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Dragonfly Symbolism & Meaning

Did life change in the blink of an eye? Is it challenging to zig now that life is zagging? Do you need help seeing the big picture or finding truth in the underbelly of a person or situation? Dragonfly as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Dragonfly teaches you flexibility and how to take in the big picture. Delve deeply in Dragonfly symbolism and meaning to find out how this animal spirit guide can illuminate, support, and guide you.

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What Does a Dragonfly Symbolize?

Since Dragonflies are born near the water or on the surface of the water, their entrance into the world is closely connected with this primordial element. It can take months for them to transition from larva to adults.

Their grace and beauty is a reminder of the brevity of every moment. Their adult lifespans are short. Dragonfly tells us we need to take advantage of every second and not delay pursuing your dreams.

Also, since they go through several stages, Dragonfly reminds you that change is the only constant in life. When Dragonflies surround you, change is on the horizon. You may have a major milestone coming in your personal life. Some aspect of your relationships may be on the brink of changing as well.

Dragonfly carries a powerful message on their light and iridescent wings: pursue your dreams, tomorrow isn’t promised.

Do what you feel drawn to today, Dragonfly’s brief time on earth reminds you to not procrastinate because the only time is the present.

Intuition and Perception

Don’t let this tiny creature fool you, Dragonfly has powerful vision and can see much farther than other creatures. As humans, we are limited by trichomatic vision. Our vision combines the three primary colors.

Dragonfly has the ability to see the world through a blend of up to thirty colors. In other words, while we have three primary colors, Dragonfly has ten times this amount.
Their range of vision also surpasses ours. Dragonfly is capable of seeing three hundred and sixty degrees. Their unique visual abilities makes Dragonfly symbolism about vision and perception.

Your unique vision and intuitive vision may be in the spotlight when Dragonflies are around. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly have strong creative urges and imaginative epiphanies. Dragonfly is working with you to expand your vision.

Are you being called to broaden your mind and consider the various shades and nuances you may be missing?

Grace and Adaptability

Dragonflies can fly as fast as your car drives on a city street with speeds up to forty five miles per hour. They are also able to shift in all directions and even halt in midflight.

Their strength is also something to behold. They can lift items up to fifteen times their weight, a feat of strength even human technology can’t replicate.

Their ability to shift directions and carry a heavy load reminds you to be graceful, flexible, and adaptable. You may have to shift your plans with little notice. This can seem like an inconvenience but as Dragonfly shows you, it is not only possible but works in your favor to remain flexible.

Dragonfly Symbolism & Meaning

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“I can still only see a dragonfly, its wings as thin and light as silk and its body the color of rainbow. But on the wings of this dragonfly I take off and fly, for my soul carries no weight. It is our bodies – these borrowed vehicles of flesh and bone – that weigh us down. Our spirits are eternally free and invincible.” – Daniela I. Norris

The Dragonfly has been captivating mankind for as long as they’ve been darting and dancing around the world! Known to be curious and social around humans, these small creatures have inspired big love from the art, storytelling, and spiritual communities.
Dragonflies are thought to be messengers from the elemental world filled with Devas and spirits. The lore is that human eyes might otherwise miss this magical world were not for this the magnificent displays of color and breathtaking aerobatics of this spiritual mentor.
When Dragonfly enters your life begin releasing yourself from unproductive illusions that hold your soul’s progression back. The Dragonfly spirit challenges old habits and concepts that box you in. Transformation is dawning on the horizon.

In nature, Dragonfly is an amazingly powerful and graceful navigator, flying up to 45 miles per hour. It can change direction and even fly backward. This gives Dragonfly the symbolic value of a spiritual guide particularly through tricky winds. When you’re in the middle of a storm, let Dragonfly show you the way out with confidence.

Because Dragonflies gravitate to ponds and puddles, they are creatures of both air and water. This means that Dragonfly symbolism and meaning is deeply tied to our emotions and our mind.

As we grow with Dragonfly spirit, we’ll find a maturity and balance between these two for greater clarity both in thought and spirit.

Dragonfly medicine is most powerful in the summer. This is the time when their wings shine with iridescent colors that shift and sparkle in the warm daylight.

Work with Dragonfly energy during the day when practicing color magic for your aura, when meditating for self-awareness and when working with the Elementals.

