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Jellyfish Symbolism & Meaning

Jellyfish is among the world’s most ancient creatures, arriving before the infamous Dinosaur. To look at a Jellyfish, you almost feel transported to childhood peeks through a kaleidoscope. Their colors include purple, pink and yellow with some even having the ability to glow in the dark, shining alight for you to follow.

As its name implies, the Jellyfish has a smooth, flexible exterior akin to a slight silk bag. Unlike most animals, however, they have no ears, eyes or brain. Their main function is eating. The design of their digestive system keeps them from getting weighed down with food. The weight would devastate the Jelly’s movement and possibly become life threatening. Here, Jellyfish teaches you should not carry more than we should, or more than we absolutely need.

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Jellyfish Symbolism & Meaning

The Jellyfish depends on two things to move around. First is a nifty ability. They squirt a bit of water out of their mouth and it propels them forward. Second is less trustworthy. Jellyfish is a servant of the Ocean where waves and currents may tousle and tangle them into uncomfortable situations. Thankfully, the Jellyfish is the ultimate symbol of the power of flexibility, their soft shell keeping them from harm.

One lesson from the Jellyfish comes in remaining aware of our environment. For survival, they must move away from harsh weather in the winter, closer to the Equator. Come the warmth, they return creating a simple and sublime balance and harmony.

In considering Jellyfish meaning, you can look at individual types for more definition. For example, the Immortal Jellyfish has the unique ability of reversing its development, returning to a colony polyp state. It stays in polyp form until danger or whatever stressed the creature has passed, making this Jellyfish an emblem of transformation.

Another memorizing Jellyfish is the Lion’s Mane Jelly. The tendrils on the species grow to a massive length of 150 feet. They hang below a bowl-like top, so the entire image appears like a Lion, a Power Animal filled with energy, bravery, and authority.

Then too, you might consider the Mauve Stinger Jellyfish who has its own figurative night light, glowing with abandon (let it shine!). Or perhaps the Sea Nettle Jellyfish might become a symbol of personal protection since it has a nasty sting.

Speaking of stinging, superstitions tell us being stung by a Jellyfish portends bad luck with money. Encountering the menacing Man o’ War may predict a death or very serious argument cutting ties to the point where they may never recover. Thankfully, your Jellyfish Animal Assistant isn’t here to intimidate you. So what can you expect?

Jellyfish Spirit Animal

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The Jellyfish Spirit Animal comes to individuals who are being stubborn when a little give-and-take would go a long way. Finding ease in life is not always an easy task, but moving smoothly is Jellyfish’s talent. Take a cue from your Spirit Animal and compromise.

Jellyfish may appear in your life when your proverbial ocean is in a full-out squall. Everything around you seems to spin and fear takes hold. While it sounds crazy at first, Jellyfish Spirit Animal says calm down. You know how people get hurt when they tighten up instead of relaxing their bodies? It’s a fine example of exactly what Jellyfish is teaching you. There is nothing you can do to change the situation. All you can do is alter how you respond to it. Don’t give into the victim mentality. More important, don’t let the current storm drive you from your inner compass. Stay true.

Another thing which often happens when your life gets chaotic is small things look far more complex than what’s happening. Jelly is a very simple creature. It lives without pretence and urges you to do likewise. Don’t look for problems when stress expresses itself by exasperating your perceptions.

Once you get past knee-jerk reactions, you can glide with Jellyfish slowly and really take in your surroundings. Jellyfish is a Spirit Animal tied to Water, which represents our emotions. Think about how your environment impacts the way you feel and the way you treat others. Watch out for stingers!

Jellyfish Spirit Animal brings a time of healing into your life. Maybe you lost someone, separated from a project you adored, or maybe you have forgotten self-care, self-forgiveness, or self-love. Accept the gift of reclaiming wholeness the Jellyfish offers.

Jellyfish Totem Animal

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People with the Jellyfish Totem Animal are among the most laid back folks you will ever find. If patterns in the world seem to point in a specific direction, they follow albeit cautiously. Having a Jellyfish Totem means they are fully aware their skin is “thin,” making them more susceptible to harm in body, mind, or spirit.

If your Birth Totem is the Jellyfish, you feel everything. It’s very important you learn how to shield yourself from too much random input, otherwise, you’ll end up carrying way too many burdens. Also, being an Empath means your intuition is incredible, and people really can’t lie to, or hide things from, you. Your awareness can be both a gift and a curse. Some people in your life will always feel a little anxious around you.

Jellyfish Medicine has strong ties to the spiritual realm. You may become a light-worker, an energetic healer, or a cleric of some sort. There is no escaping the connection you feel to Higher Powers and other realms. It’s very personal and real every single day. The people who care about you need to be sensitive to the way your astral connections transform your personality. You do not swim in exactly the same waters as most humans.

Walking with Jellyfish means being transparent. When you’re happy people know it. When you’re sad, it shows all over your body. The nice part here is people in your Circle know you are honest and authentic all the time. No one has to second guess your motivations.

By being so open, you teach others how to handle their own feelings in better ways. Society doesn’t provide much effective emotional education. Stick to Jellyfish truthfulness. It is an admirable quality.

Jellyfish Power Animal

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Call on your inner Jellyfish Power Animal to focus on being your genuine self. It’s easy to get off track from time to time. Jellyfish moves you into a space where you see the people and things distracting you from your soul’s mission and contract. It returns you to more natural patterns and cycles you can trust.

The Jellyfish Power Animal gives you the courage to express yourself, even when you might otherwise swallow your words. You may dislike conflict, but you cannot bury some matters without serious consequences.

When you are rigid and can’t seem to break an unusually stubborn mood, Jellyfish is a go-to Power Animal. The tree which bends does not break. It’s simple Jellyfish wisdom at its finest.

Jellyfish Dreams

When the Jellyfish in your dream appears near the surface of the water, some memory or feelings you’ve long repressed are coming to the surface. Prepare for them. Whatever you do, don’t push them away again as you now have a chance for purifying your spirit and regaining your sense of self—worth.

Should the Jellyfish in your dream look caught in tall grasses, ask yourself about things you feel have captured you, and hold back honest emotions.

If the Jellyfish stings another creature in your dream, you may be in for some serious aggression or an out-right fight. Remember you have admiral defenses when necessary.

A Jellyfish floating smoothly through the water portends a time of peace. The rough waters are fading and you will have some precious and much needed time for rest.

Contrarily, if a Jellyfish in your dream struggles in the water, you need to consider your perspective. Are you trying to fight a battle you cannot win? And if so, why?

Far Eastern Jellyfish Symbolic Meanings

There is a God in Japan who, in myths, had no bones. His name was Ebisu, and he protects fishermen, bringing them good fortune. The Jellyfish is one of his sacred creatures. The beauty of Ebisu (and by extension the Jellyfish) is even with physical limitations, he was a humorous deity sometimes referred to as the Laughing God. Laughter is good soul food.

Jellyfish Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Acceptance
  • Faith
  • Integrity
  • Intention
  • Journeying
  • Sensitivity
  • Shapeshifting
  • Simplicity
  • Transparency
  • Yielding

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