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Swisher Symbolism & Meaning

The Swisher, sometimes called a Nighthawk, is not a hawk at all. Instead, it is a member of the Whip-poor-Will family. Like the Whip-poor-Will, Swisher prefers the twilight and night. Their behavior illustrates an ability to become invisible and navigate both the in-between hours and the darkness with equal skill. It is time for them to hunt, and they persist in their goal diligently. What goals do you need to focus on so you can “hunt” down that elusive goal or vision?

The fact Swisher loves the twilight speaks of magical hours. There is a pause between day and night, and for a moment, they both embrace the sky. It is the perfect time for your workings, concentrating on mysteries, the unconscious, the subconscious, and interactive dream work. Heed the resonance of the spiritual realms with Swisher.

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Swisher Symbolism & Meaning

Swishers show adaptation and flexibility in where they live. They can thrive in prairies, forests, the desert, or the beach. Some Swishers move to lowlands, areas upward of 3,000 feet below sea level. They return hopefully to recently burned forests, or they go to the city! Swisher is pragmatic in its choices. Wherever they can find food, it’s a place suitable for a homestead.

A keynote in Swisher symbolism is survival, which drives their migrations. The Swisher moves in loose flocks, numbering up to thousands at a time. Together they travel between 1,500-4,200 miles to reach their destination. Swishers move south in February, and north in July. There is safety in numbers, and the visual impact when the group bursts forth while they’re eating is nothing less than stunning.

Just after sunset, you can hear the Swisher’s call. An auck, auck sound is the call from a male to his mate. It’s part of their courtship, and an expression made only by male Swishers. These guys are sentimental crooners at heart. Romance literally takes to the air, which is where part of mating occurs. Eventually, they settle on the ground, with the male wagging his tail feathers boldly. Being shy and reserved doesn’t enter into the male Swisher’s vocabulary.

Meanwhile, the most distinct sounds by females are rasping calls, acting as an alert. The male then dives against any intruders, safeguarding the nest. Swisher prefers a forested area with rocky outcrops for both breeding and nesting. The female determines the nesting site and incubates the eggs for 18 days. The only time she leaves is to feed in the evening. The male, meanwhile, perches in a tree where he can see any potential problems. Male or female, the young Swisher hisses at unwanted guests. Smart kids!

Swisher’s are long time flyers enjoying higher altitudes where they can be circumspect. Their dominant sense is vision, being drawn to light sources (even artificial ones). It seems Swisher learned the aphorism, “go toward the light” long ago.

Swisher Spirit Animal

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When the Swisher sashays into your life, it comes with questions for your consideration. Are you going after the all-important matters in your life persistently? If so, how much are you willing to invest in manifestation? Spirit will always meet you in a middle ground with aid, so long as you remain aware of your role as co-creator.

Swisher has a lot of tools you can use for facilitating success. They include body language, timing, using inner vision (Clairvoyance), and camouflage. You can ask Swisher to support you when focused on any, or all, such goals. Remember, Swisher knows where “food” is and how to get it mindfully. The most important movements in your life are ones beginning with a solid plan.

As a child of the wind, Swisher offers insight into the Air Element. Air is communicative, insightful, and ever-changing. It is a source of energy for moving your hopes from just a thought into action. Know what you seek, and fly toward it, especially spiritual growth. Swisher moves freely between this world and other realms. It knows where the crossroads lie and can show you the way.

Swisher Totem Animal

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Individuals born with a Swisher Totem have loud voices and enormous appetites. They really don’t know how to whisper even when they try making Swisher-born conspicuous. Don’t think for a minute they can’t hide when necessary, however. People with the Swisher Totem can hide in the gray areas of life and remain there until they WANT to come out.

If Swisher is your Birth Totem, you love the moments between day and dusk. Your engine roars, and you can feel the inspiration flowing through your veins. The hours just before, during, and after are the ones in which you are most effective, no matter the task.

You are a go-getter, seeming to be always on the run. Because Swisher isn’t a well-known bird, you can often get your work done without anyone noticing. It’s nice because you don’t have unwanted distractions. The ability for concealment is something you have in common with the Fey, and you may often see them out of the corner of your eye.

Walking with a Swisher Totem means you are more functional in life than flashy. While you love flying free, you still see the Earth as your “nest.” You’re not arrogant, getting things done without fanfare. When done, others notice your attention to detail and professionalism.

Swisher Power Animal

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Seek your inner Swisher Power Animal when you are losing patience. If you act too quickly, you could undermine your goal. Take your time with Swisher. Don’t rush so much and end up falling over your tail feathers.

Building on timing, invoke your Swisher Power Animal when time management becomes an issue for you. Don’t put so much on your plate, otherwise nothing gets done well. Learn when saying “no” is essential. There is a time for action and a time for rest, and both are important. Remain cautious and consistent.

Native American Swisher Symbolic Meanings

The Hopi have a cute term for Swisher, “Rain Flopper.” People observed the bird make a call while mating, sounding like thunder. Seeing the birds nesting nearby meant fields would remain plentiful. Among the Hopi, Swisher is sacred, flying high over people’s heads to show off their markings.

Swisher as Folkloric Animal Symbol

Because the Swisher is active at twilight, folk beliefs say they are a vehicle for the Fey wishing to go here and beyond.

Swisher Dreams

The Swisher’s sharp voice in your dream portends substantial changes on the horizon, usually tied to your career. Watch for new employee rules or a supervisor on the scene. Be careful. What’s happening is demanding and not fair. Brace yourself at your job with strength until you can find a better situation.

If a Swisher is sitting on the ground in your dream, it’s a message of centering yourself. Don’t let flights of fancy take you away from important matters. Delays happen, but don’t let one set you back.

A flock of Swishers in your dream represents a community in which you take part, but not being heavily involved. Pay attention to the movement of the birds and their interactions for greater insight. For example, if the Swishers seem to confront each other, some members of your group have issues requiring resolution.

Should the Swisher in your dream have its mout, open wide while on the wing, you will soon “catch” something (or someone) who nourishes your soul. Pay attention to unusual circumstances and what they bring your way. Remain open to abundant blessings.

When you see a Swisher flying upward toward the sky like an arrow in your dream, it symbolizes your quest for expanded awareness, clarity of vision, and mystical insights. You can wing toward the Divine with your prayers and have them heard.

Swisher Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Air & Earth Elements
  • Co-creation
  • Diligence
  • Flexibility
  • Magic
  • Movement
  • Pragmatism
  • Romantic Expression
  • Timing
  • Vision

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