Dragonfly as a messenger also reminds you to protect nature, especially wetlands. Dragonflies are like the “Canary in the coalmine” prognosticating the health or imbalance of their natural habitats. Finding Dragonflies suggests water and wetlands are in a healthy state.

Finally, Dragonfly has a short life span. As such this animal spirit guide teaches you to live each moment to the fullest. Be aware of all the gifts and lessons you encounter daily, and offer a thankful heart to your Dragonfly guide.

Dragonfly Color Symbolism

Dragonflies are not only colorful and iridescent, there are also numerous different Dragonfly colors. When you see a Dragonfly, don’t just consider the meaning of this insect, but also consider the color or color combinations that are prominent.

Color symbolism adds greater depth to interpreting the meaning of a Dragonfly that flies into your life. Each color is associated with a different specific message or area for your focus or development when Dragonfly is around.

Red Dragonfly Meaning

Red Dragonfly Meaning 1200x630

Red Dragonflies are either Meadowhawks or Red-Veined Darters. They could also be a Calico Pennant. Seeing a Red Dragonfly is a rare occurrence so it is special to find one outside of a conservation sight.

In addition to Red Dragonflies being unique and fascinating, they deliver a special message. Red is a color of potency and vitality. This is the color of the Root Chakra associated with stability, endurance, and life force energy. This Chakra, also called Muladhara, stimulates vibrant energy and helps you connect with ambition and physical energy you need to survive.

Red Dragonflies are associated with your passion and motivation.

In Asian cultures, red is thought to represent prosperity and wealth. In Japan, these Dragonflies are associated with the fall season.

Seeing a Red Dragonfly may be a sign you need to review your own energy. Are you wasting vital energy spinning your wheels and getting nowhere? Do you need to improve channeling your passions or are you getting overwhelmed by overinvesting in just one task?

You may be bringing new luck and wealth into your life when Red Dragonflies appear. Be sure you have boundaries in place so you have the motivation and fortitude to accept what is coming to you.

Orange Dragonfly Meaning

Orange Dragonfly Meaning 1200x630

There are a number of Orange Dragonflies including the Flame Skimmer, Golden-Winged Skimmer and Firecracker Skimmer.

The color orange relates to the Sacral Chakra and is a symbol of health, creativity, attraction and artistic energy. This Chakra is also associated with sexuality and virility as well as fertility in both literal and symbolic terms.

The Sanskrit name for the Sacral Chakra is Svadhisthana. This Chakra is associated with creativity both in the artistic sense but also in terms of fertility and abundance.

You can find motivation, happiness and optimism when an Orange Dragonfly comes into your life. An Orange Dragonfly reminds you to prioritize your health. Taking time to nurture yourself and do things that allow you to feel truly inspired is vital to your growth.

An Orange Dragonfly reminds you to pay attention to wellness. Don’t underestimate the importance of happiness and cultivate joy through creativity and playfulness.

The Sacral Chakra is located near the navel. When Orange Dragonflies come to you, you are being reminded to listen to your gut, literally. You may need to change your diet and symbolically, you may need to trust your instincts more.

Yellow Dragonfly Symbolism

Yellow Dragonfly Symbolism 1200x630

Yellow Dragonflies are usually undeveloped juvenile males. Although others, like the River Cruiser, Spiketail, and Black Petaltail, have yellow stripes. For these Dragonflies, yellow coloring does not signify age but rather points to the type of Dragonfly.

Yellow, like Orange, is a color associated with happiness. Yet Yellow brings out even more cheer, positivity and optimism than is associated with Orange. Yellow also symbolizes intelligence and communication.

Rationality and intellect are also associated with the Yellow Dragonfly. The color Yellow is associated with the Solar Plexus. This is located at the bottom of your ribcage. This is the Chakra associated with willpower, assertiveness. This center is also associated with creativity of an intellectual nature.

Manipura is the Sanskrit name for the Solar Plexus Chakra. This Chakra helps you find your power.

Seeing a Yellow Dragonfly means you need to align with your inner child. Your mind may be active when you encounter a Yellow Dragonfly. You may find epiphanies and insights that help you express your unique vision.

