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Lobster Symbolism & Meaning

It might seem inconceivable, but there was a time in North America when Lobsters were so plentiful, written documents report them piling up at the shoreline up to 2-feet high. Because of the reports, Lobster immediately gains associations with plenty and bounty. Plus, people gathered up the land-locked Lobsters as a precious treasure-sustenance during hard times. Providentia (the Roman Goddess of Providence) apparently kept Her eyes on the New World.

Lobsters have a hard upper shell, representing strength and protection. But their underbellies were far more fragile. So, there is a lesson here about a balance between the exteriors we show to the world and our hearts within.

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Lobster Symbolism & Meaning

As an Animal Helper, the Lobster has been around a long time with relatively few changes to its anatomy. It was here 100 million years ago in good company with Crocodiles, Sneaks, Sea Stars, and even the infamous Duck-Billed Platypus. Lobster along with all these other creatures saw history unfold, up close and personal, making Lobster an excellent teacher for a better understanding of humankind’s proverbial “rear-view mirror. ”

An interesting ability among Lobsters is it can taste things with its legs and feet, which could translate spiritually to Clairgustance. They have three pairs of antennas to use as additional sensors. And, just as humans being right- or left-handed, they favor one claw over the other.

On a regular basis, Lobsters shed their shells. It is part of their growth process. Once fully molted, Lobster often consumes their shell, as if to internalize their past on a literal level. Plus, the calcium in the shell helps harden the new one.

Lobsters can regenerate legs and claws too. When threatened by a predator, your Animal Teacher can remove either, casting them off and escaping. This represents letting go of the things you no longer need, whatever holds you back, toxic people, and negative situations for self-preservation.

The male Lobster is quite a scandalous Casanova. He mates with a harem of females, each one staying with him over a two-week period. Mating can only happen right after the female sheds. It becomes the male’s job to protect her. Now, like all relationships, sometimes one partner plays shy. Here, females use their feminine wiles to garner interest using pheromones. Once in the male’s lair she strips (sheds), they dance and finally make love. Two weeks later, she moves out with her eggs and the serial-monogamy cycle begins again. In such behavior, you can see hints of both the Sacred Masculine and Feminine in good form.

Like other sea creatures, the Water Element governs Lobsters, which symbolizes our emotions, psychic insights, movement, restoration, and cleansing. There is one more facet in the Lobster’s equation-they live on the bottom of the water. Such depths take you to different levels of self-understanding, particularly when it comes to your faith and convictions.

Lobster Spirit Animal

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When the Lobster swims into your consciousness as a Spirit Animal, you work with Water energies frequently. Your subconscious thoughts poke through, along with some intense emotions you will have to process.

At first, it can be difficult, but people bury a lot of things. Once revealed and managed, life goes far more swimmingly! Emotional growth and thought transformation are two of Lobster Spirit’s energetic signatures. The sense of rejuvenation you’ll feel is substantive.

Lobster Spirit Animal frequently comes to the aid of people in need of protection. Ask yourself, are you clinging to something unhealthy? Is there a present danger you’ve brushed off?

If you haven’t had the opportunity for sexual expression recently, Lobster Spirit Animal is a wonderful ally. Everyone needs companionship and intimacy. And while you might not be as lascivious as your Animal Guide, it is long past time to put yourself back out there (so to speak).

Lobster Totem Animal

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Individuals with a Lobster Totem Animal are strong in both character and self-restraint. They strive for the highest ideals, standing resolute in their beliefs. Yet even though their demeanor seems impenetrable, there is a soft side you can discover in time.

If you were born with a Lobster Totem Animal, you crave discovering new things. Your curiosity knows no bounds. As you uncover new ideas, innovations, and novelties, it’s tremendous fun to share them with others.

When you notice a rough situation brewing, you have a strong self-protective instinct. You dislike getting embroiled in drama or chaos. In those moments, you retreat to whatever safety net suits the moment.

Ongoing personal evolution is part of your nature. You accept change with grace, knowing it to be part of an essential cycle leading toward your best self. Each time you “molt” you pause and take stock of what you learned, then prepare for a fresh beginning.

Like your Lobster Totem Animal you have a strong grip on reality including your limitations and fortes. When you spy something inspiring, you latch on to it with unyielding determination. Both behaviors lead to success in many of life’s venues.

Lobster Power Animal

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Call on your inner Lobster Power Animal any time you’re dealing with intense emotions. Our feelings can make us feel like we’re drowning or being crushed under an incredible weight. The Lobster Spirit Animal helps you harden your aura against overwhelming things while giving you a safe inner space for sorting out the source of your reactions.

Invoke your Lobster Power Animal for finding the best sources of sustenance for your spiritual and emotional life. In nature, Lobsters pry out their food from the seafloor, taking it and other items to a space used as a den. You can do likewise, nurturing your soul and finding happiness.

Finally, reach out to your Lobster Power Animal when you need to hang on to a dream, and it feels like it’s slipping away. Lobster claws give you a firm grip. Keep holding on!

Lobster as a Greek Animal Symbol

Pontuns was an early Greek God of the sea. Every creature and spirit of the sea was part of his lineage. Pontus appears in artistic renderings with Lobster-claw horns atop his head.

Greek mythology speaks of a race of wise centaurs who lived in the sea called Ichthyocentaurs. They too had their head crowned with Lobster Claws. Two stand out: Aphros the personification of foam and Bythos who embodied the abyss. For their kind deeds, both took a place of honor in the heavens among the stars of Pisces.

Lobster Dreams

Seeing a Lobster in your dreams means you are remaining diligent and strong in a specific matter. You will hold your ground and defeat any obstacle in your way.

If the Lobster in your dream is blue, it is very rare. It represents a unique opportunity you should clamp on to with all your might.

Several Lobsters in your dream portend prosperity and a favor from a prestigious person soon.

A caged Lobster in your dream implies being held back from expressing your passion in some manner.

When the Lobster in your dreams snaps its claws, it represents aggression either from you or from another toward you. If it bites you, a person is actively doing anything to undermine your success.

Should the Lobster in your dream chase you, someone in your life is always butting in, and often dragging you into unwanted situations or negative gossip. Seek support in your circle of family and friends.

Catching a Lobster in your dream, it’s an omen of a raise or some windfall on the horizon.

Holding a Lobster in your dream means you are moving into a higher position where you will hold significant status.

Dreams of Lobster Claws imply a difficult time where you have to work hard and stay patient to breakthrough. Likewise, dreaming of just a Lobster Shell means you have been keeping your abilities hidden because you’re insecure. Time to break out!

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Lobster Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Bounty
  • Cycles
  • Emotions
  • Escape
  • History
  • Providence
  • Protection
  • Psychic Senses
  • Sexuality
  • Water

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