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Swallow Symbolism & Meaning

The Greeks and Romans have stories of Gods and Goddesses who could transform into Swallows. Knowing both Grecian and Roman penchant for beauty, one look at a Swallow explains their Divine connections. Their heads are a reddish-brown, feathers-a metallic dark blue, and chests-cream. Offset by a black bill and legs, and Swallow makes a striking, regal figure.

Swallows dot the world living in Newfoundland, California, Mexico, South America, Africa, and Asia (just to name a few). The Bird’s broad habitat reflects on Swallows’ impressive adaptive abilities. It can live where it’s dry, survive with little water (using berries as a substitute), and has a high tolerance for salt. Flexibility is a keynote in Swallow’s symbolism.

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Swallow Symbolism & Meaning

In the air, Swallows are a sight to behold. They can hunt while in flight thanks to a streamlined body and long wings. The Swallow physique makes maneuvering and endurance easy. They glide as needed to reserve energy. So, add finesse and stamina to the Swallows’ spiritual meanings.

Swallow expertise in flying serves another function-attracting a mate. Males choose a nesting site and begin singing. They will take to the air with their crooning “tick, tick, tick,” showing off their feather array and staying within their territory.

Once the male finds a lady who approves of his tail length, he approaches her, lands on her flattened back, and then mates. The process may repeat several times, ensuring greater success. Throughout the ages, in both Animal and Human realms, it seems a love song makes for a good dating strategy.

Socially, a pair of mated Swallows represent devotion. They are monogamous. The couple stays near their nest all year, mostly. Females sometimes become sexually active with other males but always return home. Swallows exhibit heartwarming instinctual ties to where they were born, and where they first nest, endeavoring to stay close to the area. Home sweet home could well be the welcome mat within the Swallow’s territory.

During the mating season, male Swallows become aggressive. They will stand watch over their female while carrying and laying her eggs, defending her if needed. Outside copulation, Swallows form large flocks and roosting communities for greater safety from predators-a great illustration of pragmatic choices.

Some species of Swallows, like the Cliff Swallow and American Barn Swallow, take part equally in egg incubation. It will take 2-3 weeks for the chicks to arrive. Then, both continue helping with the young in feeding. Cooperative parenting is part of Swallows’ energetic correspondences.

Along with having a sound family foundation, Swallows embody good communication. Using the Barn Swallow as an example, a twittering sound is part of courtship and a whistle calls from one mate to the other. High sharp calls imply an attack or severe alarm. Among Cliff Swallows, a purring sound acts as a warning, and trilling occurs during flock integration. Nestlings among both use a sweet light chirp for expressing themselves to their parents.

Some connect the Swallow with liberty and independence. They fly each year freely, over hundreds of miles for migration. After, they return home to the comfort of their hatching nest. Swallows will not mate in captivity, supporting the analogy.

There are some great superstitions about the Swallow, adding to your understanding of their symbolic value. You can, for example, make a wish on the first Swallow you see in summer, and it will come true. When Swallows fly high, it portends pleasant weather and improved luck.

Nautical meanings for Swallows as tattoos include completing a 5,000 nautical mile voyage safely. It is alternatively a sign of a person having sailed the seven seas, around the horn of Africa, or crossed the equator.

Swallow Spirit Animal

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When the Swallow Spirit Animal swoops into your life, it comes with help in understanding yourself. Now is the time for finding your true north-your core values. As you work with Swallow, it offers comfort when facing difficult aspects of self.
If you’ve been down in the dumps, the Swallow Spirit Animal comes with renewed happiness on the wing. Seek sympathetic friends, happy social occasions. Swallow advises not to hide away. It will only make you feel worse. You walk with grace and charm. Use both when moving toward reconnecting and healing.

In relationships, the Swallow Spirit Animal speaks of past distresses, present resolution, and passion. Your Spirit Animal supports healing for yourself and your partner. Work toward harmony and reconnection.