Yellow Dragonflies can help you recognize when you need to assert your will. You may be on the verge of an intellectual breakthrough when Yellow Dragonfly comes into your life.

Green Dragonfly Symbolism

Green Dragonfly Symbolism 1200x630

Green Dragonflies are likely the Pondhawk or Darner. The color green is connected to nature, the earth element, fertility and abundance. The Chakra related to the color Green is Anahata or the Heart Chakra. This chakra is responsible for the health of your heart, lungs, and general circulation.

The Heart Chakra relates to love, emotions and unconditional acceptance. Green Dragonflies are a positive omen for growth in love, romance, and relationships of all kinds.

Your love life is about to turn a corner and Green Dragonfly tries to remind you of the need to keep your heart- and mind- open. Don’t judge others. When Green Dragonfly comes into your life, pay attention to your relationships. People you’ve been out of contact with may come back into your life.

You may be on your way to a more prosperous situation when you see a Green Dragonfly. These creatures are harbingers of abundance and financial growth.

You may be on your way to a dramatic transformation that awakens love, compassion and helps you manifest abundance.

Blue Dragonfly Meaning

Blue Dragonfly Meaning 1200x630

Among the Blue Dragonflies, the Blue Dasher and Blue Emperor Dragonfly are among the best known. When a Blue Dragonfly comes into your life, you’ve got a special mission.

The color blue relates to communication and understanding. Blue Dragonfly helps you to hear what is not being said and to express what needs to be said.

Blue is a color of compassion, love, and empathy. When you see a Blue Dragonfly, you are being reminded to get to the heart of the matter and connect with others on an emotional level through your communication. You may have a friend reveal their love and loyalty by staying by your side.

Blue is the color of the Throat Chakra, or Vishudda. While typically associated with communication and finding your voice, this Chakra also is associated with your ability to hear, understand, and empathize with others.

Blue Dragonflies remind you to communicate with grace and love. Communication is about more than talking. These creatures remind you to listen and pay attention to what others are trying to convey to you through their words, actions, and body language.

Blue Dragonflies remind you to listen to your own instincts as well. Are you ignoring your own inner needs? Spend time meditating and listening to the silence around you to hear your higher wisdom.

If you see a dark blue dragonfly that is more like indigo, it is associated with your Third Eye Chakra, located at the center of your eyebrows.

Purple Dragonfly Meaning

Purple Dragonfly Meaning 1200x630

Purple Dragonflies can be majestic to see. The most common Purple Dragonflies you’ll see are the Roseate Skimmer and the Purple Skimmer.

Purple is a color of royalty, spirituality, and psychic powers. Some see this color as a combination of the vital and assertive warmth of red and the cooling, emotional energy of blue.

The Brow Chakra, or Ajna, is indigo, associated with prophecy, divination, and psychic powers. Purple is also associated with the Crown Chakra, which further builds on this energy.

The Crown Chakra, or Sahasrara, represents your Divine connection. Your spiritual link to your higher wisdom is represented by this Chakra.

Purple Dragonflies connect you to your higher wisdom and the power of the divine. Meditation can help you awaken psychically when Purple Dragonflies are around. Pay attention to your dreams and premonitions.

Don’t get distracted by your own immediate needs. Purple Dragonflies help you understand there is a power greater than yourself that can help you if you have faith.

Brown Dragonfly Symbolism

Brown Dragonfly Symbolism 1200x630

Brown Dragonflies are usually the Brown Hawker, Striped Saddlebags and Swamp Darner. Brown is associated with the earth as an element and aspect of nature.

These Dragonflies remind you of the need to find your roots and stay anchored. You can also be encouraged to pay attention to your body’s needs as brown is a color of health and stability.

Someone with a “down to earth” nature may be coming into your life soon when you see a Brown Dragonfly. You can also find success if you keep your goals sensible and reasonable.

Brown Dragonflies are also harbingers of abundance. Financial stability is associated with these creatures.

Home, family and things that make you feel stable are also important. When Brown Dragonfly appears in your life, it may be time to attend to domestic matters. Be authentic and nurture yourself in practical ways.

Black Dragonfly Symbolism

Black Dragonfly Symbolism 1200x630

Black Dragonflies include Black Skimmers and Black Saddlebags. Black gets a bad rap in media and stories, yet this color has great spiritual significance. Black symbolizes mysteries, power, and magic.

