of spring, dawn, new beginnings, and hope.

Quail Spirit Animal

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The Quail Spirit Animal arrives in your awareness when it’s time to act on a dream, hope, or goal long held dear. You’ve had more than enough time to ponder it. If you don’t move, you will achieve nothing. Stalling gives people who want the same things as you an advantage. The time to proceed is now. The only caution Quail offers you is: Know once you put flame to your spark you must take care not to burn out.

If you’ve been feeling under the weather, the Quail Spirit Animal strongly suggests slowing down and focusing on recovery. Your energy levels are hitting the “E” mark. You’re stressing over matters having no distinct impact on your life too. Walk away from chaos, drama, and never-ending noise to heal.

For people who feel uncomfortable in a group setting, the Quail Spirit Animal is a godsend. Quails help each other out. They observe and move together, even in troublesome times. Find your sacred circle of folk and treat them with loving care. Don’t shrink from it just because it feels different.

If you have embarked on a new spiritual quest, the Quail Spirit Animal has come with higher knowledge. The Quail nudges the mystic within you, showing you a glimpse of gifts to come. Remain open-minded during the process.

When the Quail Spirit Animal presents itself, it’s time to observe your environment with full focus. There is a dangerous situation lurking in the shadows. Use your analytical skills to get to the core. There is a way you can prevent harm to yourself or people you love. Make a plan and implement it with Quail’s guidance.

Quail Totem Animal

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Individuals born with a Quail Totem Animal seem almost fragile on the outside when they’re bastions of inner strength and diligence. Each learning experience is welcome. They embrace each opportunity for affirmative action.

If you have a Quail Totem Animal, you strive to remain aware of everything around you. Your inner eye catches danger long before most other people. When you trust your instincts, things don’t find you unprepared. People cannot disguise their intentions from your scrutiny.

Whenever trouble rears its ugly head, people flock to you for comfort. You know how to respond to a situation, acting when it’s prudent. Along the way, you ease others’ concerns and dispel tension. Caution: Remind yourself-problems don’t wait around every corner. You need not worry all the time.

In your career and social life, you enjoy being with a group. Brainstorming is right up your alley. Sometimes you even find love in an ensemble. Being part of something greater than yourself makes you happy.

Quail Power Animal

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Look to your inner Quail Power Animal when you realize you’re not connecting effectively with your loved ones or inner circle of friends. Quail understands sharing and caring. Your Power Animal stresses putting priorities in order. Focus on individuals near-and-dear to your heart, giving them more time and attention.

By extension, when your social interactions go dry, the Quail Power Animal refills your inner well. It directs your attention to people who re-energize you. Once found, these folks spark your creativity in whole new, meaningful ways.

Native American Quail Symbolic Meanings

The Quail Animal Helper appears in various tribal dances. Seeing one was an excellent omen for hunting. Among Southwestern tribes, Quail embodies modesty and humility.

Quail as a Celtic Animal Symbol

Among families, the surname Quail had its beginning on the Isle of Man. In the Ogham, a Celtic mystery tradition centered on the meanings of trees, plants, and animals, Quail had ties to the Rowan tree. Rowan plays a significant role in Celtic mythology, and the tree’s energies have associations with great wisdom, protection, and magical arts.

Quail as a Greek/Roman Animal Symbol

In Greek mythology, Asteria (the starry one) used the form of a Quail to elude Zeus’s amorous approaches. Once in bird form, She threw Herself into the Aegean Sea and transformed a second time into the island Ortygia (later referred to as Delos), sometimes called Quail Island.

Quail Dreams

A Quail flying over your head in a dream is a message of progress. You changed your priorities recently, giving you a higher purpose and focus. Keep going.

When Quails appear in groups in your dream, they represent the community. Look to see how well the unit gets along. It mirrors the overall vibrations you experience in the circles you travel.

Quails sitting in a circle is a warning. Protect yourself and your tribe. Someone is trying to take advantage or impede something positive for you.

Baby Quails portend good health, particularly for children.

Hearing Quails in the distance indicates delightful news is arriving. You are about to receive a much-deserved reward or assistance that furthers your goals.

Far Eastern Quail Symbolic Meanings

Records of the Quail date back to 770 BCE. The Chinese see the Quail as an emblem of courage and harmony. Because they mate for life, they symbolize loyalty and devotion too. In art, the image of nine Quails with Chrysanthemums represents a wish for a family line’s generations to always live in peace together.

There is a story about a soon-to-be Buddha who was born as a Quail. In Bird form, he instructed others to escape hunters’ nets by working together and moving further into the woods. The birds who listened evaded the danger.

Quail Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Abundance
  • Bravery
  • Cooperative Parenting
  • Eroticism
  • Hope
  • Group Cooperation
  • Peace
  • Safety
  • Transmutation
  • Unity

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