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Manta Ray Symbolism & Meaning

Do you often promise more than you’re capable of delivering? Feeling uncomfortable and anxious whenever you try something new? Manta Ray as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Manta Ray teaches you how to stop overextending yourself all while showing you how to go with the flow whenever you’re outside of your comfort zone. Delve deeply into Manta Ray symbolism and meaning to find out how this Spirit Animal Guide can enlighten, encourage, and guide you!

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Manta Ray Symbolism & Meaning

As the “Eagle of the Sea,” Manta Ray soars through our consciousness as it does subtropical water. With wing-like fins up to 22 feet wide, effortless as it glides in and through the ocean’s ebb and flow; it’s a mesmerizing sight. The Manta Ray is an expert navigator who embodies the ability to work through the depths of our feelings and honor our true callings.

Manta Ray is precise when it directs its attention where it wants to go. In deep water, the Manta swims in a straight line forward. As it goes, this creature keeps its mouth open, gathering in plankton, tiny shrimp, and krill like a water-dwelling vacuum cleaner. With this action, Manta reminds us to keep our course in life at the forefront of our mind. We manifest by sticking to our true North.

There is a story portraying the Manta Ray as an ardent romantic. They mate just three feet below the surface by the sweet, delicate light of a full moon; this lunar activity serves to strengthen their connection to mysticism, life’s rhythm, the Sacred Feminine, and natural psychic abilities.

Our Manta Ray friend has a weakness: External parasites. To combat this, they go to an area where other fish feed off the debris on their wings; this is a wonderful allusion to gathering support from others without guilt or worry. We all need help from time to time. Choosing who helps is another matter though. Manta advises feeling out our human advocates with care, distinguishing your boundaries and theirs.

Sometimes called Devilfish, the Manta Ray is a harmless species. Unlike the Stingray, they have no barbed defense mechanism. Most likely, the name “Devil Fish” comes from their shape and the “wings” looking horn-like. Their mammoth size also results in some wild tales of Manta smashing ships like a sea monster. The gentle Manta would do no such thing. Most predators see the sheer size of Manta and think twice. Should one attack, nature has given Manta fast healing tissue that regenerates within weeks; this identifies Manta as a hallmark for renewal and wellbeing.

While we may never know what Manta Ray is thinking, it has the largest brain of all fish. Most prefer avoiding human contact altogether; this independent streak seems to extend to their own kind but for courtship and mating. The Female Manta considers many males, seeking the best option before mating. Her selection is for the purpose of having strong, healthy pups; this is one of three times you will find 25 or more male Mantas in one place. The second is at cleaning stations near the coral reefs.

The distinctive black and white markings on the Manta Ray represent balance: Yin and Yang or dark and light. They reach depths of 1,300 feet and return without harm, showing tremendous endurance and adaptability. The name Manta is a Portuguese term for mantle or cloak.

As of 2011, the Manta Ray became protected in international waters as part of the Convention on Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS); this is the same year in which the Manta became classified as vulnerable.

Manta-Ray Spirit Animal

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When Manta Ray appears in your life one key message is re-calibrate yourself, then go with the flow: This includes in an energetic sense. Manta Ray Spirit animal teaches you how to reign in your power, enjoy it and direct it; this is a spiritual dance of sorts, with Manta Ray leading using nuance as a guide. Stop fighting so hard. Glide for a while. Float up to the surface. The weather is grand!

Manta Ray Spirit Animal lessons never lead you to overextend yourself. Quite the opposite. Manta is accurate when measuring what you can handle and works within your boundaries.

When walking with Manta Ray you will find you have a whole new appreciation for the Moon. There is something in the glistening light that fills you and excites passions of all types. In your meditations beneath the lunar sphere, Manta Ray Spirit Animal takes you deeper into yourself, examining your emotions and determining compelling ways to express them. You may even wish to carry a Moonstone for staying more connected to both the Manta and lunar vibrations.

Manta Ray Spirit Animal attracts abundance. They teach you how to discover and navigate toward your prosperity. Just as the Manta Ray glides with its mouth wide open, now is the time for opening your heart and greeting the world anew.

The Manta Ray Spirit Animal has an aggressive side. If someone disturbs your inner peace and sense of self, Manta comes as a protector. Manta buries itself in sand and hides, but when need be it comes out ready to scare off your enemy with its tremendous size (and bigprotective energy).