German folklore talks of Swallow as Mary’s Bird, alluding to the Sacred Feminine. Your Swallow Spirit Animal presages a time of communion with the Female Force of the universe. Tap into whatever vibrations you most need, including unconditional love, compassion, authenticity, and inspiration.

Swallow Totem Animal

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People born with a Swallow Totem Animal have distinct life goals. They focus on them in every situation, especially in decision making. Their concentration typically leads to professional success.

If Swallow is your Birth Totem, family and friends count on you completely. Fidelity is part of your DNA code of honor. Sometimes you sacrifice too much of yourself to people in need, so watch the tendency.

Your life, in general, is happy and peaceful. You always see the bright side of life and adapt as necessary. You guard your space of home diligently, as a sacred trust, wishing to make everyone who enters feel welcome and protected.

Lingering in the past isn’t your “thing.” You are forward-thinking and able to embrace novel ideas or situations without baggage. You’re not much of a worrier, either.

Having Swallow Medicine in relationships means you are mindful of your partner, offering faithfulness, compliments, support, and input freely. You will look (or already did) long and hard for the right someone. You intend to make your union an “ever after” scenario, so hurrying is out of the equation.

Swallow Power Animal

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Embrace your inner Swallow Power Animal when you have lost your faith. Your spirit is weary and stressed. The whirlwind in your life knocked out your flame of hope. Know-hope can reawaken. Meditate on Swallow and reconnect with your inner child for restored joy.

If you are searching for a loyal and loving companion, your Swallow Power Animal is an ideal choice for a helpmate. Let yourself see people through the Swallow’s eyes. Listen closely to words revealing each possibility for boon or bane. In your communications, stay true to your feelings and needs. The process takes time, but the effort is more than worthwhile.

Native American Swallow Symbolic Meanings

Native American Folktales associate Swallow with hard work and humility. Among Southwestern tribes, the Swallow is the harbinger of rain or fair weather. Swallow appears in a Hopi creation story in which Swallow, along with the Spirit of Dew, saved the people from starving by bringing them corn seed. Another Native tale recounts how the Barn Swallow stole fire from the sun, burning its tail, leaving a mark for all eternity.

Celtic Swallow Symbolic Meanings

The Celts had a system of divination called the Ogham, drawing inspiration from nature’s esoteric storehouse. It revolves around the wisdom of trees, plants, and animals. Here, Swallow has connections with the Ivy. Associated symbolism includes partnership and challenging traditional gender roles.

Swallow Dreams

Dreaming of Swallows is an excellent sign of joyful news or a change in your life for the better. Your worries get left behind, along with fears holding you back.

If you are single, dreaming of a Swallow in a nest nearby portends new prospects in your life. The person is unexpected, unique, and uplifting. Don’t rush things, however. Take your time to know for sure.

Young people dreaming of Swallows represent fresh discoveries awaiting them. A leadership role at school or another program appears. The new position requires building problem-solving skills. And for the Elders of a family, dreaming of Swallow forecasts waning illness and improving energy.

Should the Swallow in your dream build a nest, any issues you have had with finding an apartment, home, or rental space will soon resolve themselves. The new situation proves far more beneficial than you first expected.

When a Swallow feeds their chicks in your dream, your family is about to increase in numbers. If the Swallow teaches the chicks to fly, you’ll receive a visit from distant relatives bearing gifts. Maybe they’ll stay awhile!

Far Eastern Swallow Symbolic Meanings

In Chinese culture, Swallow represents feminine dignity and loveliness. The Bird symbolizes marital tenderness too. The Swallow is the prelude to spring, bearing happiness. If a Swallow nests on a family’s roost, it remains there safely because of the belief the roost brings good fortune for all residing there. Feng Shui uses depictions of Swallows with Horses for encouraging personal attainment, fidelity, meekness, and fertility.

The Japanese regard Swallow respectfully. They see it as an emblem of devotion to your family and motherly love.

Swallow Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Adaptation
  • Communication
  • Devotion
  • Flexibility
  • Happiness
  • Home
  • Independence
  • Pragmatics
  • Self-Awareness
  • Stamina

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