Black Dragonflies help you clarify your goals. They can also encourage you to prioritize and practice discretion. Secrets may come to the surface or you may learn arcane or impactful spiritual secrets when a Black Dragonfly is around.

You may need to seek privacy and time alone to reflect when Black Dragonfly is around. Spend more time listening than speaking, you don’t want to reveal your secrets.

Wade through deep subconscious waters when a Black Dragonfly visits you. You may need to go deeper to find healing and transformation. Black Dragonfly is guiding your path.

White Dragonfly

White Dragonfly 1200x630

White Dragonflies are associated with spirituality as well. They represent high vibration, purity and protection. White is associated with the Crown Chakra and so also connects to your Divine Self and higher spiritual guides such as angels.

Some view white as a color associated with psychic abilities and psychic development. When you see a White Dragonfly, your high vibration guides and angels are working with you.

White is associated with cleansing and purity and White Dragonflies remind you that you are walking with powerful guides. Happiness and joy are also on the way when White Dragonflies are around.

Dragonfly Spirit Animal

dragonfly spirit animal 1200x630

As a Spirit Animal, Dragonfly moves into our life often when we are taking things too seriously and losing our joy. This teacher restores lightness to our spiritual wings and mental processes.

This animal spirit guide’s reminder is simple: find the positive no matter how dark it seems.

Dragonfly is tied intimately to your emotional state. It asks: what feelings are you having that you’re hiding? What feelings are self-created illusions? What feelings do you need to explore more deeply. Give yourself to the Dragonfly’s transformative power and sense of peace.

As a Spirit Animal, Dragonfly helps you balance your intellectual and emotional sides. This guide can help you find joy and happiness by shifting your perspective.

Fairy Wings

Fairy Wings 1200x630

The close resemblance between Dragonfly wings and the portrayals of Fairy Wings makes Dragonfly symbols of the Fairy realms. You can grow in exploration of Fairy lore and Fairy Magic by working with Dragonflies.

When you are surrounded by Dragonflies, you may be called to explore the Fairy realms and connect with these spirits. Explore the meaning of the air element when Dragonfly is around you. You may be called to be more expressive and creative.

Dragonfly may also be challenging you to explore other realms. Don’t take for granted that all that is real is the physical realm. Dragonfly reminds you of the importance of letting imagination take flight.

Dragonfly Totem Animal

dragonfly animal totem 1200x630

People with a Dragonfly Totem have the amazing ability to change their path in mid-air. They can adapt to almost any person or situation at will and in an instant.

Throughout their life, Dragonfly people will experience metamorphosis in a wide variety of situations. These many changes are part of their soul’s journey – their Sacred Contract.

Humans can be very resistant to change. For those with a Dragonfly Totem to succeed in life, they must embrace change in all its forms. Remember, Dragonflies’ colors change in the light. This is much like our soul’s journey. Let the light in and watch all the brilliant colors of your spirit soar to new spiritual vibrations!

Bear in mind that while Dragonfly represents illusion, this Totem Animal does not encourage deception or trickery. You must be true to yourself and “walk your talk.”

Dance with the light like a Dragonfly on wing and celebrate that powerful path toward on-going transformation!

Dragonfly Power Animal

dragonfly power animal 1200x630

Call on Dragonfly as a Power Animal when you need to adapt to changing situations quickly. Dragonfly offers you flexibility so that you can look at things from a fresh perspective and adjust accordingly.

Sometimes we need to “soar above” so we can see the “bigger picture.” Sometimes we need to see the underbelly so we can know the truth of a person or situation.

Dragonfly provides us with mindfulness, particularly toward situations that could dramatically alter our lives. Seek out this Power Animal when emotion starts overwhelming common sense. Dragonfly medicine can help you rise above circumstances.

Dragonfly as a Power Animal can also give you protective qualities. Dragonflies are associated with guidance and protection. They are considered harbingers of the health of the environment because of their connection to both land and water.

Thus Dragonflies as Power Animals can lead you to have a sixth sense of what others need to maintain balance between physical and emotional wellness.