Speaking of sand, Manta Ray Spirit Animal may appear as a warning. You’re avoiding the truth. You must take your head out of the figurative sand and look with total honesty; this is a situation you cannot ignore any longer.

Overall, Manta Ray exudes the lessons from the Water Element. You will do a lot of inner work for a while.

Manta Ray Totem Animal

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If Manta Ray is your Birth Totem, you’re confident and adapt to different environments. Wherever you go people flock your direction with flattering overtures, sometimes a little too much so. Romantic gestures become commonplace. When this brings out the worst in your reactions, take a companion with you as an intermediary. The buddy system still works!

One of the best aspects of having a Manta Ray Totem Animal is the guidance you offer others is excellent. People trust you for your insights. Somehow you see through the veils right into the heart of the matter: What will make a person happy and whole; this is a glorious gift. Honor it by also becoming your own counselor, teacher, and the finder of your path. Remember, you have a keen sense if something is wrong, helping you evade ugly situations with a sweep of your wing. The power of manifestation is well within your wheelhouse.

Because of Manta Ray Totem’s watery nature, you are a very emotional person. You can’t hide how you feel and really don’t want to bury your emotions. If you cry, you let the tears run free. If you laugh, it fills the room with utter joy. All those sentiments can become overwhelming sometimes; this is when you should retreat for a while where it’s quiet. If you can get to open water and just listen to the waves, it helps.

Manta Ray Power Animal

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Invoke your inner Manta Ray Power Animal when you feel lost in life’s ocean. Manta’s ability for navigating toward its purpose is within you. Trust in it now and keep moving. Stagnation is an enemy of spiritual progress.

When engaging in a new environment, particularly one where you feel out of your comfort zone, Manta Ray Power Animal offers you confidence. No matter how deep or wide your situation, Manta reminds you to adapt and endure. Don’t let fear or poor self-image eat away at this special opportunity or moment. Manta Ray also keeps you steady when pressures pile up.

In those moments when you find tact wanting, Manta Ray is the “Miss Manners” of your inner world. Listen to that voice.

Oceanic Manta Ray Symbolism

In Hawaii, the name for Manta translates as two breaths. As they leap from the water, they bring their magic into the human realm; this moment moves us away from our routines and critical thoughts into a moment of wonder. It’s as if time and space stop for one moment and consciousness reawakens. In areas where Manta Ray swims, they’re respected for poise and symbolize healing, peace, and happiness. Manta is a teacher of values, respect, and tenacity.

Peruvian Manta Ray Symbolism

Long ago, when the Peruvian people lived near the water, they worshipped sea animals. The art from the Moche people depict Manta Ray as a creature they respect for its power and size. Some folks say the Manta Ray originates from Father Sky’s and Mother Earth’s union.

Manta Ray Dreams

In the language of dreams, Manta Ray represents your own talent for navigating your emotions, both highs and lows. The problem is you don’t always trust in yourself.

Sometimes the Manta Ray in your dream is revealing secrets. Pay attention to the entire dream for greater meaning.

A Manta buried in the sand is a warning you likewise need to move into the backdrop of a situation; this is for your own protection.

When Manta Ray is smooth and at ease when gliding through the ocean in your dream, your life will soon experience smooth sailing. The turmoil calms and you find your center once more.

Manta Ray Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Adaptation
  • Cleansing
  • Endurance
  • Focus
  • Independence
  • Moon Energy
  • Navigation
  • Psychism
  • Renewal
  • Rhythm of Life
  • Romance
  • Sacred Feminine
  • Single-Mindedness
  • Support
  • Water Element
  • Wellbeing

2 thoughts on “Manta Ray Symbolism & Meaning

  1. Rex says:

    While doing some visual meditation the manta ray popped into my head out of nowhere. I’ve never paid much attention to it, in fact, I knew nothing about it. I felt inspired that this was to be my spirit animal and the description in this article is uncanny. True inspiration.

  2. Christy says:

    I was swimming today in the Ocean in Hawaii. It has been an exceptionally challenging week on several accounts and I felt myself questioning myself. In the most unexpected place of my swim I felt a presence of something, and looking behind me was the largest Manta I had ever seen. It was like a huge space ship was flying beneath me! Felt like a male and he glided underneath me slowly and I could feel his energy. I felt the message I was being reassured that things come easily to me and if I will get back in the flow that will continue. It was such a beautiful confirmation of reminding myself who I truly am and that I am looked after and loved. So so grateful for this sacred experience. Mahalo!

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