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Ladybug Symbolism & Meaning

Feeling underestimated? Looking for a little more love in your life? Have a few wishes you want fulfilled? Ladybug as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Ladybug teaches you how to attract the things you desire! Delve deeply in Ladybug Symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can help, enliven, and encourage you!

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Ladybug Symbolism & Meaning

Ladybug, Ladybug fly away home… Wait! Don’t recite that old saying so quickly without knowing the meaning and symbolism behind this little creature. When a Ladybug lands on you, folk tradition says luck and love are heading your way along with wish fulfillment and renewed joy. Sit down with Ladybug and see what she has to say. When at last she leaves the conversation, see in what direction she flies. That is the direction from which change will come.

There is something light-hearted about Ladybug Spirit that reconnects us with our inner child. This part of Self remembers the wonder of little things, how to play wistfully and count the dots on the back of the Ladybug (the more dots, the greater the serendipity!). This aspect of Ladybug is perhaps the most vital to humankind in a world where too many things are filled with fear and anger. Renew Ladybug energy in yourself and dispel that negativity.

In nature, Ladybug is part of the beetle family, and they seem to live in every imaginable setting. The shell of this insect protects Her, while Her legs “feel” energy from whatever they touch, including you! Ladybug’s color warns off predators without having to say a word, which is good considering their small size and gentle nature: As such, Ladybug symbolism embraces safety, awareness, and fearlessness.

In the Middle Ages, Ladybug bore the name “Beetle of our Lady” (referring to Mary). Lightworkers tell us this translates to the Mother Goddess and reconnecting with the Sacred Feminine. Consider: is Ladybug Medicine calling you back to daily devotions that put you in deeper touch with the Goddess’ energy?

Various cultures trust in Ladybug’s ability to foretell the future. In Slavic regions, they ask Ladybug all manner of fateful questions, often about the direction from which something (or someone) will come. Meanwhile in Norway should you and your date see a Ladybug at the same time, you are destined for romance.

Other beliefs about Ladybug include:

  • She can fly away with sickness after landing on you.
  • Ladybug in the home means you will soon find some money.
  • Ladybugs in England foretell good weather.
  • In Switzerland stories of Ladybug liken her to the stork delivering children.
  • The appearance of Ladybug is a blessing to farmers preceding a good crop.
  • Killing a Ladybug brings ill fortune or bad weather.
  • The bright red color of Ladybug represents passion.

Ladybug Spirit Animal

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Ladybugs appearing in your life precede a time when your goals begin manifesting in remarkable ways. Bits of good fortune trickle around like petals on warm winds. Stop and enjoy this moment. Don’t rush too quickly into anything, but instead let nature unfold like Ladybugs wings.

There is no need to worry or fret – live and honor your sacred truths.

A Ladybug Spirit animal may also arrive at the advent of a new relationship, or the renewal of one that had grown a tad stale. Ladybug whispers words of love in your partner’s ears. Remember that sweet voice and translate it into pillow talk as the relationship sparks.

Alternatively, Ladybug may be telling you that love is just around the corner. If you see Her, count her spots to know the days, weeks or months before it arrives. Keep an open mind!

Ladybug Totem Animal

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Those lucky folks born with a Ladybug Totem are a lot of fun to be around. This lively companion has a long-known curious stretch and always has fascinating ways of explaining odd happenstances. You are the joy-bringers – those who instill trust in others. Ladybug people cannot stand dull “small talk.” They will always seek out others with inventive, keen minds. In social settings, their motto is: “If it’s not interesting, I am out of here” (and off they fly).

The friends and family of Ladybug people are truly blessed. You will always be there in times of need not only offering aid but lifting everyone’s Spirits with your positive outlook.

A Ladybug Totem brings good fortune to the bearer, and also a love for, well, LOVE. They will try to set people up who they know feel like they lack in the relationship department; this isn’t willy-nilly either. There’s some thoughtful consideration that happens before they try to move things forward.