Dragonfly Meaning in Cultural Mythology and Folklore

Dragonfly’s unique appearance and special abilities inspired humanity’s imagination for centuries. Although Dragonfly connotations are mostly positive, there are some nuances and some cultures that view Dragonfly as a sinister creature or a trickster. Folklore abounds related to the Dragonfly. Here are a few of the legends and myths from various cultures related to these tiny, graceful creatures.

Dragonfly Symbolism in Nordic Folklore

Dragonfly Symbolism in Nordic Folklore 1200x630

In some Norse stories, Dragonflies are associated with the Goddess Freya and therefore with both love and warfare. They are also said to be a symbol of love and romance because when they mate they form a heart shape.

Dragonflies did not have a great reputation in Swedish culture. Perhaps because of their long bodies’ shapes, they were called the Devil’s Steelyard. This was a reference to their bodies being shaped like a tool used for obtaining weights at the time.

Swedish people believed the Devil used the Dragonfly to weigh the souls of the dead. This imagery and symbolism appears to be the inverse of the myths of Ma’at and other deities or beings weighing the souls of the departed as part of the judgment process.

Swedish people had reason to feel leery of a Dragonfly circling near them. They believed they were being sized up and their measure taken by the flying creatures.

Dragonfly in Celtic Folklore

Dragonfly in Celtic Folklore 1200x630

Perhaps the most charming story of the Dragonfly comes to us from Celtic tradition where we are told that this creature has ties to the fairy realm. Irish myth in particular says the “wee ones” use Dragonflies as a horse to get from one place to the next in the blink of an eye.

Some stories imply that the Dragonfly is, in fact, a fairy in disguise that only can be seen when you look at them from the right angle.

Others believe that if you follow a Dragonfly, it will lead you to the Fairies. Some view Dragonflies as miniature Dragons that inhabit the Fairy realm.

Celtic symbolism also connects Dragonfly to the ability to see true and with the ancient, powerful Dragons who were guardians of the Sacred Stones and magical wells.

Dragonfly Symbolism in the Bible

Dragonfly Symbolism in the Bible 1200x630

Though the Bible doesn’t specifically reference Dragonflies, meaning has been extrapolated because of their symbolism in relation to Christianity. Dragonflies take on a significant evolutionary process. This makes them associated with the transformation of Jesus and ascent into Heaven.

For many Christians, Dragonfly reminds you of your connection to the Divine and your capacity to heal and transform. You are also reminded by Dragonfly that growth and forgiveness are essential parts of life.

Other Christians associate the Dragonfly with evil. This was the case in Chivalric Christianity. Thus, in some interpretations of Christianity, the Dragonfly relates to the Dragon as a being synonymous with evil and the Devil.

The Dragonfly in Japan

The Dragonfly in Japan 1200x630

Dragonflies have a number of correlations in Japan. They are viewed positively and are associated with strength, power, and change. The Japanese associate Dragonfly with rebirth and the changing seasons.

They are seen as symbols of the fall, a time of dramatic changes in the natural world. Many Haiku writings feature Dragonfly as a symbol.

In Japan, the first Emperor so respected this insect that he designated his land by the name Akitsu shima, which means ‘Island of Dragonflies’.

It is also said that Dragonfly saved the life of the first Emperor, Jimmu, by saving him from a fatal Mosquito bite.

Throughout Japan this creature remains a symbol of victory, courage and strength which is why Dragonfly appears on many pieces of armor and heraldic depictions.

Dragonfly is a lucky spirit who is thought to have the power to restore health. The Japanese think of this animal spirit guide as the symbol of summer and the guardian spirit of rice plants.

Dragonfly Symbols in Feng Shui and Chinese Culture

Dragonfly Symbols in Feng Shui and Chinese Culture 1200x630

While the Japanese see Dragonfly as a creature of the autumn, in China Dragonfly is associated with summer. Dragonfly is also associated with disruption and instability. They are harbingers of changes to come.

According to Feng Shui, Dragonflies symbolize new beginnings. They are also associated with happiness. It is believed that Dragonfly symbols and artwork placed as decoration in your office or home can attract new opportunities and help you solve problems by inspiring new insights.

To some Chinese people, Dragonfly represents the soul of a Dragon. They are seen as good fortune and harbingers of protection and prosperity.

Look to Dragonfly for help when you’re feeling stuck. They can help you come up with creative ways to break through obstacles and reinvent your professional or personal life.

