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Octopus Symbolism & Meaning

Trying to strengthen your memory? Looking to get greater control over your emotions? Octopus as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Octopus teaches you how to focus on what’s most important and understand your feelings. Delve deeply in Octopus symbolism and meaning to find out how this animal spirit guide can guide, support, and empower you!

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Octopus Symbolism & Meaning

The impressive Octopus has a variety of symbolism and meanings associated with it. On a spiritual level Octopus represents our willpower and focus. Octopus Spirit is very wise and smart, having the skills to get out of sticky situations. Octopus looks at circumstances, adapts, flexes and then finds a strategic way to fix things or make them better.

To humans, Octopus may seem mysterious. As a sea creature, this Animal Spirit touches our deep emotions in unanticipated ways. She shows us our potential and supports our ability to reason things out. If Octopus walked on land, it would be a life-long student of energetic realms and the ancient mysteries.

Octopus symbolism is highly influenced by the Water Element. This brings insight, inventiveness, cleansing, and movement into the equation. The Moon influences Octopus as it waxes and wanes, charging the air with psychic ability. Lightworkers consider Octopus Medicine as tied to the sacred feminine.

In nature, Octopus prefers to move along the bottom of their realm. They frequently move, shifting with the water’s movements. In this Octopus teaches us how to work with whatever is “in motion” vs. fighting against it. Additionally, no matter Octopus’ magical abilities, She stays close to the ground of the watery realms for stability.

The Octopus has no spinal column, making them very flexible (loose as a goose, so to speak). The Path Octopus treads is not always orthodox, but productive. Better still, Octopus can re-grow their arms, so when one door closes, it’s easy to “regenerate” and try something else. This ability, combined with being able to detach limbs, means that Octopus can avoid problems and dangers, leaving the past behind. This physical aptitude and structure give Octopus additional meanings that include renewal, life’s cycles and evolution of the soul.

Octopus is a reasoning being; they have sound memories and logical aptitude. Thus, Octopus represents mastering our minds and honing our cognitive skill, so it becomes a fine tool for daily use. Many spiritual seekers rely heavily on sensitivity vs. logic, but Octopus reminds us that both have a place on our Path. Additionally, Octopus is a master of camouflage; this represents not only “laying low” and avoiding overexposure but also secrets and the unknown. Octopus can teach us much about shape-shifting and the ever-unfolding creative forces of the Universe too.

Octopus Spirit Animal

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When Octopus glides smoothly into your life whole new worlds are about to open to you. She brings the gifts of wisdom, keen-mindedness, and a connection to the Path of the Mystic. Octopus will nudge to you explore your creative and intuitive self. Many people who encounter Octopus find they begin having very detailed dreams some of which are precognitive. Octopus loves students and frequently comes to those immersed in higher learning.

Octopus has eight legs that represent infinity. From a metaphysical standpoint, this is a message about your past lives and the lessons you learned on the Wheel of Life. Don’t be surprised if Octopus surprises you with glimpses that help with your current circumstances.

For those of us who pushed down our words and emotions, Octopus sees them and challenges us to look at those honestly. It is time to purge that which doesn’t celebrate your life and Spirit as it exists now. Clinging to the past with all 8 arms will only keep you stuck there. Release and go with the flow. That which seemed impossible will suddenly take on a new light.

Another message from Octopus Spirit Animal has to do with illusions. Something or someone (perhaps even you) are not what they seem. Getting to the truth is important.
Finally, in the bedroom Octopus encourages us to explore our sensuality and release some of the walls that keep us from our Bliss.

Octopus Totem Animal

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If you are born with an Octopus Totem, you are very intelligent and love to share what you know with others. Having said that, you have a secret desire that you don’t readily share until you feel perfectly at ease in your skin. On more mundane matters you know what you want and how to get there using “street smarts” and life experience as a guide. The only caution is that you may work too hard to reach those goals and end up missing some important aspects of daily life.

Octopus people are a bit like Sufi Dancers who swirl into life seeking that Divine Center with all your heart and soul. To be one with the Goddess is a deep-seated yearning. You are also very sensitive to the world around you. When negativity rears its ugly head, you know how to protect yourself and those you love behind a veil of proverbial ink.

Octopus Power Animal

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Reach out to Octopus during times when you need to multitask and get your tentacles into the jobs at hand. You can also call upon this Power Animal to help you “disappear” from a situation where you feel overexposed.

During times of health struggle Octopus supports renewal and regeneration, particularly emotionally. Let Her hold you, soothing away any false thoughts, and grant you renewed willpower for whatever challenges you face.

Another good aspect of Octopus Medicine comes from the ability to keep up a hectic pace without losing your balance. Those prone to flights of fancy would do well working with Octopus energy.
Beyond this Octopus energies can assist with flexibility, releasing outmoded or negative perspectives, and how to disengage from unhealthy situations.

Native American Octopus Symbolic Meanings

We don’t see too much in Native American stories about Octopus. It plays a minor role in some coastal societies, particularly in Alaska where it’s honored as a Medicine animal that assists with healing and retaining health.

Octopus Dreams

When Octopus appears in your dreamscape, it may mean that you are too spread out (with all eight tentacles going in different directions). This causes uncertainty and leaves you frozen when you should act and move. Alternatively, you may be holding on too tightly to something that you want to control, but cannot (and probably should not). It’s time to conquer fears and insecurities.

Octopus Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Adaptation
  • Emotions
  • Flexibility
  • Insight
  • Intelligence
  • Inventiveness
  • Psychic Abilities
  • Regeneration
  • Sacred Feminine
  • Willpower

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  1. Designer G says:

    I feel the octopus fits me better (I love and respect their intelligence and emotional sensibilities) although my intense identification to trees (Redwoods), forrests tell me I am a bear (panda). I will take the test again. Thank you.

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