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Barracuda Symbolism & Meaning

Tired of holding back your emotions? Are you often the first to bend to someone else’s whim? Barracuda, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Barracuda teaches you when to speak out or when to keep the peace. Delve deeply in Barracuda symbolism and meaning to find out how this animal spirit guide can educate, strengthen, and support you.

Barracuda Table of Contents

Barracuda Symbolism & Meaning

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“The best way to observe a fish is to become a fish.”
– Jacques Yves Cousteau

It’s okay if you hear that song in your head, but that is not the only claim to fame Barracuda isn’t just in the music industry. The Tiger of the Sea is among the oldest species on the planet (Can anyone say 40 million years?). That means Barracuda Spirit is a font of history for those who seek him.

Barracuda lives in saltwater where it’s warm, mainly tropical and subtropical waters swimming among the coral reefs. This long, thin fish can move through currents like a sharp knife. The Barracuda has scales over its entire body and a lower jaw with truly fearsome teeth. What’s kind of nifty about this Animal Spirit is that it can change the color and pattern of their body if they wish. They are magicians, illusionists, and shapeshifters.

There are approximately 25 species of this fish, all of which are ambush predators. The Barracuda waits patiently and motionlessly, waiting for the right time to attack. This fish relies on its speed and the element of surprise. When its attack comes, it happens very quickly and powerfully. The Barracuda’s dark blue-green or gray color melts into the backdrop. Some have black spots or pale-yellow fins.

In many ways, Barracuda look similar to the piranha, but with a far bigger bite. Some species can grow up to a whopping five and a half feet. These beasts can be seen in areas as far removed as Brazil, North Carolina, and the Malay Peninsula.

Keywords and Characteristics associated with Barracuda Spirit include willpower, wild energy, territorial, purposeful, power, patience, illusion, history, hidden matters, emotion, danger, courage, concealment, change, boldness, ancient memory, aggression, and action.

Something Fishy: Barracuda evolved from the same order of fishes like herring and salmon. His Pike-like jaws allowed him to eat larger foods. Some people call Barracuda the Pike’s counterpart in warm-water. Nature gave them long jaws that you can barely see head-on.

The Barracuda has a heightened sense of smell and depends on this along with eyesight and bursts of speed. In a rural neighborhood road, they would be quite fine going 27 mph.

Barracuda Spirit Animal

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When Barracuda Spirit Animal swims into your consciousness, be ready for a walk on the wild side. You have pent-up emotions, words, thoughts, and actions that yearn for freedom. But remember that Barracuda is the expert in patience. His counsel is, do not be reckless. Take control over your untamed nature and learn when to wait and when to act.

For people who feel meek or complacent, that’s about to change. You have great strength and courage in the core of your being. Barracuda helps you connect with that part of yourself that you have pushed away.

If there is a situation in which you are embroiled, but only for a short time, Barracuda gives you a quick and nearly invisible exit plan. This fish did not get the reputation of being the Robber of the Sea for nothing.

Barracuda may visit people struggling with being too nice; Barracuda is a great Spirit Animal Ally. There are times when you need to attack (proverbially). There are also times when you must reclaim your power and say no to those who would abuse your good nature.

There is no question that Barracuda is a creature of instinct. Have you been listening to your own lately? Trust in your intuition far more than you do now.

Barracuda Spirit Animal is one who likes to ride the waves alone. You can do likewise. Make your own path, sing your own song. There is great joy in this. You will also find that so doing really taps your psychic aptitudes for improved personal awareness.

Are you facing a battle? Barracuda embodies the Warrior Spirit: Allow his energy to flow into your awareness for the best strategy and tactics.

Barracuda Totem Animal

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Those people who have a Barracuda Totem Animal like going it alone. There are no social norm worries. Being unique suits them and actually brings a lot of success. They have learned the life lesson of balance, be it work and play or action and inaction.

If Barracuda is your Birth Totem, you have a thirst for transformation. Change doesn’t scare you in the least. In fact, you welcome it. You face the future with great courage and self-assurance.

Barracuda people have a natural affinity for the Sacred Masculine, particularly warrior energy. You take up fights against clever foes without a doubt. The Barracuda spirit within has single-mindedness. You are naturally constantly aware, recognizing when it’s time to don that armor. You also illustrate discipline – the ability to restrain from impulses.