Native American Dragonfly Symbolic Meanings

Native American Dragonfly Symbolic Meanings 1200x630

Generally speaking the Native Americans regard Dragonfly as the harbinger of change and a messenger from the Elemental world (especially Air and Water).

Some stories, such as those of the Mayan, claim that Dragonfly houses the spirit of a deceased honored Ancestor. Mayan mythology additionally links Dragonfly with rebirth and creativity in the tale of Ix Chel, a goddess who was saved by the Dragonfly’s song and the sound of its wings.

Hopi Shamans regard Dragonfly as having amazing supernatural powers. In this tradition, Dragonfly provides abundance, fertility and protects the tribe from starvation. Hopi lore also tells us that Dragonfly comes to warn people of danger. They are seen as powerful healers.

The Pueblo people see Dragonfly as a potent healer as well. Killing Dragonflies is taboo.

Indigenous people in the southwestern US refer to Dragonfly as “Snake Doctor” because this insect is known to heal injured Snakes. When Dragonfly is around, look into Snake symbolism as well. These two are often seen together.

Zuni people see Dragonfly as an indicator of abundance. A Zuni story tells of a tribe that had to leave their land, accidentally leaving behind two children in the process. The children kept busy by making an insect doll out of grass and corn.

After a while, the children began to starve. The insect doll came to life and flew off to find the Goddess of the corn. The Goddess of the corn returned and made the land abundant so the children could eat.

Out of thanks, the corn Goddess offered to grant a favor for the insect doll. The doll asked for a companion and from their union Dragonflies were born.

Indigenous people on the plains see Dragonfly as a symbol of protection and invincibility. They painted Dragonflies on their clothing for these purposes.

Indigenous people in the northwestern US, such as the Tlingit, carved images of Dragonflies to honor these creatures. The Yaqui practice a Dragonfly dance to connect with the power of this creature.

In Cherokee culture, there is a legend about Dragonfly. They believe in the power of the Pleaides constellation believing this to be a special realm. They saw the constellation Orion as the home of the Dragon Serpent.

Although the Dragon Serpent lived high above the earth, Coyote was jealous of his power.
Coyote sought to steal Dragon Serpent’s power. He appealed to the Dragon Goddess to help him by enchanting the Dragon Serpent into relinquishing his power.

Coyote tricked the Dragon Goddess’s Priestess to his lair where he told her the stars were in trouble and that the only way to save them was to transform her shape. She gave in and transformed.

When she changed to various beings, Coyote still wasn’t content. He convinced her to change into a Dragonfly, assuming this would be the best form to trick the Dragon Serpent.

She changed into a Dragonfly and was able to shimmer in the sun, changing colors and as she flew higher into the sky, she realized Coyote was tricking her. Rather than following his plans, she escaped to the world of the Pleaides to live for eternity.

Dragonfly Dream Meanings

Dragonfly Dream Meanings 1200x630

Dreams about a Dragonfly can foretell of change and potentially some type of rebirth. Dragonfly may also be warning you that what you see in a person or situation is only the surface of things – dig deeper.

When you dream about a Dragonfly it is time to get into a routine of meditating. Your higher Chakras may be opening and you are being linked with your higher vision.

This can also be an important time to connect with your creative instincts. You may have psychic insights that arise when you draw, paint, write, or make music. These activities also help you connect with the Fairy realms, which is also connected to Dragonfly.

Dreaming of Dragonfly means a change is coming. You may need to be more emotionally aware. If you’re only skimming the surface of an emotional issue, you’re missing the bigger picture. You need to delve deeper to find your psychic wisdom. Dragonfly dreams are a harbinger of good luck and new cycles beginning that bring prosperity and abundance.

Dragonfly dreams are also said to be a link to the spiritual realms. You may be getting a visit from a loved one in Spirit or a reminder of your connection to your Ancestral connection in the other worlds. Though Dragonflies can symbolize messages from the departed, they are not a sign of an imminent death or death approaching when you dream of this insect.

You may be ready for an initiation of sorts when you dream of a Dragonfly. Feminine Goddess energy is around you and you may be called to balance your logical and emotional side.

Learn more about Dragonfly Spirit by reading What Does Dreaming About Dragonfly Mean? on WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com!

