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Starfish Symbolism & Meaning

In the world of symbolism, Starfish illustrates the axiom “as above, so below” perfectly, looking like the stars above. Hermes Trismegistus, philosopher, and alchemist, put forward the metaphysical idea. Boiled down, it means cosmic energy has a partner, a mirror, in Earthly realms. A good equivalent is the law of attraction in which internal thoughts create external manifestation.

Starfish have many natural characteristics pointing to deeper metaphysical meanings. For example, the Starfish rely wholly on their senses because they have no brain. There are nerves from the center of their being to the end of each limb. Their limbs gather all the information the Starfish needs for survival. Now, while the sensory approach doesn’t mean you should give up “thinking,” but it implies you should not rely wholly on logic for your view of the world. Feel it, experience it with all your senses, including psychic ones.

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Starfish Symbolism & Meaning

The Symmetry of a Starfish is another clue. They only have “up” or “down” (think of flipping a coin). So the Star Fish’s world is one of duality. Even their eyes, at the very tip of each arm, see only light and dark, which fits its environment.

Likewise, besides not having a brain, Starfish have no blood. Instead, their circulatory system is mostly seawater. It pumps into the vascular system through a light spot on the top of the Starfish. In perfect balance, they gather food from the underside of their body. Food comes up, and seawater moves down.

Their bodies have a five-point radial configuration, even if they have over five arms. Spiritually, five is the number of thoughts put to action, independence, non-conformity, versatility, and independence. Starfish can regenerate each of its limbs should they lose one, representing renewal. It may take up to a year, but eventually, they become whole again. By the way, not all Starfish have five arms. Some have up to forty, all with eyes peering through the waters.

In looking at Starfish, you might think they just stay put where they are, but Starfish move-far faster than you expect. They use hundreds of tube feet on the underside of their body. These tubes help in catching prey. What you see is not always what you get!

For conception, Starfish can combine cells from male and female Starfish. Or, if they’re feeling independent, they produce asexually. Any time they wish, they can change their gender. For the asexual process, their body divides at the center (again the duality theme) and regenerate the missing part. If the reproduction is sexual, the Starfish illustrates great fertility, releasing millions of eggs and sperm into the water. The sheer volume ensures survival.

Starfish Spirit Animal

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When the Starfish Spirit Animal appears in your life, it comes bearing a message of love from the Universe. Numerous cultures tie the Starfish to celestial energy and powerful Divine forces. When alone and lost, wandering in the wilderness, Starfish Spirit Animal tells you, you are not alone. Higher Powers are watching over you.

People who feel broken beyond repair. While the Starfish encourages leaving the past behind, especially the negativity and trauma, hope is still in the balance. You can regenerate, reawaken, renew, and revitalize. Think of it as a new birth and a fresh chapter in the book of YOU.

Remember, the Starfish is an ally for overcoming challenges, healing, and retraining. You will always cherish parts of your life, but you will come out of the process thinking differently-right thoughts, right words, right deeds.

Do you feel you’ve lost touch with your instincts and spontaneous action based on gut feelings? Then, the Starfish Spirit Animal comes at just the right time. Stop overthinking everything. Sometimes you have to let go and just “do it.” Close your eyes, move one foot forward, and keep going.

As a Spirit Animal, the Starfish inspires when your creative well runs dry. If you are standing on a crossroad in your art, communication, work, etc., Starfish spurs clarity in your choices and personalized ways of making a mark. Starfish Spirit Animal encourages you to extend your higher senses and trust yourself.

In terms of a spiritual path, the Starfish is the “middle way.” There are always two sides to a situation. But there is a middle way too, guiding you in what you should take, and what you should give. Compromise, make amends, and stability is critical energy signatures of the Starfish Animal Ally.

Starfish Totem Animal

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People born with a Starfish Totem Animal overcome adversity like champs. Life can toss nearly anything at them; they can lose substantial sums and always reset. It’s not instantaneous, but their deep-seated faith moves them forward.

If Starfish is your Birth Totem, you may have gone through a lot of changes in your religious outlooks. As you grew, you turned away from things no longer suitable to the person you are becoming. You are forever seeking higher levels of personal experience and awareness.

Traits of an Empath and ESP come naturally to you. Truth does not elude you. Passion fills you, and you see potential everywhere. You use your senses to guide you to the best opportunities, resulting in professional success.