Once you are on a mission, you will not stop. Persistence, determination, and tenacity are literally imprinted on your soul. You have little patience for willful ignorance or personal delusions and will speak your mind on those issues.

You have a touch of caginess in you, which is really necessary when you find predators on the earth plane; this allows you to anticipate actions and find crafty ways of outwitting them.

Barracuda Medicine means you are very patient in your quest. You know that there is a timeline for everything in life. The Powers that be do not simply respond to wishes. Hitting the pause button is fine. You can wait until the broader perspective becomes known.

One suggestion: Be aware of how aggressive you can be even without knowing it. People can feel that and back away until they see you are not a brute.

Barracuda Power Animal

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Call on Barracuda as a Power Animal when you are struggling with important decisions; the creature encourages you to take action! If you’re unsure of why you are feeling defensive, Barracuda helps you work with your intuition so you can sense your way through troubling situations. If you’re tempted to do something reckless, invoke Barracuda as your Power Animal. The creature brings the lesson of patience so you can remain level-headed.

Barracuda supports you when you want to express yourself and will help you figure out when it’s appropriate to be assertive and when it’s time to step back for a while. If you wish people were more transparent, call on Barracuda to help you become more observant. When you do, you’ll be able to identify problematic people, situations, or falsehoods with ease.

Polynesian Barracuda Symbolic Meanings

The following is the tale of The Death of Maui: To give you some background, Maui is depicted as a cunning trickster God with a taste for adventure. His story begins with a decision to return home to the land of his family. Maui’s father baptized him but forgot an important prayer that Maui would not be overcome by the Goddess of death.

Maul, being a curious sort, asked about this Goddess, Hine-nu-te-po (also known as the Great Woman of Night). His father pointed to a place on the horizon where flashes appear. She is described as having the body of a man but the sharp teeth of the Barracuda. Maui felt brave and told his father that if he was able to Tama-nui-te-Ra, the Sun God, then he could certainly face Hin-nu-te-po Barracuda teeth, especially if he captured Tama-nui-Ra so the Sun would move slowly through the sky, granting long life.

With his father wishing him much luck, Maui began his journey with friends and the following of birds. They reached the home of Tama-nui-te-Ra. He asked everyone to keep silent so as not to wake the Goddess. Sadly, a Fan Tail bird laughed just as Maui came close to her body. She promptly killed him. He would never reach the Barracuda-mouth Goddess, so this is how death entered the world.

Barracuda Dreams

Generally, Barracuda arriving in your dreamscape represents aggression of some sort. Perhaps it is coming from outside, or maybe it is you. Either way, be aware of it.

Barracuda has ties to the Water Element governing emotions. In this case, however, the dream acts as a warning dangerous and primeval. These feelings lie just beneath the surface of your daily mind. You need to find a productive way to release them. They will not simply disappear or be denied.

A Barracuda waiting in the mud represent things you are not seeing, but are truly dangerous. Extend all your senses and find the source of this harsh negativity before it strikes. Note do so quickly – Barracuda does not wait on his pray.

When Barracuda is moving swiftly through the water as if he sees nothing, this talks about recklessness. If you are pondering a decision now, you will do well to wait.

Should the Barracudas’ colors shift in your dream before your eye it symbolizes the need to blend in rather than stand in the “spotlight.” Be patient.

Seeing the Barracuda waiting in the grasses: It’s an omen that a surprise is coming your way, and potentially not a good one.

If all you see is a Barracuda in your dream (no scenery, no other objects, etc.) that speaks of hermitage and aloneness. Barracuda prefers to be by himself. So, if you are feeling overwhelmed by too much input in your life, take some private time.

When seeing a Barracuda with its prey in its mouth, something is holding your back or perhaps even trapping you. Barracudas have some backward teeth in their mouths, so the prey cannot slip away. What or who is your Barracuda?

Far Eastern Barracuda Symbolic Meanings

In Feng Shui, silver and gold figurines of a Barracuda are considered a Money Fish that attracts prosperity.

Barracuda Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Action
  • Aggression
  • Ancient Memory
  • Boldness
  • Change
  • Emotion
  • Danger
  • Illusion
  • Patience
  • Wild Energy

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