Spiritual Meaning of Dragonfly

Dragonfly has a spiritual meaning associated with higher insight and connection to the realms of air (creativity and intellect) and water (emotion and subconscious depths).

When you encounter a Dragonfly, your Spirit Guides are trying to reach you. You need to expand your mind and let imagination take flight. You may also be surrounded by protective energies when Dragonfly is around.

Prepare to embrace a new cycle of change. This is a good time for initiation and embracing your psychic nature. Dragonfly can lead you to connect with the Fairy realm and have faith in your dreams and vision.

The Spiritual meaning of Dragonfly points to your need for hope and self-confidence. You are growing in new ways when Dragonflies are around. You can be sure your dreams will take flight soon as long as you don’t let insecurities keep you from trying new things.

Don’t limit yourself when you see Dragonfly. You are being guided to see the variety of options around you, things are not black and white.

Seeing a Dead Dragonfly

You may panic when you see a dead Dragonfly, assuming this must be a bad omen, but don’t rush to judgment. Remember that spiritually, death is not an ending but rather is symbolic of transformation and change.

Seeing a dead Dragonfly can mean it’s time for introspection, meditation and changing course. A significant change and milestone is approaching but you may have to slow down so you are in a position to embrace this change.

Dead Dragonfly can also be a reminder that you don’t need to delay your dreams because life is meant to be lived to the fullest. Dragonflies in their adult stage have short lives. You may be guided to remember that life is precious and not to be wasted when you encounter a dead Dragonfly.

Finding a dead Dragonfly can also serve as a reminder that your perception is everything. You may think other people or certain circumstances can make you happy, however external happiness is short lived. Dead Dragonflies remind you of the need to moderate your emotions and accept that change is part of life. Don’t look to outside sources to create your happiness. Cultivate harmony and happiness regardless of your outside circumstances.

Is a Dragonfly a good omen

Although some cultures, like the Swedish, associate Dragonflies with the Devil, for the most part this creature is considered a good omen in many cultures worldwide.

Some people fear Dragonflies because they wrongly assume these creatures sting. But in most cultures the Dragonfly is considered protective, inspiring, helpful, and benevolent.

Most view the Dragonfly as a positive omen for change and transformation. Dragonfly is considered a helpful guide and intermediary between the spiritual and physical worlds.

To people who depended on fishing for survival, Dragonfly is definitely a good omen. Seeing a Dragonfly is believed to mean there are plenty of fish around. Thus, Dragonfly is also associated with abundance and a good harvest.

Dragonfly can also be a positive omen indicating you are ready for a change to take shape in your life. Be flexible and adapt to evolving circumstances and you can progress in ways you haven’t imagined.

Dragonfly Tattoo Meaning

Dragonfly tattoos are an excellent way to convey your mystical nature. People often get Dragonfly tattoos to solidify their commitment to change, growth and evolution. You may get a Dragonfly tattoo if you want to show your special connection to these creatures.

A belief in magic and the fairy realms can be another reason people get the image of a Dragonfly tattooed on their bodies. Because of Dragonfly’s iridescent wings, this tattoo can be quite colorful and appealing.

A Dragonfly tattoo can show the world that you are a creative, intuitive and dreamy person who appreciates beauty. These tattoos also suggest a spontaneous free-spirit who is open to embracing change and seeking new opportunities.

Dragonfly tattoos remind you to make the best of every situation. You can’t always change the world around you but you can change your perception. This tattoo can serve as a reminder to expand your mind and broaden your understanding before judging a situation as good or bad.

If you are an artist or creative person, a Dragonfly tattoo can be just what you need to help your dreams take flight. You can attract what you desire by remaining positive and have a gift for uplifting others.

Organizations that Protect Dragonflies

Now that you understand how special these tiny creatures are, it is essential that we all do our part to protect Dragonflies. Our modern lifestyles threaten so much of the natural world and Dragonflies are no exception.

Though Dragonflies seem abundant on hot summer days, studies show that as many as sixteen percent of Dragonflies and Damselflies are going extinct because of human created threats to climate and wetlands.