In relationships, you feel deeply. Your emotions can cause immense wounds or incredible, passionate love depending on your partner. You need someone who understands your sensitivity. Stay away from people who continuously deplete your inner resources. Practice self-love every day and stop giving yourself overly ambitious expectations.

Walking with Starfish means being proud, strong-willed, smart, and irrepressible. Sometimes you prefer being alone to sort out your thoughts. In your career, you have a strong work ethic and sense of commitment to any project. And no matter where you are, you strive for peace and harmony.

Starfish Power Animal

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If you have a “busy brain,” keeping you awake at night, the Starfish Power Animal within you can calm the chatter down. Working meditatively with Starfish moves you from cluttered thinking to feeling and experiencing.

Invoke your inner Starfish when you seek wisdom gained from your life’s experiences. Your process brings a stronger spiritual connection and improved creativity and insight.

Native American Starfish Symbolic Meanings

The Haida tribe of the Northwest Coast has a Starfish clan. The Starfish appear on totem poles. They picked the emblem because of the Starfish’s magical ability to regenerate. In their eyes, the Starfish is immortal. They regard Starfish as strong too.

Other legends from the region speak of a Sea God named Kumugwe. Starfish in the waters was his wealth.

Starfish as a Global Animal Symbol

In Christianity, the Virgin Mary bore the name Sella Maris, star of the sea. She received her designation because of her guidance and protection for troubled people. Seafarers often sought her for safe journeys. Traits associated with the Starfish include divine love, vigilance, brilliance, and inspiration.

Among ancient Egyptians, the Starfish has connections with Isis, a Mother Goddess, and friend to those in dire need. She protects seafarers, who might carry a Starfish on the ship in her honor.

Roman myths use the Starfish as a symbol of Venus, the Goddess of love and emotions. Shew as born in the Adriatic sea, Attributes of the Starfish in Rome include wholeness, sensitivity, and the full range of emotions.

Starfish Dreams

When a Starfish appears in your dream, it portends better days ahead. Move forward confidently and find happiness. Starfish can alternatively mean healing. Once you are whole, you can make sound, beneficial decisions.

If the Starfish appears as if it’s moving toward you, you are about to find refreshment in your life. What was once dull will light up with wonder. Magnificent opportunities, pleasant news, and a change in fortune appear, and they change your life. Any troubles wane, replaced by comfort.

Should the Starfish in your dream overwhelm your field of vision, grand success will follow. Expectations manifest far better than expected.

Finding a Starfish in your dream symbolizes happiness. Something unexpected and joyful is about to happen. Looking closely at the Starfish in your dream represents the need to reconnect with your inner child. Returning a Starfish to the ocean means you are a kind, mindful person.

Starfish Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Balance
  • Compromise
  • Divine Love
  • Empathy
  • Feelings
  • Healing
  • Inspiration
  • Psychic Instincts
  • Rejuvenation
  • Virility

3 thoughts on “Starfish Symbolism & Meaning

  1. Glo says:

    Thank you for this site/sight 🙂 I haven’t had any connection with starfish until today, am at the end of my hope and found a pretty piece of jewelry with a starfish pendant that has a face and in knowing that I am a star child, it makes me feel like the stars are looking and see my discomfort here.
    Happiness & Joy

  2. Luna says:

    2, January 2022
    I dreamt I was walking thru a gully to visit my Aunty, I saw a Starfish poking out of the ground, It only had 3 arms, I though I will take it home and put in salt water to revive it, so shocked to read here they regrow limps and I am so alike the SF in personality!

    Thank u so very much for explaining and guidance, Ase’!

  3. Daniel says:

    I have been dealing with a lot of stress over two things in the last four days. My business partner trying to push me out of a company I funded & worked very hard for – and – my fiancé and I’s landlord wants us to pay an additional $400 a month or we are kicked out with less than a month notice (technically not legal, but it would cost too much in legal fees to make it right). I have had quite a positive outlook and am excited for the change, however it has caused me considerable stress nonetheless (sleepless nights, worrying about outcomes, etc).

    I woke up this morning 03/07/22 at 4:30am and could not turn my mind off. I decided to walk to the beach, which is only two blocks away. As I walk down the beach and contemplate everything, falling deep into my thoughts, my eye catches something in the sand. Unfortunately, a starfish washed up on shore due to recent storms and died. As soon as I picked it up, I felt a deep and unexplainable calm within myself. I looked at this post and things all sort of clicked into place and it gave me a boost of confidence in my chosen path.

    Thank you to whomever put the work into this!

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