Ladybug Power Animal

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Seek out Ladybug when working Wish Magic. Whisper your desires to Ladybug Spirit and trust Her wings to take it to the four corners of creation. Light Workers also recommend Ladybug mojo for times when your luck seems sour. She brings sweetness back to life in the way of a charming surprise.

Ladybug invocations assist with Goddess energies. If you work with Mary, use an image of a seven spot Ladybug as a focus (this represents her Seven joys). Once connected, celebrate the rise in your intuitive self. Open yourself to gifts of Spirit residing within you (and those she may bestow). Dare to dream the dreams you had as a child, and be ready for wonderful transformations.

Native American Ladybug Symbolic Meanings

Native Americans pay close attention to Nature in gathering the meanings behind various creatures. The Ladybug bears several generations of children every year, granting Her ties to fertility and renewal.

Other common connotations in Native American tradition for Ladybug include an awareness of the Spirit realm and past lives, liberating ourselves from worry, and learning to trust in the Great Spirit as well as our Higher Self.

Ladybug Dreams

When Ladybug wings its way into your dreams, it’s considered a harbinger of better luck. While some things in life may be going wrong, control is returning, and you’ll start feeling more like yourself very soon. Consider the color of the Ladybug when she appears in your dreams for a more in-depth dream interpretation. For instance, a red and black Ladybug symbolizes romantic love and the life force, while a yellow Ladybug might relate to matters of the mind.

Also, the number of dots on the Ladybug is something to include in your interpretation if you can remember how many you saw. Numerology can reveal another layer to your Ladybug dream.

Learn more about Ladybug Spirit by reading When You Dream About a Ladybug: Symbolism on!

Far Eastern Ladybug Symbolic Meanings

Asian folklore tells us if you catch a Ladybug and release it, she will wing her way to the one who is your true love and guide him or her to your side.

Ladybug Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Fertility
  • Love & Romance
  • Happiness
  • Luck
  • Manifestation of Goal
  • Progress
  • Renewal
  • Sacred Feminine
  • Sweetness
  • Wish Fulfillment

4 thoughts on “Ladybug Symbolism & Meaning

  1. Jillian says:

    A ladybug landed on my left hand on the day that I received my engagement ring. I was so excited! I took pictures and thought this HAD to be a great omen.

    My sweetheart died on the morning of our wedding. I suppose it was not meant to be.

  2. Rochelle says:

    So sorry sending love May you be free of the pain of loss and love again

  3. Emandra says:

    Ladybug appeared ystrday – Aftr watch’n a while I put w/ houseplants then prepared for short trip – Good GPS acted up as car could’ve gone further when it stalled~ instead I only went next door lol
    – It turns out – w/ current political climate – thTru heart intent lays in re to pursue spiritual matters which has been pleasantly fruitful …

  4. suzete says:

    I’ve had two come in through my bedroom’s window , at 2-3 a.m.
    Strangely, two wasps also made their way in, I noticed, as I closed rolled down the blind. One by one, I managed to gently take the wasps out of the bedroom. The ladybirds stayed…

    I first noticed one ladyug, and in hindsight, it first landed and moved around my left hand [ I was focused on the my laptop, or phone]

    As she flew up and west, I realised it was a ladybird. I smiled, because I’ve had that happen a few times in my life.
    A while later, it, or the other, landed on my right shoulder.
    I only noticed there were two of them, after rolling down the blind, and while guiding a wasp onto a magazine, so I could take her /him out ..

    I’d never checked the symbolism of either, in great detail. But this remarkably exceptional event led me to look around a bit.. what could a couple of wasps, and a couple of ladybirds possibly mean/symbolise?…
    This is how I found your blog. And I’d love to hear it, if you, or anyone has further insights into the events above.

    Oh, as I was taking the second wasp out, through the bedroom’s door, I noticed the first wasp had returned, and was crawling around the door frame, hehe… ☺️

    Take care xx

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