Here is a list of organizations working to protect Dragonflies:

World Dragonfly Association

Migratory Dragonfly Partnership

Dragonfly Pond Watch ( a project of the Xerces Society)

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    Ive had several encounters with dragonflies. Once I was on a lake in Maine in a canoe and a dragonfly landed on my hand and stayed hanging out with me for about 30 minutes. I could move it from one hand to another and it didn’t fly off.
    My next encounter was when I Was in my car getting out to go into s grocery store. Another dragonfly landed on my hand and wanted to hang out with me. After s few minutes I had to ask him to leave so I could go into the store.
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    While I’m in the swimming pool and she sitting on land on chair bec
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    She says “you have two dragonflies on your head” they stayed there
    My friend tried to take a picture and they flew away. Later another one landed on my back.
    I thought it had to do with me and the girl being in transformation
    She becoming a woman
    Me Losing a lot of weight and becoming small and exquisite instead of this huge fat body
    Also me possibly studying shamanism to become a shaman
    I am already a shaman of sorts as I am an art therapist and music therapist w teenagers with mental illness. I am a sculptor singer and actress. Also wrote a book
    I also do holy healing light healing by calling in the light
    I would like to be taught the shamanic wisdom. I am Pokahantas’ 14th
    Great granddaughter as well
    I am highly intuitive and deal a lot w the subconscious. I have radically helped close to a thousand young people since 91 in the psych hospital
    So I think I may be about to morph into a higher frequency to be able to heal better. Therefore the transformation on me Also not eating much and not having alcohol is a big change for me. The physical transformation. The ‘s change in habits So I thought the 2 Dragonflies
    On my head related to the little girl and me. Also been looking a lot at this amazing painting of a dragonfly now that I think of it?!!!
    What do ya think? Also any advice on the shamanism? Thanks, Kit

  6. Kate says:

    Hello Kit
    I would love to speak with you.
    I don’t know how old the comment you left here is, but I appreciate your thoughts and would like to have a chance to connect with you.

  7. June Nayler says:

    my daughter smudged me and a dragonfly showed up

  8. Sarah Marie Johnson says:

    The mosr amazing experience with dragonflies, that i have had was in the middle of the desert. I was with a friend rock hunting when about 10 dragonflies circled me! I was awed and speechless as I just watched them swirl so beautiful around me. They disappeared when I tried to get my friends attention.

  9. Tessa Rae says:

    Mmm. Yes.

    The part that stuck out to me was the tale of the goddess who was saved by the dragonfly and the sound of its wings. I asked, “Why would a goddess have no one else to save her except the dragonfly?” And then it dawned on me that being alone made her no less of a goddess.

    Being alone makes you no less of a Creator. You are divine. Recognize the sacredness within you. Even if it doesn’t seem sacred; especially if it doesn’t seem sacred. <3

  10. Mary Jane says:

    I was at the stadium in Denver when Barak Obama accepted the democratic nomination for President. He was giving a speech, we were up high in the stadium and had a vast panorama of the scene. A dragon fly landed on my left shoulder and just hung out there for a long time. I knew it was something special, and of course change was in the air. But since then I have felt particularly close to them. Last Saturday one got stuck in the house after we were washing windows and took a screen off and worked hard to rescue him/her and got him to seek the window again so as to get back outside. Then tonight I saw a funny little bright green bug–like that post comment button kind of green, that didn’t have any wings but looked like a dragon fly in the face. I don’t know how it was moving around but it must have jumped away. So now I am trying to find info on how they mature and what symbolism can be found for the early stages of a dragon fly’s life, I know they represent metamorphosis. It was so cute. But just a long, very delicate worm-ish looking bug with big eyes.

  11. Sinnamon Sevening says:

    I have spent many, many, many hours searching for my Spirit Animal, I have come to realize that it’s the Dragonfly. Thank you so much for the insight this page has brought to me! May much Love and Light surround you!

  12. HD Lee says:

    Thank you for this wonderful post. I have deep appreciation for the insights you are sharing on this website.

  13. Debbie says:

    Thank you. Recently I have been seeing several dragonflies (6-10 at a time) circling outside my window. I have to believe they are there for a reason. Have been searching for what I am supposed to learn from them.

  14. Randi says:

    This website is wonderful! Thank you. The Owl spirit animal seems to describe me. However, I love dragonflies but am afraid of birds. I wonder why I’m afraid of birds.

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